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Hey everyone my name is xBuzzerman and today I would like to present with you YouTuber that possesses a top secret code which gives you 1,000 free robux and 1 month of obc for free. This is apparently something that is banned in Roblox and we will personally try out to determine if there is truly a way to get robux that quickly. ENJOY!!!

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what up guys so we found another video that claims to give us free robux it's a video that says you can get a promo code that you can get free turbo builder's club and you can get up to a thousand roebucks apparently this is all true this is the new thing Robo coats tell you I've been out of the game for a while I haven't known about all the new latest techniques to get all this free stuff but the last thing we did the last video by the way you can go check it out it's filling be in the description we were able to find a free way to get vibha did you just say fee bucks yeah I did I did I said I said freebie bucks I have two channels going on right now by the way if you guys are into fortnight I have a new channel I just started up actually I've been doing it for about a month now it has a lot of content just like this you can go check it out it's called savage Spence it should be right there link of the in the description it's also on my channel gotta have just throw that quick plug in there so if you're into 4/9 you're into getting freebie bucks to go ahead and check that out post on there five times a week Monday through Friday but aside from that like I said there's all these new ways and a guy by the name of husky and he gets a lot of lights so let's go check it out what I want you guys to do is go ahead comment down below your roblox username and I'll hook one of you up with a roblox gift card here I'll go show you straight up just got it as you can see not even scratched off that bad boys one of yours all you have to do is just you know watch me like me and love me well just comment your name and I don't really care if you like me or not regardless so let's go ahead and get on into it okay so here we are in the old youtubes and this is the video it says roblox promo code gives out free robux and OBC or builder's club no inspect elements because you have to preface that now because everyone's like photoshopping and inspecting element to make it look like they get free stuff but it's by the guy named husky roblox and it's got a lot of likes not a lot of dislikes so I'm at least me to believe this could be true everyone's also saying like oh I honestly is well be so modest I get all these robots oh my god you helped me so much you are the best oh my god you're the best oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm this guy's like oh I don't know he's like he's like a deity he knows how to get everything he's like a human a human robots money tree I mean is this is this is good stuff here guys good stuff let's go ahead and try it out let's let's see what we got I'm just gonna watch the video follow the instructions and we might maybe get all the everything we wanted in life before the video ends are doing a huge giveaway since I was inactive for a while hey I just did one a million a billion billion so our man has the ability to get us a million free let's let's take a look does he get the million free freebie bucks or Robox Wow my guy let's get rich that's a lot oh my god Oh God husky guy's legit okay like the video subscribe and do by the way I love this music guys kuku listen to this as we speak see what else we got right let's go see bison blue bra this sticker salutes for YouTube no he has on YouTube regardless I don't know guys already Ligeti has the cool music but I mean let's see today I'll be showing you a promo code this is great contrast I can totally read this real real easily home does not want you to find out this is like a secret thing a secret robots is not on any of us to find out alright the primer comes a trial for the OBC membership I got a like process it gives you one month of OBC with a bonus of a thousand bucks I already have a lifetime so I'll be making a new account to demonstrate the promo code I don't have lifetime that I'm not I'm not mister stick master Luke so well I guess we just just get the promo code and good let's quickly go ahead and log in to our account real quick I'll just go ahead and switch these bad boys around roblox.com I think I'm already logged in for once yeah and as you can see guys I don't have any Robo any kind of like builder's club I actually thought I wouldn't be playing this game anymore so I I got rid of it so it's just a regular meet we could try this and if it doesn't work we're gonna try it on a a totally liking brand new account so maybe buzz hack will get 5500 as you can see I have a lot to give away anyway so that that that works now let's go ahead and finish up this part of the video it's only like 2 minutes long so we can we can we can we can patient that this music just everyone's gotta feel like cool cool music yeah if I do like this I would definitely just do weird stuff goofy goober so now I'll be contacting my friend to add the promo code ahead of the release date so I can do his friend just knows everyone knows this right so I guess he comes contacted it OVC one f4 Hey all right that promo code actually worked and he has noticed fun outrageous notice Club and he has a thousand robots all right I guess you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do this I'm gonna go back we're gonna go we're gonna find the thing there it is right there go ahead and we go how do you promote those how did you do that how did you do that how did you do / promo code / PR or promote code code got it okay okay we got it we got that right there let's go ahead and see if we get this there it is OBC one more that's a–that's a lot I'm gonna have to slowly do this Eddie Eddie I think it's like one key or maybe maybe I al I can't remember there it is OBC one mo OBC 1 G or 1 or L maybe that looks about right I don't know if that's a 1 or an L let's let's take a look that's not right all right maybe capital I that's not right if I didn't like em out for L you are I for really ready bro really you're gonna give me a wrong code versus e me I'm linear free blow box let's see let's say let's see what this guy's ratings are sort by newest and let's see I bet says it doesn't work really what what this guy has like a I got a super fan club and and there's absolutely that doesn't work it does if I did this oh my god I'd have like eight it'll be reversed I'd be 2.5 likes in like 32,000 dislikes are you kidding me that looks identical that looks the same all right you know what you know what we're gonna we're gonna cut this we're gonna we're gonna sign out of this we're gonna sign up and we're gonna do this the right way so we'll go with April 6 we're born in 1966 our names going to be buzz watts bucks how is that not appropriate how to explain to me explain to me how is that is not appropriate buzz wants the bucks buzz bucks you know what is my is my dangerous band now is my name just just not not acceptable buzz wants row hey I guess I am I guess I am appropriate I used to be like like the shadow banned from this stinking stinking web site but now I'm good we're gonna do you know what someone can have this ghu 4 5 6 7 8 you know jsut four or five if someone wants this whoever gets it gets it first there we go maybe maybe someone can get an account with like 1000 robots in free builder's club touch touch touch touch me touch me talk like crap alright we're good these verification things are just fine all right buzz wants rope big moment here here we go here we go come on baby come on baby this guy seems a sucker freakin husky seems to really suck he doesn't have any kind of like no validity to that I mean I guess his codes over maybe this is code over because I looked around it doesn't seem like this code is over I mean I I checked through this website this stinking website in a week ago it was working people are so on and the best hacker of all time and this guy's like just gotta have a religion for this guy I mean this guy has this guy has like a following like no other is this the Manson family over here what does he do he gets like say he has like an avi a code again you guess a character you let just get all this stuff is like get free 2 million views and he doesn't get any hate he gets 0 a 2 how does he have all this this guy is like this you know what this guy is it's this guy right here I got it I got this like no not yet this guy is a bother he BOTS his stuff you know what me a new husky food we were done we're done challenging all right guys I want to thank you all for watching this video that was all trying out a roblox promo code that that was a banned from roblox apparently nobody wants to know well apparently someone found out because now doesn't freaking work feeling good I was feeling good I was coming back I was coming back to YouTube I doubted the first video I made but it turned out it worked and then I tried this one and turns out they doesn't work so we're here now and we don't have we don't have free robot stick if you just have another scam one so we're one for one let's try our third one on Friday and yeah that's gonna be it so once again thank you all so much for taking time today to watch my content I really do appreciate you guys all have an amazing sexy day I'll see you guys next time later