Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget - How to Make Clean Eating Cheaper

**Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget – How to Make Clean Eating Cheaper**



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It’s easy to brush off clean eating as unattainable because of cost, but the reality is that heavily processed, unhealthy food only seems cheaper. Often times those quick, convenient already-prepared meals and snacks are very literally more expensive than healthy whole foods, but that’s not even taking into account that a wholesome diet can save you thousands and thousands of dollars on health care bills. A healthy diet can serve as preventative medicine (the best kind of medicine), saving your health and your money in the long run.

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41 thoughts on “**Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget – How to Make Clean Eating Cheaper**

  1. David Gray

    You are so right about cooking from scratch. Scratch made food tastes better, is cheaper, and healthier. Other than that it doesn't have many advantages. It does take some time though.

  2. Nancy Gillard

    Here's a tip. It is extremely easy and cheaper, and to make nut buttters. Peanut, almonds, cashews all of them. Get out your blender and add he nuts. That's it. All the nut butters have added salt and sugar. You don't need a special blender or food processor. Just any blender and the nuts. No shells but "skin on" is just fine. Be patient with almonds, they will release their oils but it takes an extremely long time. be patient. 20 minutes for almonds is not unusual. Peanuts and cashews….no problems, no time at all.

  3. nervaproject

    You guys say to avoid anything canned, and to cook dried beans and rice instead. But if you're cooking a beans & rice dish, where are you going to get olives if you don't use anything canned? Seems like pretty much all olives you might use in a Mexican beans & rice dish would come canned.

  4. nervaproject

    Vegans get all the protein they need from rice & beans I'm pretty sure, even if your diet isn't particularly varied. Rice & beans are a lot healthier than eggs also, and are probably cheaper as well.

  5. Denelle Bratcher

    I love your common sense and relaxed approach to food. Food is a great gift, not a battle ground. We enjoy our once a week "burger and fries" day to eat out and really enjoy the treat. The rest of the week I really think about whole fruits, veggies, whole grains, plant-based fats. I want to model the joy of food for my teen daughter — that mom can maintain her ideal weight without a whole lot of fuss. And if she wants ice cream once a week, savor that ONE scoop and enjoy without guilt. You guys are great. We need to hear your voice in the "mad sell" world of fitness. Refreshing!

  6. TheSusanb0625

    My husband and I (in our 50's!) have been working out with Fitness Blender and Kelli for over 4 months now. Thank you for providing these free workouts for the average person. It is MUCH appreciated!!

  7. kristina jenko

    I have a problem, cause I am not sure which food you shouldn't reheat or use leftovers in another meal. Some people say that you are poisoning youreself if you eat reheated chicken, potato, rice. But I see so many of these food in prep meal videos.

  8. Angel Bishop

    This is one of the most important videos because healthier food is a lot more expensive and I know a lot of people who can't afford to eat extremely healthy. Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to show this to a few of my friends.

  9. discerning 777

    I went raw vegan for a year and face looked so old..guess I needed more protein ie meat and now I look better

  10. HSP

    40 minutes for cooking rice? wtf.. takes about 15-20 for me.. unless you are cooking some special rice that takes longer like the wild ones

  11. Bianca Bolum

    Can you post a video about getting abs for girls? Because apparently there are not so many people who have reached this topic on youtube.

  12. Clauchi Rodriguez

    I am so lucky to live in Ecuador 🇪🇨. You get like 8 avocados for 1$ haha, also fruits and vegetables are incredibly cheap. Fitness blender you guys are so awesome and so intelligent and profesional. Kelly you are an amazing women I admire you so much ! I am plant based and I'm loving it !!!! Love u guys! I lost 6 kg with your amazing workouts. ❤❤

  13. Belinda Panton

    Yay! As a vegetarian this video has helped me feel confident with my decision to go vegan. Thanks heaps guys 🙂

  14. AverageIdiot

    #Jennifer Boren One of the videos that turned me into going a more lacto-vegetarian life style. I try my best to limit diary products but at the same time never felt better. Thank you Fitnessblender! You really brought down my grocery bill. @Rosy Ruiz

  15. DJ NCniK

    Frozen veggies has no taste to me. I have been cooking with frozen veggies due to time issues and they are not appetizing.

  16. The AlterNatives

    I'm not being funny, just need to ask—how do you keep from farting up a storm eating so many beans. Do you take Bean-o? I know when you don't eat much meat it won't smell, but beans do affect our bodies that certain way. I want to take off meats from our diet at home by substituting beans, but I'm really, genuinely worried.

  17. Amanda McQuain

    I would stay away from vegetable oils of any kind.  Coconut oil and bacon fat (yes, from pastured piggies) are good to cook with.  For dairy I would say try to get raw.  Eggs from pasture raised chickens are really good too!  Don't forget organ meats if you do eat meat.  They pack so much more of a nutritional punch than regular muscle meat.

  18. Lisa Edwards

    Thanks for this video guys….can you explain why you guys dont drink/eat much dairy? Is it the saturated fat or?! Thanks! 🙂

  19. xRam478

    One of the videos that turned me into going a more lacto-vegetarian life style. I try my best to limit diary products but at the same time never felt better. Thank you Fitnessblender! You really brought down my grocery bill.

  20. Shelbie Henry

    I hate beans and avocado and most vegetables…anything else? Way to cook them so they're bearable to eat?

  21. Breanna Baker

    I have been subscribed to you guys for a while and have followed your routines for even longer, however I always avoided thinking about what food you guys would recommend. This is because I'm vegan, and I am adamant about the health, environmental and ethical benefits, so much so that if you guys didn't recommend it I would be quite upset (although it wouldn't make me change, I'm far too sure of this lifestyle to do that.) When i heard that you recommend a high fruit, veggie and grain diet (& how you also mentioned veganism!) I was over the moon.
    I just want to thank you guys for being so honest and supportive of every lifestyle, understanding that we're not all the same but also giving us the hard facts about fitness and dietary requirements.

  22. Yarelys P

    +fitnessblender I bought coconut milk as a dairy substitute, however there's 23 % of saturated fat and I read the max of saturated fat to consume on foods its 10%. I personally don't want sat. fat at all. so my question is is this a healthy saturated fat? or its still not good?

  23. sweetish atkins

    yall doing more than trying to help out, yall are helping out! OMG thank u so much for everything, god's going to bless u guys!


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