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Análisis de la obra artística de Yoko Ono. Sus performances, música, vídeos, poesía y artes plásticas. Para mí es la Reina del Hamparte. Que Duchamp nos coja confesados.



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Siri, do you like Yoko Ono? What matters is your opinion, Antonio Hello, I am Antonio garcia Villaran and in this video I am gonna tell you about Yoko Ono But we are not going to talk about her as John Lennon´s widow or other dark stuff going on on the Internet. No, no. We are going to talk about Yoko Ono as an artist Or well, as I define it better, the Hamparte Queen You don´t have to go far to find this woman´s work Because she knows what´s going on, she is doing exhibitions…-although she is very old now And the truth is that they do them as big things But for me personally, what amazes me the most about Yoko Ono´s universe is that they take her very seriously For example, let´s see part of this exhibition done in Argentina "We have worked directly with Yoko Ono" Here is the curator. "In this exhibition that has as a key point… …her instructions, her instruction pieces" It´s very important to say words in English because if they are not said in English they are like "low level" things extruction pishes "They begin in 1955 with Lighting Piece (enciende una cerilla in Spanish)" Play attention to Yoko Ono´s instructions This is considered art in social standarts because, of course, it´s at a museum: A sentence that says "Ignite a phosphorous and watch until it is consumed" Let´s see. "Ignite a phosphorous and watch until it is consumed" Even if you try to interpretate the sentence as poetry or to interpretate the idea "Ignite a phosphorous and watch until it is consumed" What´s this? Life is consumed? I don´t know, the phosphorous is consumed? "She was more cultured that John Lennon who came from a working class family in Liverpool" If Yoko Ono aims to be a poet or a naive poet -because inside the naive style there is good and bad work Well here it is one of my biggest references that I love Gloria Fuertes Glora Fuertes does this in a good way Simply with the intention of showing you I am going to read the last verses of his poem "I think table and I say chair" Between my blood and crying there´s a small bridge and through it nothing happens what happens is that I love you Here, inside that simplicity there is a lot of content, a lot of poetry But "Ignite a phosphorous and watch until it is consumed"? "Yoko Ono´s instructions are this kind of texts like haikus, like poetry, where she invites the public in a participating way" But it´s not just a sentence. For example this one "Stay a week laughing" or "look at the sun until it becomes quadrate" On the top of that the curator says that these are haikus Let´s see. If this man knew the depth of the "haikoos", as he says, the haikus he wouldn´t say that. It is precisely the opposite It is the banality as a sentence. "Drill a hole in a cloth and take out the hand through the back. Receive your guests in that position. Give them your hand and talk with your hands." This looks like instructions from a children´s book… from a bad one. Look I think that in 2014 or 2015 I can´t remember well when was Yoko Ono´s exhibition at the Guggenheim in Bilbao Bilbao, a beautiful city Regards to all the people from Bilbao from here I went to that exhibition with the desire to find a good thing With the desire to say "Yoko Ono wasn´t only known for being John Lennon´s widow, I am sure that she has a lot of interesting things to say" Well. It was a disappointment. The deception was brutal. The works that I found there were lame. That was sad. I didn´t even believe some of them. For example, there was a kind of cubicle made of methacrylate and it was empty, you could see everything inside and there was nothing. It didn´t have top and it said: "If you put your hand here, pay attention to the consequences, we are not responsables of what may happen" No one put the hand in there. And what did i do after reading that? I put my entire hand, and you know what happened? Nothing! And this is a metaphor of Yoko Ono´s work. Yoko Ono´s work is The Nothing. Attention to what the curator says, because this is very important: "After reading that instruction the matter is that the visitors can do that activities that can be hammering a nail" You go to the exhibition and you have the opportunity to hammer a nail "Make, break, try to restore objects…" Or for example you can restore a broken object. Like, it doesn´t even reach a district workshop But I say, does Yoko Ono think that with this we are going to meditate about the afterlife, about the peace… she always says "Everything for peace, everything for peace" well i think not. As it´s said these texts are collected in a book called "Pomelo" "In 1968 it is republished in English with a prologue by John" Well this may be the book with least interest in the universe. I hope the prologue wasn´t this: "Hello! My name is John Lennon. I want to introduce Yoko Ono to you" He would also shine. What a bunch of funny people Yoko Ono also tried to get herself into filming because she can with everything She tried to do- well, she did a film called "Bottoms" (Culos). Curator: "When she realases her film, which is here, called "Culos", Bottoms… (Antonio: and he goes on with the simultaneous translation) …she isn´t allowed to do so, it is censored and she manifests outside of the filming industry for three weeks until they let her realase it" This fact is very interesting because they always say what she did before the release but I ask myself: what happened after? I mean, after being realased, how many people went to watch it? What kind of criticisim did it have? Because I watch that film and I say "This isn´t even a bad youtube video" But I have thought a lot about Yoko Ono´s work and the worst is that she doesn´t do this pieces as a critic to art like Duchamp, for example, with the urinal Or like Manzoni with Artist´s Shit No, she does them because she really believes it! "A canvas was given ti the artist in which she did a new piece of work with a very special message for Mexico" "I love you so much, I love you so much" "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" But of course our friend Yoko Ono also ventures with performance and attacks Chinese calligraphy Pay attention to how she does it! What a skill! What a intensity in the strokes! What a message Yoko Ono is giving us! No, she isn´t doing any of that. She is doing, pff, a banality, a joke! Let´s see, if Yoko Ono is trying to sumi-e, ideograms or Chinese calligraphy, she is doing everything wrong. To do this kind of things you don´t only need knowledge and practice you also need concentration you have to have a lot inside of you to say and well we already know what Yoko Ono has to say: nothing! I think that I already said this in other video but for example she doesn´t even have commitment at performances. When in 1964 she did that Cut Piece I mean, when they cut their clothes and did a performance there´s a detail that I see in which when they try take her bra, she covers up herself Uh, yeah, cut my clothes but until here, I´m Yoko Ono. Nothing to do with Marina Abramovic who in 1974 did a similar performance but with a lot of commitment she almost got killed because if that It was called Rhythm 0 and she put in a table 74 items There was a gun, a whip, bread, books, shoes, an axe… A lot of items. And she let poeple do whatever they wanted What happened? Well At first, people did little things to her: they cut they clothes, some of them even began to hurt her but in one moment one of them took the gun and was close to killing her What did she do? She stayed still. She was doing the performance, she was commited and well the truth is that it came out well. By the way this Marina Abramovic has nothing to do with the actual Marina Abramovic. Now she has become, I don´t know, a fashion victim Everything that I liked about Marina Abramovic, all of her performance… Now I think that she has sold herself but in a way… Yoko Ono is very modern I think that if she lived toda- well she lives today! Then I think that she should have a Youtube channel! Wait, one moment… She has a Youtube channel. Let´s see what she has. For now we see that she has 18000 suscribers Well, for being Yoko Ono… I think that they are not a lot, isn´t it? Could it be that people don´t like her that much? Could it be that institutions give her more value that she has? Let´s see the videos and see what we find. Well, look at that, videoclips. Yoko Ono´s videoclips! She´s also into music, you see! Of course, appearing with John Lennon Well but she didn´t really get herself into a youtuber! I mean there are not videos in which Yoko Ono talks to people in this way… Oh, Yoko Ono! It is getting away from you! Okay let´s watch this videoclip that looks interesting Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band Do you see that? She is the clumsiness personified But not only for doing something artistic but also for singing and dancing It looks like contemporary art has given up to shows It look like they prefer someone famous that brings them a lot of views over someone with talent, that really has talent It´s clear that they put fame over quality. And I also see very clear that the lack of talent is the full expression of talent. And even if we see Yoko Ono time after time in an art gallery or in a big art centre doing things like this. Then you find out that Iggy Pop has done a song with her! This has surpassed me. But for me this is a metaphor of what is happening in the art world or in the world in general Frontiers -you see, what divides good things and bad things: the bad art from the good art- they are blurry, or they may be non-existent. How could Iggy Pop who is an example of talent, an example of a brillliant career, that has moved multitudes by himself, because of his music and for everything he has done be next to this woman, Yoko Ono? Who is bellowing and making weird noises A kind of annoying Noise And well both are in the same stage doing a show, dancing together This is what happening these days in contemporary art. And you can say: Everyone that does Ruidism are hampartists No no, if you search, for example, Meredith Monk, she does do Ruidism but she makes a kind of sonorous art that has nothing to do with Yoko Ono, she is the antithesis The same goes for Louise Bourgeois Louise Bourgeois has solid work, a very interesting work She also has conceptual pieces but it has nothing to do with the simplicity of Yoko Ono´s little things Let´s see, if we watch some of her videos because we want to laugh, or for freak things and so She is fantastic This "Hell In Paradise" videoclip is brutal, come on The five of them dressed in black, with all of their choreography, Yoko Ono singing awfully… It´s very funny. But the best part is when Yoko Ono talks to us The arts goes out of her mouth Today I am with you today in Spirit to celebrate this incredible show Come to the show and you will know that all of my creative work is there. In art, music and performance. Well I am going to subtitle it for you because I think that the subtitles are wrong Yoko Ono doesn´t mean that. Whatever I do you are going to eat it. I am Yoko Ono, and if you don´t agree with me, I don´t care. You know nothing about art. I know it all. Don´t be stubborn and listen to me while I sing. It´s pure art. I had to put on this hat to explain it for you. I am that of a good person. Peace be with me. Eat it. Eaaaaaaat iiiiiit Eeeeat iiiiiiit Screw you. What interest? What complexity? What do these pieces like the chess with all of its pieces being white have? This isn´t complicated, this is pure HAMPARTE. Or that kind of labyrinth made of methacrylate -It looks like she loves methacrylate And in the middle there´s a telephone but you get there -easily, by the way- you get the telephone and there is no one on the other side. What´s this? This doesn´t even work as children´s games I think that children would get bored over this They would say: But mommy take me to a better park I hope that you liked this video, I hope that you share it, that you tap on the bell Suscribe if you didn´t do it yet! That ecourages me to create more content And you know now! All you need is love Peace is the best, not war, peace! Don´t do drugs See you later. Like and share if you want Yoko Ono to be named as Hamparte Queen Siri, do you think that Yoko Ono is a great artist? I don´t understand you, but I can search "Siri do you think that "Yokoño" is a great artist?"… …On the internet, if you want to. Wow look at Yoko Ono, how is she! But you like or not? "I think, therefore I am" (Insert linguistic joke here) Siri, do you like Yoko Ono´s music? I like whatever you like. Then… Siri, would you go to a Yoko Ono exhibition? "All right" I love your personality, Siri Yeah? …no. However you want.