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THRIFT HAUL  how to save money on clothes!

**THRIFT HAUL how to save money on clothes!**



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Tried to find some deals..then trying to be more frugal..found even better deals at a few yard sales!
welcome to the green apple home here is the loot there are six shirts and five pairs of pants at Target the total if you can see I don't know was 108 47 but I think I can do better if I can find her size at a yard sale or a thrift store or something usually I like to go yard selling because it's cheaper than even then like a goodwill or a thrift store I'll have the clothes if I don't find anything really in her size but so far I've been pretty successful in this area of finding really super cheap clothes in great conditions if you buy something and they're not quite using it yet just hold on to the receipt don't wash it or anything don't just send up everything off and wash it and do it unless you're not planning on going out you're exhaling or anything why spend the money if you can find it somewhere cheaper just as good it just makes sense my wife just wins yard saleing and she was supposed to get some clothes for Moo we'll see what she got who knows what she came up with if I came up some kind of weird Wien back chair that she wants to reupholster or something but anyway let's find out what yet hey would you get things that work I got a few things that were the list you had the list that's in her head who knows what that is maybe just a jacket let me show you what I got sure it's just stuff that I didn't get but they were just so cute through galvanized buckets and then okay but I scored like I got I got DD winter coats nice let me show you what I got and I got this pile for 15 and this pile think was four so it's been under $20 on all of this I can probably take back some of the clothes maybe if I did do a lot like see you there nice drill Nucky I really raked it in fine clothing so my mission today on the yard sale was to get clothes for boots so if you want to save money this is the way to go yard saleing we're going to take back these and the only reason why I can do this is because I didn't take off the tags yet there is a man genius my wife is a genius

Save Money on Lawn Care

**Save Money on Lawn Care**



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Want to save money on lawn care? Well, you’re in luck! You can with Budget Lawns!

What is a budget lawn? Glad ya asked! I’ll tell ya!

Mash that subscribe button to follow along and stay up to date on the no frills lawn advice you need to pay the bills. When you’ve got more green in your grass and pocket, you’ll be glad you did!

ah morning the sun's rising the coffee's on the birds are chirpin and the sprinklers are running welcome to budget loans hey there friends this is budget loans and again welcome appreciate you joining me so today we are not going to talk about watering your lawn there are plenty of other videos out there to give you tips on that however we will talk about that at some point a little bit later on down the road just in a different context then you are used to hearing today I just want to make a short little video to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about what budget loans is my name is Travis and I have been following this long community on YouTube for several years now for those years I've always contemplated whether or not I wanted to jump on board and be a part of the action finally felt like now is the time for me to do so I really enjoy watching all the other channels out there lots of really awesome a lawn care content really great stuff out there I just felt like there was one little thing missing for me after watching this community grow on YouTube over the last several years I noticed that it became very difficult for me to just find a real simple quick video on an inexpensive way to achieve my goals now not to take away from the content that's out there it just seems like a lot of it is a little bit more on the professional end of things where I want to keep it really dumbed down on the residential side that is where I came up with the concept of budget loans what is a budget lawn you might ask it's really really simple it's an awesome lawn that doesn't break the bank to it if you've got a budget lawn you've got tons of green in your grass and tons of green in your pocket as well a lot of you might be a lot like me I am in my first house that I built in the spring of 2017 taking care of my first lawn starting a family expecting second little one on the way very very soon so I can't exactly go out and shell out lots of cash to achieve my lawn care goals so everything I use on this channel will come from my local hardware store or from the big-box stores I'll tell you what I paid for the stuff what I saved on where you can save more and I'm also going to give you the results what worked what didn't work what I would use again and what I wouldn't I want to make these videos real quick short sweet and to the point where you can get the answer you want without having to go dumpster diving through a ton of other videos if you follow along you can achieve your budget lawn with me you're gonna save some cash but I'm also gonna teach you how to budget your time now people ask me all the time how do you get your lawn to look like that and I tell them you know you really have to enjoy it it has to be a hobby and like any hobby it takes quite a bit of time so you have to be willing to put in the effort now a lot of other hobbies can get super super expensive but I can tell you one thing lawn care does not have to cost a lot of money to get the results you want and if you subscribe to budget lawns I'll prove it I will prove it I'll give you the no frills advice you need to pay the bills you'll have more green in your lawn and in your pocket guarantee so what are we waiting on let's go out for a cold beer we've got a little extra cash to spend we'll see you next time on budget loans

The Gecko Has a Yard Sale - GEICO Insurance

**The Gecko Has a Yard Sale – GEICO Insurance**



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A couple tries to haggle with the GEICO Gecko over a rocking chair at his yard sale. Subscribe to GEICO: COMMERCIAL CAST: Gecko …

An Unexpected Lawn Mowing Win - GEICO

**An Unexpected Lawn Mowing Win – GEICO**



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While mowing his lawn, a man can’t believe it when he ends up with one last strip of grass that’s exactly the width of his mower. He shares his success on social …