Traveling with Pets- Live Feed July 17, 2019 Answering Your Questions About Pet Safety on the Road

**Traveling with Pets- Live Feed July 17, 2019 Answering Your Questions About Pet Safety on the Road**



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In today’s live feed I talk about traveling with you pets. I answer about 40 questions today in this video on everything asked about pet safety. I go live each Wednesday at 3 pm Pacific time. I hope to see you next time. The next live feed is July 24. It will likely be on Stealth Living as a Nomad. Thanks so much for being here and for watching!

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is a live hopefully hopefully I am live now and that's not working so I hope you're out there hope someone's out there we'll find out here in a minute we'll get some live chat greetings from Pennsylvania got some people out there good good you may have noticed I kind of messed up I tried to open up a you can announce live feeds ahead of time but apparently I don't know how to do it because I messed it up but hopefully we're live now and you'll forgive me for that mess up with with the other live feed and we're live now I think welcome everyone Sue Ann Carlson J Smith hi from Utah Dorothy Stockman hi Bob from Delaware so we're there we're live I'm still at this week I am back to the lake if you remember right we've been at this lake for a while you might think well you've been here too long I'm only here three and a half days a week so at that rate I think it would I could go the whole month here every three and a half days and I'd never be over my 14 but we split it we last week if you remember I was up at your sister's I'm and so this week we are back at the lake I love this lake that's why I love coming here I love I'm parked right next to it and so I love looking out at the lake let me show it to you here behind me and you can see I get a lot of Sun where I'm parked I get a lot of Sun here so that's why we're here hello from st. Albans Queens hi Cody is he around here he's usually around somewhere hi Bob from Louisiana that's hard for me to read all those things but I love this little Lake it's really disappearing fast it's down to pretty much nothing but I really enjoy it let me turn you around and show you tot it's gotten kind of hot here and I'll show you what I've done with my van to keep it cool when it's this hot let me turn the camera okay so normally if I had enough forward Sun I'd have my windshield cover on it but I get very little morning Sun on the windshield so I've just put a I hope my sound is good if you if the sound is good let me know I have a set of the way I usually set it up so I'm hoping the sound is still good and you can see that on the on the side here I have okay don't do that you know how do I stop you from doing that oh that's I just put a sheet over okay stop hmm I just put a sheet over the doors so that during the day none of the none of the heat shines directly in but it leaves a full ventilation and across the back right now the sun is shining directly on the back I've got the door open and this is illuminate it's a little bit slow shade cloth but it also is aluminum instead of fabric and so it's highly reflective can I you and man just hear my hand it can feel the heat coming out from under there now when I walk back I don't feel that heat and now that I'm here I can feel the heat coming off it and I've got this box my box is on the back so that pulls the the fabric away and it just clamped see just standard old spring clamps and I'm pretty happy with illuminate so far it allows the back doors to be open and me to get full ventilation so I'm pretty happy with that well here's something else I just got it's this is a tailgater and it connects to the tire I don't know how much of that you can see from this angle I guess I could move my barber you see the tire and it drapes over the tire it's called a tailgater tire table and i'm just really happy with it so far and i'm doing a video on it and I'm really pleased with it and you can just see it just hangs over the tire and creates a table very strong right hopefully very durable in oops I lost all my notes my notes Casey's mad at me cuz I messed things up and she's right I messed things up so it's right that she's bad at me she keeps me on the straight and narrow okay ah let's come back around sound is good great I'm using the exact same setup so I had expected it to be good I just wanted to make sure okay so you see the lake I'm so I do have a I don't have any announcements I guess that's kind of why one way is that I'm feeling kind of discombobulated is because I don't have any announcements and so I'm waiting for do announcements while I get some questions in we're doing pets today today is a the topic today is pets and any questions you have on pets and if you may not have enough and I may not be able to give you a good answer cats I don't know anything about cats I've known a number of people that have had cats so I can relay that information what they have done and told me but I've never had a cat in a van so I don't know how that really works and I can't really help you there I've known people with birds a lot of big parrots and I could tell you what they did so I'd be glad to help you there but I still not direct experience and direct experience is still by far the best but I'll answer all your questions about pets maybe you want to know about coyotes I'll tell you about coyotes because that's the question I get all the time or car bouncing issue our rattlesnakes an issue rattles and then I'll tell you about rattlesnakes vaccine if I forget to ask someone make sure you ask a rattlesnake vaccine is a very good thing I recommend it I actually have two videos on my with my veterinarian I've been going to the same veterinarian for a long time probably six or eight years and and he knows Cody real well and I know him well we did a video and no one watched it it's one of my least watched videos and I couldn't understand understand that I mean there are a lot of questions you have specific about your pets on the road and it does how do you get a veterinarian on the road how do you what about coyotes what about ticks you're on the road you're gonna be outside law he's gonna be in ticks and all those questions and um and those it asks all those oh that's the first question is about rattlesnake vaccine it's good somebody jumped ahead okay uh and before I do anything else I want to read a letter I'd I like to read letters to let you know not how great I am but how great you are it's you watching my videos that get gets YouTube's attention and brings people to the channel every time you watch a video that makes you know like we jump from I think after a few months we were at like gup-c after a few months were we we were like at dupes okay hold still now after a few months we're like a 10,000 viewers then the first year we had a hundred thousand the second year we hit 200,000 and the first year we hit the third year actually it's not even been that long I think it's the example the first year we hit a hundred cell yeah it is right the third year we just hit 300 thousand and so that the more views the more likes that you do and you get the credit for that the more YouTube pushes them and then people find the channel and it gives hope so I want you to know what your work is going for your you work in supporting the channel hitting the thumbs up subscribing and all of that so this is a letter I get I get I get tons of letter now I've been setting them aside to read to you so that you'll all know the good work you do I'm gonna read this and I'm gonna leave out anything that that would identify this person she does I'll try and avoid male or female and that will really eliminate him I'm a 66 year old person she says what she says og is I'm very smart army I'm a 66 year old woman six years ago I got very sick and still suffer from chronic pain I need to use a walker to get around outside and she says where she's at and it's a northern cold state so imagine being in a northern cold state and in chronic pain cold and dark in the winter the weather is here the weather here is hard on me physically and mentally I became severely depressed and looked at death as my only way out I felt both hopeless and helpless and I mentioned this last time and this might be a theme on most letters we read I understand that depression I understand that hopelessness and helplessness and a great deal of what I do is because I have been hopeless and helpless and what the death is my only way out I've been there and I've done that not even all that long ago then I found you on YouTube my world has opened up and now I am full of hope and don't feel helpless anymore I can live and I tell you what when I get a letter like this man that just makes everything I do and everything I've gone through and the pain and the hopelessness that I've felt more than worth it I mean the fact that I can share with you that hope that I have found in in this wonderful way of life is so meaningful to me one of your videos showed a man in the wheelchair and he was making it work and happy tears of joy Bob for what you have and continue to do for me and others like me thank you so I really appreciate that email and I want you to know that you get a great deal of the credit a lot of the credit for for emails like that because it's your work and in in watching the videos and hitting the thumbs up subscribing and if you support the channel then we're helping people through homes on wheels alliance if you support the channel anymore any money I make from the channel after I live on just live on I give that money to homes on wheels Alliance to support it okay so we'll do pets questions and answers Rob and Marvy ask rattlesnake vaccines pros and cons and costs I've never gotten one I'm a fan my my vet highly recommends in fact I've got this video so just go to a cheap go to YouTube type in at the search bar cheap RV living veterinarian and you these two videos will come up when we talk explicitly about he recommends them he says they work your stocks still gonna get sick the vaccine will keep him from dying but he's still gonna get sick and he still needs to get immediate medical attention but it should keep your dog from dying I think you get an initial vaccine and then a few months and you have to talk to your vet I'm not a veterinarian it's been a long time since I had this conversation so I may not remember then you get an initial follow-up like after three months you get another follow-up and then it becomes a yearly inoculation just like most inoculations are and it really helps I mean if you your dog or pet I assume it's for other pets I don't know I know what's four dogs if your dog does get bit then he will almost certainly survive he'll still be very sick and you still have to get into a vet right away or you'll find the sickness can get infection I mean rattlesnake snails aren't clean and and he there's a puncture wound and all of that all that's really important I gotta get out of the Sun so I don't burn up I so I got a place here in the shade that I'm going to set hopefully we can get the light worked out okay how's that gonna be that's not so bad I guess we'll do this let me adjust my monopod house that's not bad how about that we'll just do that okay so yes big fan a rattlesnake vaccines they do work an unknown says dog poop ethics well boondocking well ethics are always a matter of each individual making their own decisions aren't they my my personal ethics and you could disagree and think I'm wrong and that's just fine with me are that it's the the question is should I be output and I mean I'm in the National Forest you've seen where I am Cody is out running around and pooping all over Forrest I'm probably fine with leaving it I don't pick it up I kind of think I was pretty natural it's a finding you know wherever I go I find coyote goo to be honest with you and so I don't worry anything about picking up pet poop out here boondocking of course in the towns and city I spend three and a half days a week in Medford my sisters and of course I in fact I still got the bags in my pocket I got to take him on I always have a bag and I always pick it up never never ever leave it out in in town around people that's just wrong but I see no reason to pick it up out here at all it's God made it god but God leave it there nature will deal with it another one is coyote Sonia dog safety yes absolutely coyotes are a severe danger to your dog to your dogs and cats in particular I've never had a cat I have known a number of people with cats that lost them just they got out one day they never came back they never saw them again I'm would guess a coyote got them and yes I have had coyotes after Cody after and my dog Homer before then one time Homer was a big dog and extremely extremely athletic very fast he's fast as any coyote no Kyle can outrun him but he was aggressive well that's not the right way to say it he loved other people he loved other dogs but if he saw a pair of coyotes and I'm do mean a pair he was off like a rocket after them and what I always found is that a pair of coyotes if you run after them they split up and they run away for their lives coyotes are not are not bold and aggressive unless they pack and then once they pack all bets are off they are bold and aggressive I knew had a friend who had a pack come right into his camp and go right after his dog his was a pretty big dog too almost as big as summer was yeah and and and and not afraid that his dog wasn't afraid of anything either kkoma wasn't so yes it's a very serious issue if you have a little dog and you've got to have it under control all the time and I've heard of and I've not seen it myself I've heard of you people with their little dogs on a leash just to leash in their hand they're walking down the road and out of nowhere a coyote comes up and snatches the dog snatches the leash out of the dogs out of the person's hand and they're gone you're not gonna outrun that coyote even if it's carrying a little dog you're not gonna catch up not in the woods so that is a distinct possibility I was at a camp once where these people kept their dog little dog little tiny you know a five-date ten pound dog twelve pound maybe tied up outside well the Coyotes came in and took the dog away and ate it yeah they're very very serious the smaller the dog the bigger the issue a big dog a dog a big dog has to be attacked by a pack and that is not the norm not a routine at all and so be very careful I was caught Cody and I this was Kody and I were camped out just outside of Flagstaff the closer you are to a city the more Kyle's there are and I know that's counterintuitive but cities mean people people means pets people means trash there are a lot of coyotes that have moved into big towns San Francisco New York there they're living in there the counts are so smart that they figure a way not to be seen and there's food everywhere they don't have any problem getting something to eat and they're smart and can remain hidden and and quiet oh I'll come back to my story about Cody one time I was in prompt I'm a prompt Nevada resident and snowed per up will get snow it pretty normal for it to get us know on any given year I would expect and this snow lasted that was what was really unusual usually it snows and and then it's gone and this snow lasted so for the next couple of days when Cody and I would go for a walk we'd go a walk around a big beautiful Hawk just flying overhead beautiful hawk I love being out here so much ah and so Cody's chasing ya can you see Cody can I make you can I get the camera down so you see he's uh Cody chases birds and you probably can't see him well enough but he's all wet one of the great things about being in the lake and one the reasons I keep coming back on a hot day he just gets in the lake whenever he gets hot so he's right here and Cody's big enough that I don't worry about kyle's with him although I'm all finished telling you my story and come back to it okay is that about right let's see let's get that out there okay that's about right I think okay and so which story was I telling you I got confused I'll tell you about the Keio story where they were after Cody he and I oh the snow and prompt I'll tell you that one first so in the morning we'd walk around and it was incredible the amount of tracks we found in that fresh snow for the next couple days there were there were thank you I don't have they're not all done just the just that one there were a number an incredible number of tracks so we're Kyle tracks tons and tons of bird tracks of bird tracks yep bird tracks but rabbit tracks a lot of rabbit tracks there were a lot of rabbit tracks and in a round prompt which is one of the reasons Cody and Homer both loved it at any rate yeah so they were all around and I just never saw them and heard them and we were sweeter four miles out of prompt and prompt is a good enough sized town that they were going in there and they were getting lots of food pets that they you know they will get pets they'll take your cat they'll take your little dog enough of them we'll take a big dog so another time Cody and I were up near Flagstaff there were a lot of coyotes around we would hear them we were out for a walk one day and down a logging road lots of logging roads around most of the national forests wherever I go and so we're walking down a logging road and then we see a Cody barks he stops and barks doesn't growl doesn't run just stops um barks and so I looked at where he was looking and there was a coyote not very far out alone Kyle and so he couldn't see past that lone coyote but I could look past it because that's the advantage of being human your doll you can see over things and I could see four or five more coyotes out waiting in the distance and so that is a well known coyote and Wolf Creek canine trick they will send in a single female often in heat that will bring a dog out no matter what the dogs just can't resist that and so the dog will go out to the Chi to the single female in heat and then they'll start to play and she'll lead him right off and into the jaws of the waiting pack and I believe that's exactly what was going on so Cody and I headed home right then back to camp and we packed up it was like he was late in the day or late in the day walk and we left the next day because I was afraid they'd just wait outside a camp because Cody runs around while free around camp because there's no one else around there's no one else for him to bother and so I wasn't going to be there with coyotes waiting outside a camp so we left big issue I'll just use a lot of common sense little dogs be really really really protective I've never that was the only time I thought I could actually have lost one of my dogs g-girl asks what kind of documentation do we need with our pets as far as vaccines and medical records all of them keep all of them with you at all times wherever you go it's just that simple if there's a if you have a tag keep the tag on him keep all of them keep all your records at all the times that's true whether you live in a house or on a in a vehicle if at any time someone asks you can say I had them all now the one thing along this lines is keep there's a board Otello shot and you might think we'll all never need it this is what happened to me I had an emergency in the family I had to run home right in and and be with family for this emergency so that meant I had to board Cody because there was I was all on the middle of nowhere there was a place I could board him in this small town but they wouldn't take him because he didn't have a bordello shot and so keep that current at all times it's 15 bucks or something it's not not much money and that way you can know that at any given time if you have to put him in board and getting boarded you can't and so that's one of the dog that you may not get you might think I don't need and you probably never will but if that one time you deed do need it you really do need it okay Allen asks I travel with the German Shepherd who is a high prey Drive boy both my last two dogs extremely high I have seen him kill some huge garter snakes yeah in the southwest I'm worried about him going after rattlesnakes are getting bit please talk about how you protect Cody I've been very lucky with both homer and cody who've been with me the whole time I've been out boondocking on neither of them showed any interest in a rattlesnake or any snake they they're curious but is scared scared but they're curious is scared so they're never approached a rattlesnake at all so but yours has proven so I've never done anything about it and I'm fortunately there is a thing you can do and I'll tell you about that so you would want to do this you can get a snake you can take your pet to a snake aversion training and what this guy does is he has a and there there are a number of them and a lot of them in Arizona because of course it's a big deal here in Arizona but across the desert Southwest you can find them I don't just do a Google search on rattlesnake aversion training so what they do is you bring your dog in they have all these rattlesnakes and they have their they've defamed them and D venom them I think people buy the venom I think they use actual venom in the vaccines so the venom is is valuable and I think they keep these snakes to to actually milk them for the venom I don't know any of that for sure I just think it and that could be wrong and then you have all new question of ethics about the way the growls names are treated and that's a valid question I don't know that I have an answer or enough information to form an opinion but that's a good question the one you'd want to consider at any rate he has a bunch of these snakes they're not going to hurt the dog and the dog has a shock collar and they start out if the dog shows any interest in the snakes they give them a mild shock if it persists they give them a little more of a shock if it persists they give them more shock and it keeps getting shocked until the dog loses all interest in snakes and from then on you will that dog will never approach another snake I mean dogs are pretty smart and if it associates it with this terrible shock and smart ones will learn it could even learn it with I think most of them will give a vibration before they give a shock if he even starts to approach he'll get a vibration or and a noise and that bothers the dog a lot and then if he persists then he gets the vibration the more he persists the more he gets shocked eventually they learned do not ever under any conditions approach a rattlesnake and I guess the success rate is extremely extremely high almost hundred percent and I believe you and it's it's not even all that expensive he probably does you know a bunch of dogs at a time so it's not that expensive I think do your google research I'm no expert I've never done it because Cody has shows no interest in approaching snakes I haven't needed to but if I did need to I I think that's in the ballpark of sixty to a hundred bucks saving your dog's life priceless and so spend whatever but that money is I believe you might then take them back the trainer will tell you take them back yearly or something just do whatever it takes so yes there is a good solution and it's rattle take rattle snake aversion training and it works really well Kathleen do you have to be concerned about coyotes getting our dogs during the day yes or do they only prey on dogs at night when my dog would be inside and safe no you need to worry about them during the day it was broad daylight when I had this pack that was trying to draw Cody out I have heard of people I worked at a campground once up in Shaver Lake in the Sierras Shaver Lakes about the Fresno and they would have dogs one of the campground host now that I know that if this all goes back to me he had little dogs and he had a pack that came they get so you they learned they can't be hunted close to town you can't hunt them you can't shoot and so they learned they're safe from hunting and they lose a lot of their fear and they'll come right into town and and into the campground this was in a little tiny town Shaver Lake was the name and it was a campground it was that literally and she lake on the lake and and so the he had a Kyle come right into town go after his little tiny dog and he had to go out there and beat it off with the stick or something so yes you do have to now again the further away the further you are away from a town the safer you are in every possible way I know that's counterintuitive I know it doesn't feel like it I know you probably won't believe me in every way you are safer away from a town bad guys and the worst of the Predators live in towns two-legged and four-legged predators live a lot in towns only in towns / – like it's basically and so the further away you are from town the less problem you're going to have okay please talk about common courtesy with dogs dogs around my rig scare me and my dog doesn't like other dogs I asked them to keep their dog out of my area and I can't always move each time yeah I'm afraid free and that was free – thank you free that's a great question it's so important that you understand I know Cody won't hurt anything but he's big enough and he's black black dogs are always more scary if you have a black dog and he's fairly big he's not huge by any means not German Shepherd big but big and so if you have a bigger scarier looking dog it's terribly terribly important that you be aware of how other people and other dogs will react so other dogs are fearful and sometimes when a dog is afraid he will attack too before he's attacked Cody when I got Cody he was like that he would attack other dogs on sight because he was afraid they would attack him I think he must have been in a bad situation before I got him and so that was something I really had to work on blaming it – hurry up we got a lot of them here and so yes terribly important you think about the person some people are terrified of dogs they had a bad experience as a young person and now they're afraid of dogs I personally try to avoid if I'm out for a walk I see a camp I avoid it I just don't go near the camp then I don't have that problem if I see someone walking near me I could get grabbed Cody I pull him in close tight I carry a leash even when we're out in the woods and I and I don't there's anyone around I carry a leash in my pocket and I can always put him on a leash and call him in voices Cody is nearly always on voice command so I can call him into me under almost any circumstances at any time so yes Thank You Freda for that point be courteous of other people of aware of their fears I just don't camp around other people and I and I only camp around people that know me and Cody and are not going to be afraid and it will not be a problem we had a thread on the forum once about Arenberg and there were a lot of people there who had these issues and they madam aide it be known that it was going to be a serious problem if your dog came into their camp I don't have never camped at Ehrenburg since and I never will because it's wrong of me to put them in that situation first I was actually Jenny and still I am genuinely afraid they would kill Cody but and so I don't want Cody killed so I won't go there but it's wrong of me to put other people in a situation where they're afraid for themselves or for their dog and so don't and I'd rather be off alone anyway and so I just go off alone but Freda you're very very right thank you for making that point gizmo how do you train your dog to stay around the van I uh I don't know well I've worked really hard with Cody I'd use them whistle so you always have a whistle with both homer and Cody I I carry a whistle with me at all times and I've worked very hard on getting them to come my training methods you're not gonna like this I believe that in nature the alpha dog is physically abusive and so I I give Cody more love than any dog can ever hope to get I give Cody the very best possible life any dog could ever hope to get Cody loves me Cody loves this life he he's he has no reason to ever want to leave me and he's never acted other than at the beginning like he wanted to but in the very beginning if I called him and he did not come he physically regretted it and I know that I'm gonna I know already the letters I'm going to get the emails I'm going to get I believe that's the way nature works and that's the way we need to work I never heard him in fact I never hit him any harder than I would play with him but with the tone of voice and the knowledge that I was extremely angry any physical punishment is devastating to a dog he always went right on his back my hands around his throat always hey I remember we were with a group of other people and he was aggressive towards them they're really passive dog Cody can be a bully I know that bullying streak is in him so this other dog was passive so he was going to be a bully him the instant he showed any aggression he was on his back my hands were both around his throat I was screaming at him he knew and was terrified what would happen next and I don't you can say anything you want Cody to me is now and people who come around say he's nearly the perfect dog and I haven't used any physical restraints on him or threats against him in years and yet if I call him and he doesn't come I go silent and I start walking towards them this is how it always worked if I call him and he doesn't come I go silent and I start walking towards him and if he hasn't come to me by the time I reach him he goes on his back my hands around his throat and he's terrified and I'm screaming at him and I haven't had to do that I've had Cody I think almost five years I haven't had to do that in many years but I've called him a couple times since recently and if he doesn't come I go silent I start walking he comes right to me he knows so that's how I do it I know only positive reinforcement I give tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons I'm gonna say this tons and tons and tons no dog is more loved or cared for than Cody and knows it but just let him disobey me let him show aggressive towards another dog and he sees another world and that's just the way it would happen in nature Laurie how did dogs handle extreme temps and a van they died that's all there is they died there in extreme discomfort if it doesn't end they get really sick and if that doesn't end they die that's the only way they do it they die so you cannot let that happen if you love your dog you'll never ever let them be in extreme temps cold is another story dogs can endure a lot of cold but I'm never in that kind of cold side we've never been in it I mean the teens is the coldest I've ever had Cody and he had a coat on when we get into the teens I'm trying to keep the van warm although it's kind of hard at that time I didn't have any insulation it was in the teens he had a coat on the whole time I've had him go to bed I always covered him I woke up in the middle of the night and recovered him I really cared about him but no you avoid extremes dogs pets can't be in extremes dogs pets can not must not be in extreme temperatures if they are they die that's all they do they just die and so or they or they suffer tremendously don't do that I'm a snowbird I'm I'm comfortable the Vans comfortable that's what you got to do and if you can't do that if you can't keep your viet van out of extremes of temperature and if you can't put them in an RV park where you know they'll be have it air-conditioning don't have a pet that's my answer to you there's my always my answer dogs can't be in extreme temperatures in the van okay I've said that enough I hope you can't say that enough people still do it in dogs still die Terry and Ken do you need different licenses of their traveling state to state with us no no they're licensed in one place and no one will I don't never had a problem with that in fact Cody has never been licensed and it's never been an issue Robert how do you bathe your dog on the road I don't the only time I ever bathe either of my dogs is if they roll in poop and they do and then I use up my water supply I usually I would pour a couple I have five say I have ten one gallon cans jugs of water I pour a pour half over in my spraying with soap I get him all wet I'm wearing gloves because he's full of poop let me get that others so you can see me so that mm-hmm and you just pay them on the road I've Cody poops I had Cody roll in poo three or four times in one week I was so angry and one time we were just driving through high country and it had snowed and it was late in the evening we'd stop for our late evening walk and he found some poop and rolled in it and I'm when putting him back in the van full of poop so before we got in the van in the snow I'm I'm giving a bath outside oh boy what did I was so bad now I've never I've never punished him the bath is plenty of punishment but he still doesn't stop him in fact within the last two weeks I've had and I'm at the lake now one of the great things about being in the lake if he rolls in the poop he goes right out of the lake yeah just give them baths I have a video testing uh water pumps about how you bathe so if you go to go to YouTube the search bar type in cheap RV living and then bath bathing dogs and I have a video on bathing dogs and you can see it there see TV how do you feel about pet insurance I have a friend who has pet insurance and he loves it and wouldn't do without it I've never bought it it's up to you for you to decide for yourself I can't really answer I can only say I know of what least one guy who always has it and is glad he has it and I never have and I don't regret it Homer got had he had all kinds of things he got old his thyroid failed and he got bone cancer and he also had valley fever all at once and that year I probably spent several thousand dollars on him had I had pet insurance I wouldn't have and then I just gave up he was in a lot of pain and it was bad I really shouldn't have waited as I think I tend to wait a little too long and that's a mistake every time it happens I say I'll never do that again but so pard putting you're the one you love so much down that yeah and I've not had that in sure had I know I had a couple thousand to spend but if I didn't boy I would really glad I had pet insurance crystal Clark's asked please discuss what you know about parrots and dance it isn't a lot I do know what lady who had parrots she lived in a fifth wheel for a while and she needed to downsize and she ended up in a cargo trailer she pulled it with a van and I and she and the pets were in the cargo trailer she designed a cargo trailer or with the birds in mind I believe she would let them out and they would fly around in the cargo trailer which is hard to do in any RV because of all or most rigs even your van isn't long enough so if you buy say you buy a seven foot by fourteen or eighteen foot cargo trailer those are fairly expensive or horse trailer so you get an older horse trailer oh all in close nothing open of course but a lot of horse trailers now come the front enclosed with the home and the back is open so I think that's what she did and she did it for a long time and I don't know any more details I think mainly the thing would be your home if they if they do fly I think hers actually did fly and that's really all I can tell you I'm sorry I just don't know that's now you know everything I know Tracy do you think my 160 pound dog that is a big dog would be okay on the road she's super friendly well is she obese and unhealthy uh a hundred and sixty pounds that's all though I knew a guy who had an enormous dog a dog was well over hundred I mean one hundred and twenty a big dog can be 120 and be a healthy weight 160 is big the dog needs to be healthy and if it's healthy hundred sixty pounds he'll he'll he'll make everybody afraid that's the one thing you always have to remember that's the question that was asked earlier it's so important a huge dog scares people you walk up to someone with a huge dog or your huge dog is tied up outside they're afraid that's the way it's gonna be some people their fascination is more important than their fear and they'll come right up but everyone's gonna be afraid and so that is something you have to compensate for that you have to part further out you can't just be in with everyone once people know you see that and then that's what you'll do that's what always happened to me I just camp with fins I knew and they all knew Cody they all knew Homer they knew he was the biggest love bug in the world both of them they were never afraid Homer was a big black dog and that scares people but they know Homer ninu wouldn't be a fair fool but if I came into a new camp or a camp I'd never been in before I was aware they were going to be afraid and I treated them I treated them with respect I was of keeping him away keeping him tight and close to me seek him and say he's going to be okay is it okay if we come in and visit just have to be very respectful I think that's the big issue and of course the room I mean if you're a if you're in a minivan we got to put on her 60 pound dog if you're in a van we're gonna put 160 pound dog I can't imagine Homa was tall but super lean and muscular he only weighed 80 pounds when he got old I told you like he lost his thyroid went bad he put on a lot of weight he weighed a hundred pounds then and he still wasn't fat he was just as big as he should have been he was so athletic so soon he was a superb athlete fastest dog I've ever seen but he was really tall what about dogs drinking pond water Peggy thank you a great question I don't mind I let them my dogs have all I don't understand it every dog I've ever owned wanted to drink out of mud puddles you know I'd have a Cody he's got water and in the van at all times and he's run right out and grabbing the pond water he's hot it's pretty hot so he's in the pond a lot and so he's drinks when he gets in there and Homer always did the same was always in the creek water pond anything up you can Giardia is still an issue with dogs it can be most dogs they have such strong gut acid your kills the Giardia is not an issue it can be dogs can get Giardia beaver fever there is a Giardia vaccine for dogs I have never done it but I do know people who have and so if you're concerned about it you can do that and that solves a little problem that's mainly what you're interested concerned about is Giardia I've never had it I've never done it I've never had dog I found a lot I've been boondocking for 11 years now with dogs and I've never had a problem with Giardia or beaver fever or anything should pets be neutered or spayed of course peg ass of course all pets should be neutered or spayed you don't want them there are plenty of unwanted pets being born don't contribute don't know yes all pets should be neutered in space that's my personal opinion I know a lot of you disagree I've had friends who did not and refused and he had male dog and you would say well and he would go out and get other dogs pregnant and he knew it he said well that's their fault that's their owners fault that's feminism Ness misogyny that's just another form of hating women putting all the blame on the victim victim blaming and there gonna be a lot of you were angry and start writing letters about that I don't care what I think I think anything you want you can think I'm wrong you tell me I'm wrong you can think I'm would say whatever nasty thing you want to say that's fine I can live with that we disagree we'll have to agree to disagree that's what I believe every pet should be neutered and spayed gipsy candy when your pet dies well on the road what are your options for dealing with the body I've had one pet die on the road Homer I put homer down we it was too much he was he was in pain a lot ah I took him to a vet and I said on the I laid on the ground while the vet administered the the shot and laid down with him and held him and what's the light go out of his eyes and and then I had him cremated I was just lazy thank you a better hurry better hurry I gotta hurry up folks they're the same I could have buried him out in the woods I could have taken him out and buried in the woods I could have taken him out somewhere I'm buried in the desert I have a friend who lost her pet on the woods out in the woods and on the road she was a road on the road and very her dog in the woods and it someone I love and she loves and I know where the pet is and I go and I visit I once when I lived in a house buried a pet in the backyard I don't live in that house anymore now I can't go see him it said it's such a personal decision I can't tell you I the only time it's happened to me I had him cremated and that's all huh okay that was that one number five Robert boy we have a lot of pet questions don't we how much space do you need for Cody in the van Cody sleeps on the bed with me and uh it's a van and so I have a box that sits in between the front two front seats and I have that filled in it's a Rubbermaid action packer if you can look that up Amazon I'm sure sells them Rubbermaid action packer fits right in between the front seats of a Chevy Express and I have a pillow on top of it and then he gets the hole across the bed that's the same thing I did with Homer Holman was a much bigger dog and he kind of slept over the whole thing and he can walk over to me while we drive he will come over and and set beside me while I Drive and so I really enjoy that and I'll put my arm around him and he'll put me as he'll actually come up put his head up on my chest while we drive and I enjoy that and so that's enough and he sleeps there and he's out spends all his time outside unless it's raining he's outside and even if it's raining he's going for a walk out in the rain so he that's all I needs he needs a bed to sleep on at night at night he always starts in his bed and ends up in my bed and that's the way it was with Homer – Homer would start in here alpha in his own bed and in the morning he would always be in bed with me and so that's really all you need if you can do that you're okay and and I slept with both the might that when I had Homer and it was a different van and this van I slept diagonal on the bed so in the one corner there is a big open space that triangle and that's where both Homer and Cody sleep uh how much space you need for how do you keep pets cool when outdoors I just not in hot places Cody's running around now we got a lake he'll cut hill if it gets hot he'll go under the van he will dig a hole under the van dig a little shallow depression and lay under the van in the depression both Homer and Cody both did that and I'm in the woods you know you see right now there's plenty of shade shadow shade there's plenty of shades putting a shade he can go lay down in the shade he can lay under the van here he can going in the pond if I don't go hot places so it's not an issue outside how did do I keep my pets cool in the van while I'm in the store or shower you can't be in a hot place that's that's all I can say I'm a Snowbird I go where it's not hot it gets fairly hot where I'm an it'll get in the 90s but that's bearable because I'm in the forest in the forest in the 90s is okay he can be under a tree and I have water but that's not the norm he could find cool places you've got to be a Snowbird with a pet your dog will die you'll be in misery or he'll die and so you have to be a Snowbird with a pet or you have to be I have the money to go into an RV park and pay for electricity to get AC didn't you have to be under certain than AC never to goes out I don't have any other solutions we actually have a video coming out Monday this is Wednesday next Monday I have a video out on keeping your pets cool it's fine where I'm at now or it's into the 90s in the in the forest it's a great supplement and I think you're gonna really like it but it's never gonna work in the desert and a hundred degrees never never never you'll die your dog will just die or if we weren't in the forest and it were 100 degrees the high plains it just doesn't work you've got to be a Snowbird when you're Snowbird on next next Monday I have a video coming out that will help that's about all I can tell you Robert how are there certain dogs better for nomadic life a lot of I think a medium-sized dog is your best choice I think homer is a Cody is about the right size he's he's a little overweight he's probably around forty five pounds his perfect weight would probably be 40 a 40 pound dog is big enough you're not terrified of coyotes small enough to fit in the van not so huge he terrifies people those are the kids key issues he has to fit in the van he can't so be be so big he scares people because then that's always a problem or fights with other dogs can't have any kind of aggressive tendencies at all's ah and yeah I forgot I lost train my thought are there certain dogs better for nomadic life and then a lot of people like small dogs there's just no question snob small dogs fit in vans better in cars in a car you'd have to be a small dog 160 pound dogs not fitting in a car my Homer wouldn't have fit in a car he was a hundred pounds at the most an 80 most of his life small dogs you have to be very concerned about coyotes period you got to be very concerned be aware of them but I know a lot of people with small dogs and the number of them that had problems we're minuscule minuscule it's the odds are really really against it the odds of any of these things are tiny the odds of your dog being struck by a amount of a scorpion or or let it rattle snake tiny almost non-existent more likely to be struck by lightning most of these things so we exaggerate the risk but they're real surround snakes are real I've Cody has and Homer both encountered I probably they probably had a dozen encounters in their entire lives last 11 years maybe once a year at most I don't even think that's the average where they saw and we're aware of rattlesnake it's just really uncommon scorpions are non-issues totally I don't know why people are so worried about scorpions what does the recommended flea tick prevention drops versus callers which is more efficient I talked about my vet about that you like the drops that's what I do that's what I do that's what I recommend that's what my vet recommended again you might want to go read me to see if I can turn this around I think I'm in looking in the Sun now where am I looking into the Sun Suns kind of getting over there I need to move me yeah we did drops on the down the back is it better to start a kitten young to wear a harness I'm afraid I cannot answer you can have these two well I'll give you those two and I'll take down I don't know enough about kitten stands for that I would think so nearly always you start something young I got to move so I'm not looking into the Sun with you folks yeah nearly always if start them young it's going to be better so I would say yes but that's not from experience yet have no experience with cats I owned a cat once when I was a younger man I was private 40 years so I can't I don't have any current experience to draw on about cats whatsoever and I'm still there still looking in the Sun all right that's good enough it's not that bad is it I always worry this is number six do you attract wild critters when cooking never never have mm-hmm I've spent a lot of you as a campground host in the Sierras the Sears or full bearers but I was down in the area where they weren't there were a lot of bears I would I I was campground host for 43 years in the Sierras of the low kind of the East the Western Sierra low foothills why was it 7,000 feet it's not like I wasn't and and I would go for a walk homer and I this was Homer would go for a walk twice a day every day no matter what always and in that course to that for years we saw ran into and by run into I mean within a hundred feet of I'd forgotten I used to keep a total I think was five bears live bears once very close very very close I could tell you stories and no I've always cooked I always cooked a meal the whole time I lived in this here is that that those was for years and never once brought in any kind of critter coyotes or bears there was hunting there anywhere there's a hunting season Bears are afraid of you they don't want anything to do with you although we had some campgrounds in the high country up over eight 9,000 feet in the Sierras and they all had bear bins and Bears would come right into camp cooking would bring them into camp so it depends all on your location it there is no one answer in those locations cooking would bring in bears if there are bear boxes be afraid be hyper alert do everything right we never had bear boxes so I was never hyper alert towards bears and it was never an issue I had to bear at one time in my campground it was late in the season there were no campers it was midweek there were no campers they only came in on the weekends in offseason and the Bears saw me and turned and ran as fast as he could I think he was coming too we had a dumpster rip disco D roam free far no both coder and home Cody when I walk he runs he roams far homer rant roamed really far when I when we went for walks dad scared me number of times number of times I came home without armor was afraid one time I came home and it was like hours before you homer came home that fair that I was afraid uh but Cody's never roam far I both think he's ever he's within yelling distance they're both always within yelling distance but my voice had a big voice and it carries a long ways no Robert how many Speight how much space would a dog need a minivan it needs to lay down I he needs a place to lay down that's about all if you wanted if he sleeps on the bed then you need a bed big enough for him to lay down on beside you like I said in my van a full-size van I put a box in between and Cody gets both you get his he can sleep all the way across in his room to spread out me comfortable and sleep that's about all I can tell you and the problem is most of us make our minivan beds rolls thin and so that would be hard where will we sleep Rob Jay are there any pets that we are not good for van life that are not good for van life I don't know I do know a friend I knew someone else had a snake as a van life I've known people with pets I'll be honest I'll just be completely honest if it were me I wouldn't go out with anything but a dog but that's just me I know a lot of people who've gone out with a lot of other things and are very glad they did my personal opinion for my choice for me alone not for speaking for anyone else I wouldn't have anything but a dog I knew someone with a pit with Pig this last this last season I ran into someone with a pet pig what do you do if your dog gets lost you cry up what's going that going dark what's going on what time is it I have about four more minutes why is the camera dark Oh heartworm yeah I get you someone I just read real quickly someone at our warm issue get get your heart dog dog tested and then on heartworm medicine yes very good what I I did lose Cody once a number of times I've come back from camp without either of them they all come back within at usually within minutes most of times if were separated I wish I knew why the camera has gone dark that scares me I hope you're still out there uh and I it scares you there's one time I won't tell you story it's a long story no amount of time one time I was convinced that Cody been eaten by a mountain lion I'd actually run into the mountain lion he had not come home we come I'd come home by 9:30 in their morning walk he hadn't come home by about 12:30 I went looking for him I ran into a mountain lion the mountain lion chose not to eat me or kill me and I was terrified because I was sure he had eaten Cody and I he never did come home long story short I got a call from the I was outside of West Yellowstone Montana and I got a call an email from the from the local police department they had Cody somebody found him and taking him in the mountain lion and not eating him I'm done anyway maybe I'll go a little over you just worry and you cry that's all if your dog gets lost I went to look for him I followed the exact same path when Cody went coded when I lose sight of Cody on a walk I can turn in a 360 d circle and he'll come for me in one of those directions he moves fat and comer both he moves fast he moves far there's no going and finding him out in the woods in the desert there is you can get a vantage point hopefully and see a long ways in the desert in the what in the woods the forest there is no finding him there's no going and looking for him and finding him the one time he never came home that one time with the mountain lion I went and looked for him and Oh bubbles he'll turn on the bubbles and along the path and when I did I ran in there and I Mountain Lion bubbles and then I'm at ran into the mountain lion did they come on Mountain long bubbles there bubbles everyone gets bubbles what would it be like without bubbles just whirring crying didn't nothin do how to stop my dog when he was dragging his butt on van carpet does it have to with anal glands I'm not a vet I don't know I'm not even expect you late that's all it be wild speculation and that doesn't make any sense for me to wildly speculate I'm sorry Google have you googled it my answers always look for Google Google probably give you an answer Robert how do you handle grocery shopping running errands etc with a dog while living in a van uh I'm a snowbird I go where it's not all that cold and that's my advice to everyone who wants to have a dog you must be a Snowbird you must go where it's not all that hot not all that cold yeah that's it I just go where he's not gonna be in danger in the van em pelt rich is having two large dogs going to be difficult when I go full-time if you're in a minivan now it's gonna be very difficult if you're in a van it'll be harder but possible if you're in an RV it won't be any problem at all if you're in a cargo trailer it's yeah it's gonna be a bigger problem two big dogs is a problem uh I'm sorry uh if you have two big dogs there's pretty much nothing else to say but yeah it'll very likely be a bit of a problem big dogs are hard to fit into a ring if the lungs are well controlled it won't be a problem other than sleeping and having them inside and scaring people those are your issues uh how do you remove ticks so it's the best method you use this code to get ticks no rarely Cody ever rarely gets ticks he has I got I got many many more ticks when I lived in a house we lived in North Carolina for once for a while and what we got ticks galore I've had almost in the desert you don't get ticks I've never had a tick in the desert I just have not had an issue with ticks I do keep the bug juice on them I forget what it's called and you do Google search you'll find a lot of experts commenting on it all you have to do is put something underneath the head and pull them out that's what you do but do a Google search and find experts will tell you what to do Chris what do they do in classes for avoiding rattlesnakes well we went over this but I'll quickly go over it they put a car on your neck they put you your dog around rattlesnakes that cannot hurt them and then when the dog approaches the rattlesnakes even though they can't hurt them they shock them and they started out with a mild shock if they persist in approaching them they give them a bigger shock at they approach them they gets a huge shock and there they learn not to not to get new rattlesnakes boy I think it's tremendously effective I would recommend it neither my dogs approach rousting so it's not an issue for me see TV how do you feel about using a hike and strike it is a stun cane like a stun gun but a cane I've never hurt four two-legged critters you might consider it I wouldn't consider it for a four-legged critter although you know what I have run into when I was in a campground a couple times was feral dogs the most the most afraid I've been is from feral dogs feral dogs are vicious secrets are vicious they want to eat and the risk from attacking a human is so great that they won't do it because all they want to do is eat and survive feral dogs are vicious they will attack just out of viciousness so the only time I would recommend a stun gun a weapon spray is when your feral dogs are an option or a risk because feral dogs are the single biggest risk factor you or your pet will ever face nothing else is I've never had anything else being a really big risk and in my 11 years okay man we're almost getting through them one more so only if your should you use a stun gun they make canes and staffs with stun guns I'm actually gonna do a video on that done – shot the video just isn't ready to go up in a series only if you're worried about federal feral wild vicious dogs lady badness our fans enough to keep your pet cool know if it's 110 degrees pets fans aren't enough you got to be in a cool place don't nothing's gonna keep your cool your dog cool your pet cool other than air conditioning if you're in Phoenix in the summer your dogs just going to die and if it's not it's going to wish it or dead no fans aren't enough Donna are there many places where dogs aren't allowed national parks national parks yeah it's not been an issue almost anywhere it's not been an issue for me at all yeah nomadic idea please mention coyotes in the RT R to be careful we I don't believe we've ever had an issue with coyotes in the RTR but I'm sure they're there yeah your dog you should always be aware especially if you have a small dog of coyotes wherever you are yeah absolutely and I don't know that it's I think it's probably less worrisome if you're on dead center of the RTR surrounded by 5,000 people you probably have less to worry about than you do if you were off in a camp with two or three people by far once more to worry about so I don't think it's worse at the RTR you always need to be aware of coyotes and your dog wherever you are Emily can you live in the back of a truck camper shell with a cat and a small dog you can you can yes uh the cat boy if your does your cat want to escape can you keep it from escaping if it escapes can you get it back will you keep it on a leash all the time you can't gets out there runs into a coyote that's gonna be that same with a small dog can't get your dog small dog gets out there runs into a coyote that's the end of that it's still all about control of the animal and smaller cat and dog means more risk I know that's not the answer you probably want but you can't be done yes from your point of view the smaller the back of a pickup is enough it's the cats pets getting outside that's going to be the issue doesn't have any to do with it being a camper it's being you constraining them keeping them close and and kyle's getting them outside that's the issue not the truck camper and you know what that's good be the same thing whether you're in a van or an RV they get outside they they say they face the exact same risk of harm that they do in either the biggest world's biggest RV or or a Prius it's just how likely are they to get outside and escape and I think it's more likely in a Prius than it is in an RV because you have so many limited egress egress and ingress with an RV you can control it more same with a van that's the issue not not the size of the vehicle with a small with a small dog and a cat with a big dog it becomes the size of the vehicle it's small to big dogs in a truck camper shell and you ready to put all your stuff I mean literally where are you gonna put all your stuff okay that's enough I went over a little bit but I got all I got all the questions she brought to me answered they we averaged one two three four or five a page and we did we I think we answered about 40 questions a lot of some duplication so I hope I hope that helped I hope that gave you a lot of good ideas I'm surprised we had this many questions on pets but I guess no one ever talks about it so it's good let me encourage you again to go to my pet veterinarian he taught he's an expert he's the real deal I'm talking to you from my antidotal experience and he's a vet so and no one ever watched those it it made me sad not because I didn't make any money on him because I didn't pay anything but you know here's here's my vet and he's an expert on nomad pets and no one watched it so please go watch that and this uh this Monday it's Wednesday I think it's the 18th I'm not sure that this this Monday I will have a pet out video out on keeping pets cool the idea will be don't cool the environment cool the pet will talk about cooling vests we bought a bunch and tested them and a cooling sweater and a cooling pad that they sleep on you get things wet and it gets on them that's really the only suggestion I have for beating Heat if you have a dog that likes water you could get a baby blow a pool and put towels on it and get the towels wet and if your dog will lay on them that will keep him cool that's about the only thing I know other than AC because when your dog's tummy is wet when his fur is wet he'll stay cool but a lot of dogs won't stay cool and you didn't have to and that's why and you put the towels down so they absorb the water and it's just not splashing around then you'll have a big mess and what if your dog jumps off the gets off there and jumps on your bed and then your beds all wet muddy so it's a it's not the ideal that's one of the few things another thing I should quit I'm sorry you can make these ice chest coolers just go to Google and YouTube and look up ice chest coolers you put a hole you blow a Fanny and you have a tube coming out if you can confine your dog or your cat to a kennel and that will last that cooling and then put them in the kennel blow that fan into the kennel and cover the kennel with a blanket to insulate it then you can cool that tiny space for as long as the ice lasts and that's probably all day and so and if the fan breaks the dog dies if it's extremely hot it's risky but it's the only thing that I know of that is doesn't take a huge amount of electricity to run solar to run an AC and that might work and I don't know I'm not be very risky and let us know if you try it okay I'm done thanks folks for watching I really appreciate it I appreciate each and every one of you that have subscribed that like that think is there something I forgot oh very good oh the next the next two topics coming up on Wednesday we're doing a Wednesday live every week we'll be stealth camping will be a week from today and boondocking the week after so we're just going through topics that people are interested in if you and Monday's video how to keep your pets cool it's time to go with this and it's keeping your pet cool with the pet itself not the space not the environment the pet and so next Wednesday will be stealth camping topic the following week will be boondocking I've done a lot of both I'm I know what I'm doing with both and will that will be the topic so ask your questions and we will try to answer them well thanks folks I really appreciate each and every one of you and by trying to make it go away

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  1. Donna G

    I watched the video with the vet. So not no one maybe just vey few. I found the video very good even for an Aussie girl.

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    I love how real you are on your live streams. Thank you Bob for all you do, and for sharing it with us.

  3. Gwen Roy

    invest in a Whistle 3 GPS. It fits on the dogs collar and gives you the exact GPS location (physical address as well) for your dog. There is a $10.00 monthly fee but I sure sleep well at night!!! I have an English Pointer who runs like the wind and I can track her exact location on my phone.

  4. Living-well on-less

    For fleas and ticks, use NexGuard and spray your living area and the under carrage in the spring with Home Defense Max and let it dry before entering, problem solved, guaranteed!

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    Dogo Argentino, Caucasian shepherd, Kangel, Anatolian shepherd will turn a coyote into a grease spot!

  6. Jessica Nelson

    Vet Tech here. If your pet has NEVER had a Rattlesnake vaccine before you need to get the initial one then a booster in 30 days. After that, boost every year.
    If your pet gets bitten by a rattlesnake while having the vaccine on board, you still need to get your pet to the Vet fast. The vaccine neutralizes the venom, which decreases the amount of antivenom given at the vet and hospitalization time.
    The rattlesnake vaccine protects against the venom of the Diamondback Rattlesnake. The vaccine DOES NOT protect against venom from the Coral Snake, Water Moccasin, or Mojave Rattlesnake.
    The rattlesnake vaccine has contraindications for use with cats so consult your vet. Where I work, we dont vaccinate the cats for it.

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    Can anyone share experiences they had with dog kennels and day cares. I was thinking they can be utilized when you have to be away for the day and the weather is bad, like if you have to go to the doctor and such. Why doesn't anyone every use those services or mention them. Have any RVer's out there who can comment?

  12. Ann

    Note about euthanizing your pet no matter where you are. Check with the facility putting your pet down. The law may not allow burial and won't let you take the pet with you. I live where you can bury your pet on your property, so I took my dog home to bury. The town where they put him down did not. So be aware of these new laws and ask. I'm thinking if they know you live on the road they may not let you take the pet.

  13. Ann

    Birds, clip their flight feathers. Get a vet to do it and learn. You can do it yourself, just learn about blood feathers and what you are cutting. You can cut them so they can fly, but not up, more like coasting.
    If a bird is in heat stroke you spray water under it's wings to cool it down.

  14. xxbigkisses

    METRONIDAZOLE IS WHAT VETS TREAT GIARDIA WITH. revival pet catalog used to sell it. they sell it in powder form and you add it to the water supply. INCIDENTLY, my granddaughter this year was treated for intestinal bacteria with metronidazole pills. TAPEWORM TREATMENT can be treated with FENBENDAZOLE also sold on revival pet catalog. I used to raise dogs til 2005 and I used both the items ive mentioned here. just break down the poundages for dosages. I barely seen a vet. I seen vets for c-sections for pup deliveries mostly. i learned a lot from other dog breeders and info in revival sales catalog. i also gave all my shots and cut pups tails(taught by a dog breeder). breeders by-pass vets unless its necessary.

  15. Mary Anne

    Some very good points that i never thought about. Ive 3 chis and always concerned about predator birds and coyotes. The snake adversion is something to look into. I had no idea there was such a thing as snake adversion training. Great idea but i think there must be a better way than shock collars training. They do also make cotote vests which supposedly prevent the coyote/predator bird from getting a hold of the small dogs. That can be googled. They run about $100 i think. Thanks for the videos! They are so helpful! Im not out there yet…just collecting info for now.

  16. Bugsea

    I think if you are camping around others, keep your dog leashed. I don't want your dog in my camp site. If you want to let your dogs run around don''t camp around others.

  17. Linda Krusyna

    Hi Bob, I don't think that you had mentioned that owls and birds of prey will scoop up a small dog. This does happen quite often.

  18. 2012turok

    i have to jack russels…lov them to bits ,,,yes mad but my boys. great vid …from me from the uk …thank u.

  19. Happy Camper

    I'm a few days late watching. Not too good on joining live youtube stuff…been following Bob and Cody for a few years. He is awesome! So impressed Bob with all you do. It's funny I'm watching this because I think my Doggie is the only thing that keeps me from joining you, not so much by necessity (yet) but by desire.

  20. Laura P

    Bob, you are completely right about dog training. In nature a coyote or wolf is corrected by it's mother or others roughly. I had a Great Dane 165lvs, not oversight. Started training as a little puppy. Overpower them, get them to lie down and submit if they don't do it themselves and either scream at them or growl in their face until they submit. You need to be alpha especially with a dog that will weigh more than you do. At all other times drown them in love as you said.

  21. s a

    When you put a dog in the down position and hand on the neck, you are being the Boss, and that is how dogs discipline each other!
    The down position means the dog must be submissive to you.

    In order to teach we must show our "fangs" sometimes that is how the animal word does it.
    You know how to train Cody.

  22. Santina Belly Dance

    When I lived in New Orleans I saw the largest racoon in my life! I was stunned when I saw it and it walked right past me and looked up. It definitely wasn't afraid of me! It was so big, that on all fours it was to my upper thigh…I'm lucky it didn't feel like attacking me.

  23. Teri Soto

    Your awesome Bob. And a good dog parent. Love your live feeds. You have such great advice. God bless you Bob & Cody.

  24. Mrs. Smith

    I have heard there are feral dogs in Nevada outside of Reno, I forget what town it was, just putting it out there, don't want to see or hear about someone being hurt from, although I also heard that they are being killed, great subject Bob, thanks for sharing!

  25. Learning Daily

    Thanks Bob, am having 2 dogs and was concern how to travel with them n be on the road. This have given much light and how to. thank you for sharing


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