The Best Galaxy S9 Features You Might've Missed

**The Best Galaxy S9 Features You Might've Missed**



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As of the day this video hits the feeds, you can officially buy the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s an excellent smartphone, but it’s so similar to its predecessor that, in your haste to move into it, you might miss some great options both new and old. So join me for a look at my favorite under-represented Galaxy S9 features in a change of pace from the usual round of reviews and first-looks – and if you’ve got favorite Galaxy S9 features of your own to share, please do so down in the comments!



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as of today you can officially buy the Samsung Galaxy S 9 it's an excellent smartphone but it's so similar to its predecessor in appearance that you might miss options both new and old if you go into it blind so join me for a look at my favorite less talked about Galaxy S 9 features brought to you by IOT let's kick things off with everyone's favorite whipping boy exp look I'm not a big fan of Samsung's virtual assistant I'd much prefer to replace it with Google now using apps like this one it's kind of hacky and it can impact performance and battery life so if you decide to just live with Vic's beef well first of all it's no longer as painful as it once was and also there are a couple things you can do to make it even better the first is to disable Bixby's button in the bixby settings screen so you're not always bringing up the side panel when you accidentally press it what's smart about this is that it only disables the single press function you can still push and hold the key to talk to Bixby voice and that's actually pretty useful for quick actions like asking for the forecast and setting reminders or alarms oh and if you do use your phone for alarms and you have a harder time getting up in the morning like I do Bixby can actually help here go to the alarm clock settings and enable Bixby briefing when your alarm goes off your phone will read you the time tell you the forecast and fill you in on all the horrible stuff that's happened since you went to City Day here's a roundup of today's news provided by Google Daniel's lawyer says some alleged incidents my final Bixby tip can be summed up in three words use quick commands you can build an if-then sequence for so many phone functions that it's just nuts this example from Samsung health is a great illustration of why people don't like Bixby it's a recommended command that lets you say the word coffee to automatically add a cup of coffee to your daily food tracking but when I do it I get this now I'm sure this guy is a fine musician but this isn't what I was going for where this flips to something good is in correction if Bixby gets something wrong you can teach it by tapping here and when it works as intended you've got a pretty handy shortcut for controlling the s9 by voice use it to go to youtube and subscribe to the mr. mobile the second feature I want a hit is frequently missed for a reason it just launched on the same day this video did see Samsung has had these optical sensors on the back of its phones since about 2014 and until now they've measured things like your heart rate blood oxygen level well s9 takes it a step further with blood pressure monitoring as well you need to download an app which only works in the States called my BP lab and agree to opt in to a study being run by the University of California on the health effects of stress once you share some basic info and you agree to share your anonymized data with the University of California you just put your finger on the sensor and follow the instructions now optical blood pressure sensors are nowhere near as accurate as the cuff you'll find at your doctor's office so this is the very definition of early days for a feature like this and I'm sure we'll see more apps take advantage of it in the coming months next up a feature that's only new because I've basically been ignoring it for the past 4 years see here's how much I typically use the edge screen during a Samsung review raise the phone into frame swipe through a bunch of the out of box options say something like I don't know you might find it handy for single-handed situations boom done for another year but this time around I forced myself to use the edge screen for about two weeks and I sort of get it now some really specific features are very handy to have just to swipe away like for example the calculator panel but the thing that I found myself really appreciating was the most basic one app said it's kind of like having a mini home screen that you can summon see you can hop to another app without ever having to take the intermediate step of actually going to the home screen download some other panels and set them up the way you want and you can put all of your most commonly used stuff into the edge screen and pretty much any way that leaves room on your home screen for larger widgets or you can just go super minimal and appreciate your wallpaper save you the question in the comments this one and most of mine come from an app called backdrops oh and pro tip once you get used to the flow of it you don't need that tab disrupting the clean lines of the glass so hop into the settings max out the transparency and presto a gesture accessible interface that's invisible when you're not using it on the subject of gestures one thing I was about to complain about is that there's no shortcut to drop the notification shade besides the fingerprint scanner trackpad trick but then I watched a video from the tech chap who pointed out an option that I not only missed on the s9 but on the updated s8 as well go into your home screen settings and toggle quick open notification panel and just like that you can swipe down anywhere on the home screen to deploy it welcome to the party Samsung it's great to have you a few short feature shoutouts as we close things out my custom logo on the always-on display easy settings lock screen and security clock and face widgets also a lot of folks have been asking about this lockscreen trim well it's an animated wallpaper from the Samsung theme store called s8 exclusive colorful marquee but be warned it only works on the lockscreen you can get a touch of that edge lighting every time you get a notification though just go to display edge screen edge lighting and you can choose from a whole bunch of color transparency and animation options giving users this much choice has been a staple of Samsung's for a long time and if you want to relive some of the old ones they're still here hop into settings advanced features multi window and you can turn on pop-up view which lets you shrink apps to smaller resizable windows that you can keep visible when working in other apps and finally how could I forget a our emoji oh right we hate that yeah no let's not do that okay and if you do hey I'm not here to yuck your YUM I'll link you to a good video covering it from a buddy of mine down in the comments another galaxy has nine perk is wireless charging and while that's not exactly new this charger is this is the ion wireless plus fast charging pad from today's sponsor IOT it charges quickly with up to 10 watt output keeps things cool with an air gap around back and lets you charge another device with an additional USB port it's also covered in fabric which is a sweet and soft a change of pace it's available for presale today hit the link in the description and use discount code IOT 15 to get 15% off but you've got to do it before March 30 to hit that discount so hit it now and tell a mister mobile sent you folks if you got your ass 9 today or you're running updated software on an essay tour no date tell me your favorite feature new or old in the comments and if you enjoyed this video please share it with your fellow Samsung owners and encourage them to subscribe to the mister mobile on YouTube and Instagram until next time thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends

21 thoughts on “**The Best Galaxy S9 Features You Might've Missed**

  1. Andy Dawson

    Was an excellent smart phone till some arsehole thought One UI with its terrible iPhone camera software was a good idea, it's so half baked, battery life is slashed and a lot of features that came with my original purchase have been removed.

  2. Ashok Shah

    Everything said and done Samsung S9 is not good value for money. See what 1+7 in the same price. Bixby is a big nuisance. In has increase the cost and who needs Bixby with Google Assistant around? There is a Single Camera on the back, too bad!

  3. jamesgriffyn

    Sorry but that charger sucks. I used it for a couple months and now it just flashes a red light everytime I use it. Ignore the charger, folks.

  4. jemma richardson

    hi just got this phone to get decent pics of my makeup. what setting do ypu recommened for takimg pics i have a ring light but still with this phone i dont get good pics x

  5. Dylan Deffert

    Am I really the only person who noticed the numbers you entered into the calculator at 4:01 are the lost sequence 4 8 15 16 23 42 ???

  6. Naraya Samuels

    Thank you I just got me a s9 and wanted to check out what I could do with it and I love the edge light

  7. Mateo Ceballos Querol

    someone help im deciding whether to get the s9+ or the s10e…theres so many good things about both..the s10e is a bit better performance and smaller but the battery is less and the fingerprint sensor is on the right hand side of the phone


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