Woman Was Told by Doctors She Was Too Ugly for Catwalks | This Morning

**Woman Was Told by Doctors She Was Too Ugly for Catwalks | This Morning**



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Born with a rare facial disfigurement, doctors told Katie Meehan’s mother ‘don’t expect her to be walking down the catwalk one day’. However, Katie has not let those words define her life and is now a successful beauty blogger with over 20,000 followers. Katie is here to reveal why she’s breaking down beauty stereotypes.
Broadcast on: 29/07/19

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morning to you and I was quite shocked when I read that case you doctor so you were born with this condition cystic hygroma so your face had cysts your mouth was full of sis you didn't fit and I think she took it you know first and foremost she was probably commenting on the the professionalism and her lack of it and then she would probably you know I think it was it was a time where we just didn't know what I was gonna turn out like or how my life was gonna be so how has your life been so you were born with this condition you had cysts you said over the side of your face in your mouth predominantly some people get them on their body how does that affect you when you start going to school and going off I think a lot of people that expect it to have a massively negative effect but it really didn't and I had such a great quality of life growing up and I had an amazing community surrounding me and I really felt so much love growing up that I just I always felt so at home and loved and he's a good kid either had to be trouble I mean even you know whatever so life could have been a problem for yeah for one of my surgeries it was actually and for six weeks I couldn't eat just so overjoyed to eat this like little Bowl this day I still love soggy from yeah you mentioned you know you grew up in an amazing community it was that amazing community who actually kind of funded this big surgery wasn't it yes be a nice feeling for your family absolutely incredible yeah it was the South Shields community initials cuz that they all rallied together and they raised the money and because I didn't get any surgery on the NHS that I needed unfortunately it kind of like used me as a little bit of a test subject because it's so rare and my hair would fall out my cysts would you know double in size when I was just in so much pain that my parents stripped me out of it and we went private so we I had the most incredible surgeon he's world-renowned and he's just a sweetheart he actually rescued someone from a Peruvian jungle and adopted Herman so basically he done all four and what he did was and I have a scar from just below my ear to match in so he he booked all those cysts from my tongue so it's from the flow of my mouth and my tongue so it fit in my mouth and I could eat and breathe and I was fortunate enough I never needed a tracheostomy and he kind of like pulled my face off and debone pattern stays well done you going through all of that they still haven't gone away no still there but you've just acted as if they're not there at all and you've got on with your life so important is that to sort of assert yourself and to be positive about who you are I think it's the most important thing you can do I think although I've been faced with this adversity it's actually probably been one of the best things that's ever happened to me so I would never have had the opportunities that I've had and the outlook on life it's given me the motivation and the love for what I do to just take it as far as I can so how did the the beauty blogging start and it kind of it's a bit funny because my mum was really sick of me on Facebook all of the time so he banned me and so then I went to YouTube instead and got addicted to makeup tutorials and and then I just kind of my love stand stand from there and grew and I believe you're also working with the princess tribes deal yes and I'm one of their digital ambassadors and and to be able to work with them is just incredible because it's it's all about equality you know giving everybody that equal opportunity in life to do what they love and follow their dreams no matter what background they've come from and it means a lot to me dribbles and what is the ultimate dream for you now I think the ultimate dream would be to work with some brands that I love and you know more Bronx I love but also what kind of me I'd love to just be the face of a beauty campaign one of the first you know beauty bloggers with a disfigurement and what would you say to anyone watching now who has any kind of disfigurement or any kind of body confidence issue about how you should live your life I think you know you've only got one life and you've just really gotta grab it and just do what you want because at the end of the day it's your life and you get to dictate what you do with it and I think it's just important that you just seize the day and you know half of the time if you have an insecurity nobody else even notice is it now so many people have said to me today oh you haven't got a disfigurement and you know it's not about that and you just gotta roll with it and have fun seize the day yeah it was lovely to meet you Katie like medium I didn't want to butcher it good good speaking teeth will I be featuring in your beauty blog yeah of course you put her on the spot now forget that don't feel obliged you

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