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how to apply for flipkart axis bank credit card , flipkart credit card 2019, Flipkart emi axis bank

**how to apply for flipkart axis bank credit card , flipkart credit card 2019, Flipkart emi axis bank**



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hi friend in this video iam just telling about how you can apply for flipkart axis bank credit card 2019 in simply word. if you like this video please subscribe our …

What is "SBI FBB CREDIT CARD''  full information in hindi !! #FBBcreditcard #Sbifbbcard #sbicard

**What is "SBI FBB CREDIT CARD'' full information in hindi !! #FBBcreditcard #Sbifbbcard #sbicard**



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Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card

Apply for this co-branded credit card online and get special rewards on your every shopping experience. From gift vouchers and a flat discount of 10% to its contactless feature – you get it all. Use the Flexipay and covert your purchases into EMIs.
SBI, in association with Fbb, a retail fashion store owned and operated by Future Group, brings you the Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card. SBI has teamed up with Fbb, one of the trendiest stores and fashion destinations in India to make your shopping experience fruitful, by offering special discounts and rewards every time you shop. The Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card offers round-the-year discounts, accelerated reward points and a lot more to make your shopping experience beneficial. Let’s look at the features and benefits offered by the card to get a comprehensive idea about the card.

Features and Benefits of Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card

STYLEUP welcome gift: The co-branded credit card welcomes you to the world of shopping benefits with an Fbb gift voucher worth Rs.500. The voucher can be redeemed within 1 year from the date of issue at any Big Bazaar or fbb stores.

STYLEUP discount offer: Get a round-the-year discount of flat 10% whenever you purchase apparel, accessories, footwear, and bags from any Fbb and Big Bazaar stores. There is no minimum purchase amount nor cap on the discount. You can shop any number of times you want and get a 10% discount everytime you shop.

STYLEUP rewards: Earn accelerated reward points every time you shop. Using the card at Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar outlets, and Standalone Fbb stores will bring you 10 times more reward points. The accelerated benefits can also be earned on dining spends.

Savings on fuel bill: Use your Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card to pay your petrol bills and avail 1% fuel surcharge waiver. The offer is valid across all petrol stations in India on all transactions of Rs.500 to Rs.3,000. Maximum waiver is capped at Rs.100 per billing cycle.

Quick and secure transactions:Powered with contactless technology, the STYLEUP credit card enables faster and secure transactions especially at point of sale terminals. If you don’t find a terminal that accepts contactless payments, you can still use your card which also has an EMV chip to allow chip-enabled transactions. By simply dipping the card in the reader and entering the PIN, the transactions will be processed quickly and easily. Even during online transactions, EMV chip cards provide security against fraud compared to magnetic stripe cards.

Flexipay: Flexipay option on the card allows you to convert any big-ticket purchase made on the card into easy monthly instalments. Any purchase worth Rs.2,500 or above can be converted into EMI and can be paid back in tenures ranging from 3 to 12 months.

Balance transfer on EMI: You can transfer the outstanding balance on other bank credit cards to Fbb SBI STYLEUP Card and pay it back in EMIs. The option comes at a lesser interest rate and processing fee.

Fees and Charges of Fbb SBI STYLEUP Card



Joining fee


Annual fee (per annum)


Add on cards


Interest-free period

20-50 days is interest-free on your retail purchases if the previous month’s outstanding balance is paid in full.

Interest rate

Up to 3.35% per month

Minimum amount due

5% of the total outstanding balance or a minimum of Rs.200 + EMI in case of loans

Cash advance limit

Up to 80% of the credit limit, maximum Rs.15000 per day

Cash withdrawal fee

SBI ATMs and other local ATMs – 2.5% of transaction amount or Rs.300, whichever is higher.

International ATMs – 3% of the transaction amount or Rs.300, whichever is higher.

Other fees and charges of Fbb SBI STYLEUP Credit Card


Over limit fee

2.5% of the amount over limit subject to a minimum of Rs.500.

Card replacement (India)


Emergency card replacement (overseas)


Cheque Pickup


Cheque Bounce/Invalid Cheque

2% of the cheque amount or a minimum of Rs.450

Over the counter cash payment fee


Foreign currency transaction

3.5% conversion mark up

Statement Request fee

Rs.100 per statement if it is more than 2 months old.

Surcharge on railway tickets purchased at IRCTC counters

Rs.30 + 2.5% of transaction amount

Surcharge on railway tickets purchased on www.irctc.co.in

1.8% of transaction amount + service charge

Late payment fee

Total amount due of Rs.0 to Rs.200 – NIL

Rs.201 to Rs.500 – Rs.100

Rs.501 to Rs.1,000 – Rs.400

Rs.1,001 to Rs.10,000 – Rs.600

Rs.10,001 to Rs.25,000 – Rs.800

Rs.25,001 and above – Rs.950

You can directly visit SBI Card official website to apply for Fbb STYLEUP Credit Card. Once you’re on sbicard.com, follow the instructions mentioned below

How to Apply Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card in Telugu| Flipkart Credit Card for Students

**How to Apply Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card in Telugu| Flipkart Credit Card for Students**



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How to Apply Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card in Telugu| Flipkart Credit Card for Students


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Flipkart credit card emi

Charging credit cards using Stripe with PHP

**Charging credit cards using Stripe with PHP**



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We charge users using the Stripe payment platform.

The online tutorial:

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Installing Composer:

My mic/headphones (
hi welcome to my video on using stripe with PHP is gonna be a relatively quick video I've created this tutorial here on my website I include the link in the description so essentially what you have to do is for testing you don't need to read through all this essentially this will be for creating a chart a single charge a subscription as well as a like a customer with the secondary charge so we get to know easy to be in order to create a charge with a lot of money get to be PCI compliant which means you have to have its SSL certificate that's one of many things it's a you know Knox tour days just to certain data and stuff but you can click here into information related to the stripe security so we're going to build is this essentially here where it takes the credit card that the expiry date the CS GV c and then it will submit the payment and want to make the charge I'm going to be doing this by using composer which is a installment package manager for PHP you'll be using the stripe PHP SDK and then when you get started okay so I'm going to first start by using I'm need to do this all on my local host so I'm going to be using something called map my computer pressures man and hit start server submit on localhost here maybe eight eight eight there at its hello world so here's my demo all I have in this folder is an index like PHP file and this hello world canal but if i refresh it's gone I'm signed in to my stripe account I can go to API and see my API keys and so the next thing I first thing I have to do is install composer so I open up my terminal I'm going to navigate over to my map folder just going a little bit further so in my applications makes a little bigger so it's easier to see and then I'm going to MAMP htdocs folder and stripe demo clear all that so now I have my index file here so what I'm asked to do I'm assuming I have to propose you're installing mcdeere if I don't I can just click on this link here and let me head and stuff over here I think it's this is for a Linux period I looked up how to do it on Mac ok I've installed but they don't actually know and I'm copying paste this command in converters you're not down so I'm not gonna install it on the Mac found us online by just simply googling composure and spelled with homebrew home brews a packer another similar thing package render for max I've included one for Linux on in the actual tutorial but here's the one for Mac while you use homebrew copy-paste this okay so that's all installed brew up date interest installed not in this line which gets our PHP telling you PP 7 first instruction literally included here 87 and I all want to do is run through install composure clear that I'm to GRU install composure the tested I always get the compulsion – version and then see nothing here composure – see now I composure I jump all the way back up I can install my stripe so this is the Clannad I got from the editorial here so compose your require stripe slash stripe that PHP all right so now I hear you LF you'll see the vendor folder you'll see the composure clock and composer Joe chase on commission I'll have this look similar to this close 4.99 not 4.5 that's all set up so I now have the PHP SDK installed so now what I do is I don't really need the terminal window anymore because everything is installed I mean I'm going to add into this stripe enter this index dot HTML folder I'm going to copy it literally copy and paste in all of this HTML code I'm missing two things I'm missing the style dot CSS file which you can move into its own folder but I'm going to just include it in the same folder and you need to add the charge to J's file style dot CSS is this no that's my file this and say that I just did that quick least I saved you enclose it then I charge that J's file is here copy and paste I'll run through what this code does and I my own strike publishing publish for key here so I'm on my stroke account here I can find it right here on your test and if I'm the Teske secret key which will release later this is going to be visible key any coding inspect element so what's going on is it's creating all the elements for the card adding the styling it's adding the card elements too right here residing an event listener so when the it changes it checks for errors includes the error message if it does and then when the form submit essentially what it does is create the token assets or if there's an area it stops if not it calls a stripe token handler which close the form it puts the token in a hidden text box inside the form and then submit to perform so the form is going to do is as you can see I've charged up PHP the last file this is the actual script server-side script or the charge happens so this charged up PHP and we're going to clued this this is going to be a simple charge made so let's just say require clips you put the PHP tags in don't really knew the one on the end but could do so can charge $20 in US currency I need to get my secret key which is this one okay so now this should work technically I can also I can also technically just do dot slash make the same folder this is a sender file and we're gonna do this so if i refresh my demo page so just open my console here reference elements is not defined at charged a chance to line 23 here is e 123 which is element is not fine so it's just reference where maybe in here in the actual tutorial here I can fix this but we came up with stripe outside our elements so I need what the elements element hopefully this is 6 on national tutorial if i refresh this and there it is and so i have this giant tiger thing and so test credit card is 4 2 4 2 4 2 what you do is just kind of paste us 3 times you can put any date in the future so it's currently 2017 so i guess point we're circling and then this is if co2 i'm assuming here so 1 2 3 and then which is indeed the zip code and click Submit and here so it's created the charged object here a whole bunch of crap but if I jump back over to my stress stripe dashboard here okay stripe dashboard as you can see you get a $20 charge today actually look at that in charge here and the $20 charge and then so she can add metadata on top of that that's how to create a simple charge with stripe the next video I'm going to show you how to use a customer and the video after I make sure you hide the subscription please subscribe

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