Toddler (children) budgeting lessons: Episode 1

**Toddler (children) budgeting lessons: Episode 1**



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Joseph Lorick, personal finance author and founder of The Money Etiquette Group shares budgeting exercises that he and his son, Lathan practices. Joseph started these lessons when Lathan was 3 years old, and the outcome has been fantastic. Not only does Lathan understand the concept of spending money, he knows how to budget and save. If you’re looking for ways to teach your children about money, budgeting and personal finance, these videos and discussions will help.

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2 thoughts on “**Toddler (children) budgeting lessons: Episode 1**

  1. Ken Spence The Inscrypshun

    I love that. Even sitting with my son, he stopped watching his tablet and started watching the video with me on my phone. He started keeping up your example.


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