The One Area I am a Minamalist and Why

**The One Area I am a Minamalist and Why**



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hello everybody this is money mom welcome back to the channel I wanted to talk to you guys briefly about the one area in my life where I feel like I'm a semi minimalist let me get started I love to read but one thing that I've learned not to do anymore is to purchase books without reading them first and what I mean by that as many times you can take them out at the library the reason why is very few books that I've read whether it's fiction or nonfiction are a book that I want to consider a keepsake something I always want so you end up with all these books that you maybe aren't really interested in reading again and as a matter of fact recently no names mentioned I've read three self-help books through our local library through the add this app program on my phone Libby and love the app but to be honest it wouldn't be a book that I'd wanna buy to have as a keepsake you know I've read them I got something out of the book but it wouldn't be something that I would always refer to I wanted to show you a few of my books and a few of my favorite books but for me reading before I actually want to keep a book that I can go back and either want to read it again or refer to it again I wanted as a keepsake and as a matter of fact before I did this video I got rid of a couple more books so I'm gonna show you a couple favorites I'm gonna show you a couple of my favorite children's book this is my all-time favorite children's book The Giving Tree I've always loved it I'd like to know if any of you like it one of my other very favorite children's book is quarter right so those are a couple favorites now a couple other favorites that I have when we've spoken about these millions of times and I've actually spoken to her on the phone twice is Aimee decision the tightwad Gazette series love these these are not books I've won a loan-out really and I like to keep them and I will always want to have them so that's another example now when we were talking about Self Help books I wanted to mention to you three books that I really like that I always want to keep is thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill how to win friends and influence people by Dale car the friendship factor by Alan Lloyd McGinnis so those are just a few examples I really like Dale Carnegie I really I really like Alan Lloyd McGinnis I think there's some really good books out here to read I just wanted to show you I also wanted to show you a book from when I was a little girl I loved classics and one of my favorites and this is from 1977 lit well not written in 1977 I received it in 1977 Little Women I love classics like Little Women little men Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm so these are just like a few of the books that I've kept but I really don't have that many books because I don't really keep or refer back to very many books I would love to know how you guys feel do you enjoy reading do you and do you purchase a lot of books I rarely spend very much money on books I usually like I said take it out from the library even if I have to wait read it and see if it's something that I want as a keepsake that I'll always refer back to and I feel that way with many types of books I'd love to hear from you guys number one what's what are some of your favorite books that you really love that you want to keep safe and number two what's your favorite children's book I'd love to hear from you guys this is money mom signing off and as always I love you bye bye

31 thoughts on “**The One Area I am a Minamalist and Why**

  1. Air Force Family

    The only books I keep are poetry, classic and modern, and a few science fiction anthologies, edited by Gardner Dozois, who curates the "Year's Best Sci Fi Short Stories". I really enjoy curling up and revisiting great adventures. I LOVE the library! Fave book from childhood: Where The Wild Things Are by Sendak.

  2. Robin Ellison

    The books I have were either marked down or from yard sales. Natural healing, old time living days, self help and word find.

  3. Rachael Lyn

    I used to love collecting books, but after using the library regularly, I get all the enjoyment without any of the cost and much less clutter. I love not buying books any more. Although I did buy a book last week, which I talk about in my Money Monday video tomorrow. I loved The Giving Tree too, but my favorite book as a child was Charlotte's Web.

  4. Kim Gilson

    We have a wonderful used book store in town where you can exchange books you've previously purchased for different ones. You can also sell books you own for cash or receive a voucher towards future purchases.

  5. Sharon Salyer

    I love learning and reading is a great wsy to expand your knowledge. I'm afraid I have lotd of books. Lots are resource how to books on gardening, cooking, sewing, etc. But I also have quite a few clasic children's books for my granddaughters. The library is wonderful but I haven't been impressed with many of the newer children's books. I have been moving on a lot of books I'm unlikely to ever read again.

  6. But Olive U More

    What a beautiful collection! I have tons of books for my toddler right now since she is started to read. But for myself I buy my books for $2.50 from the thrift store and then I donate it back when I’m done. I got a whole series called Annie in the attic which i love. I also like to use audio books since I spend so much time in the car but for those I usually buy books where I’m getting information versus the others where I’m curling up with a good book. Books are a great way to rest a busy mind before bed

  7. HedgehogUK 55

    I tend to buy second hand on Ebay then pass them on to the Charity Shop or keep them if they are something factual. Good advice using the library.

  8. Georgiann Maloney

    Love reading. Hubby and I purchase new books from Amazon. New copies only. Our local library has been getting books returned with bed bugs in them. Cheaper to purchase new books and donate them than to treat a home and cars that have bedbugs. Love Don Aslett books, gentle art of death cleaning, and Amy's books, too. Loved the Little House series and still do. I don't have the books though. When I an finished with a book, I keep it or may decide to donate it. I need to see about doing the Kindle or books that I can ,"check out" and read online…no bed bugs then. Bed bugs are expensive to treat and I don't want to chance getting them in my home. Don't like buggers. I will not get used book due to bed bug possibility. 🐜🦟

  9. Nesa Dcruz

    I have always been a great reader but for the past 20 years have relied on the library and e books, had to get rid of lots of my books as I bought way too many in the past. My only regret is some books I have enjoyed in the past are now out of print and hard to get a hold of if they aren’t available in the library anymore. My favourite children’s books are by Enid Blyton, fortunately they are available online. But I have to say reading books online just isn’t the same as holding the hard copy in your hand, or am I the only one feeling that way? I fear in my lifetime paperback and hardback books might be phased out. A day is coming when everything “ printed” will be digital. I don’t look fwd to that.
    I have a suggestion for a video, would you consider sharing some of your favourite books on Money and why you like them? One of mine is The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley. It had a huge impact on me when we were just about to start investing as I realised you don’t need to earn a big income in order to become a Millionaire.

  10. Chlexie L.

    I remember Amy D. and the Tight Wad Gazette. Those are awesome! I’ll have to out look for those 😃. I borrow books from the library, and if I LOVE it and think I’ll re-read it, I’ll then thrift it or buy used online. I feel like the library for the most part can hoard the books and it’s less stuff in my home 😉. You and I are a lot alike 😍

  11. The Frugal Minimalist

    You have a great library, Money Mom! I liked Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, the Little House books. I don’t own many books but my husband and son do.

  12. Carol Brown

    I enjoy reading too, I buy mine used so they're reasonably priced. My favorites I'll keep and the others I donate.
    Your make-up colors look so pretty, love the lipstick color.

  13. Barb Khan

    Im personally minimalist when it comes to cooking…i tend to make as simple, as easy, as quick…as possible…

  14. Barb Khan

    Im personally minimalist when it comes to cooking…i tend to make as simple, as easy, as quick…as possible…

  15. SafePet Haven

    I've had a love/hate relationship with books and reading [but not learning] all my life. Love learning but have had this conflict about owning the physical books for a very long time. I'm very much a senior citizen now with uncorrectable low vision, so over the decades since univ. in the early 70's, I have donated or otherwise given away most of my books. The highlight of my donation life was when I donated some advanced univ. math books to my local library and later saw them on the math shelves, and low and behold they'd actually been checked out several times! I retained severral chem, math and physics books I used myself as a student because thy were so well written I have used them for decades as supplementary resources for my tutoring students. Now I regret not keeping all the lessons I wrote for my one class of physics students back in 1975 [because once I looked at the assigned textbooks we had as "resources", they were awful], so I wrote my own from classes I'd taken since studying it in jr high [our tiny rural school district in IL was exxperimental back in the JFK era and students who showed any inclination toward math, science or foreign languages were put into an all-accelerated curriculum through 12th grade. It was TOUGH!

    Now I do not have many shelves of books any more, mostly some keepsakes such as the leatherbound collection of Shakespeare's works, pub. 1926 – given as an engagement gift from my maternal grandfather to my maternal grandmother, and a few family Bibles, some in German from the 1800s. I have a few favorite books from my lifetime, and a few that a handful of friends authored and were published.

    I really should purge all my tech books from yesteryear ;-))

  16. Loretta Lester

    Keeping my 19 year old granddaughter books from when was five " THE Squeaky Door" and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

  17. Joyce Foltz

    I love to read and having to many books can be a problem. I have donated a lot of books lately. Some of my favorites are Heath books like natural healing books. If I could only have one though it would absolutely be my Bible. No doubt about it.God bless always 🌼🌼 🌼🌼

  18. vicki - Minnesota to Florida!

    I love to read. Everytime I donate to goodwill they give me a coupon off 10% off up to $100.00. I buy a few books at goodwill. I put it in the donation box when I'm done. I refuse to buy new books.

  19. Vicki Bevington

    I have always been a reader and taught myself to read at age 5. To me books are a necessity. I do not have TV or cable or fancy phone or any of the things others take for granted but do buy a few books at Walmart every month. I have many books I read yearly.

  20. Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos

    I love think and grow rich (also the science of getting rich), how to win friends and influence people (not that you need to read that!) but I've never read the friendship factor 🤔

  21. Lynn King357

    I love reading & books! I don't have a lot of space for them so I have to carefully choose what to keep. My children love that Shel Silverstein book too! I love the Little House on the Prairie book series and Richard Scarry's The Best Little Word Book!

  22. Devra Levine

    I adore the Betsy – Tracy books even at the age of 66. A few years ago bought the whole series

  23. Darla R.

    My favorite keeper is Chronicles of Narnia. I have the entire series in one book rather than as a set of individual books. I have to control myself in stores when I am around books especially cookbooks. LOL.

  24. Melinda Banning

    Amy’s books are timeless even though some information is obsolete. I have only been buying books for my church’s women’s group, about every 10 weeks. I like books, I have several crafts books and several Dave Ramsey books. Most of my books have been bought either at a yard sale or on a very good sale like than $10 or less. If I buy a book it is usually a used book.

  25. Kathy

    Your makeup looks pretty! 💄I use the Overdrive app (similar to Libby) and love it! I listen to audiobooks while I am doing housework or grocery shopping, totake my mind off of the daunting task. Lol! I mostly read Christian books or self help books. I don’t buy books anymore! I love the Tightwad Gazette series! My mom has them and I borrowed/returned them. 😊

  26. Joyce Gonzales

    I only buy herbal books and my jewelry making, but I do have all three of Amy’s books, and I always loved “ your money or your life”. That book was life changing for me.

  27. Esther B.

    Ever read caddy Woodlawn? Same era as Rebecca of sunnybrooke farm, same type thing. Very very good. Idk why not more famous.


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