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WEEK IN MY LIFE! | i got a car + i'm moving!

**WEEK IN MY LIFE! | i got a car + i'm moving!**



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guys i’m so excited about this vlog! i am showing you my new car, going on a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE at sunrise, and sharing a moving announcement!
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what's up you guys welcome back to another vlog I don't think I've lost since my la trip which was like three weeks or a month ago and you guys have been standing bring back the vlog so you want to see more vlogs so I'm starting off a week in my life today for you guys it's getting so bright back here in my back window planter room guys I am just freaking excited about this week I'm excited about this month I feel like I would talk to you guys and so long it's Sunday I just woke up like 20-30 minutes ago I'm still wearing my PJs I'm gonna make some breakfast I'm babysitting rocky and smokey this weekend he was like Shawn's parents dog they're out of town so it's just me and the dog was this weekend so yesterday I had like a full day out and it was really fun but today I want to like stay in with the dogs get ready for the week get a little bit of work done and things like that I feel like I've been on vacation mode ever since electric worst I got back like five days ago and I haven't like so many videos or anything since then so I was like I gotta at least blog but this week should be pretty good I think hopefully by the end of the week I'll be touring a potential new house I am looking I have been looking for the past few months for a new house to move into I love the house I live in so much right now but my landlords are raising my rent in August although I just don't I literally hate both of my neighbor's dogs so and I love dogs but let me tell you it is literally one of the biggest reasons that I want to move out because I can I backyard with my dogs without being like free and attacked at the fence by my neighbor's dogs I talked about this in many videos before see they're probably over it but those reasons and them raising my rent is the reason I've been looking for a new house and I am so pumped in to where this place on Friday so also will hopefully be logging by then let's head into the kitchen these dogs want me to feed them so I'm gonna feed these boys and then I'm gonna feed it up myself and I think I'm just gonna have some avocado toast or something so happy Sunday when you watch this it'll probably be not Sunday but welcome back to another vlog it's gonna be a great week Rocky's camera-shy tsumugi likes the camera oh hi boys hi baby you must miss your camera too hi Rocky you sniff my potato pancakes I'm cooking though I originally wanted to make how to toast but my bread it was moldy when I loved and I've only had it for like five days so I thought that was kind of lame so I don't have any bread so I made these two little Trader Joe's potato pancakes and then I put some a little bit of cream cheese because I like to put cream cheese on them it's set up like sour cream and then I did a little bit of avocado I just made one egg and then I put sriracha and everything but the bagel seasoning with a little bit of extra avocado on the side and I think it looks friggin good guys that this might be one of the best breakfast I've ever made by myself it is so good all the flavors are like perfectly pairing together right now and you believe I didn't think of a sooner it's low key so much better than all of akkad Oh toast with an egg on top like potato pancakes this is seriously incredible I just get the little potato pancakes at Trader Joe's and they're like in the frozen section and they're just like this big and holy it is so good with these toppings for breakfast I'm gonna watch an episode of Sex in the City it just relax and then I get our day started a little bit later so I made my own oat milk this week for the first time and I have been enjoying it so much sorry if you can hear my dishwasher going in background I clean the kitchen and the dishes and that is going super much barrage too but I just put it in this little stainless steel thing that I got from Amazon the other week this was pretty inexpensive and you can put like any homemade drinks in here you can put like beer or vodka or I just put my own milk in it to keep it nice and good and chilled in the fridge I'll put the recipe like on the screen that I used it was from Megan sent to me from this girl's Instagram story and literally I had no idea how easy it is to make oatmeal all you need his oaths water and maple syrup and basically just a blender to blend it all together and then you just use a strainer you don't even need like a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag or any of that fancy stuff so anyway um I know you can't Alesi it but she's in here I'm gonna make a coffee though I'm really proud of myself for doing that and then another kind of cute low waist thing that I've just added to my life is I bought all these tall ball mason jars these are like 64 ounce ones so if you can tell they're pretty big this is basically how much they hold except I don't have these all filled but I bought them for my snacks so I'm trying to not get as many packaged snacks so these are kind of some of the last ones that I will be buying unless it's something that's super super important to me but like these are chocolate-covered pretzels that you can get in bulk at Winco goldfish you can get in bulk and then this is some guard arrows and some dots pretzels that I really like you gather guard arrows in bulk to I window so I'm got these mostly to put my zero waste snacks like to help them stay fresh after I go and get them in bulk so I have three extra right now but I ended up getting a six pack of these jars on the Walmart website for like $10 it was so affordable especially cuz these are like huge and I know you can just go thrifting to you so you guys can probably find stuff like this if you're looking but I really wanted to add something like that like a big pack of these to my life so I'll link the ones down below my initial sure is pissing me off it always makes that noise I think something's wrong with it but it still cleans the dishes so I just haven't really looked into it so here's my little oat milk latte I'm feeling iced today so I'm just gonna add in a cup of a little bit of sugar simple syrup would be better but I ran out I need to make another batch so we're just using and then I'll stir this around and that's pretty much all you need all right guys I got dressed in my favorite little opening ceremony dress I've been wearing this a lot lately and I am going out to run a few errands and I don't think I've told you guys but I actually have a car now which is like finding best thing ever I'll show you guys her I bought her about two weeks ago and I've only had like a week to really drive her because I was out of town where we got electric for us so it's just been so nice I'm just going to go to the bath and Bodyworks I want to get a couple candles I got an email that they're having a sale on some candles so honestly I figured I always order them online but now that I have a car I might as well just like reduce my waste and go and actually just get them in person and I don't have to create any like extra packaging plus I can just sniff them and it'll be fine I haven't been to the mall in a while so we're gonna go there I think that's all me and I'm gonna run at the mall and then I'm gonna take my glass recycling to Albertsons super exciting stuff I gotta do that and then I'm gonna go and pick up some bagels for the week because I've been craving them and I want to go to the local bagel place here and just get like a bunch this is what I'm wearing today I don't have any makeup on but I just put my hair back in this little ponytail put on these cute earrings that are also from Rent the Runway these earrings in this dress and then my wife perks so let's go see Samantha so this is Samantha my new baby I basically saved up for her for like almost a year and I know exactly the car I wanted I had on my vision board and I got the car that I wanted and I'm just so so in love with her she's a white out eq3 you probably can't tell her shape that much from where I was just so I will move over but it's basically a compact SUV she's pretty tiny but like perfect size for me I didn't want anything too big she's an incredible condition she only had a 15,000 miles on her when I got her so I did it get her used I always get my cars used but like she was barely used which was incredible and I just don't love with her I love the shape I put my little face job this is the first thing that I added I put my base job on the back it's actually had this decal for like a year I don't have my license plate yet so I have like my temporary tag thingy but this is the back of her she's so freaking cute this is the other side of her but she's in amazing condition I'll show you guys the inside a little bit I have my glass recycling already loaded up over there but this is the front I think she's so sexy I have black interior which I personally love black leather interior it is my favorite and after not having a car for over three years it just feels so nice that I was able to just treat myself and buy this all for myself and it was definitely a good investment I think for me especially living here in Oz I just have myself there and then this is the back seat Oh which I guess we still have this can be from on the fourth of July we went to not the beach but like the beach and I know we went through this place called Lucky Peak Reservoir and we had this anyway you can't really tell I guess because it's taking up my whole back seat but black leather interior back here if it's five people obviously and yeah I mean I don't think I need to show you guys her trunk but that is Samantha yes I did named her after Samantha in Sex in the City I won't lie currently trying to figure out where I'm gonna put you when I talk to you here cuz honestly there's not that good of a place okay so I took my glass recycling I came to blue sky bagels and I got a dozen bagels and I was kind of confusing because I said can you put them in this back I could like I brought my own bag I was feeling really sad about it and they said yes and then when they handed it to me it has another bag inside of my bag so I'm guessing maybe it's just their company policy that they can't like touch their things to someone else I could cook I'm not really sure excited say anything or maybe they just had miscommunication it's just a paper bag so I'm definitely not triggered about it I don't care about lunch it but at the same time it would have been nice just to get it in the bag that I brought I don't know maybe they double bagged theirs or something and they wanted to make sure it wouldn't like break I'm not really sure they got a ton of yummy bagels I'm so excited about these and now I'm just gonna drive to the mall and I'm gonna go to the bath and Bodyworks and I think that's like my last errand I mean I do want to get some shorts at some point like I need some shorts for summer I'm so happy to be back car vlogging for you guys like who is she Samantha I have to figure out where it's gonna be the best place to put you guys for real maybe like up here could work oh yeah that'll work like in the future when I'm talking to you guys and I'm driving but I don't think there's somewhere in here that I could put you guys when I'm actually driving got the camera when it fall but maybe we can like get one of those I can get one of those thingies that like hangs that I can a little try a cold car tripod show I'm so excited right now just be back carpooling for you guys anyway I don't really have anything else to say besides I'm gonna bath and Bodyworks I just started yesterday listening to the Daniel Caesar album and I must say I'm really into it so far I've only just started listening but she is well I should say he is that was my quickest trip to the mall probably ever at least to this mall I just went in sniffs some candles they only had like a select few that were on sale for 10:50 so I think I got three yeah I'll show you guys some when I get home I brought my own bag but they wrapped them up which I probably honestly didn't need them to next time I'm just gonna try to say don't wrap them but I'll show you guys and when I get home and I like unpackage them and everything her oh no fatties I just took all the dogs that I'll walk and I said them and they're tired but I wanted to show you guys what I got when I was out earlier so I got three candles and there wasn't that many like I said that were on sale but I ended up getting each of these for $7 each because I had like an additional $10 off $30 coupon so that's kind of amazing these are the only three that I like there were a lot of sense that I just don't enjoy but I do really like all these so I got a block teakwood which I love mahogany teak wood and I think I've tried this one before too it's just in like summery packaging and then this is probably my favorite one it's called Beach scape and how would I explain this one I've never owned this one before fresh sea breeze warm cotton sweet lotus flower with essential oils this smells amazing a summery perfect for July months I've been burning candles like crazy lately so lastly I got heirloom Apple which it's not something I would normally go for but it actually is kind of a nice like Fawley scent it's really strong but I don't mind it I kind of like it so these definitely two are my favorite I was only gonna get these two and then I was like well I can't even use my coupon and let's like get another one so this one was like essentially free cuz it would have been more expensive if I didn't get this one and get the $10 off so we left that then I ended up going to Nordstrom Rack after I left them all and I tried on a bunch of shorts I found two pairs that I liked I tried on like a bunch of denim shorts in a white pair and these are the only ones I felt looked pretty good enough that I wanted them and I basically wear black shorts like any time I wear shorts they just go with everything so this first pair is did I say I got them at Nordstrom Rack I hadn't been there and so long but we don't have a regular Nordstrom here in Boise and I really wanted to try on the shorts so I went there and I actually had one of my Instagram followers eyes at the cashier which was so funny but these are from champion and they're like a little high waisted sweatshirt and they actually look a lot cuter on then just lying here but they're pretty flattering and really really comfortable and I love champions so can't complain then I got these ones that these are just like a high-waisted pair of black denim they honestly don't look at that cute but once again on they were a lot cuter than they look I have them rolled up but they're like a bit longer and they're by Joe's jeans and these ones were apparently a 138 dollar value according to Nordstrom Rack and I got them for 49 bucks so I thought that was a little bit expensive but they did look pretty good on and I tried on a bunch and these were like the only two that I really liked these ones for like $24 by the way these were more affordable but yeah I got I got a couple pairs I would have liked to found like a cute denim pair but of them fit that good a slash the ones that did fit good were $70 and I was just like nope I have crazy hair but I'm going to probably make a little salad for dinner you want something fresh and healthy say oh my Berlin today is my heavy breakfast and unlike a bagel earlier because I bought those delicious bagels so I'm ready for like something fresh get some vegetables in and then I'm probably just gonna take a shower because my hair is pretty greasy and I'm gonna pick up Shawna at the airport east flying in from Portland and it's Sunday which means new episodes of big little eyes and euphoria I love Sundays on HBO I really do that's probably I'm also gonna be at 9 because I definitely want to get some good footage it this week and I feel like I've logged most of the stuff I did today I've just been watching Sex in the City and I got my planner and I planned out my week ahead and while I planned out like the month ahead of videos I've fallen a little bit behind with my traveling recently and I want to get caught up on a really good schedule so I planned out all my uploads for the rest of the month hi guys it is Monday I was about to say Tuesday but it's Monday I think I got confused cuz I started the vlog on a Sunday and I usually started on a Monday anyway I've low-key like forgotten about the vlog today except been accomplishing lots of things but I basically um filmed a video I got ready I filmed a video them about to start editing right now I took squirtle to the groomer just usually just gets the snails and glands cleaned like every month or so and now I am going to edit my video and then I'm gonna go to a Pilates class at 5 o'clock so I haven't been using my YMCA membership I probably haven't been to a class in like three weeks maybe two and a half it's definitely been a while and I need to make sure that me using my freaking membership even though it's not that expensive it's like gotta use it anyway today I'm wearing a really comfy of it's so hot out I thrifted these shorts like a couple weeks ago and there are these light blue adidas shorts and they're actually like a size large but they kind of fit cute like high weights and I just rolled them over once and then I tied the waist up a little bit and I think they're so cute there were 399 and I goodwill so like I'm not mad about it and then just this tank top that I think it's just from three people or something I probably had this or American Apparel I probably had this for like two years it's just so comfy this is basically my little work setup for the next couple hours I'm about to start editing I have a snack I don't want this focus some hummus pretzels and Wheat Thins this is my coffee I got a vanilla sweet cream cold brew and I remembered my cup really happy about that sometimes I forget which is fine it's fine to forget sometimes but I packed ahead of time today and brought miss cup and I would light a candle usually and then this is the video that I just filmed my current summer favorites I like wrote down everything and then I'm just gonna start editing it so that is pretty much my Monday right now it has been productive um it's been a good day so far and I'm really hoping I can get this video edited at least mostly edited before I leave at 4:00 something for Miss Pilates because I really want to get an hour workout today since I haven't and so long and I just feel like it's a good week to get back on schedule with YouTube things work working out all of these good things that makes me feel really good to be on top of okay guys I am logging on my phone because I keep forgetting to grab my camera after I edited my video earlier today I keep forgetting to grab my camera and start freaking blogging again so I was just like you know what I'm out I forgot the camera let's pull out the phone I'm about to go in to ride a and I really need one thing I'm gonna get some paper so exciting I ran out of printer paper this is very exciting stuff that's all I need I think yes and then I'm gonna go to the post office I have one deep hop order and I went to Pilates Arthur it was so easy I think I accidentally went to the like old-people class cuz I was the one of the only people under 50-60 let's just say 50 I was one of maybe two people under 50 in the class and the class was actually pretty good like it was nice it was black seeing I got some good stretching him but it was just I didn't break a sweat and it was too easy guess it's better than doing nothing but I'm gonna need to go to a more advanced class next time not advanced but just like a little bit more break a sweat anyway um my bag gonna ride aid I'm here the happiest place on earth you're a man office-supply bells pretty easy just needing this paper let's find her she would be an office supplies right not seeing a stack of paper construction paper binders school paper okay I must be missing something printer paper Oh computer needs that would be it Oh rated such a hobby place such great prices okay I'm still not seeing the paper okay great I have found it miss 503 trees planted for everyone harvested okay well that sounds good to me this one's a dollar I know this is very same stuff for you guys being in the intersection you look really creepy show you a little bit really um we are going to sleep at the end I wanted to tell you guys because in the morning when we wake up to do this I already know I'm gonna be so frigging tired that I'll probably be like a zombie we're waking up at 4:20 a.m. to leave here at 4:40 to meet a hot air balloon ride pilot and ride a higher balloon above Boise and we've been waiting since September since September to do this which is when Sean bought the tickets I guess you could say tickets because they are very specific dates when you can do it so basically like we couldn't do it on one of the dates that they had left in September when he bought them and it got pushed back to the spring and then I don't know what was the deal with not getting in until July I don't I think they only fly like May June July August September some I don't really yeah this was literally July night those servers available because I think they're like always booked anyway it starts in the morning when it's dark out and then you go up and you watch the Sun Rise and not air bloom and that's pretty much all like I really know about it but I'm so so excited so we have to wake up so freaking early but I know it's gonna be fun and worth it but I'll probably be delirious I'm definitely excited that I'm vlogging for this experience it's gonna be so fun jiminy words over there the pilot yeah they probably do this all the time I've never taken high everything right uh neither has Sean so it's definitely to be a new experience but I think it's gonna be so beautiful I'm not scared at all I'm just very excited to see the sights and have the experience so anyway yeah we will see you guys early in the morning and half asleep the balloon is blowing up guys just before sunrise it is loud we're riding with like a big family and uh so the big America balloon dawn shaking the camera you want to put the blanket around you more for me all right guys she is blown up and let me just tell you she is huge like if I was standing right there I would only be as tall as like bright like this so balloons on its side baskets over there on inside too and then I guess we're gonna like put it up straight and then unload it or in the balloon thank you where it goes oh the Narnia oh wow this is peaceful yeah like this flight lakeside lunch so you're scared do it and we got at the river that's right over in that green belt there we're gonna get over there and play around in the river of the window slow huh Sun is rising for us just peeking up around mountains so beautiful there's a lot of green farmlands [Applause] [Applause] a lie over the highway it's rush hour about 6:45 right now so I bet people are not expecting to see a hot air balloon fly Oh we are landing we're up for about an hour so looking really good right this is a tradition that got a start on November 21st 1783 after the first man hot air balloon flight – Frank adventurous and brothers Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier ascended over and annoy France they traveled six miles across the French countryside and determinated their flight in a farmer's wheat field well I approached to that landing the farmers looked up they see this big fire-breathing monster coming from out of the sky billowing smoke and flames they thought it was something from another planet this time man had never flown before so farmers ran back in their barn to grab the pitchforks when that bloom came in for a landing it chased after it and they tore that balloon the shreds then they went out through the two pilots and they tried to kill them oh so the pilots society we have to carry something with this kind of prose the word for mirth being in France and ladies and gentlemen the time drank champagne that would carry a bottle of champagne waste time outbound landing and some unsuspecting farmers field it would quickly jump out and pose a toast to the farmers and say there's no Frenchman would turn down flying wine these people all right guys I am back home and now it's actually been a few hours that experience was so freakin incredible look at the 5:00 a.m. you guys saw that I didn't really talk to the camera at 5:00 a.m. because that was like as I said a zombie but then we got there we met our pilot he was snit his name was Scott he was so cool he told us everything he's gonna go we were paired up with another family so there was like nine people and then Scott that rode in the basket and the balloon and it was just so beautiful I feel like I understand now when you go up at sunrise because it just the whole city of life's that lights up as you're in the basket and we actually got to fly we were in the basket in the air for an hour and a half and I had knowing Sean said it was supposed to be 30 to 45 minutes the lady on the phone told him and we ought to be up there for a straight hour and a half which might sound long but it didn't really feel like it was that quite that long it felt like we were up there for 45 minutes or an hour but I definitely didn't feel like oh I'm over this like I want to get off it was so beautiful and I was not scared at all Sean was a little bit nervous just because he has vertigo so like you know when you go up and you kind of look over and then you get scared but he's not here right now but I could have he's at work but I could have him explain how do you liked it but he felt really calm once we were up there for like five minutes I feel like you got totally used to it he was looking over and fully chill and everyone in there was just great everyone was so excited about it and it was just so beautiful if you saw my Instagram story for this day you saw some the videos that I took and then obviously all include my vlog footage not sure how amazing my blog footage was but all obviously included the highlights so after that we got home around like an 8:45 or 9:00 o'clock we were gone for like three and a half hours so then I took it in half and now it's really late I'm actually embarrassed to tell you guys what time is it's left from when we got home till like 1:00 o'clock I just did my skincare routine so I was feeling a little dry and dreary but now I'm making a bagel these are the bagels I bought the other day by the way and my sister has shared this lifehack in a video but if you guys don't know and you're a big like bread or bagel person all I thought is you can put them in a freezer bag I just have this reusable one that I use from Grove collaborative it's amazing so it's like so thick at the bottom but you can use a freezer bag or like a box you know like a freezer bag or box and you can put your bagels in the freezer to help them stay fresh so they won't like go moldy or get hard so you can just pull one out of the freezer put it in these hoster and then it's perfectly ready you can just post it from its freezer form so I already had a bagel this morning but that was literally like nine hours ago we're like seven hours ago so I'm gonna have a blueberry bagel today I think I'm just going to do a little bit of laundry really boring and maybe just like a little bit of cleaning around the house so I'm in such a great mood after that cute idea today so glad we got to finally do it together while we were both here in Boise guys right now me and Sean are having a photo shoot with Samantha because we haven't I haven't shown her on Instagram or any of my social media yet so we figured it was time to take a couple pictures with her since I've had over like two and a half weeks now so we came up to the top of his parking garage I've actually shot here with Fiona when I had my first photo shoot with her so some of my pictures were I was like standing up here and if this green thing is gone you can like see a lot of the city over there but we're just shooting with the capital in the background and trying to avoid this ugly KeyBank building ugly ugly ugly but Samantha looks gorgeous so we've angered her wheels a little bit and we're gonna take a shot where I'm standing like right here and Shawn captures her hopefully without this ugly green but we've already taken some where I was on the hood and then I was on the top with the sunroof Shana is my Instagram husband he loves her yes although he didn't take a photo of me by myself on the basket this morning as well is she scared okay so that kid that was nice to us you know mmm he was like super terrified of heights and I don't know if you noticed but he was literally laying on the ground behind me no I thought I could I could have moved from where I'm laying down was on the ground behind me cuz he was so scared he couldn't even look up so well okay guys so I'm gonna place you like right over here and you can help you can watch this photo shoot progression [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but if your job well I guess if you're scared of heights like me actually the hot air goes up the stairs do you see them blackberry you see that big white pillar like right here their stairs very top you see that little stage yes what if your job is to climb up there and climb up to the top and repair that thing no somebody does that that's why their stairs what if that was your some construction workers aren't afraid of that stuff they just do it yeah like those crazy videos of people in Russia like standing on the edges of buildings what do you think the tallest building downtown's this one's pretty tall too I mean we don't have any skyscrapers or anything it's brown one yeah the US that looks pretty tall all these buildings are ugly no offense this one's actually not ugly as they're all like this is really really ugly there's not like a single window it's just a parking garage you know canceled anyway we got the shots what's up you guys it's now third wait Wednesday it's Wednesday I want to put you guys down my arm already hurts are you down on this Hydra flask right here me and Shawn are about to go see Toy Story 4 I have heard such good things I know my sister and my brother have already seen it so I feel very behind I have heard that it is incredible I've heard that squirtle loves being on camera and me and Shawn actually just finished up filming a Mook bong and you guys will actually see that next week from the time you see this video I mean just a few days it'll probably be mine be my next video after this one I'm pretty cool I'm not like violently full but I'm definitely like what else we I basically cleaned all day and did laundry and wash my sheets I mean it was just crazy stuff it was just a day where I needed to get somehow thing and then we just filmed the video and now we're gonna go on our little toy story for date so I know I haven't really checked in today apologize for that um but I mean other bun just cleaning today which I know you guys have seen me clean and vlogs it's kind of all we've really been up to or that's all I really would up to so we're gonna take my car I think and me and Sean are the only ones at the movie theater at least so far not sure if anyone else was gonna come at 7 o'clock Toy Story surely readers that's our nation history alright guys we are back from the movie Oh loved it the dogs are very excited that we're back the dogs are very excited we're gonna take them on a walk but 10 out of 10 loved it go see it if you haven't seen it it was incredible what's up guys it's Thursday and now hope you guys have been enjoying the vlog so far I feel like I've gotten pretty good amount of footage since Sunday I have some updates for you guys um so at the beginning of the vlog I mentioned that I was hopefully gonna be touring this house the people that are living in it right now and move out tomorrow so I got an update from the lady and I don't know if I already told you guys this but I already applied and got approved which is great but I haven't seen the house so obviously when I go see it if it's not what I want I won't be continuing on I haven't had to pay them anything sites I think there was an application fee but that's pretty much for any place that you apply I wanted to apply early basically and kind of get myself in the door cuz I do really like the photos and I think I told you guys I've already seen the outside and the location of the house and I really did like it I just have to obviously go see the inside now so I got an update this week and email from the lady and she said that they're moving out tomorrow all that has to be done is the move out inspection which hopefully will be done either tomorrow or the next day not really sure like how close they do they move out it's inspection and then she said I could go in tour it I'm pretty sure I can just go to where I by myself but she told me she's just gonna give me a door code to go and look at it which seems pretty chill sound like one person do that before where they just like let you go and look at it in your free time and that's obviously ideal for the vlog because I can film it but I think that's gonna have to be a separate vlog because I don't actually know yet when I'm gonna tour the house um hopefully you know tomorrow or Saturday or this weekend but honestly I'm not really sure when they'll have the code ready for me it might not be until next Monday or something so I figured that could be like its whole a whole separate vall kind of like the beginning process of moving yeah I am really hoping everything works out with the house if it is meant to be but we'll definitely see once we go look at it so look out for that in my next vlog hopefully getting to tour the place if everything goes odds it's gonna cleaned up back here and I I'm going to change my battery out in my camera first of all because it's about to die and then I want to do a little bit of a closet a mini closet clean out today it's not going to be anything crazy but I just want to go through my clothes and take out things that I'm not wearing anymore because I feel like I have a lot of stuff right now that I just haven't worn in a while and it's not like inspiring me in my wardrobe so hopefully I'll have some good deep pop listings up over the next couple weeks of some things so look out for that if you shop on my depop or if you've never shopped on it before I'll show you guys the pieces that I pick out for my closet that I'll be listing on there anyway I'm a little bit bald today no makeup day I'm gonna go to body pump later with my friend Fiona we usually like to go to this body poem class I mean we try I'm gonna say we try to go once a week but we at least try to go like twice a month let's get it ladies [Applause] okay guys so I just finished going through my clothes in here and in here I actually haven't made it to the dresser yet which is where you know obviously I keep some folded stuff and I will do that but I am leaving in like 15 minutes to go to body pump so I just want to show you guys my progress so far I had a bit of a delay cuz I know I'm just not talking in the camera I had a bit of a delay I talked to my dad on the phone for like 40 minutes so that affected my time a little bit but I have to start getting ready in about five minutes to get picked up but I wanted to show you guys the items I picked out so this is the hung up stuff that I decided I for sure want to downsize on these items I just feel like I've worn them enough and they're not inspiring me too much anymore and I just would prefer to make way for new pieces so any of this stuff if you guys are interested I'll definitely update on my Instagram story when I put these on my deep hop but there's like a lot of dresses dresses mostly a lot of dresses and then there's like some skirts pants shorts some bottoms as well there at the end and then I already had this basket which is kind of my ongoing depop to list basket things that I need to put up and I have a lot in here we have a bodysuit some shorts that I've never worn I thought I was gonna end up wearing them but I just haven't worn them in like six months and I just feel like I'm probably not going to have I haven't already skirt from Free People this is some stuff that I drifted that at least the bigger stuff I'll list closer it's a fall time but like and I'm just a bunch of stuff in here and some of it at the bottom was actually already been listed on my depop and hasn't sold but yeah my old wallet this little bag which is kind of fun if you're into like costume outfit this could be really fun for like Halloween or something that's what's in there and then took out this top because I want to give it surgery and make it into a crop top to kind of make it give it a new life then these are just tops that I might be listing but I need to try them on to see if they fit how I like them so that's like four things and I want to try on before I decide so I'm definitely a little bit behind I haven't had like a full D pop listing day and probably like over a month I just have had so much traveling going on and I haven't really made time to do it but if you do like anything that you saw um I will update on my Instagram story I'll try to have this stuff posted hopefully in the next week but definitely in the next couple weeks I'll try to have it everything listed um hopefully at least by the end of July how I'm gonna get ready to go to body pump I'll probably talk to you guys after we'll have some dinner that's pretty much my Thursday afternoon and spend on just a day at home it's like 95 degrees outside so I've literally avoided going outside all day all right you guys it is Friday now and I have been editing it just vlog and it's so much longer than I thought if it's going to be I knew I got a lot of footage but it's gonna be a really long one so I'm gonna go ahead and end off this vlog and the next vlog like I said yesterday will hopefully include my moving updates and touring the house and all that kind of jazz cuz I still haven't heard back so hoping that all works out but I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog it was really fun to go back and edit it everything I feel like a lot of good stuff happened in this vlog so I hope you guys enjoyed seeing like the hot air balloon ride and seeing my car and just this week in general give this vlog a thumbs up if you liked it and if you want to see it more week in my life so leave me a comment down below if you made it until the end I would love to chat with you and I will see you guys in my next video