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20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms

**20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms**



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20 tips on how to book the cheapest hotel room possible. Looking to score a deal on a great hotel? These tips & hacks will ensure you get the best price on your next hotel stay. First: Be flexible
Go when other people aren’t. The rule of opposites. Business destination? Go during the weekend. Resort like Vegas? Going during the week. Even consider this within a single city.. San Diego by the beach in the summer will be expensive. Cheap in the winter.

2 – New Hotels
Hotels that just opened typically have really low occupancy levels and often offer prices well below the competition to get people to know them.

3 – Not the major chains
Particularly internationally
Especially if there is only one of that particular chain in a destination
Find the local chains. In Japan: Toyoko Inn, or JR Hotels. In Taiwan: K Hotel

4 – Coupon Codes and Affiliations
AAA, Senior, through your work
Find coupon codes on FF blogs and flyertalk
Use the flexible dates search to find a day with your rate

5 – Promotions
Find promotions on places like travelzoo, groupon, and the hotels website
Check promotions like stay 3 nights get 1 free. Might not always be cheaper
Free breakfast, resort credit
Get more points promotions

6 – Stay for a long time and book in advance
Long stay rates, advance booking rates
I always book hotels if there is a remote possibility I’m going

7 – Be creative with your searches
Going for a week? Try searching for a day at a time, just the weekend, just the weekdays.

8 – Check a few aggregators
Kayak, Expedia, agoda, TripAdvisor
Maybe a country specific one like Rakuten
Make sure you are signed in when you search

9 – Also check the hotels website directly
Make sure you are a member of their loyalty program

10 – Get the hotels credit card
Free perks like breakfast, late checkout, just for having the card.
And you’ll earn more points for the booking

11 – Other Credit Card perks
Amex FHR
Citi Prestige Card
Buy 3 nights get 1 free

12 – Price Match
Found a lower price on somewhere else? Many hotels have a low price guarantee and will beat the low price somewhere else.

13 – Keep checking the rate
Rate might become lower as the date gets closer.. rebook the lower rate

14 – Book a nonrefundable or prepaid rate
Usually 10 to 20% less

15 – Book last minute
Hotels tonight

16 – Bid on a room
Dont care where you stay? Use Priceline to bid on a hotel.

17 – Be creative
B&B, AirBNB, Hostels, Capsule Hotels, Overnight trains, day room

18 – Buy gift cards
Often can find gift cards at 10% off face value

19 – Use points
For free. Or cash and points. Dont get suckered in to “Premium” rooms

20 – Experienced an issue? Let the hotel know
Might get a discount.. or even a complete refund


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– 20 tips and hacks on how
to get good deals on hotels. I'm Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. This video is part of
my travel advice series, where I'm giving you advice on how to get the most bang for your
buck when traveling. I've got other travel advice videos on how to get good deals
on airfare and rental cars. You'll find links to those at the end, or in the description of this video. But this video is all about how to get the best bang for your buck on hotels. My first tip on how to
get good deals on hotels is to be flexible. I call this one the law of opposites, and it's essentially to go
where other people aren't. And when other people aren't. If you're going to a business destination, then go when business people aren't there. Go during the weekend. If you're going to a resort destination, like Las Vegas, then
go during the weekday, because everybody goes to
Las Vegas on the weekend. If you're going when there
aren't many visitors there, then the room rates
are going to be cheaper because they aren't very full. This also can be taken into
account in a single city. For example, San Diego has
a lot of business travelers, and a lot of leisure travelers. The leisure travelers
all stay at the beach. The business travelers
all stay in downtown. So think about when you're coming, and try to stay where people aren't. Coming on the weekend, stay in downtown, where the business people stay. If you're coming during the week, well then stay near the beach, because the business
people won't be there. Tip number two, look for new hotels. New hotels, when they've just opened, not many people know about them. And because not many
people know about them, their occupancy rates are often very low when they first open. And so new hotels often offer
significantly lower prices than the competition when they first open to get people to know them. You book that cheap rate, you love it, then when you come back a year later, those prices have all of a sudden gone up. So if you're searching on
Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, those sorts of things,
take a look for the hotels that have that new marker, to
score yourself a good deal. Tip number three, avoid
the major hotel chains. Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, particularly if you're
traveling internationally, and particularly if
there's only one or two of those hotels in the particular city. Because Marriott is
going to charge a premium when there's only one
Marriott in that city. But you might say Chris, I like the chains because there's some consistency,
I know what they'll be. Well my recommendation to you
is to find the local chains. If you're going to Japan, for example, you'll get much better
deals staying in the hotels that are run by Japan Airlines, or by ANA. They will be half the price of the big international
Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt chains, and pretty much a similar quality. The only drawback to not
staying in the major chains, well you won't get those reward points. But say you're going
to like Taipei, Taiwan, which is some place I often go to. The Hyatt in Taipei can be $300. But one of my favorite hotels there, a local chain in Taiwan called K Hotel, I get rooms at K Hotel for $80. I'm okay not getting the reward points and saving $220 a night. Tip number four, use your affiliations and look for coupon codes. What do I mean by affiliations? I meant things like are
you a member of AAA? Are you a member of AARP? Are you a member of some
company that has discounts with a particular hotel chain? Make sure you use those things. The affiliations like AAA,
and being a senior AARP, many hotel websites
have little check boxes, where you can see those rates. It's always worthwhile to do that. I find the AAA rate can
often be 20 to $30 cheaper than the regular rate,
at almost every Marriott. They also, almost all the
hotels have coupon codes that you could put in. Those coupon codes or discount codes, they're often corporate
codes that are negotiated between certain companies and the hotels, but they'll also have
certain discount codes for certain promotions
or various weekends. You can search online for coupon
codes for the major chains. But I will tell you,
don't use a coupon code that you're not eligible for. If there's a coupon code that says it's only eligible
for employees of IBM, and you don't work for IBM, well when you get to the hotel, they might ask you for
your IBM identification, and if you don't have it, you might be stuck paying
the full rack rate, which can be pretty expensive. Of course if you do like
to live on the edge, then maybe put in that coupon code and maybe the front desk
people just won't ask. When you're using some of
these codes or affiliations, you might find out they're not available on the days that you searched for. Many hotel websites have
a flexible dates feature where you can search for
days that that coupon code or affiliation rate is available. Tip number five, promotions. These are different than
coupon codes and affiliations, but sometimes hotels will have promotions like stay three nights,
get the fourth one free. Where do you find these things? Well you can certainly find
them on the hotel website, but you can also find
them on deal aggregators like Travelzoo is a really
good one for hotels. Other types of promotions
you'll often find are ones that provide free breakfast, that provide resort credits,
like 50 to $100 a night, for staying in the hotel, that you could use at
the hotel's restaurant, or they might have promotions
where you get more points, so if you're staying at Hyatts, they might have double points promotions. Now I should point out that when you're looking at those rates related to the promotions, for example, the stay
three nights, get one free, you should actually check
if those rates are cheaper. Sometimes using those promotions, it's three nights and you get one free, but they increase the rate
of those three nights, so that the fourth one really isn't free. So make sure you actually take a look and those promotions are
actually a good deal. Tip number six, stay for a
long time, and book in advance. Why are these combined? Well, because both of these
are generally discounts that many hotels offer. One is usually advanced booking discounts. You'll find many hotels
provide discounts for booking 30, 60, 90 days out. You'll often find hotels will
offer long stay discounts, that usually start at five or seven days. So sometimes it might be cheaper to stay at a hotel for seven
days, than it is for five days, because that's when that
long stay rate kicks in. If you are staying for a really long time, it might even be useful
to call up the hotel, and ask them if they offer any long stay or extended stay rates. And you might say, but
Chris, how do I know 90 days before whether
I'm really gonna go? Me, personally, I book hotels even if there's a remote possibility that I'm going someplace. I always book the refundable hotel rates. I never book a non-refundable hotel rate, unless it's like a rate
the same day or tomorrow that I'm sure I'm gonna be going. I always book the refundable rate, so I can always cancel
'em later if I need to. Tip number seven, be
creative with your searches. What do I mean about creative? I mean if you're staying
at a hotel for a week, and the week looks kind of expensive, well try searching for one day at a time, just the weekend section,
just the weekday section. You might find that actually
making three reservations at the same hotel might be cheaper than the week long reservation, because when you make the
week long reservation, it makes all the nights equivalent to the most expensive night, whereas if you book the individual ones, it might give you a cheaper rate, a cheaper rate, and then you find that one night that's super expensive, and maybe that's the one
that you book with points, and you don't even pay
money for that night. Tip number eight, use multiple search
engines and aggregators. It's good to use the hotel's website, but when the hotels say they
have a best price guarantee, that doesn't actually that their
website has the best price. What that means is that if you find a cheaper price someplace else, they'll give you the difference back of what you booked, but it doesn't mean it's
always the cheapest. Some of my favorites are
Kayak, Agoda and Trip Advisor. If you're going to a certain country, there might be country specific
aggregators that are useful. The one for Japan that I like is Rakuten. Oh, and make sure you're signed
in when you're searching. Whether it's on the hotel website, or through the aggregator. Many of these search engines like Expedia will provide you cheaper rates
if you're actually signed in. Tip number nine, don't
just use the aggregators, but check the hotel's website as well. Check the hotel's website
so you can find out if there's a promotion, you might find there's different rooms, there might be different availability, you might get different perks if you book directly through the hotel, so definitely don't just
use the aggregators. Look at the hotel website as well. Tip number 10, get the
hotel's credit card. If you're staying at a major hotel chain, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, they all have affiliated credit cards. If you're gonna be staying at
any one of those chains a lot, get the hotel's credit card. If you have the Hilton credit cards, you can get free
breakfast, late check out, just for having the credit card. Sure, there's an annual fee
that comes along with it, 80, $90, but if you stay
more than a few nights at a Hilton hotel, that
free breakfast benefit will easily pay for itself back. 'Cause breakfast in hotels
can be really expensive. And if you use that hotel, the credit card to pay for your booking,
you'll earn more points than if you just use
a standard credit card to pay for your booking. Tip number 11, use your
other credit card perks. Two credit cards that have
really good hotel perks are the American Express Platinum Card, and the Citi Prestige Card. The American Express Platinum Card, to get the hotel perks to work for you, you have to book through their Fine Hotels & Resorts program, and then you'll see when you book through that particular website, you'll have offers through those hotels that'll say things like
oh if you stay here, and you book the Fine
Hotels & Resorts rate, which is American Express
Platinum affiliated, you'll get a resort
credit, free breakfast, you know, a room upgrade, so
take a look at those rates. Now also, American Express
Platinum provides things like Hilton Gold, and a
lot of different upgrades, and different hotel programs, but you have to activate those. They don't just come automatically. When you get your Platinum Card, you actually have to go to
the American Express website and activate those benefits. The Citi Prestige Card
has a really great benefit which is if you stay three nights, you get the fourth night free. Now the Citi Prestige Card,
you have to book those hotels through Citi Prestige, it's
not just for any hotel, and it's only twice a year. But if you're staying in
some really expensive hotels, then that Citi Prestige benefit
can be pretty lucrative. Tip number 12, use the
price match guarantee, or the best rate guarantee that
I was talking about earlier. When the hotels say they
guarantee the lowest price, it doesn't really mean it,
and so if you find the rates at that hotel on their
website are expensive, and you find a cheaper one someplace else, well, book it through the hotel's website, take the screen shot
of that other website, send it into the hotel,
they will lower your rate, and then typically give
you some extra benefit on top of it, to show their good faith that they promise
they're gonna be cheaper. Tip number 13, keep checking the rate. So I mentioned book in advance, but just because you
book 90 days in advance, doesn't mean that you never pay attention to the hotel rate again. Every once in awhile you go
back to that hotel website, and check and see if
the rates got cheaper. When we were going to Zion
National Park in Utah, just a couple of months ago, I booked the Springhill
Suites in Zion for $300. Well, I checked it three days before, and low and behold, the
rate was no longer $300, it was now $200 for the exact same room. And because I booked the changeable rate, I could just go ahead and
change my reservation. I could cancel it and rebook it, but in this case, I just clicked modify, booked into the same
dates, and now it came back and it was $200 a night,
instead of $300 a night. So make sure you search
for what the rates are a couple days before you're going, before the cancellation deadline. Tip number 14, book a prepaid
or non-refundable rate. Now I know I said earlier
that I never do this, unless I'm sure I'm going and
it's a couple days before. But you may find that the
non-refundable or prepaid rates may be 10 to 20% cheaper. I would never advise doing
this three months before, because you never know what life is gonna throw
at you in three months, but if it's just a couple days, and you're pretty sure
then maybe go for it. Tip number 15, book last minute. What do I mean by last minute? I don't really mean a minute
before you get to the hotel, but I mean the same day
that you're going to stay. There's a lot of websites that provide unused inventory from hotels. The hotels call it unused
because if it's the day of, and they have a ton of rooms available, chances are, they're not gonna
get a last minute stampede that'll book all those rooms, so they often offer them
at a significant discount. One good website for this
is called Hotels Tonight, and then when you look at Hotels Tonight, you're searching for hotels
tonight in that city. Only do this if you don't really care where you're gonna stay, and you're pretty flexible in driving around the
city to a different place, 'cause you're never really gonna be sure what's actually gonna
be available that night. Tip number 16, bid on a room. Priceline, famous for bidding. If you really don't care
where you're gonna stay, and you're just interested
in getting the cheapest rate, well then by all means, go bid
on some hotels on Priceline. There's whole guides and
tips on how to use Priceline, and how to get the best rates. I'm not gonna go into that in here, 'cause that would be a
topic for another video. Tip 17, be creative. If you really want to get
cheap in where you're staying, then you need to be
creative on where you stay. Not just at big name hotels. But look at things that maybe
aren't considered hotels. For example, bed and breakfasts, booking something through Airbnb, booking a capsule hotel,
if you're in Japan. Booking a hostile. Going on a overnight train
that has sleeping quarters. Then you get transportation and you can sleep at the same time. Book a day room. Some hotels provide cheaper rates if you book it for the day time. And if you're in Japan,
you can get extra creative. They've got these manga cafes, which are basically cafes
that you can read comic books, but you can book a overnight
rate at a Manga cafe, often for like 10 to 20 bucks, as long as you're okay
sleeping in a chair, and not really a bed. Tip number 18, buy gift cards. You can often find deals
throughout the year where the major chains
will offer their gift cards at a discount rate, often
10, maybe even 20% off. You can buy them from the hotels directly when they have these sales, but all year round, you can find people who are selling gift cards that they have. Now I don't know that I'd
recommend you buy a gift card from a random person
on eBay or Craigslist, but there are some gift
card reselling websites, where those websites
will actually guarantee that the gift card that
you buy has value on it, and if it doesn't then they'll
refund your money back. So that's another way to get a good deal. And related to buying gift cards, you could also use shopping portals. Often things like Ebates, and
these various shopping portals can provide discounts for booking hotels. Recently, Ebates was
actually providing 10% back on Marriott reservations that
were booked through Ebates. I've got two more tips to go, but before I get to my last two, I wanna ask you a question. I'm always learning and
so what tips did I miss? If you've got some great advice, or some way that you save
money on hotels, let me know. One of the things I
love about this channel is learning from all of you. But now onto tip 19. Tip 19 is to not use your money at all, but to use points and
book it with award points. When you're using award
points for a booking, I will tell you to not get
suckered into premium rooms. Make sure that the rates and
rooms that you're booking are the standard, or the saver awards. Hilton is notorious for this, where the standard rate
might be 60,000 points, but they'll be offering you premium rooms for like 200,000 points a night. Those rooms are almost never worth it. It is worthwhile looking into
the cash and points rooms, particularly with Hyatt. Sometimes the cash and points bookings can be a pretty good deal. Also pay attention to
whether the hotel chain you're staying at has a, if you book a certain number
of nights, you get one free. Marriott has that, where if
you book four award nights, then you get the fifth night for free. Tip number 20, if you
experienced an issue, let the hotel know. Hotels really don't
like unhappy customers. And so if you've had a
really miserable stay for some reason that's
a fault of the hotel, let them know. One time I was staying in New Jersey, at this Hyatt that was there, and wow, this hotel, they gave
me like two different rooms, and both of them had other
people's stuff in them. It took me probably an hour
to actually get to my room, one that didn't have other
people's stuff in them. I really let them know, I
asked to talk to the manager. My stay wasn't free, but it
ended up being half the price of what it was, and they
brought me free stuff. They're like do you like
tea, do you like wine? Do you want free food at the restaurant? Just let us know, we want you to be okay. I know some people that
have managed to get their entire hotel stays comped, or if they booked it with award points, to get all of their points back because the hotels just weren't very good. It's not the hotels weren't very good, but there was like staff
issues, and things like that that really could've been
avoided on the part of the hotel. Now that you've watched this video, you're likely gonna be staying in a hotel, so you might enjoy my video on
15 hotel room tips and hacks. This one isn't about saving money, but it's about how to make your stay in hotel rooms more comfortable,
or you can click here for the playlist of my
entire travel advice series, including how to save money
on flights and rental cars. You'll find links in the description below to both those videos. I won't say goodbye, because
I'll see you over here.

How to Travel Cheap to Japan: 10 Money Saving Tips

**How to Travel Cheap to Japan: 10 Money Saving Tips**



View Time:1:7:48Minutes



10 tips on how to travel to Japan without breaking your wallet! Many people think Japan is an expensive destination, but that is totally not true! It is very easy to travel to Japan for cheap. Tips include: Cheap flights to Japan, cheap trains in Japan, and of course: Cheap Eats in Japan. So how cheap am I talking about? Staying in a hostel, buying a rail pass, eating relatively cheap food, and visiting a few attractions will cost around $100 USD per day

1 – Travel off peak: Cherry blossom and autumn foliage times (usually around early April and mid-November, respectively) are peak season for Japanese travelers, meaning peak hotel rates. Watch out for Japan-Only Holidays: Golden Week and Obon (April 29 to May 5 and around mid-August, respectively

2 – Airports: Fly in to some place other than Tokyo. Osaka — flights to Osaka are often $200 cheaper than flights to Tokyo. And it’s right next to Kyoto. And go to Nara to feed the deer! Nagoya (home of Toyota) often has really cheap flights too (Like $450/round trip)

3 – Getting to the city from the airport: Don’t take a taxi. It can be like $200 from Narita to Tokyo. Take a Limousine bus or NEX for about 3,000 Yen, or the Keisei Line from Narita for about 1300 Yen (slower equals cheaper). Buy a combination ticket, NEX plus Suica card. Similar combos in Osaka.

4- Getting around
Tokyo subways starts at 160 Yen, or about $1.50 US. Many cities often sell day passes for 600-1000 Yen.

JR Pass: 7-Day is 29,110 Yen. Good for Tokyo to Kyoto/Osaka round trip. Osaka to Tokyo each way is about 14,000 Yen. Buy online before you go, save about 20%.

Look for local JR Passes for a particular region or special offers like the Seishun 18 for only 11,850 for 5 days. Seishun 18 allows unlimited rides on local and rapid JR trains (excluding reserved seats) throughout Japan from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. Although the Seishun 18 is not valid on Shinkansens and limited express trains, it is a great way to enjoy travel at a more leisurely pace. This ticket package includes five days worth of travel for only 2,370 yen per day. One person can enjoy the Seishun 18 for five days, or it can be split for use by up to five people.

Get the Kansai Through Pass if you are in Osaka/Kyoto, 5,200 yen for 3 days unlimited transit.

Long distance buses: Overnight buses will be slower than the Shinkansen, but can save quite a bit. Particularly if you can sleep on them. Tokyo to Osaka by bus is 10 hours, and 4,500 Yen.

Willer Express Bus offers a ¥10,000 3-trip pass and a ¥15,000 5-trip pass (~$100 and $150 USD respectively). These 3 and 5 travel trips (referred to as “days” on the site) can be used anytime, non-consecutively within a 2-month window

6 – Bicycle: Many cities have metropolitan bike rental programs. Takamatsu city rents bikes for 200 yen per day! 2,000 yen for a whole month.

7 – Shopping
Tax-Free Shopping: 8% refund for purchases over 5,000 yen at the same store. Refund at the store.

100 Yen Shops: Like Daiso. Cheap gifts!

8 – Hotels:
Business Hotels (Toyoko Inn, 7,500 Yen a night in Shinjuku)
[Stay more nights get a discount]
[Book in advance get a discount]
Capsule Hotels (3,000 Yen for a night, sometimes only men)
Hostels (2,000 a night — but maybe free if you clean for a few hours)
Love Hotels (8000 Yen a night.. Stay at a business hotel instead)
Manga Cafes (100 yen for 30 minutes, 900-1500 yen for three hours and 1,600-3,000 yen for 7- to 12-hour packages)
Mcdonalds (the price of a meal)

Onsen/Hotspring: Use a public bathhouse — Often 500 Yen.

9 – Food: Watch my cheap eats in Tokyo video. Osaka Ohsho for Gyoza. Yoshinoya for beef bowls. Mos Burger for burgers. Sushi at rotating sushi places.

Visit high-end restaurants at lunch for lunch specials. No tipping.

10 – Attractions: Multi-attraction passes, sometimes combined with transportation cost
Visit temples for free
Rooftop observation decks (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku)

Bonus: Money Exchange: At an ATM — 7-11.

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how to travel cheap to Japan I'm Chris this yellow productions I do travel guys that are fun informative entertaining and in this video I'm gonna give you ten money-saving tips so you can travel cheap to one of my favorite countries to travel job and this is a live stream if this is your first time on the live stream make sure to hit the subscribe button so you're notified of future ones if you're watching the archive and hit subscribe as well I typically do these on Monday night so you'll get notifications on your mobile app and an email when I go live and I'm also joined by Topher my traveling panda right here also there are 10 different tips I'm gonna be holding up these numbers and putting them right here in this hand so you will know what number I am on welcome to everybody who's on the live stream already Kirk Serena and SoCal Seth thanks for joining in so let's start with number one my first trip when you're traveling to Japan is to travel off-peak you know the most popular time to travel to Japan number one cherry blossom season it is absolutely my favorite time the second most popular time is autumn foliage time that's around mid-november but I'll tell you if you're going during cherry blossom time or autumn foliage time it will be the most expensive time you could ever go to Japan not just because there's a lot of international and foreign visitors but because that's when all the Japanese within Japan travel around to see the cherry blossoms and admire the autumn leaves so avoid April and November you should also watch out for some Japan only holidays couple of these weeks are golden week and one that they call Obon Golden Week is April 29th to May 5th and Obon is around mid-august and really during a lot of these holiday times hotel prices can go up one two three hundred percent I mean hotel rates can be extremely crazy particularly if you're going to Tokyo so I would tell you if you're planning a trip to Japan before you lock it in those flights make sure to also check out what the hotel prices are going to be alright my second tip for how to travel cheap to Japan is about airports and what Airport you should fly into and so my biggest tip here is going to be fly into some other Airport other than Tokyo yes Tokyo it's so in the biggest city it's the capital one of the places everybody wants to go but Tokyo is mostly one of the most expensive places for you to fly into particularly Narita Osaka another big city in Japan one of the biggest flights in the Osaka often significantly less expensive than Tokyo you could also fly into Nagoya Nagoya has even cheaper rates often than Tokyo or Osaka and if you're headed to Japan for your first time or second time you know you can do a open jaw trip fly into Osaka fly out of Tokyo also if you're looking at Tokyo check out flights into Haneda pineda h ND it's the airport that's closer into the city a lot of airlines have been flying new flights into Haneda and so those services often aren't very busy for our trip that we just took to Japan what was it just a couple months ago we flew we connected to San Francisco and we flew into Osaka and our flight from San Francisco to Osaka was probably half empty because it's a new flight and they're really trying to increase that service so look at those other airports mr. pickles on Facebook is on board Southwest Airlines flight coming back to San Diego thanks for joining mr. pickles you get a thumbs up for watching this on an airplane Paul Brown says hi Chris welcome Paul on YouTube Jake McShane's is good evening Eric hi Tanner to lo M o'clock hello David M says evening and Kirk when is the best time to see Godzilla that is an excellent question you're just gonna have to probably be as good of a guess on that as mine but I will say anytime you can go and see Godzilla at any of the anime or manga stores that are in Japan so one of the things that you know is often exciting on my live streams is what am i drinking so today festive drink this is from 85 degrees C and it is a iced milk tea pudding latte this drink there's actually some pudding inside of it floating around this is a Taiwanese drink Tiny's bakery it's sealed on the top so you can take this to go and of course I have a fancy yellow straw to drink it with to drink this so you slide this open you take your pointy straw and then you poke it right through here ah and now it's open and I drink it mmm pretty good there's some pudding that comes up through that straw too mmm all right more that to come a little later all right the M cloth says are the snacks expensive in Japan M clock we are gonna be talking about food and food is number 10 but I will say I think snacks are pretty inexpensive in Japan it's a pretty good thing 7/11 am/pm Japanese convenience stores epic they're things definitely to die for though I always enjoy when I go there mark Haley says thanks for the warnings about the busy season so Cal says commented about hotel prices saying he always checks them first and that is a good idea Kirk says I hear hotels in Fukushima are really cheap hotels in Fukushima are pretty cheap too and the m-class is green tea latte is the bomb and SoCal Seth says in Fukushima they're doing nuclear with their pricing by the way this little pointer I got here we picked this up on our last trip to Japan see it's a great little kind of crab claw pointer I mean this is something that like everybody needs where they're doing a presentation right isn't this great super great alright so let's go to cheap travel tip number three my third tip for traveling cheap to Japan is about getting to the city from the airport doesn't really matter what Airport you're coming from my biggest tip there is don't take a taxi actually this applies to airports or in general taxis in Japan really really expensive so if you want to save money avoid taxis and no uber and lyft and those sorts of things have not made it to Japan yet taxis are fabulous but a taxi if you're flying into Tokyo Narita and you want to get into central Tokyo that taxi ride is probably gonna cost you about two hundred US dollars yes it's really that expensive so some great options coming in from Narita into Tokyo one is to take what's called the friendly limousine bus the friendly limousine bus there are these bright orange buses they go to a number of different hotels they often leave on 30-minute intervals from Narita and a one-way ride into the city cost about 3000 yen or about 30 US dollars you can also take what they call the Narita Express Narita Express it's a high-speed train that goes in to the city that's about the same price as the friendly airport limousine bus basically your decision on whether to take the bus or the train is which one goes closer to your hotel if you want to be really cheap and you're going into Tokyo there's another train line that goes into the Rita Airport called the case a line that one is a bit slower but it's cheaper it's only 1,300 yen they're about $13 to get from the airport into the city you will find as we go through these travel tips that slower often equals cheaper so you don't need to go really fast and you're okay going slower in your transportation well then you'll be able to get things for cheaper so let's see also coming from airports as a tourist you can buy combination tickets so as tourists you can buy this thing called like the NEX plus a Suika card they have similar combos in Osaka or if you fly in for like 3000 yen you get the round trip into the city you get money added on so that you can get subway tickets and things like that those are pretty good Han has a lot of really good ticket deals particularly for international travelers and you have to show your passport coming in to get these particular deals so stay on the lookout for those let's see tanner Wilson says if you're looking for great sports experience tickets for J League top Soccer League games aren't that expensive tenha I've never been to cease in Japan but that's pretty cool I would also definitely recommend checking out a baseball game if you're near Tokyo in Yokohama the city right outside it's like the Yokohama Bay stars seeing a Japanese baseball game also not too expensive and a really interesting cultural experience and Kirk says ask that question actually says have you been to a Japanese baseball game I hear it's insane really the most insane thing about a Japanese baseball game it's not the baseball itself as much as it is the crowds like the crowds all get together and like unify in their chants the fans they'll bring their own instruments they'll form their own bands I mean Japanese baseball games they are really they're really not like any other baseball game you've seen because I find like American baseball frankly to be really boring and the only reason to go it's like eat hot dogs at the stadium because they're just not a lot of action between hits or pitches but in Japan there's a lot of stuff to see and experience in the stadium and M Kloss says where can you exchange money for a good price that's gonna be my bonus tip at the end but I'll tell you where I always exchange money from is from ATMs and then I'll answer where as we get right after number 10 so let's see changing the subject hemi design says you're almost with 40,000 subscribers awesome thanks Hemi design that is pretty awesome Kirk says what percentage of people in Japanese what people what percentage of people in Japanese speak English I think you mean in Japan speak English in Tokyo is it hard to find people to help you I will say no it's not actually Tokyo I think you can get around pretty well as just an English speaker I don't speak very much Japanese I can speak like basic food phrases and Japanese like if I'm thirsty and I want water I can ask for mizu I'm not sure how to ask for pudding tea latte mmm I can ask for gyoza which are potstickers but I am not fluent in Japanese so Tokyo I'm gonna say you'll have no problem people who work at the stores all those sorts of things speak English pretty good when you go outside of the major tourist cities like we were just in Kyushu then English starts to fall off a little bit actually quite a bit but the point and order method works in Japan they're much better than in France we're like in France if you don't speak French they can often be fairly rude about it where you'll go to a place you say excuse me do you speak English and they'll just respond go no and walk off and you're like but I'm in a bakery and you probably think if I'm at the counter and I'm asking you that I want to buy something in Japan they'll figure out a way to help you so I would not worry too much about that on Facebook Raley Blanchard says you're cute Topher's blushing and a toy asks is it possible to change reserve is it possible to change reserve train tickets in plane if plans change or you miss the train Anna I believe it is and but you have to make sure that you change it before because as soon as you take the train then or as soon as you miss the train then your tickets pretty much worthless but you can change it before if you need to Bobbie Wang well Anna also asks is there a free app that takes a picture of Japanese text and translates it for you and Bobbie actually answered that said Google Translate does that right Google Translate you can get it for Android or iPhone it might not work super well on Japanese I'm not sure but it does actually do a pretty good conversational mode I had it used in a hotel with me where they wanted me to speak into it so that it could translate it to Japanese so that's actually a pretty cool feature of Google Translate Emma claw asks when are cherry blossoms in bloom that's a great question Emma claw and it depends on the part of the country typically April is like the month for cherry blossoms but March to April and if you basically Google like Cherry Blossom bloom season our estimates you can see where the cherry blossoms are expected to bloom north to south obviously the cherry blossoms bloom soon in the south than they do in the north and they bloom in like February in Okinawa let's see David M I think to get my subscriber count up says we should unsubscribe and then subscribe again David I you know I appreciate the thought though actually YouTube tracks – subscribers as well in addition to plusses so 39,000 is the current count and I'll be pretty exciting when I reach 40,000 I thank you all who subscribed and thank you all who joined in here at super awesome mm-hmm Anthony says Japan has a lot of signs in English unlike China that's very true I believe in Japan they like English like English is a thing that is cool so businesses restaurants use a lot of English because it's cool to use English you'll see a lot of Japanese people wearing t-shirts that have English on them even if maybe they don't exactly know what it means Kirk says I hear they don't let foreigners and strip clubs only Japanese allowed can you confirm Kirk I can neither confirm nor deny that about Japanese strip clubs but there are bars in general you can walk through Japan and see bars that have signs that say no foreigners allowed I don't know what's inside that bar cuz it has a sign that says no foreigners allowed interestingly enough while Japan is a very helpful country to foreigners they're also certain establishments that can be not very friendly to foreigners though those are few and far between and if they're not that friendly then you probably don't want to go there either OSI grow points out that I should talk about the Tokyo Bond song there's this song if you type in Japan glish when you're done watching my video just hang glitch and it's a video all about Japan glish and so in Japan they have a lot of they've they've jeopardized Japanese eyes a lot of English words so McDonald's is like Makua Donald like it's not McDonald's it's similar but it's different like beer is Bijou bus is bhasu and so they might think they're speaking English because they think that's an English word but you'll be listening to it finding it a little hard so it will help if you're trying to communicate in Japanese to understand and learn a few of their jipang glish type words and OC girl put the link in there so you can click on that as soon as you're done watching this live stream and I think YouTube has this new feature for live streams that you should be able to go back and see all the comments from the live stream I think the last live stream I did was before they did this update and so in that one all the comments vanished afterwards but now they should be here so if you're watching the archive that was posted in about 15 minutes so calset says plastic food for the win yes I should have brought up some plastic food but this is certainly an example of one of the plastic food items for the win and you can just point to plastic food and claw ask is a good to rent a car or just stay with public transport it depends on what part of Japan you are going to if you are going to Tokyo or if you're going to Osaka don't bother with a car cars are useless in the big cities completely useless in the big cities if you're going to like the outskirts I'm like we were just in Kyushu he rented a car in Hokkaido we rented a car Hokkaido is the northern island or Sapporo is we went to this island that I can't remember the name of but I'm gonna talk about it a little bit we rented a car there so if you're going into the countryside I think renting a car is cool for most of the world they drive on the wrong side they drive on the British side of the road for people from the UK and from Australia you'll be totally awesome with it for the rest of us it takes a little getting used to but the Japanese drivers are very polite and so the highways think that's easy to drive on yes an OC girl said Shikoku she cook who's another Island great region to drive around dieter Hobson has joined in as his hi Chris from the land of the kangaroo dieter thanks for joining from Down Under I'm glad you're here em classes chick-fil-a is everywhere I have not seen a chick-fil-a in Tokyo maybe I haven't seen it they've just opened Taco Bell's in Tokyo though that is very interesting which is not Mexican food is definitely American food opened in Japan mmm designed says the new Samsung Galaxy S 9 has the feature of screening using the camera and translate any language and real-time on your screen wow that's cool Hemi have you tried it does it work well for Japanese I found a lot of those apps just don't work well for Japanese her guests have I ever purchased a mystery bag from a Japanese store those are fun unboxings Kirk I have not but maybe next time I go to Japan I will cuz to your point that would make a great unboxing video and for those who don't know a lot of Japanese stores in places like Akihabara or things like that they'll sell like a 1000 yen or $10 bag of random items from their store and it might be like a hundred dollars richer merchandise that they just can't sell I don't want to discount it so they sell out in this mystery bag with a question mark on it you get it you can open it up later Shogo says you know very well about Japan Thank You Shogo so one of my favorite places to travel to Kirk says have you been to the top ramen Museum what is it the cup of noodle museum that's out there yeah so there's there's like there's like two and they're both in Yokohama there's like an international Robin Museum which has like a lot of ramen restaurant sits near shin-yokohama station which is the bullet station I've been to that one and that one's interesting because it's kind of like an eating experience the other one is the cup of noodle museum you can make your own cup of custom cup of noodle I have not been to that one in the Oklahoma but I've seen plenty of people carrying around their custom cup of noodle that they make there so calset says you have 72 hours in tokyo what is on your must do list set that is a great question I'm planning to do a video at some point about my top things to do in Tokyo but you know things I like to do on any trip number one visit Harajuku and Shibuya Shibuya has like the famous scramble crossing those are probably the two places that I go pretty much every time I go to Tokyo those are must use I love the robot restaurant which is in Shinjuku I need to eat pepper lunch one of my favorite restaurants in Japan rotating sushi is pretty awesome too if it's my first time in Japan or something that Tokyo Skytree is a really amazing attraction in Tokyo and of course visiting some of the toy shops in Tokyo to check out their latest things cruising through Ginza the expensive department stores and then it was cherry blossom season then I'd be heading over to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo for some of the great cherry blossoms that are there m-class asks how long is the flight from LA from Los Angeles direct flights into Tokyo are about 10 hours obviously depends where you come from and those are typically ours from here Jake McShane says you do a lot of videos about traveling cheap do you ever splurge when traveling that's a great question and I think when we travel to Japan we kind of waiver back and forth between splurging and being cheap and so being cheap on certain days allows us to splurge other days but I like maybe we don't splurge as much as some people do obviously if you've seen my videos about just how to travel cheap in general you'll know that I use a lot of miles and points to book flights and hotels and things like that this last trip to Japan we stayed at some pretty fancy oats and hot spring hotels which were maybe in the $500 price range though those included dinner and things like that so but then if we're having a cheap breakfast and a cheap lunch and those sorts of things then it kind of evens out a little bit but that's you know we've never stayed in like any thousand dollar a night hotels mm-hmm Pune Helen II says did you do Mount Fuji I have not climbed Mount Fuji that's definitely on my bucket list that I want to do sometime in the future Hemme design says looks like Honolulu is very similar to Japan well Hemi design there are certainly a lot of Japanese in Honolulu there's a lot of Japanese food Japanese food in Honolulu but the public transportation of Honolulu is definitely lacking as compared to Japan so I would not say it is a lot like let's see um Facebook let me go to a couple comments here Tanner says if you want to see info on costs on Japanese sporting events there's a great link you can check that out on the Facebook livestream Ana asks is it better to watch your live streams on Facebook or YouTube and I think it's better to watch them on YouTube but I stream in both places depends on where you prefer just the Facebook stream is like this kind of a stream and the YouTube streams this one so if you're on Facebook you might not see Topher over here and you might not see the numbers that I have over here on the side but if you're okay with that then not a big deal all right okay let me go to number four and then I'll go back to some more questions and I love all the questions so totally keep the questions coming this is great it's more interesting to talk with you guys than it is just to talk with Topher and myself I mean we talked quite a bit I have to say often about the lack of bamboo or the quality of bamboo in certain places Topher is really not keen we go to Korean restaurants and he gets the stainless steel chopsticks instead of the bamboo ones that is a real drag all right number four about getting around getting around to the city um so one of the best ways to get around in Japan to take public transportation by public transportation I mean the trains in subway in Tokyo the subway rides start at 160 yen that's like us a dollar fifty there's almost no reason not to take the subway it is like a lot of cities like London Subway's can be you know six or eight dollars a ride no no Japan Subway's are really cheap many cities in Japan often sell day passes you can get a day pass for the subway often between six to a thousand yen depends on the city how those run also if you're gonna go to Japan for a while and ride a lot of trains you should consider getting the JR pass the Japan railways pass it is a basically all you can ride past the 7 day pass costs 29,000 yen which is about 290 dollars the jr. pass I get a lot of questions on and people ask is it good for me is it good for this trip will it save me money as a rule of thumb if you are going Tokyo to Kyoto oral Sokka trip the j.r pass will save you money if you're just flying into Tokyo and flying out of Osaka and you're only taking the bullet train one way it will likely not save you money so in that case don't get the jr. pass you can do the math if you're taking and bullet trains a lot and long distances jr. pass will be a great cost savings for you we love the JR pass and so for like a price comparison if you're going Tokyo to Osaka it's 14,000 yen the jr. passes 29,000 so 14,000 times to 28,000 29,000 you can get 7 days all you can ride JR trains and you should make sure if you're gonna get the jr. pass to buy them on the line because they are cheaper if you buy them on the line they're about 20% less online than if you buy them in country also there's special jr. passing for certain regions the ones I just talked about those the Jarret passes for the whole country but if you're going to like the Osaka Kyoto area you can get what's called the Kansai through pass it is a three day all you can ride past 5200 yen for three days unlimited transportation or about fifty bucks so that's great in the Osaka region there's also this pass that not a lot of people know about is called the sation 18 if you're looking for the exact spelling you can open up the description on this video there's a lot of text in there but in number 4 it talks about the station 18 it costs about 12 thousand yen for five days and is unlimited rides on trains everything except high-speed rail so it does not include the bullet trains or reserved seats but it does include local rapid trains five days can be one person for five days or five people can split it up and use it all on the same day but it's really cheap because then you can travel for only like two thousand three hundred yen a day twenty three dollars a day unlimited travel great for college students people on a budget people backpacking those sorts of things Bobby Wong on Facebook says Tokyo or Kyoto for cherry blossoms Kyoto for cherry blossoms Kyoto has really beautiful cherry blossoms Tokyo honestly the cherry in the city I don't think are that fabulous Tokyo gets really busy and really overrun so I would say Kyoto but some of the best cherry blossoms are really out of the major developed areas and into the suburbs as well and if you're going to Japan for cherry blossoms I would say definitely get a jr. pass and be prepared to travel because you'll want to take that some direction to go where the cherry blossoms are blooming okay let's go to some more YouTube comments okay Kirk asks if I've ever will I ever visit the suicide forest in Japan I do not think I will absolve me I want to get into all that YouTube drama about the suicide forest Kirk says do they take all major credit cards like American Express there yes and no Kirk Japan is a very cash based society I don't have my coin purse but I bought a coin purse this last time in Japan because I literally use coins all the time my pocket is full of coins many places in Japan only take cash and so the ones that do take credit cards yes they'll typically take all the major ones Visa MasterCard American Express also JCB card JCB cart is the Japanese national credit card it's unfortunately no longer issue JCB here but JCB and Discover have a reciprocal agreement so they often take discover as well a lot of one-way if you really don't want to use paper money a lot of places also take the the card the card the the train card the reloadable I see card that the Suika card right the Suika card you can use your Suika card to pay if vending machines you can use your Suika card to pay a 7-eleven you can use Suika cards to pay almost anywhere you have to load money on at first and so it's not really a credit card and credit cards definitely take longer what's funny though is that there actually are some places like yo dobashi camera that gives you a discount for using a credit card what it's like is bizarre if like it flips my mind out because most places charge you more money for using a credit card but there they give you a discount using credit card I like to carry all three major cards we a lot of different attractions or different places will have different discounts on it and she'll go Shibata says American Express is not that usable it's true American Express is not accepted as many places as Visa or MasterCard is but I do find there are some places like Tokyo Skytree that will offer special discounts if you have an American Express card Coco says Tsukiji what about Tsukiji Coco Kirk asked if I've ever stayed at a love hotel I have not stayed at a love hotel we'll talk about how we'll talk about love hotels no hotels in the hotel section which is one of these numbers Kirk ask are you allowed to smoke inside of restaurants in Japan um yes and no there are some restaurants that you are like izakayas and things like that are often smoking have smoking and non-smoking sections not all restaurants are smoking that is one thing I kind of dislike about Japan is the smokiness of some of their restaurants and they still do smoking hotel rooms no sort of thing there's a lot of smoke in Japan though though that is becoming less and less as they're passing more no smoking regulations Kirk asks if I have a drone I do not have a drone Kirk I've thought about buying one but then there's all the drone restrictions and people get arrested and I really want to get arrested or fined when I'm on travel so I haven't taken the bite on that one uh ncloth says I ate eel at a Japanese restaurant in the US and EU had eel and claw I've had eel Nagi there's what they call eel and Japanese I love unagi in a video that I'll be coming out probably the next couple weeks on Yong Ogawa Japan which is near Fukuoka it's in Kyushu and the video is gonna be titled Yong Ogawa the Venice of Japan they are famous for their eel in that town some of the most delicious eel I think I've ever had pretty good so yes I do like Japanese eel Bobby Wong on Facebook says friends wanted to go to Yoyogi Park what do you think would like your opinion Bobby it's a I mean it's a park you know um what didn't want to see in the park what are they what are they excited about the park I think if my strikes me correctly that's the one near juku and Harajuku I'm curious what they want to see I often find Japanese parks in general to be kind of meant like there's no flowers there's no beautiful things you know sometimes there's bamboo and name is cool to walk through but I wouldn't really spend like a whole day there Yoyogi Park like on Sundays I think they're most famous for their like Elvis impersonators that meet up every Sunday or something like that and I think there's like a temple in there the temple is interesting to visit but the park itself is probably kind of mad Kirk says would you recommend stopping in Hawaii to break up the long flight to Japan Kirk me personally I can do 10 hours from LA it's not a big deal I don't really enjoy Honolulu Airport Honolulu Airport is a pretty lame airport with not very good lounges not very good restaurants and so I don't find that to be a particularly good stopover that's my opinion I would just rather get to Japan and be an airport that is much better than the Honolulu Airport michael says your Vegas videos were awesome Japan in the Akihabara district definitely on my to-do list thank you Michael thank you very much and let me know if you have any questions about like your hobby or anything at that in Japan always happy to answer Kirk says andrew.snowdon says that Facebook is spying on all of us what do you think uh Kirk yeah you know Facebook I mean that right that's big conspiracy theory set up by the CIA now we just give them information that they'd have to you know steal from us before I mean I don't I don't think I really have anything that interesting frankly my videos are public so people can know whatever they want I got nothin ID Oh Gabrielle says I'm going to Vegas some advice I'm from Mexico well Gabriel I have videos on Vegas so if you've watched them cheat beats in Vegas 10 things to know before you go to Vegas what are your questions otherwise I could be here for the next 20 minutes telling you some great tips on Vegas so ask ask away SoCal Seth asked if I've ever been to a sumo event I've – yes answers – yes topher OSI Grill myself we went to see the sumo tournament when they came to Los Angeles a few years ago it was super awesome we really enjoyed it I mean like those dudes with their big bellies running each other they make a lot of noise in the stadium they were at the LA Coliseum and then in Japan I've been to the sumo Museum they have like I sumo Museum where they have pictures of the different sumo things and so that's pretty cool I would love to go again it was it was neat I like sumo Kirk says he still has $13 on his Taiwanese MetroCard Kirk you gotta go back to Taiwan spend it there Damien says I hear you can't eat on the train is that correct Damien that is incorrect you can absolutely eat on the train in Japan people eat on the train all the time the trains that people would typically eat on would be like the longer distance trains like the Shinkansen Express trains trains that have like seats that are you know all facing one direction you typically wouldn't see people eating on like the local trains the subway things that are really busy oh by the way I've got this other other yellow cup right here Starbucks Starbucks yellow cup and another great anti spill cup all right mm-hmm okay OC grill answers the cherry blossom thing and says Kyoto was really crowded too dear during cherry blossoms which it was but I think who knows less crowded than Tokyo but that's also why I say if you're going to the cherry blossoms get out from the city and get out to the suburbs where it's less crowded one of our favorite cherry blossom trees was this tree called the Miharu taki Sakura it's like a thousand year old cherry blossom tree pretty amazing but it was like an hour transportation outside of the big city ever we says I'm staying in Hakone which hotel is the best location I like the one with the private baths I don't know I have a super good answer for you on that because most owns in the hotel are kind of out of the way and so if you like ones with private baths most onsen hotels don't have private baths so you'll pretty much be only finding a few hotels that have that TV production says I'm going to Hawaii on Sunday excellent that sounds good Coco says good place to visit Tsukiji I will say soukichi is a good place to visit I think it's pretty neat and it's gonna be closing soon so go there before they close it all right I'm gonna move on to number five and then I'll come back two more comments so number five tip number five right here for traveling cheap to Japan well I really could stand it there alright is to take the bus so we've talked about trains Subway's Shinkansen taxis of walking walking is free but the bus you know this was this is a hard one for me it's a it was a hard one for me to accept because I come from Southern California Los Angeles the place of like the worst buses in the world I mean the bus nobody takes the bus here if you're anybody you do not take the bus in LA because the buses are awful and they smell and all sorts of things but the buzz in Japan really actually quite nice the bus drivers are polite the bus driver is wear white gloves and so the local buses in the city those are pretty good they're convenient they come on time they leave on time but well you're really gonna get the cheap savings is on long-distance buses and in Japan if you're going between cities you can take an overnight bus and it can save you quite a bit particularly if you're someone who can sleep on a bus these buses have like hoods that will cover you up they've got bathrooms on the bus so if you're going Tokyo to Osaka on the bus it's ten hours but it's 4,500 yen so about forty five dollars if you compare that to how much I said the Shinkansen was the bullet train fourteen thousand yen or a hundred and forty dollars bus 4,500 yen forty five dollars so 30 percent of the price if you take the bus and again you can sleep then you save yourself a night of hotel because you just sleep on the bus there's a bus company called Willer Express bus they offer a bus pass that's a ten thousand yen three trip pass and a fifteen thousand five trip pass you can use them anytime within a two-month window so definitely consider the buses and you'll say well I take the bus then how do I go take a shower why do I do what pan has a lot of public bathhouses and you can visit a public bathhouse for about 500 yen or about five dollars to take a public bath and a shower in a place that's usually typically pretty clean okay number six the sixth tip for traveling cheap to Japan it's the bicycle this is another mode of transportation and riding the bicycle well many cities have these metropolitan bicycle rental programs Takamatsu is a great example Takamatsu is one that i've got a video on it and renting a bicycle on Takamatsu and talked about so you can rent bicycles for 200 yen a day that is the equivalent of two US dollars they've got these big underground garages that you can rent bikes pretty amazing on some of these cities you can rent bikes for a whole month 2,000 yen for a whole month and so that is a amazing deal and one interesting thing about riding a bicycle in Japan is it's actually legal to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk that's actually where they want you to ride it if you're from the US then you'll know that people often ride their bikes on the streets which I don't think it's really safe because you know cars run into you but riding it on the sidewalk it's pretty nice in Japan's done a lot to really think about where to park bikes and how to take bikes over bridges and how to take bikes through underpasses and things like that so take advantage of the really cheap metropolitan bicycle rental programs and then talk him Otsu you know I was like I was amazed for like 200 yen and I just walk away to this bike it's amazing III don't understand how they can afford it but when it's a Metropolitan thing they do it a lot then they can I think they really want to encourage people do it that's why the city's subsidized it um let's see on Facebook Bobby Wong says where do you recommend seeing the cherry blossoms in Kyoto my friend is going next week I was thinking yasaka shrine what do you think Bobby I have a like I have a if you look at my Japan playlist I think I've got a separate one in cherry blossoms I've got one from a shrine in Kyoto I can't remember the name off the time ahead but there's I've got two videos on cherry blossoms in Kyoto so find that playlist and you'll see what they look like before you go melanie joins his old man i got here late but i made it thanks for joining melanie and Claire says do you take your luggage with you when you take a bus Claire you can the overnight buses will have places you can put your luggage underneath one great service that Japan has are these like luggage forwarding services so if you're staying at one hotel in Tokyo and you're going to a socket later in the night you can actually have your hotel basically ship your luggage to the next hotel that you're going to and obviously it costs you a little more but if you're going to be out twisting the whole day taking the cheaper methods of transportation that's a pretty convenient luggage forwarding service to have all right let me go to some YouTube comments Kirk says I hear Pokemon go is still played quite a bit in Japan I have seen people playing Pokemon just my last time I was soccer I was in the store people were playing it TP production says is there any videos about Hiroshima I have not been to Hiroshima TP productions so there are no videos on Hiroshima Kirk asks have you been to an aquarium store in Japan I hear they're on a whole different level mmm I don't think I've been to an aquarium store in Japan I've been to aquariums in Japan this last trip to Osaka i went to the osaka aquarium i've been to the aquarium at the tokyo skytree and just in general the aquariums are on a whole different level so whether you like fish or not I would definitely recommend checking some of the aquarium's and Tokyo the Tokyo Skytree one in Osaka it's called the Caillou Kon it's near universal studios in Osaka I don't usually love aquariums but the Japanese aquariums they're like they're clean the fish are amazingly bright they're well lit everything is designed so you can take pictures super neat mmm Kurt asked if I own a bonsai tree I do not own a bonsai tree I own a bird of paradise that's over there but no bonsai trees Coco says I understand Sookie geez closing soon it is so head out there so Kyle set the greaves with me that Honolulu is a bummer Airport michael says Gabriel definitely watch my cheap beats video in Vegas shake check for the wind em cloth says the Geisha photo opportunities where is the best place um the geishas in Kyoto there's like this street it's like an alley and I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head but there is this one street if you just search for like Kyoto Geisha Street you'll find the street that you'll often spot geishas there really aren't that many geishas that walk around anymore in Kyoto applied most of the people you'll see dressed up as geishas are tourists that go to like a store to get a kimono and makeup to walk around but hey that's a great picture too the best day to see people like in kimonos and things like that the best time if you go during cherry blossom season you will see a lot of women wearing kimonos because they'll often do that to cherry blossom viewing parties the men will often wear yukata and also there's a holiday in Japan called coming-of-age day every January and everybody that turns 20 the girls wear kimonos the men or boys wear suits and so that's another day you'll see a lot of people in their traditional attire mm-hmm Kirk says chicken katsu versus pork katsu where do you stand pork katsu that's where I stand for the win Kirk says I've seen video where the subway police push people in the subway with a stick I want to see that Kirk you might want to see it you probably don't want to be in that subway when they you in with a stick Tanner says any important details yet on when they will start allowing people to book hotel rooms for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Tanner I do not know we are likely gonna be heading to Tokyo in 2020 but I'm not sure when they'll be opening for the Olympics booking sorry on that one Jose says sorry for my delay happy I made it suck Topher Jose says sup thanks for joining alright Topher always loves the shoutouts Kirk says do you see a lot of homeless in Japan yes and no in Tokyo there are a lot of homeless you'll see them in the subways particularly the Shibuya subway but they're not there all day like they come at night I will say the homeless in Japan are a lot better than the homeless in like Los Angeles where if they the homeless in Los Angeles are like aggressive and things like that the homeless in Japan pretty much stay to themselves they go sleep in places that aren't super busy you're not having to fall over them or trip over them but they are there which may be ten years ago I didn't see them as much but lately I've been seeing more homeless in Japan so they have those problems too Brandon Torres joined in hello Brandon thanks for joining Michael says is Akihabara pretty difficult to get to or should I stay at a hotel close to it Tokyo looks too big and complex I'd feel like I would get lost Michael one of the best things mega ting Akihabara it is it is on what is called the Tokyo loop line the jay-ar loop line there's this loop line that makes a big circle around Tokyo and Akihabara is one of the stops on that I would suggest you get a hotel near the loop line and then you can just get on that train and take it all the way to Akihabara pretty easy the jr loop line is the one i recommend if you're tourists it's your first time in tokyo and you want to be easy just take the jr loop line it'll take longer to go around because it goes in a circle around tokyo so you won't be navigating the subways in your mix but Akihabara is easy to get to if you just do that so no I don't think you need to stay in there the area that I recommend people saying is Shinjuku Shinjuku has a lot of hotels that aren't too expensive reasonably priced yes there was some pretty bad lag before sorry Kirk hopefully it should be better now Kirk says are there any casinos in Japan they're really big on what's it called it's a pachinko these little stainless steel balls they put of these machines around it's basically gambling gambling is illegal but they have this thing where like if you win a whole bunch of these balls then you can take it to a window that's next to the pachinko parlor to exchange it for money there's this whole elaborate scheme but that's about as close as you get to casinos in Japan so calset says from what I understand about Tsukiji it's not closing but moving yes it is moving that prior the right answer but it won't be called Tsukiji cuz it'll be in a different place I think Alfredo says Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo DisneySea because it's a unique theme park there is no other theme park like Tokyo DisneySea of any of the Disney theme types um you want to go see the most unique thing its Tokyo DisneySea m-class is how are the public restrooms in Japan they are excellent except for the fact that there's never any paper towels they do not have paper towels in public restrooms in Japan they expect you to bring a handkerchief to wipe your own hand in so just be aware of that Couric says where can I purchase a ninja stars you know it's funny when I was no Saka on this last trip there was actually this chain of souvenir stores selling like ninja related souvenirs so you can find ninja star speeds like swords and ninja swords nunchucks all those kinds of things Lauren says I'm wondering if it's acceptable to use a razor scooter on the sidewalk throughout Japan I know there's a lot of walking in store for me I'd like to speed up Lauren I don't know that I have a good answer for you on that I think if you're like you can bicycle on the sidewalks so I don't see why you couldn't ride a razor scooter never seen anybody riding razor scooter but I don't think that means you can't I wouldn't ride them in the subway and in Tokyo where it's busy that'll be difficult but if you're in places that are less busy I don't I don't see an issue m-class is great info session Chris and Topher Thank You M claw thanks for giving a shout-out to Topher Bobby says did you ever try the noodles coming out the bamboo shoots north of Kyoto it was fun but I got the feeling that foreigners weren't welcome around there aside from that restaurant have you been Bobby I have not been I'm not sure which restaurant that is okay let's go to number seven seven seven seven number seven is about shopping so Japan has a really great tax free shopping program the tax rate in Japan currently is ten percent and they kind of have a national program where if you spend more than five thousand yen at the same store then you can get a refund for your tax at that store mmm eight percent of it they still keep two percent of your tax and different stories apply at different ways sometimes they'll just refund it right there to you but a lot of times the way it works they'll have a separate refund counter so you'll pay full price for the merchandise and then you'll take it over to another counter where they'll give you money back and when they give you the money like if you can pay by credit card and they give you cash back for the tax refund it's slightly confusing because they separate what they call mmm regular items versus consumables so if you buy like shoes for 4000 yen and then you buy some makeup for a thousand yen you can't get a tax refund um you have to buy like over 5000 yen – shoes or over 5000 yen of consumables if you buy the consumer they put it in a special bag that you say hey you can't open this until you leave the country every time you get a tax refund they staple the receipt to your passport and then when you leave the country theoretically they could ask to see the receipts and ask to see the stuff though in practice the last couple times we've left Japan they just tell us to drop their seats in a box and let us go through but I do like the fact that the tax free is done at the store instead of at the airport I really dislike tax free refunds at the airports because it was always end up with like you never have enough time it's super stressful so that's a great thing to do so think about when you're calculating the price of things on the tax refund in there Shogo says eight and maybe that's because Shogo is it the tax is eight percent now but it's going up to ten percent so guess that's duty freeze the way to be tow says his hitchhiking a viable way to get around Japan cheaply I don't think so tow I don't think many people hitchhike in Japan the public transportation is so good I don't think a lot of people have a need to hitchhike so calset says would it be easy to buy stuff and just ship it back you could but if you were doing the tax free then you're sort of somewhat obligated to show it at the airport if they ask you so then if you ship it back then you might not have it if it's not tax free than short just ship it back we often buy things from Amazon there's another tip if it's too expensive you don't wash your things like that you can buy things online and Amazon and have them shipped to your hotel many Japanese hotels will accept mail and packages for you and so you just have to be able to navigate the Japanese Amazon website but you can use Google Translate to help you do that Kurt Casas they're Costco in Japan Kirk I I've not been to Costco in Japan I don't know I haven't seen any did I know I haven't seen any Costco's in Japan but somebody correct me you've been no Costco in Japan I've not seen them uh and OC girl says Amazon Japan has English uh which I don't think it always did did it but it does now that's probably right so you can use the English website mm-hmm Lauren says there's a Costco in Hiroshima all right thank you see this is why I love doing live streams because the collective knowledge of all of you on there is super awesome Claire says can you tell us what's the cheapest time of year to fly to Japan um I'm gonna say the cheapest time to fly to Japan is January February and not like around New Year but right after New Year's January February early March cheapest time to fly to Japan because it's cold Claire asked what's there to buy on Amazon Japan everything I mean what's there not behind Amazon Japan you want to buy a hairdryer you want to buy rice cooker you want to buy electronics I mean it's usually this stuff we buy an Amazon Japan is electronics though it actually Amazon Japan does not have nearly as much stuff as Amazon u.s. does but they do have quite a few things that you'd be looking at okay let's go to number eight oh actually one more about seven shopping definitely check out the hundred yen shops they're like the US dollar store it's just way better one of the biggest chains in Japan is called die so da ISO die so everything's 100 yen and the products are actually good and pretty good quality so if you're looking for cheap gifts check out a hundred yen shop alright number eight let's talk about hotels um great way to save money going to Japan is that hotels hotels is one it's my eighth upside down my 8 is totally upside down hotels do not have to be expensive in Japan you know you may have seen the movie lost in translation where Bill Murray stays at the Park Hyatt which is $800 night in Tokyo which is crazy insane and nobody has to pay that much for Hotel Japan has a big chain of business hotels one of the biggest discount business hotels it's called toyoko in toyoko in the rooms are clean they're quiet they're small they're really small but you can stay in central Tokyo toyou go in for 7,500 yen a night in Shinjuku that's the exact price I looked it up which is equivalent eus dollars for 70 US dollars in the u.s. you get a motel 6 you get a hotel that sucks well you'll go in is a quite nice hotel and actually really interesting if you've never stayed in a Japanese business hotel I'd encourage you to check one out also Japanese hotels often have promotions where you stay more nights you get a discount and if you book an advance you get a discount typically those will be 30 days in advance and then the stay more nights is often three or more nights live discounts I found long stay rates then go Tokyo stay seven nights in Tokyo you'll get stay thirty or forty percent off the room rate if you're staying that long and Japan is famous for their capsule hotels these are one that you just get a little bunk in a wall those can be 3,000 yen a night pretty cheap it's like twenty-eight dollars sometimes they're only men you'll have to if you're a woman you'll have to look for the ones that allow women you really want to be cheap you can stay in hostels Japan has a lot of hostels clean safe hostels run about $2,000 a night about 18 US dollars some hostels even in Tokyo have these deals where if you are willing to clean the hostel then they'll let you stay for free if you clean for a few hours the next day after you wake up we talked about love hotels earlier love hotels are certainly an option they are about 8,000 yen a night love hotels or hotels that are designed for well loved and so they often run by the hour so you can book like a short stay for three hours or you can book it overnight stay 8,000 yen love hotels typically or set up or you don't actually have to see anybody to check-in you go to this like window or a vending machine to book the room or things like that a lot of them in Tokyo are in the Shibuya district but I wouldn't really recommend the love hotel because toyoko in is cheaper unless you just want a room that's like really themed cuz that's the big thing about Japanese love hotels is the theming of the rooms and most those hotels will have pictures out in front so you can see what the rooms look like that you're booking manga cafes we're getting really cheap now you want to stay in a manga cafe manga cafes they're basically places that you can get drinks mmm can read comic books and they charge you to be in there for like by 30 minutes so you want to go in the main cafe 30 minutes just a quick nap that'll be a hundred yen you want to be there for three hours 900 to 1500 yen you want to be there 7 to 12 hours 1,600 to 3,000 yen you typically get like a big comfy leather chair and you can just totally sleep in there or you know this is one where like if you go to McDonald's in the morning or late at night you will see people sleeping at McDonald's and so that's just the price of a meal put your head right down go to sleep at McDonald's it was funny I went to Tokyo with my mom and we were staying in Shinjuku there was McDonald's that we'd go out breakfast at everyday and my mom was like those people every time I go in here there's no place to sit because everybody is asleep it was a true story at like 7:00 in the morning there's a whole bunch people sleeping because they were trying to take like the early trains in Tokyo because they're not packed they go into McDonald's try to get like an hour sleep and then go into wherever the heck they have to go alright Shogo says tax raises up to 10% October 2019 so that's where I got the 8 and 10% confused Tanner says any favorite Japanese ice cream flavors yes matcha green tea ice cream or Hokkaido milk Hokkaido milk ice cream really good flavor Brandon says $75 for nice hotels awesome it is pretty awesome ptosis can you bargain at most stores Japan doesn't really bargain it's a no bargaining michael says are real cons more expensive typically yes at least the nice ones are obviously if you want to stay at one that like doesn't have its own bathroom and a shared bath and things like that they can be less expensive but typically real cons traditional Japanese Inns have been more high-end um OC grill says I have state of Starbucks in shinjuku at 3 a.m. waiting for the first train so there we go that's another safe place to be and she just the price of a coffee let me design says to people in Japan speak English I don't think so but I know Japanese people know how to write English in school very interesting yes they are better at writing and reading and understanding than they are at speaking and M classes are there public bathhouses absolutely Japan there's a lot of public bathhouses you can go in for just 500 yen um Bobby Wong says I think there's a Costco in Yokohama but it's out of the way that's cool if I go to Yokohama to check that out again Pauline says hi Chris sorry going away from Japan can you suggest the best three to four star hotels in Waikiki going in November of cheers from Brisbane Pauline here's my I guess in that price range at Waikiki Sheraton Waikiki Hilton Hawaiian Village Hyatt those would be my recommendations in Waikiki there's also a Hyatt Place a courtyard and Embassy Suites and those are the ones I would stay at I probably wouldn't stay it there's some local hotels in Waikiki but you know the quality is hit or miss on those clear Lois's what if you bargain will they cringe they probably just won't understand what you're doing or they'll just say no this is the price all right I'm coming up on the hour and I like to hold these two an hour so we're gonna go to nine and ten so we have any final questions ask away and I'll answer them rapid-fire after I get through nine and ten all right nine nine is about food so people will often think going to Japan foods really expensive but let me tell you it's really not food in Japan can be really cheap if you haven't seen my cheap eats and Tokyo video go check that out but one of my favorite chains in Japan is this place called Osaka Oh show they're famous for their gyoza or their pot stickers the thumbnail picture that I had for this particular livestream was eating at a chain fish izakaya restaurant now that bowl of fish was like a thousand yen so like ten US dollars Yoshinoya is famous for their beef bowls they're like 500 yen mas burgers famous for the burgers don't go to McDonald's don't go to Burger King go to the Japanese chain mas burger it's very interesting sushi and rotating sushi places can be cheap you just have to make sure you go to a cheap one if you want to eat at the high-end restaurants eat there at lunch many high-end restaurants have lunch specials and what's great about eating a sit-down restaurants is there's no tipping there's no tipping in Japan at all no tipping I love it eat at convenience stores 7-eleven Lawson station Family Mart am/pm are famous for their fresh food yes 7-eleven is not in Japan is a completely different company than the US actually it's the same company but in Japan is did way better the food is delicious it's cheap it's brought in multiple times a day you can get bent owns which are box meals you can get onigiri which are rice balls and inexpensive drinks they have a great drink selection go get the t's and the flavored drinks things like that dollar dollar fifty pretty good check out supermarkets supermarkets often are really good for cheap food when we were in Kyushu this last time we were staying at a ryokan which is a traditional Japanese onsen hotel we didn't want to buy the $60 a person to own some dinner so we went to the supermarket and picked up dinner for like eight bucks a person which included like fresh tuna and things like that from the seafood section strawberries all the sorts really good things oh but strawberries that's what that's what killed our budget fresh fruit is really expensive if you want to be cheap avoid fresh fruit fresh fruit fresh fruit and really high-end sushi are the two most expensive things you can get in Japan it's crazy like you can get a watermelon for like fifty US dollars it is insane so avoid fresh fruit also department stores and the basement will often have food halls and if you go to the food halls in the evening they often mark down the prices of the food thirty to fifty percent if you get there right as they're marking it down then that'll be some really cheap eats all right number ten attractions Japan's really big are these multi attraction passes so you need like a pass to go into you know the Tokyo Skytree and something else and something else like if you're going to three or four different attractions take a look and see if there's a multi attraction pass that will get you into all of them and chances are it will be cheaper then sometimes attraction passes can also be combined with the transportation cost so check out those but if you want to be free instead of cheap visit temples Japan US a lot of temples they're really interesting most of the temples in Japan are free some cost you money if you go to Nikko or things like that it's gonna cost you also a lot of tall buildings in Japan have free observation decks in Shinjuku there's building called the Tokyo Metropolitan government building has a free view so check out these rooftop observation desks decks and my final note which is a bonus note and I was asked earlier about where it's the best place to exchange money from ATMs always from an ATM and at 7-eleven 7-eleven will accept almost any Internet ATM card and you get some of the best exchange rates there Pauline says thanks Chris love your productions thanks Pauline an adieu local tour guides accept tips and typically people in Japan don't accept tips because they find tips rude there's a whole culture thing about tipping then why they don't do tipping because it's like I have money and you don't have money so you need my pity that's why I give you a tip so they really don't accept tips and they actually find it an insult if you're trying to tip them Clara Louis has come to Taiwan we have affordable fresh juicy fruit I agree I love the fruit and Taiwan that's why it's often called the island of fruit when I'm in Taiwan I love the chic Watson or the watermelon juice mmm okay and we'll go to finally YouTube comments I'll run through all the questions and then we will conclude OC grill wanted to point out that she's heard a lot of problems with air B&B and ryokan in Japan that most air B&B are illegal so be careful of air B&B some calset says I can understand sleeping at McDonald's after eating a Big Mac that can't be good for you can that's probably not and you want to sleep curtains have you ever seen Yakuza gangster in Japan I'm gonna answer yes I've been places where you can definitely tell there are some girls on the street that are safe for sale you know what I mean for the evening and then across the street will be a guy in a suit who's wearing sneakers because you know he's be able to run if he needs to Kirk says do a vending machine video next time you go I need to update that cuz that's an old one old popular one I should redo it so thanks for the reminder Subaru's is eat breakfast 7-eleven that's cheap that's a good price Tanner says price bargaining is more in China than Japan which is very true Brandon says how often do you eat gyoza and sushi in Japan as often as possible if I'm there for a week I probably have gyoza twice sushi may be the same rotating sushi Joe Blow says Taco Bell you could eat a Taco Bell but I don't know why you'd want to they do have locations in Japan now uh Brandon says I love 7-eleven in the States I bet I will like it way more in Japan you will Brandon only disappointment no nachos or unlimited drink refills in Japan so mmm David empson's I really wish we had Japanese 7-elevens here I do too Lauren says do you think I could bring fresh fruit through customs I'd love to bring some cutie oranges great travel fruit Lauren I generally don't like to travel with fruit internationally that's like fraught with peril so I would suggest not any losses do I have to remove my shoes in certain places yes Japan is big on removing your shoes if you go to a lot of fancy restaurants people's homes temples things like that you have to remove your shoes so be prepared to take off your shoes Kirk says do they have Panda Express in Japan I have not seen Panda Express Michael says does that giant Buddha in Nara cost to visit same with a deer park there um I'm not sure about the giant buddha in nara there's a giant buddha in blah where is it Kamakura the giant Buddha in Kamakura does have an admission fee in Nara the deer park is free you just have to pay if you want to buy the Sun Bay or the deer crackers and so on the final notes Kirk says peace out till first that's good night Topher that's so awesome that we have a Topher it says good night Topher good night Topher and claw thanks mark Hanna says thanks for the great info Chris thought there weren't you cheap food options glad to know there are some authentic cheap eats in Japan there certainly are and they're really tasty michael says great video Brendan says love Topher wearing the lei love the stream yes he's got his aloha Hawaiian lei on right here anna says thank you great videos leaving for Tokyo on Thursday and I hope this was just in time for you and Bobbie says Claire why did you bring up Taiwan I miss eating at allow all right Aloha everybody Topher says Aloha thanks for joining the next live stream will be next Monday 7 days from today Monday March 26 2018 8 p.m. la time this case I'm going to talk about my topic right now it's what to pack for Japan unless you all have any ideas for other topics let me know I'm always looking for ideas for new topics but that one I've got written so I don't have any other ideas than the next one I may be talking about what to pack when you go to Japan alright see everybody next Monday