Ways to save money on house insurance in South Alabama

**Ways to save money on house insurance in South Alabama**



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If you’re building or buying a home, these are the best ways to save money on house insurance in South Alabama!

Look for these 6 things in a home:
1.A home 20+ miles from the bay and 2+ miles from the gulf (the farther, the better).
2.A home within 5 miles of a fire department and within 500ft of a fire hydrant.
3.A relatively new house or a house with new updates.
4.A house with a hipped roof is best (must be ¾ hipped).
5.A brick house is best and hardi board is 2nd best. DO NOT get a stucco house.
6.A house with a metal roof is best, but architectural shingles are cheaper and more common.

If you buy a home with those features, you should be able to get the cheapest insurance in Southern Alabama.

Heritage Insurance of Alabama provides wind insurance for Baldwin County and Mobile. If you would like to talk to an agent, call 251-945-6666 or go to our site at
here's the top ways to save money on house insurance in South Alabama if you're building home order buying a home and there's certain aspects of the house that I think that you need to look for that will affect your house insurance in your favor very first thing that affects house insurance prices here in the Gulf Coast is the distance from the coast if you are very close to the water it's more risk and therefore you have to pay more money so what you should be looking for is a house that is probably about two miles away from the bay and if you can about 20 miles away from the Gulf that's what's going to save you the most unique the closer you get to the goal for the closer you get the debate the more money that you'll pay for your house insurance because it will inhale the second thing that's going to save you money on house insurance is being somewhat close to a fire station and a fire hydrant and also being in a town that has a good protection class a low protection class gulf shores for example though it's close to the water it has a protected class 3 but what you need to make sure about the house is that it is within 500 foot on a fire hydrant and that it is within five miles of fire station number three way to save money on your house insurance if you're buying a house now if you're if you're building a house of course it's going to be brand new but if you're buying a house what you need to be looking for is a newer house because the older house is typically cost more money old houses take the ball part and have problems so if you can look for a newer house that will probably help another thing to look for is the type of roof that you now there's a certain thing called a hipped roof and I personally think that that's the best it's because the aerodynamics on the roof you can see that the wind would flow right over the roof while a gabled roof looks pretty it's not very good for aerodynamics then when this hits right into the side of the wall and so it's a little bit more risky when it comes to win insurance another thing to look for and this is kind of a no-brainer is the material of the outside of the house brick house is a sturdy house and that's probably going to give you the cheaper prices but other things like frame it's okay to but it will probably be a little bit more expensive in the break aza as a side note something that you should not get is a house with synthetic stucco because synthetic stucco just has a lot of problems and the rate for the house is going to go this is going to go up pretty much just because of that if you don't take care of the house with synthetic stucco it's possible to mold and break and it's definitely going to cause a house insurance claim another good thing to look at is the roofing material like what you put on top of the room metal roof metal roofs are the best but they're not so common anymore after Hurricane Ivan in Katrina in 2004-2005 we started using more architectural shingles which is a grade that can resist about 110 miles per hour wind damage standard shingles leather cheaper that can only resist about 55 miles per hour if you're buying the newer house most more than likely it's going to have that's that architectural shingles architectural dimensional shingles that thank you for your time if you have any questions please go to heritage I NS Scott net and contact the local agent and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

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