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FMK: Living The Bicycle Lifestyle Part 1 of 2 (Frugal Life Philosophy)

**FMK: Living The Bicycle Lifestyle Part 1 of 2 (Frugal Life Philosophy)**



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1) $20/hour, 40 hours a week, $3200/month, $40,000/year

1) $20/hour, 40 hours a week, Over time pay $30/hour
2) Job location is 30 miles one way, 60 miles both ways. 1 hour commute time 1 way, 2 hours both ways per day, 10 hours/week, 40 hours/month. 500 hours/year. Lost income in over time pay: $1200/month, $15,000/year.
3) Time is seen as lost income b/c it is a forced drive, it is not seen as play, there is no exercise taking place.

1) Purchases a $30,000 vehicle on a 5 year plan. $500/month, $6000/year
2) Insurance: $35/month, $420/year
3) Gas: 20 miles per gallon in city, $3.25 per gallon. Job is 30 miles one way, 60 miles two ways. 60 miles a day, 5 days a week, 300 miles a week, 1200 miles a month. 60 gallons of gas a month. Gas: $200/month, $2400/year
4) Oil change every 3 months, oil change costs $30. Oil change equates to $10/month, $120/year
5) License plate sticker: $80/year
6) City Sticker: $75/year
7) Misc. Maintenance fees: $30/month, $360/year
8) Parking Tickets: $75/year (3 tickets)
9) Traffic Tickets: $375/year (3 tickets)
10) License Plate: $10/year



1) $10/hour, 40 hours a week, $1600/month, $20,000/year

1) Job location is 5 miles one way. 10 miles both ways. It takes 30 min. one way, 1 hour both ways. No income is lost because the commute is viewed as a 1 hour exercise every day. The bike ride is seen as play, not forced work.

1) The bike owner only lives 5 miles from home so his commute time back and force equals 1 hour per day. Whereas the car owners commute time is 2 hours because the job location is 30 miles away from his home. The bike owner saves 1 hour of time a day over the car owner. 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month. 240 hours year.
2) The bike owner makes $10/hr, converted to ovetime pay it is $15/hr. The additional income converted is $300/month. $3600/year.

1) Purchase a $250 bicycle. $250/year
2) Maintenance Fees: $18/year (3 tire flats)



are in this video I'm gonna go over something extremely important this can really change your life dramatically towards a positive healthy way of living to free yourself in the system all right so I need you to pay attention and while you listen to my video open up the description section of this video read along so you can understand because there's gonna be a lot of numbers that I'm gonna speak about when you read along you'll understand more rather than just listening so look at the description section this video I'm gonna teach you how to free yourself from the vehicle the motor vehicle in the car and live your life primarily using a bicycle or your own two feet from walking or running to change your life for a healthier way of living and to not be controlled by the system well you're no longer gonna be a slave to the gas prices and you're no longer polluting the environment you're not gonna be a slave to the traffic tickets the parking tickets the license plate fees just the city sticker fees I mean all the fees associated with owning a motor vehicle so this is how you're gonna do it I'm gonna show you how also you will make more money then if you own a bike then if you own a vehicle I'm going to show you how that works all right okay so if you're a car owner say typically you're a car owner and people that are excuses are that they own a car because they need to get to work and what that what happens is that when you own a car it widens up your job opportunities so you could work farther away so that changes the decisions you make so if you can only bike to work you will only be able to buy so far you're not realistically gonna be able to bike 30 miles to and from work every single day that you have the work it's just not realistic so realistically for a bike owner I'd say anywhere under 10 miles is good it's sufficient because you could ride 10 miles in less than an hour all right so 10 miles one way 10 miles back is less that's about 2 hours of commute time if you ride 5 miles you can ride 5 miles in about 30 minutes so 30 minutes one way 30 minutes back that's one hour commute time a day now if you own a vehicle that that allows you to travel out further so in this example this person is working farther away he's working 30 miles away from his home and it's gonna take in one hour to get there and one hour to come back so that's 2 hours altogether all right in this example the bike owner will be working 5 miles away from home so it's gonna take 30 minutes for him to bite there to 30 minutes to bite back so that's gonna be 1 hour commute time so the car owner has a two-hour commute time the bike owner has 1 hour commute time all right so the car owner because he owns a car he has a higher paying job he'll be getting paid $20 an hour he'll be working full time 40 hours a week and he'll be making $3,200 a month and $40,000 a year these are all approximate numbers I am NOT putting in consideration taxes I'm just gonna keep it simple so you can understand it taxes either both people will be taxed but take taxes out so you can understand it so the car owner is making $40,000 a year all right car owner lost income what that means is okay the car owner makes $20 an hour he makes four he works 40 hours a week so in a full-time job anytime you make you work over 40 hours a week you are compensated overtime pay overtime pay is time and a half so if you work on extra five an extra you know if you work 41 hours a week you're gonna get paid for one of those hours for time and a half so in this case for that hour he'll be get he'll beginning paid thirty dollars an hour so his time is worth at first twenty dollars an hour and then and overtime is worth thirty dollars an hour and remember the essence of this example is time is what's important not money but time time is what's important because time is why we live if we didn't have time then we wouldn't be able to work we wouldn't have you be able to live so time is what's important the employers are paying you for your time so time is important remember that time is important so you want to save time okay and then when you save time you could you can either work more where they'll pay you overtime or you can spend time with loved ones or do things that you truly love to do other than work okay so time is what's important all right so the job location is 30 miles one way 60 miles both ways for the car owner he has a one-hour commute time one way and two hours both ways okay he works so that basically so two hours he has to commute every single day so in a week that's ten hours all right in a month that's 40 hours in a year that's 500 hours so the lost income which I would say it comes out to forty hours time thirty that comes out to $1200 a month that he loses and then to a year that comes out to fifteen thousand dollars that he loses basically those hours that he's commuting his lost income because he works eight hours a day but he doesn't clock in until he gets to work and then he has to clock out once he's done with the work but he still has to drive two hours a day so instead of working eight hours he's actually working ten hours but he's only getting paid for eight so he's losing out an extra two hours those two hours is only time pay that he's not getting paid for so when you convert it into the numbers that I just did he ends it ends up losing $15,000 a year number three time is seen as lost income because it is a forced drive it is not seen as play is not fun for him to drive to and from work it is a forced drive so it's not seen as play that's why it is considered work but it's unpaid work okay there is it there is no exercise taking place because he's in the car all right so we get that out of the way so first we have the income which is $40,000 a year but the lost income is $15,000 a year due to the commute time okay now we got the car owner expenses the car owner expenses he purchases a $30,000 car on a five-year plan that converts to $500 a month that he has to pay and $6,000 a year that he has to pay on that vehicle all right the insurance comes out to $420 a year the gas comes out to the the car will run on 20 miles per gallon in the city that's the the price for gas will be three dollars and 25 cents per gallon the job is 30 miles one way 60 miles two ways that means it's 60 miles a day five days a week is hundred miles a week 1,200 miles a month 60 gallons of gas per month that comes out to $200 a month and in a year that's 2400 dollars a year for gas they has to pay oil change for every three months the oil change costs about $30 so the oil change equates to $10 a month and $120 per year the license plate sticker is $80 a year the city sticker is $25 a year miscellaneous maintenance fees you know that if the tire blows out or something happens to the engine or whatever I gave three hundred sixty dollars a year for maintenance fees parking tickets I gave about three tickets a year so but that comes out to about 75 dollars a year traffic tickets I gave about three tickets a year so that comes out to about 375 dollars a year license plate is $10 a year the total expenses for the car for the year is ten thousand dollars the actual profit for the year is gonna be forty thousand dollars which is the income minus the lost income which is fifteen thousand that comes out to twenty five thousand dollars and then minus the car expenses which comes out to ten that you know which is ten thousand so the actual profit for the year is fifteen thousand dollars when a person owns a vehicle okay so remember that number all right now we go to the

How To Save Money On Laundry Detergent!

**How To Save Money On Laundry Detergent!**



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How To Save Money at Dollywood - 11 Must Know Tips - From Half Price Admission to Free Drinks

**How To Save Money at Dollywood – 11 Must Know Tips – From Half Price Admission to Free Drinks**



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hey guys it's Melanie and back with another Dollywood video and this one is how to save money at Dollywood or buy your tickets and while you're there if you're new here we'd love to travel and we'd love to do a lot of tips videos about our travels and do a lot of DIYs too so please stay subscribe especially if you like to go to the Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg area because I do a lot of videos on the video down below like just regular tips for Dollywood our like free things to do in Pigeon Forge our evolve things like that but this one is just how we saved money at Pigeon Forge so our octave or jet at Dollywood we went this year inlet last year at their favorite place to go if you think I missed any tips for saving money please let me know in the comments as you have questioned the for sluttiness promise and that is it alright here's the video tip one is to take a trolley ride instead of paying for better parking so trust me a half discount ticket tix tips coming but I wanted to show you guys these first so park anywhere you want to you do not have to walk there's a trolley that comes and picks you up the kids love this they think it's a ride so we just take the trolley the next tip is to buy that reusable cup not all amusement parks offer them but Dollywood does so you pay for the cup and then refills I believe are a dollar for a pop refill all day long so and then you just get a cup to take home and we used it every single time in one in a pod when we ate and it just it worked out really well and we have a souvenir we did this both years speaking of drinks water is free I know a lot of music parks will do free water but they do like the whole kitten caboodle like you get a straw a lid these smaller cups are the the water cups and we got one pop Cup to share and we drink a whole lot of water because I mean it was really hot even in April so anyway free water cups all you do is ask one of my favorite tips is to go mining for gems we did not do that last year we actually didn't do that till this year I love it you pay X amount depending on the bag you're guaranteed some nice gems and you get to you know put the shifter sifter in the water and get all the dirt out and take out your gems and then you get to keep the gems so the price you pay for the gems ended up being cheaper than some of the gems I have purchased at children's museums and then you get the experience to go along with it so I totally think it's worth it so you get a souvenir and an experience for like you know a decent price so why not right the next tip is to play a carnival game $5.00 always wins in a souvenir kind of the same concept as the last tip I don't really have a lot of videos just pictures but you pay $5 my son won two things that they're both pretty sisters you had to have them the whole entire day but anyway $5 it doesn't necessarily say Dollywood on it but it is a you know some sort of souvenir and you got to play a carnival game with it for five bucks so I think it's worth it the next tip is to bring those necessities if you think that you won't need them but you will need them trust me I have had to pay for ponchos at Disney and they were not cheap I've had to pay for sunscreen at the zoo it was not cheap to make sure you stick that in your bag you're not allowed to bring food in with you you are allowed to bring my formula and stuff but bringing extra socks because your feet somehow get wet and bring you know all of the day essentials that you might need because if not you're going to end up purchasing them at a gift shop I've unfortunately had to do this multiple times but you guys know just make a list because even if you think you won't forget something you probably will if you're anything like me the next tip is to consider getting complicates the rest of the tips I promise are about saving money on admission I have quite a few tips for you on that but anyway the one day pass for one adult is $68 but if you get 3-day to Park tickets it's only 99 dollars so that's what 31 dollars more that's like half the price of you know a regular ticket and you get to go to both parks we've been to the water park and that is one of our like top 3 favorite water parks ever I totally recommend it but anyway you could spend an extra $30 per person and go you know like it's $100 per person to go for 3 days instead of paying what $68 almost 70 per person to go for one day so I totally recommend that if you're going to be in town for a few days another option is to arrive after 3 p.m. on day one and then you get free admission on day two which is a really awesome ideal if you're going to be there for like just a weekend you can totally just you know do something the first part of the day or drive in the first part of the day I have a whole video on like free things you could do in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville I'll link that below you could do whatever you want go you know find some food whatever get there at 3:00 p.m. and then go the whole next day I think that's pretty much the best deal if you're only planning on being there for a small amount of time and you want to spend the least amount of money on tickets another option is to consider getting a season pass they talk about this all the time while you're in line for rides if you were to go two separate times and pay full price for your tickets that would actually cost you more than buying a season pass so if you're going to go you know like if you're we are in Cincinnati so we are like four hours away we consider getting a season pass so we can go like two or three times and next year I don't know it's an option for you the next option is to ask for gift certificates some friends of ours whenever they went to Disney the Christmas before they actually said hey if we're exchanging Christmas presents we would love like Disney gift cards I thought that was genius so if you're planning a family vacation it can't hurt to say hey if we're exchanging presents or whatever you know I want Dollywood certificates or maybe if your kids are having a birthday or something like that maybe suggest to like their grandparents or friends or whatever maybe they would like like a ten dollar gift certificate to buy something it's all they would that just kind of you know helps where you don't have to spend as much money there so it's just an option they do have gift certificates the last idea is to join a local museum for discounted admission so we did not know that our CR annual passes to our local aquarium actually gave us a 50% discount on tickets at Dollywood how awesome is that so we actually got our tickets to our local aquarium on Groupon so we saved money there and we got a whole year and then certain other like places you get discounts for you can do this with like children's museums things like that it just depends on if they're connected or anything so just check into that I'm not really sure who all there Dollywood may be connected with may be anywhere local or anything like that but yeah that was super exciting for us because it just happened to be a perk and so you know why not take advantage of it guys so that is it if you have these tips to add please let me know if you have questions let me know you guys know the drill but that isn't I appreciate you guys please stay please subscribe I appreciate you guys watching my videos all right bye Olivia's what bye bye you

How To Save Money On DIAPERS - You Don't Need Coupons With These Mom Hacks! - Featuring Pampers

**How To Save Money On DIAPERS – You Don't Need Coupons With These Mom Hacks! – Featuring Pampers**



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hey guys oh hey guys it's Melanie and Dakota and today we are part in the tamper to show you our tips on how we save whenever we buy diapers and pulling wipes out is not one of them guys in here you may not know that I love a good diaper deal but I mean this every parent but you may also may not know that I'm kind of an extreme couponer I used to be totally into couponing and now like I just I don't have the time to always mess with the coupons and stuff like that and I've kind of just found some other ways to save the money I still print a coupon don't get me wrong but there are ways to save even if you're not printed coupons so I wanted to share those with you today I'm pretty positive that that's probably one of the most like the number one question I get on my couponing videos is how to save money on diapers so I just I wanted to make a video about that so whenever I partnered with pampers because this video was sponsored by Janice butters I'm so excited about that you guys you have no idea but anyway whenever it partners with pampers I thought that was kind of perfect opportunity because they have a new app for their rewards program which is something I have talked about in the past but it's like revamped and it just it's easier to get the points so I just wanted to make a list of my top six tips for saving on diapers which includes their new awesome app PS look how many I let her just pull the stem out for the business Brandi oh by the way for the intro when she got overly excited and she just like we planted a plastic bags no worries mustn't waste the way I want I do want to say that this is in partnership with Pampers I'm super excited for pampers to sponsor one of my videos I am so grateful to you guys for even like thinking I am or the emphasis I'm so excited but anyway they came out with a new app for their rewards program the number one of the six tips is actually going to be about their new rewards program so if you haven't seen it like my older videos I think they talked about their rewards program back whenever I was doing videos right before my daughter was born who is my youngest and she's 2 now and I was like you know getting the pampers from Target different deals like that anyway they come with points like you can collect the point so whenever you buy pampers you get points if you're new so like buying pampers if you're not new to it they have a new app coming out well it just came out in the links below but anyway you get points for downloading the app so even if you don't know if you're actually going to use the app at least download it to get the point and see if you like it but I think you're going to love it and here is like why I know this sounds like kind of ridiculous my favorite part of the app is the fact that now I don't have to sit down and like read out all of the letters I just have to like scan it like take a picture of it and that is it which is super simple I've been waiting for this for a while I've been hoping they would finally come out with something like this and they finally did it's super easy but if you follow the link and then you download the app you get a hundred points just for downloading the app and then after you scan in your first pack of diapers you get an extra 50 points that's an extra 150 points so it's really super easy way to get points you can collect the points and then you get things like um toys Shutterfly I love to do like the Shutterfly thing I love to collect for stuff like that sometimes I like to get toys it just depends I get a lot of free stuff from just collecting diapered points but anyway it's totally worth it if you're going to be buying it just as soon as you come home like open the pack and like cut out the little sticker and then just take a picture of it it's really super simple and easy so anyway that is step number one and collecting the points once you actually have the diapers so if you're wondering how do you save money at the store before you you know whenever you're actually buying the diapers tips 2 through 6 are going to be actually how I save money that way okay so tip number two if you're still it this applies to you if not the rest of them will apply to you I promise and that is to put your diapers on your registry I know the other couponers may say different things for different reasons but I'm telling you any let's put extra diapers on your registry and here is why because at the end of your registry like towards your due date usually within like a month span out you're going to get usually it's about 10% off your registry depending on where you go like Target Toys R Us Babies R Us and Target I already said that Amazon sorry they usually will offer you some sort of discount toward the end like about a month out from your due date so you it's usually about ten percent you know give or take for your registry so if you you know are like a month out and you want to get like extra diapers or stock up you can just go and say okay go to Target this is on my registry 10% off your diapers right there you don't even have to take coupon but you can use a coupon with that 10% discount which is amazing right so anyway I totally recommend that put on your registry you can like order off Amazon with an extra discount all depending on whatever promo they're running at the time but I totally recommend putting diapers on your registry ok so the rest of the tips are for anybody you don't want to be pregnant the tips three through six I'm losing my mind so tip number three is coupons now obviously I did say you know you don't have to be an extreme couponer and if you don't take coupons to the store I do have some other options for you but couponing is obviously you know an easy way you don't have to be an extreme couponer to get the deals the best way is to wait until they're on sale at one of your favorite stores and then to take a coupon with you you don't even have to technically take a coupon depending on the store that you go to but you can always go to places like coupons calm and find like paper coupons they're almost always there I don't think that's ever not seeing Pampers coupons on those are always there but anyway go to places like that you know find your your coupon and take it with you it's really super simple you can print it right before you go you don't have to like go buy a whole bunch of newspapers or print off a ton or anything like that I just print what I need before we go another option and we'll a couple other options if you're going to go to Target you can look at the target cartwheel app for coupons because they do have pampers coupons on there all the time and you just have to scan it at the end of your transaction before you pay and you don't have to worry about printing the coupons or like your local grocery store things like that sometimes they will have where you can log on and you can like download it straight to your store rewards card stuff like that I do have a video which I will link below that's coming up the same week and it's going to be the top 5 apps that I need to save money on baby and different with this different apps but the credible app and different things like that that's included so I'll link that below if you're interested but definitely print a coupon or download to your card it's really super simple and you don't have to be crazy about it just you know it's a coupon tip number four is clearance sometimes diapers go on clearance I'm not exactly why I've seen them all clear at the Target at my grocery store Walmart I'm not exactly sure why they go on clearance I don't think they really has like that expiration date maybe they do at some point time I've seen them on clearance that you know I've seen obviously some like the Pampers diapers I've seen them on clearance which kind of makes sense at the end of summer season but I've also seen just like regular diapers on clearance so check your clear exception if you're going and f'ing is on sale or just check I've definitely gone to my grocery store and I've seen them on clearance for like two dollars off and then I was able to do my coupon with it for next or two more dollars off which is a really really inexpensive four pack of diapers so just definitely check into that and it doesn't hurt to just like walk by your clearance section at the grocery store tip number five is emails sign up for emails no matter what products you use definitely sign up for emails you can go on to pampers calm if you sign up like for their app and you know that kind of stuff you automatically get emails anyway but if you sign up for your favorite products you always get emails they're going to tell you when their promotions running sometimes they'll send coupons where to find coupons different things I stand it's going to save you a whole lot of money and then it'll kind of remind you also you know if a promotions going on or like let you know it emerges going on it just makes a little bit easier because it comes right to your inbox in front of your face so you can remember you know get to know different things like that and it's super easy just go put your email at on the website and then the last deal is for anybody who does not want to deal with the coupons or anything like that they just want to sit at home ice order stuff which is be a lot of times there are two different ways I do this the first thing is Amazon if you have Amazon Prime you can sign up for Amazon mom does it Claudia my mom can you hear my signs in the back room playing as sorry as you can anyway when you get an extra discount off of diapers for every order that's like a whole video in itself but you save and then sometimes they'll run promos or have coupons on Amazon and you just have to sit on your computer and order that like it's really really super simple and then the Pampers just come to your door the second thing is on targets website so on target sometimes they'll have work you buy two boxes of diapers you'll get like a five or $10 gift card and not only does that promotion run in the store and if you go to the store by the way you can use your coupons but that promotion usually runs online also so you can just get on your computer or two boxes Viper's if you have a target red card you do save 5% and get free shipping but whenever it's two boxes of diapers it's the total is usually a much to get usually enough sorry to get free shipping anyway so you don't have to pay for shipping or anything and then you get the boxes which we're on but from the sale price deliver to your door without having to leave plus you get the gift card with it so that's probably one of my favorite promos as the Target Field and a lot of moms swear by the Amazon deal so definitely check those two things off if you don't want to leave and go to the grocery store alright so that is it those are my tips on how I save on diapers if you have any awesome ways that you say buy diapers or you have questions about a new app or about anything please let me know in the comments below I'll be glad to answer them please check out my other video that is sponsored by Pampers which would be the five apps that I need to save money on baby not deciphers but just baby in general and I will link it below underneath everything else but the very first link will be for the app so definitely go download that because you did 150 points just for downloading and taking the picture of your first code but anyway that is it thank you so much for watching it means the world to me and Vicky do favors for sponsoring this video I really hope you could not hear my kid but it's the cutest down there like in there laughing together with their dad but it's totally background noise so I kind of hope you can't hear it even though it's kind of hope you can anyway I'm rambling thanks guys for watching it made the world to me play it and subscribe bye elegans

How to Seal Windows for Winter and Summer

**How to Seal Windows for Winter and Summer**



View Time:7:41Minutes



University of Maine Cooperative Extension talks about how to save energy with inexpensive solutions for insulating windows. Tips and demonstrations on using tools such as bubble wrap, plastic, painters tape, and cardboard to make your own indoor shutters.
Kathy Hopkins, University of Maine Cooperative
Extension Educator: Windows present another insulation problem; they lose a lot of heat
through the glass as glass has no insulating value whatsoever. So, there are some things
you can do to help prevent that transfer of heat through the window. One of the cheapest
is to take bubble wrap that you get in something that you buy and cut it to the shape of the
window exactly, spray a little water on the bubble wrap, put the bubbles toward the glass,
and the thin film of water will help the bubble wrap stay on the glass. You could also tape
it along the sides if you wanted. That will present a little more insulating value to
the glass. If you have to see out the window, then bubble wrap is not your best choice,
but if you don’t have to see out through the glass, it can provide some insulation
for the glass. Another thing you can do on a window to provide
some insulation is to put a thin film of plastic over top of the window. You can use painter’s
tape for this because it comes up easily. It will hold during the winter, but then you
can take it off in the spring without having to worry about peeling the paint off your
windows. And so you want to cut the plastic to size, put the plastic on top, put another
piece to seal it on the side and pull that tight. The object is not to have the plastic
flapping in the breeze; you want that tight and then you’d add more tape on the bottom
and then you’d have a nice indoor plastic storm window that will provide an air space
and prevent that air infiltration through the window. This is also really easy to come
up, so if you needed to have access to the window you could peel that up pretty easily. Another thing you can do is make your own
indoor storm window out of cardboard that you have laying around, or a few other odds
and ends you have in your house. If you take four layers of cardboard and glue them together,
you can make a pretty nice indoor shutter. The first thing to do is measure your window
and get the exact measurements so your shutter will fit and it will fit right in the window.
Glue your cardboard together, layer on layer, then glue a layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil
on top to act as a vapor barrier and a heat reflector and then seal off the edges with
some duct tape. You can make yourself a duct tape handle and then, at the very end, put
a layer of foam insulation right around the edge of your shutter and then, when you’re
ready, you can pop it right into your window frame so it sits nice and tight, and you’ll
have an indoor shutter. You can put this in at night and take it out during the day, and
save yourself some energy. If you’ve gone through your house and determined
that your windows are providing a lot of air leakage, there are some simple things you
can do that can make a difference. One is lock your window. Just the simple fact of
locking it brings this sash down and pushes the top sash up and seals it tighter in its
frame, so that can help as well. The other thing is if you don’t have curtains or you
haven’t made these interior shutters yet, even pulling your shade will help at night.
It would be even better if you could seal the sides of the shade down once you’ve
got them down there. Sometimes you can do that with magnetic strips and put a little
valance or some kind of cornice or something on the top to keep warm air that goes across
the ceiling from going down behind your shade. So, if you have old windows in your house,
often they can be really leaky, sometimes the sashes themselves are loose in the frame.
So again, you want to look at the window first and make sure that it doesn’t need any major
repairs. If you do, than you need to either repair them yourself or call someone who can
repair them or look into replacing them. If you decide you need to work with the windows
you have, there are some things you can use. You can use a foam caulking and this you would
install on the underneath of the sash. This product is sticky on one side and has a paper
backing on the other side, so you’d measure the size you need and then start sticking
this right on the bottom edge of the sash all the way along, making sure that you get
it on there straight, and that it sticks, and you would apply this to a window that
is good and clean, that you’ve cleaned first so that it will actually stick, and then peel
the paper off. And now you have this foam on the bottom to keep the air from filtering
in through the bottom of your sash. So, rope caulk is another type of caulking
you can use. It’s soft like clay, and you would tear off a little piece and just put
that right in between the glass and the wooden part of your window, and just press it in
there. Before you do this, you should make sure that your windows are clean and that
the wood is clean and that any loose paint has been removed and that it’s all cleaned
up because you can pull this off in the spring so you can open these windows back up again.
Now, if the sash is loose, you can use the rope caulk in between there. Sometimes you
have to double it over or use a double strip of it and you would just pop that down in
between the upper sash and the lower sash and press that in. Come spring, you can take
this rope caulk back out, coil it up, put it in a plastic bag and save it and then re-use
it next fall. And now your sash is nice and tight so the air isn’t leaking in through
the cold air. The third way you can prevent air insulation
through the windows and add some extra insulating value to the glass is to put outdoor plastic
storm windows on. To do that, you need some plastic, you need to measure your window twice
each way, cut the plastic two or three inches larger than the size of your window, get some
lath or little wooden strapping, wrap it around, nail the top on, pull it tight, wrap it around
the lath again, pull it tight and nail it without splitting the lath and go all way
around your window pulling that plastic tight, and that will provide a barrier to the wind
getting into your cellar.