The 101: how to coupon at Meijer

**The 101: how to coupon at Meijer**



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hey everyone so today's video is going to be a basic tutorial for newbies over at Meyer the basics on how to move around the store and just a little bit of history of the store so Meyer is a grocery store here in the Midwest there are 242 as the recording of this video in the Midwest along with 200 gas stations and this grocery chain is well over 80 years old I believe so here are some of the states that are included Wisconsin Michigan Illinois Indiana Ohio and Kentucky there are no sister stores to this chain even though some of the promotions might be similar to like a Kroger or another grocery store it is Midwest only so the first thing that you're gonna want to do is to download the mobile app for Meijer you can do this in the app store just type in Meijer and it should pop up at the top and we are gonna take a quick peek on the mechanics and how this thing works so basically there are digital coupons in your mobile app once you've assigned a phone number and an email and all that good stuff it takes maybe like less than five minutes to set one of those up and basically there is an perk rewards so with your account you have various levels and then you have an overall basket for your store account so if you buy a certain amount you will be rewarded back a an EM perk of that number so for example with this basket you would have to purchase two hundred and fifty dollars of merch over a span of four weeks so if you're buying all your groceries shopping there if you're buying like say an electronic whatever that can add up really quickly once you hit two hundred and fifty dollars a five dollar credit will show up in your account to use on your next purchase so that's just a way that if you are a loyal customer there you will get a little something back and those reset often as well mine is spend a hundred get back to so you know everybody's is a little different this one's two hundred and fifty four five on so yeah whatever I think when you're first starting out it's gonna be a lot smaller than that one though that is for sure okay so now there's a thing for exclusive offers on now to get you in the store and to entice you a little bit more if you go into your coupons folder or they might email you offers you might get like five percent off one weekend 10% off one weekend just a little extra something to get you into the store I took a peek at this weekend's flyer and I think there are 40% off of certain winter coats for kids just something to get you into the store and offer that they usually do every weekend leading from November right up till December are the Santa bucks three dollars off of a purchase of $14.99 and so on and so forth the more you buy the higher the Santa boxes and they just do this to try to get you into the store again it's just like dangling that carrot in front of your face a lot like some of the Dollar General five off of 25 similar to that and you can either get these to load them to your store card or you can use a flier version that's found at the store you can't use two on one item as well the machine will let you pick one or the other and that goes as well for manufacturer coupons now also on your store account sometimes these goofy store coupons will print out I had five dollars off for one of these always discreet pads and then just kept showing up for a solid week I think just under twenty five of these printed out for me so it's just something sometimes your account if it's been they just want to give you something extra these things will just keep showing up and I don't know the rhyme or reason other than it's just something to get you back into the store and with digital coupons on how this works is on your store account you can clip them I think there's a cap of like 150 that you could put on one store account so don't go too crazy because you will not be able to load every single one I wish we could do that but that's just not the case and these digital coupons are also dubbed as M perks and they are of a one-time use as well as you can see here on your opening screen of your Myer account or your digital Meijer account you have the rewards the coupons the weekly ads and then your overall savings so you have those four sub categories to clip your M perks you would just press the second one which is coupons and you can see exactly what they have and here is a close-up version you just press on that and then you just press on the coupons that you wish to clip to your store account now you really have to pay attention if it says manufacturer or store coupon chances are it will be a manufacturer coupon and even though we dub them as M perks it's still a manufacturer coupon I'm so read the fine print once you clip the if you have this grand plan that you want to use a digital coupon with a manufacturer coupon and get twice the savings essentially what will happen is the computer will kick one of them out or will make you choose either the paper or the digital so you cannot stack both of them unless you have a digital store coupon which is rare and it's usually like $1 off $20 purchase of shampoo or something like that so it's in the stores favor so you will not get the big Bonanza here of stacking those two just to note that now here is an example of a em perk or manufacturer coupon on your store card dollar off one for these various coffees as you can see I have three hundred and five different coupons that I can clip and yeah these are the top two for coffee and they are of a one-time use as well now the difference in these M / 'kz is when it says each at the very end that means I can get more than one and get that dollar off on multiple items I think the cap is 20 but for usually when it says $1 off one that's off of one item but if it has the word each it's off of multiples and that's where it gets a little confusing with Meijer but the each coupon is very unique and I would clip all of them right away okay guys so just to go through this one more time at Meijer you can use a limit of two like coupons per transaction so if you have to like manufacturer coupons it's once per transaction that third manufacturer coupon it will not take it coupons higher than five dollars will not be accepted at self checkout on it's just what they do so go through a regular line and a cashier will have to validate it or verify it and again em perks or the loadable manufacturer coupons whichever you want to call it they are of a one-time use per card if it as the word each you can buy more than one in that transaction but it is only on that one transaction so say you wanted to get like three of those Colgate mouthwashes you have to pick up all three in one transaction okay so question that I get a lot is how do you get so much free stuff over at Meijer and sometimes your account will print out these special store coupons like this one a $5 off the always discreet again as I said earlier in the video it just kept printing on one of my store accounts and I must have gotten like I think 25 altogether which was crazy and it just kept printing it was to a point that I'm like no more pads no more pads but the more you shop or if you buy a specific item sometimes they will try to to get you back into the store they will provide you with these special sort of coupons just so you will keep showing up another way to get free merch at Meijer is to buy an item use a manufacturer coupon and then if you have different savings rebate apps such as ibotta saving star checkout 51 fetch rewards if you can find an item and stack various savings apps with that that is the way to get a lot of these items for free or very cheap if you have not signed up for these savings app please check out all of the links and the notes sign up because you're losing money if you're not part of these apps that's just the truth of it all of these apps are fantastic the ones that I use and on an average per month I'm probably getting between 50 to $100 in gift cards or PayPal money or whatever it's just absolutely fantastic fetch rewards ibotta savings star my top three that I absolutely love and there's always offers over at Meijer that work in correspondence with those three so do a bit of a bit of homework there's lots of free stuff in that store another way is with manufacturer coupons here's the thing for Halloween soap that was 74 cents that 75 cent coupon was found on the regular hand soap so if you have no problem just grabbing one sometimes they're actually on clearance items so just put together the math often there are a ton of free stuff especially with like after Halloween after Christmas if you might have coupons whatever just get creative guys because free stuff like this like a free dial hand soap that's $2.49 yeah yes please and thank you so much so hundred different ways but hoarding coupons not a bad thing to do to get free stuff over at Meijer and okay and another question I get asked a lot is how do I know when an M perk will attach to an item to make it for free and basically on Sunday morning they release a whole bunch of new M PERTs or those digital load coupons whatever you want to call it and basically if you look at the coupons and then if you go and search the product it will say under it if you can clip the coupon thus if you can load that coupon to a product such as this toothpaste and the dollar off it basically zeroes out the item for free or just tax and it's saying that that coupon will attach to the product so however it's coated it is in fact working so there you have that and as you can see you have your little coupon folder there and then you can search the products so say you're looking for Crest toothpaste Neutrogena pads whatever and you see a high value coupon and you're curious hey will that attached just do a quick search and then look at the bottom and if the coupon is on it it will in fact attach and another thing to talk about is the free items usually on Sunday morning first thing they have a certain amount of free items it's a hit or a miss you know they can go a couple months without free items but sometimes when they do have free items it'll look something like this this is a much older one just to note that and I actually remember getting a bag of these Tostitos for free back in 2013 I've been there a very long time but you just load it and it's typically one per store card so if you have multiple people when your family load all of them on Sunday morning and usually they disappear after Sunday so you have to get on that right away so clip all of your em perks first thing Sunday morning and type in free to see what they might have the new ads typically show up if you want to see what's on sale of the week following Friday at 3 p.m. and look on social media Facebook Instagram YouTube whatever to see what people are doing for mayor deals and I know on Facebook the new thing that people are doing and I don't agree with this is to have a Facebook group that you have to pay for for specific deals at Meijer Walgreens whatever the story is Wegmans and that's not right never pay for deals guys these deals will pop up either on instagram or here on youtube don't pay for it I heard subscription fees or upwards of $10 a month for something that we're talking about right here and I believe that Meijer is quite a collaboration the more information that we share the more deals that everybody will get so that's it for this video guys hopefully it was helpful and give you the basic mechanics on how to shop at Meijer I'll talk to you in the next one

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  1. Ann McCullough,RN,BSN

    Wow….each?? I never knew that! ugh I've lost out on soo many deals. Thank you soo much for this video.

  2. Sandra Watkins

    i scanned 5 oreo milka bars three ginerale canda dry used i.oo off ginerale q found on pop ivc for candy and 5 /55cent total 74 cents out the door


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