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Next time you’re going on a trip don’t forget to check out this video! It’s full of helpful tips and tricks that will spare your time and nerves!

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10 BEST TIPS for SAVING ON RENTAL CARS - How to Rent a Vehicle for cheaper auto rates 2018

**10 BEST TIPS for SAVING ON RENTAL CARS – How to Rent a Vehicle for cheaper auto rates 2018**



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SUBSCRIBE HERE!! How do I rent a car, truck, or SUV? How do I get the best available rate on a car rental? Where do I find the best deals on an auto rental? From the Author of “How to Beat the Dealers Finance Office,” “Car Scam of the Decade,” and “13 Car Buying Mistakes,” these are the top ten best tips on renting a car. What’s the cheapest way to rent a car? Do you know the true cost of a car rental? Find out why you shouldn’t rent a car at the Airport! Business Travel? Going on vacation? Hitting the road soon? HITTING the road this summer? Better get booking early.
As the busy summer car-rental season begins, prices are expected to climb. “In early June through the end of August, these rates will spike,” said Neil Abrams, president of Abrams Consulting Group, which tracks the car rental industry. Last July, for example, the average rate for a weekly airport rental of a compact car booked seven days ahead was $369.62, or 56 percent more than the $236.73 charged in March, according to the Abrams Travel Data Index.
Let go of name brands. Look beyond Avis, Hertz and other big national chains to independent agencies like Payless and Fox Rent a Car. Because of lower operating costs, their cars, which can be found at Web sites like CarRentals.com and CarRentalExpress.com, typically cost 15 to 30 percent less than rentals from mainstream agencies. Another company with an unfamiliar name, at least to most Americans, is the German agency Sixt, which has begun opening branches in the southeastern United States, including in Atlanta, Miami and Orlando, Fla. To boost brand recognition, the company, whose fleet includes BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes and Volkswagens, is offering deep discounts. For example, a Mercedes C-class cost $38.81 a day in late May at Sixt’s Orlando airport location, according to a recent search. By comparison, the lowest rate offered by Hertz for the same dates was $50.57 a day for a Kia Rio or similar economy car.
Negotiate. Even after you’ve booked the best possible rate, it can be worth swinging by the rental counter to see if you can finagle your way into a better car. “You don’t ask, you don’t get,” said Mr. Abrams, the rental car consultant. Success with this strategy can depend on everything from the type and number of cars on the lot to the mood of the clerk, he added. But some companies are happy to put you in a bigger, or less popular, vehicle for the cost of a compact — if it’s in their interest.

“I frequently need minivans for the volunteer activities I do with teens,” said Marty Paz, the car-rental rate hacker, who has noticed by perusing the parking lot that there is often a glut of minivans at one location he frequently rents from on the weekend. “Often times I’ve reserved an economy car for a Friday and just offered graciously: ‘If there’s a van, I’ll take that. I don’t mind,’ and for the price of the economy car I get the minivan.” (A larger vehicle, of course, will require more fuel.)

Prepay. Taking a page from hotels, rental car companies are offering discounts of up to 20 percent to travelers willing to prepay. In a recent search for weekly rentals at Boston Logan International Airport in mid June, for example, Hertz was offering economy cars for $173 a week at the “pay now” rate. The “pay later” rate was about $30 more. The trade off for locking in a low-rate? Cancellation penalties ranging from $10 with Budget to $50 if canceling within 24 hours with Hertz. And don’t forget about Priceline.com and Hotwire.com, which offer deep discounts to travelers willing to be locked into a preset price before finding out the rental car company.

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hello I'm Kevin hunter remember when people rented cars mainly for vacations or business travel well times have changed the car rental industry is growing by leaps and bounds with airport rentals historically being the main revenue driver however that segment has remained virtually flat over the past decade and a half the industry's growth is due almost entirely to the explosion of the home city rental market renting from a neighborhood location those renting from neighborhood locations do so for a number of different reasons however it doesn't matter if you're Airport renter or a home city renter I've got a list of tips compiled by Edmunds that are designed to help make your car rental experience as pain-free as possible for your bank account number one search the Internet this seems like a no-brainer but as is the case with many purchases you'll find the best rates on the Internet shop around buying online will afford you the luxury of seeing what rates are on any vehicle your heart desires without the inconvenience of having a salesperson breathing down your neck also many companies offer special discounts to people who rent online rates will obviously vary from company to company depending on vehicle availability location and other factors but rates aren't the only variable to consider also look at hours of operation because some companies closed early on weekends depending on your schedule this might be crucial for you number two go with a weekend rate rates are typically cheaper on weekends at one company that was surveyed you could rent a subcompact on a weekday for sixty four ninety nine when we opted for a weekend rental the figure dropped to a far more reasonable 2299 if you've got some flexibility with your rental arrangements opt for weekend rental your pocketbook will be very grateful number three weekly does it weekend rates are great but better than weekend rates our weekly rates and they're usually the best of all at one company a subcompact went from a weekday rate of fifty six ninety nine that same card could be rented on a weekly basis for $259 a savings of more than thirty percent if you use the vehicle for all seven days and more than ten percent if you returned it after five days if you plan on using the vehicle for five days or more just choose the weekly rate number four think twice about insurance when renting a car you'll be offered a collision damage waiver at CDW and they damage waiver ldw the first covers you in the event of a collision while the second covers any loss to the rental company both kinds of coverage are a good idea but not if they duplicate coverage already included in your own insurance policy most insurance policies offer liability coverage to protect you if you injure someone in an accident some also cover rental car damage via comprehensive and collision coverage check your policy or call your insurance agent to verify coverage before signing up for a vehicle if you're renting the car with a credit card your card provider may also pay for vehicle damages associated with an accident so remember to contact your card company ahead of time to make sure there's one caveat to be aware of the collision damage waiver covers loss of use the charge levied by the rental car company to cover its lost income when the vehicle is out of service in some states auto insurance policies don't cover this loss so if you have an accident you may wind up having to pay this charge out of your own pocket as such getting the collision damage waiver may be a good idea number five book your car early this is not a cliche statement the earlybird usually gets it cheaper than everyone else Rachele depend on how many vehicles the company has available at any given time and the earlier the rental is made the cheaper it tends to be reserve your car at least a week in advance number six think twice about prepaid gas renters generally have two choices when it comes to fuel you can pay for a full tank of gas in advance and bring the vehicle back empty or something less than full or you can opt to refuel it yourself before returning rental car companies suggest that paying in advance will add convenience and that the low rates offered will save you money well the right on the first part but wrong on the second prepaying will cause you to pay for more fuel than you've actually consumed from a financial standpoint prepaying is a bad idea unless you're certain that you'll use the full tank also be aware that some companies charge a premium rate per gallon for the gas they provide number seven be careful of upgrades to larger vehicles sometimes rental car companies will offer free upgrades to the larger vehicle they will do this mainly because the compacts tend to be in high demand this sort of upgrade may seem like a great deal for you if having a larger vehicle will improve your rental experience then take the upgrade but if you have no need for the extra space it's cheaper to decline not all of the larger vehicles will burn more gas so that free upgrade isn't actually free you could end up paying for it at the pump number eight steer clear of airport pick up picking up a rental car at the airport can be more expensive due to taxes and fees try looking at nearby neighborhood locations to save money a recent Travelocity study showed that renting at an airport cost eleven and a half percent more on average than renting at a neighborhood location Texas airports were the chief offenders but airports and states like Arizona Ohio Maryland Missouri and New Mexico also cost renters more in taxes and fees number nine if you have kids see them yourself if you're traveling with a little one you can save yourself some coin by bringing your own child safety seat some rental car companies charge ten dollars a day for child safety rental obviously this can tack a significant amount to your car rental expenses so if you're able to bring your own child safety seat if you're renting a minivan though know that some rental minivans include integrated child safety seats at no extra cost and finally number 10 join the card club many of the larger companies offer club membership in which members pay a yearly fee in exchange for certain perks and privileges these clubs can save you money with benefits like free rental days and airline miles but you'll likely only see savings if you're a frequent renter if you fall into this category and use rental vehicles more than occasionally join the club those are the top ten tips for getting the best rates on a car rental as compiled by Edmunds if you happen to be a car buyer in the market check out my other two videos one is titled the top ten tips for car buyers and the other is a top ten tips for cheaper car insurance make sure you give us a like put a comment on the video and remember to subscribe to the channel I'm Kevin hunter thanks for watching

How To SAVE MONEY On Groceries Without Coupons

**How To SAVE MONEY On Groceries Without Coupons**



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hey all right time something there's not enough of and something you can't get back for me doing the whole coupon thing takes way too much time Karla grab your coupon to get your first tip of the years have kind of just figured out other ways to save money started sheriff you those ways to you guys today so let's jump into it one flyers pretty much the only good thing about physical spam el are these things now the trick here is to figure out what grocery stores have one on sale round here each grocery store is something different on sale every week so what I do check them out choose my meals based off that week for example this week I could get my sweet potatoes asparagus and strawberries at one store then chicken to my protein source at another source other options to pick the store with the best field base your recipes off what's on sale this week we can make some turkey and haddock recipes make this as easy or as hard as you want to but trust me the savings add up quick over the whole year to late-night shopping this one has been a staple of mine for a while now and should work for everyone especially if you're around a grocery store it doesn't have that much foot traffic after around 8 o'clock most grocery stores will heavily discount meat sometimes other stuff is getting close to the expiration I can almost always find ground beef turkey or chicken for under 2 bucks a pound seriously I've seen thousands of dollars by doing this over the years the grocery store is always empty at night so that's another huge bonus you're like me and you hate lines so three not all grocery stores are equal this ones are those who have a good memory or like writing stuff down my experience since grocery stores like a second home I've noticed that each grocery store has different things cheaper than other ones you can remember what grocery store is what for cheaper you're another step closer to saving more money for example one of my grocery stores has Greek yogurt for a dollar twenty-five lay elder has it for a dollar I'm eating one a day it's around $90 safety gear factor in a bunch of other items that number will add up quick for buy in bulk those are vegetables nut butters eggs condiments meats so on can be bought in bulk everywhere for example I got this huge tag of tuna at Walmart for five bucks how crazy is this thing should I eat it on camera the whole thing let me know in the comments below you have a membership to Costco BJ's or Sam's Club because I need a better deal especially on me so those of us who don't usually just buying the biggest item you can find will save you some serious coin this isn't always okay so so make sure you do the math and five don't be a brand tour most every grocery store has alternative brands usually their own to the more common items cereals rolled oats frozen goods cheeses no substitutes slices dressings the list goes on just make sure the ingredient list is the same you're good to go there are a few exceptions here where the cheaper items and nearly as good like pop-tarts are examples but most of the time they taste the same so it's not cheaper we're trying at least one with that Kusum other ways you save money down below or your favorite tip out of the five that like button to make me feel better about myself indoors so I know you guys want more videos like this of course stay saving or healthy or both I seriously can't believe this thing exists what is the demographic who buys this there's someone out there that buys this for work rips it open and dies in with a fork





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