Top 5 Credit Cards in Canada in 2019

**Top 5 Credit Cards in Canada in 2019**



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I give you a list of the Top 5 Credit Cards in Canada in 2019 based on my personal experience and use of all of these cards!
Credit card rewards really varies on the individual, for example if someone who never travels gets a travel credit card, it is going to be useless to them! Some people prefer rewards points, some people prefer low interest rates with no rewards at all but in this video, I go over the best 5 credit cards in Canada in 2019 based on my personal experience of spending over $2,000,000 on my credit cards in 2018! It is always awesome to find free credit cards as well as the majority of credit cards will have their first year annual fee waived making them free for that first year!

The list is as follows:
Number 5: Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card
Number 4: BMO World Elite Mastercard
Number 3: MBNA Rewards Mastercard
Number 2: American Express Cobalt Card
Number 1: American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card

Yes the American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card is by far the best credit card in all of Canada and should be the credit card choice of all Canadians, especially for those that spend a significant amount of money on their credit card!

You can get $150 for free if you sign up using this link for the American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card:

If you want the AMEX Cobalt card then you can get it here:

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hey guys a little different video today than you guys are used to coming from me but this is a video that will go over the top five credit cards in Canada so this is something that is highly controversial and really depends on what your needs are with a credit card but as we know this channel is about selling on Amazon so for me I spent a lot on my credit cards and I use personal credit cards for my Amazon purchases because you get better cashback and rewards and stuff like that but these are the top five credit cards in Canada at this point and I just wanted to make a quick disclosure that I'm not being paid by any of these credit cards or anything to promote them I am this is my personal preference and opinion but I do have each and every one of these credit cards so I have used them all and I'll kind of talk about what I use each one for and we'll go from there so this is the number five this was what I would say is number five the reason I put it at number five is because it only gives you one percent cash back on everything other than here you'll see so gas stations you have four percent grocery stores to get a four percent drugstores you get two percent recurring bill payments you get two percent but then everything else is just one percent so that's the reason it's number five and not higher up on the list because what I do is if I'm making a bunch of purchases from an online retail store I will go to a gas station or a grocery store purchase a bunch of gift cards from them and you still get that four percent cashback so say you buy a thousand dollars of gift cards well you're gonna get forty dollars in cash back on that purchase from the Scotia momentum Visa Infinite credit card so it definitely is really good and then it's also good as a personal credit card if you're buying a lot of gas and you're doing lots of driving and stuff like that or if you're buying a lot of groceries so definitely a good card for both those things yeah that's my number five card number four is the MasterCard world elite MasterCard I really like this credit card because you get three BMO reward points for every $1 spent on eligible travel dining and entertainment and then you get two points for every dollar spent everywhere else so this is a good credit card I really like the welcome bonus that they give you now here in 2019 they're giving $35,000 or 35,000 welcome bonus and one hundred and fifty dollar annual fee is waived for the first year plus you get a hundred dollar bonus so that's a total signup bonus of $500 so definitely a really good one to even try out for a year see how you guys like it but this is a good credit card it gives you some good benefits and stuff like that and yeah this is my number four card I don't know too much say about this kind of honestly I don't really use it all that much mainly signed up for it for the welcome bonus and then use it here and there when I when I needed to have additional credit especially in q4 what I need of the additional credit limit and I use this card to purchase more inventory with it but yeah that's my number four card and let's get into number three this card would likely be tied for number one if it wasn't changing its program I'm not sure exactly when it's changing but it's I know it's early this year in 2019 that they are changing their every dollar spent instead of getting two percent cash back on everything you are only gonna get 1.75 percent cash back so that dropped this cards number three for this year and you so basically you have been getting to present cash back so this was my go-to card for any of the places that didn't accept American Express I would use this because not a lot of places in Canada especially I do accept American Express at this point it's kind of something that's coming up and coming and more more places are getting it but it's I think it's quite expensive for merchants to have American Express be able to be accepted that their retailers at their stores and whatnot so anyways this card great card I have nothing bad to say about it it's just the fact that they're changing their program and instead of getting 2% cash back on everything now you're gonna only get 1.75 percent cash back so definitely still a good go-to card and what is the annual fee oh no annual fees so definitely a good card with no annual fee all right next is the this is my number 2 card is the American Express cobalt card I really like this card for any times when I'm going over food or buying any sort of dinner or yeah like it's a really good all-around card especially the fact that you get five times the points and they had some sort of promotion last year I'm not sure if they're gonna have the same thing this year where each month you'd get a specific number of bonus points if you spend a certain amount and that really added up the points for this American Express cobalt card and definitely a good all-around card but I want to get read into the number one card and that is this one right here this card I made a video about it before like this is the best credit card in Canada by far it is called the American Express simply cash preferred cards and it's got a $99 annual fee the real thing I really like about it is your first six months you get 5% cash back up to $300 so as soon as you hit that threshold when you spend the the six thousand dollars then you're going to only get 2% cash back which is not only because that's the best cash back credit card on the market in Canada so like I said you get the 5% cash back for the first six months up to the 300 ollars anything over and above that you're gonna get 2% and so this is the best card the only downfall of it is like I said in Canada not every merchant or retailer accepts this card so that's the only kind of down fall with it but it's nice how you can refer a friend and you can get $150 each so I'll put a link in the description below for this card I do have a referral link so if you do sign up we will both get an additional hundred and fifty dollars so totally up to you guys but this is definitely the best card in Canada it's my go-to card if the place accepts the American Express and especially now that the MBNA Rewards MasterCard isn't going to have the 2% cashback this is gonna definitely be my go-to card on any online purchases especially places that of course accept American Express if they don't then I'm going to go back to that MBNA 1.75 percent so I hope this list helped you guys and I really hope that you do sign up for this simply cash preferred card low annual fee low annual interest rate if you do have to pay into that and it's a all-around really good card and I highly highly recommend it so thanks for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you are new to this channel make sure you don't forget to subscribe for more financial related stuff and learning how to sell online and specifically how to sell on Amazon so thanks so much for watching

18 thoughts on “**Top 5 Credit Cards in Canada in 2019**

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  2. Reshad Ahmed

    CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite, and even the Gold one, is a great card.I'm surprised no one puts Aventura up there amongst the best cards in Canada. 1st year annual fee waived, Nexus application fee waived, 4 Priority Pass membership access per year. What more can you ask for? Although the points system isn't the best, the other benefits more than makeup for the points in my opinion.

  3. Amadou Diallo

    Don’t agree with your ranking. Where did you put the Amex Platinum? The Amex Gold? Not sure if you are really knowledgeable of this topic🙁

  4. he he

    i rate scotia bank 4% is no.1 , cause it is not only basically at grocery and gas. every store gift card you can find in grocery store is 4%, such as starbucks, subways, the keg, xbox ,bestbuy, . and it is also 2% everything if you buy prepaid visa master , if you buy 500, you pay 9.95 or 7.95 fee, but you can get 20 dollar back . that is mean 2% everything. forget bmo, it is bs. only cobalt and sb 4% are good, rest are all garbage.

  5. Steve Thompson

    In regards to the American Express Platinum Card all I can say is from my personal experience, what a horrible, horrible company Amex is. 
    For the last 2 months I’ve been dealing with 2 very ill family members and during this time I forgot about the $200 travel credit on my Amex Platinum card.

    Unfortunately, this travel credit, which I ultimately paid for as per the annual card fee, American Express, as per its policy*, claims I have forfeited and has effectively stolen this from me.

    * If you don’t use this credit within 1 year American Express will effectively steal it back from you. No email notification & no automated phone call, warning you of what is about to happen. If you don’t use it within a year Amex will lighten your wallet of this $200 credit (regardless of the circumstances) without any mercy – effectively robbing you of something you paid for.

    Again, what a horrible, horrible company. I have been an Amex member since 2001 and this isn’t the only grief I have experienced, dealing with what I consider to be the worst customer service standard of all the credit card companies and I’ve had it.

    To anyone reading this, do yourself a favour; don’t waste your money on an Amex card. Tomorrow I will be cancelling mine.

  6. Shaun Recommends

    I just applied using your link and was accepted (decided to go for it now instead of waiting)! I don't think we both get $150 though. Pretty sure you get the $150 for the referral, and I get the 5% back on my first 6 months. As long as I spend $6000, I'll be getting a bonus of $180 over and above the 2% the card would normally earn.

  7. Shaun Recommends

    Amex isn't accepted everywhere in Canada as you note, but now that it's accepted at McDonald's and Tim Hortons and Dollarama (!), hopefully that ball keeps rolling and it's more and more useful. I'm more of an Amex Gold/Platinum guy right now because of the travel benefits (and they're nearly at/above 2% depending on how you value MR points), but based on this video I'll be considering the SimplyCash in the future. Thanks!

  8. Systolic120mmHg

    I got the Triangle world elite because I do get 3% cash back with groceries and 4% in CT, sportchek and marks. On top of that, you get free Gold membership roadside assistance. For $0 annual fee, it’s a really good card

  9. Eric U

    Did you show the wrong MBNA card? Isn't it the WORLD ELITE version that had 2%? (I used to have it but downgrading to the No Annual Fee version once they changed the reward rate). I don't think you get 1.75% on the No Annual Fee one…. at least not anymore, and not according to what you showed on screen. (Only gas, grocery, restaurant may get 1.75%)

  10. Shock City

    I would never pay an annual fee for cards cos u need to keep a list of cards and 20% utilization on each or less

  11. Shock City

    i have Rogers World elite for 1.75% cashback on all transactions and a Tangerine MC for 2% in 3 categories (Gas, Groceries, Restaurants). I also hunt down welcome bonus from ex. BMO MC 5% on all purchases until 120$ profit. amex cashblack 0$ anual fee for abusing 15 user recruitment for 1500$ cashback lol

  12. T Y

    Thanks. Good video. What card do you use when purchasing from online retailers in the US? I believe the cards on your list are in CAD funds and charge an exchange fee. (approx 2.5% fee). Any suggestions on cards to avoid this fee? Thanks


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