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Practical Ways to Save Money

**Practical Ways to Save Money**



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Lynnette Khalfani-Cox aka “The Money Coach” says you don’t have to go
extremes to save money. Check out these smart and easy ways to save cash.

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Wow let me just let's talk about some practical things that people allow you these are the extremes people are not going to do nor do they want to but but you got some good practical exactly well a lot of what they seem to be concerned with is saving money and energy resources water especially so let me tell you a couple of things that anybody can do very practical very sanitary ways as well to really save first of all here's a little device called a faucet aerator it's a very simple thing that you put on a faucet in your kitchen sink in your bathroom it's very easy you just snap it on to the faucet head it only costs you like two bucks online but here's the thing this one little device can save you over five hundred and fifty dollars in five years the reason is because it has a it makes the water pressure that come out the exact same but a reduced amount of water comes out so you're really saving money with this a faucet aerator that's a great is very easy yeah now about the toilet just please let me tell something bout the toilet yeah okay hello so we've all seen we've all seen these you know these little things inside the the toilet that you have in the top part of the basin this is called a toilet flapper again very low cost only a buck to buy but the idea is that if you don't change these and you're not flushing very often so I often you're changing the toilet flapper you're supposed to change them once a year because it's plastic so it can break down very easily and cause you a leak that can make about 200 gallons a day literally in water but what does the flapper do it actually helps your it seals in the water okay and then when you flush the toilet it opens so that the water that you flush escapes okay but you want it to stay sealed most times okay but having a new one every single year is very important again it's only a buck online in home improvement store etc it'll save you a hundred and ten dollars we'll put links on our website to where to get these products you have another one is there a couple of other things too energy is a big one right you guys are talking about saving energy go to my energy com anybody can do this they do essentially a personal audit of your consumption your electricity your energy your water uses they'll even tell you how you compare versus your neighbors etc and give you tips on ways to save energy my energy luxuries because a lot of us want to money on groceries understand you don't have to dumpster dive you can do you can use a couple of really neat apps one is called get locavore and it's an app that'll show you about in your area of places where you can get local exactly food that's fresh and healthy and frankly a lot cheaper that's a really good way to save money and the last one I was going to mention is a plate an app called grocery IQ again it's a great one you actually scan the items you want right from your own home they put it in a barcode fashion they create a list for you and they'll tell you hey there's coupons on these if it's meat produce poultry vegetables whatever it is you want you can save money literally right from your home so there everybody wants to save money but you've got to do something that's sustainable that's healthy that won't crimp your lifestyle or hurt your relationships and your potentially you know upset other people in Gregg there are a lot of people who don't like the idea of their you know as you said you're paying good money for something brand new and you've been out running around in it that's not very understandable you know I realize if I want to date someday I'm gonna have to give up someday right I'm gonna have to you know change my way significantly but for now you know it's it's hard to impress girl there really is you know I mean you you have to have nice clothes you have to have you know all these things that really should come first and that's my biggest concern is I'm the well-being of others Israel not catching something right I'm sure they're waiting you can impress girls without Bill's expensive well yeah medically are we gonna succeed unless you find a woman like me I couldn't agree more I mean yeah but it's not unfortunately come up please

How to lower your water bill guaranteed

**How to lower your water bill guaranteed**



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Would you like to save up to 25% or more on your next monthly water bill? This is a fact. water meters don’t actually measure water. They measure mass. Mass is air and water. Our amazing flow management technology reduces your water bill by thousands. Go to www.greeenwayconcepts.net to start saving thousands now.
would you like to save 25% or more on your next water bill of course you would but I'm sure you'd also like to know how this is a simple fact all water pipes intermittently carry air along with water as water travels from a water company to a home or business air builds up in the water pipelines via internal and external processes since all water meters measure total volume the mass of both air and water this causes the blades in the meter to turn faster than just water alone and as a result you pay more than necessary with our h2 – Oh commercial water saving solution the water valves control the volume of air measured by water meters and reduces water bill costs by suppressing meter measurement of air volume by controlling the air and the water pipes from being measured by the water meter the process reduces the amount of gallons your water meter reads therefore you pay only for the water not air on top of reduced water and sewer charges you'll also enjoy reduced maintenance costs and increased property value and of course all our products are safe sanitary and have long durability so discover for yourself why companies like Marriott hotels Pepsi and YMCA have invested in our amazing flow management technology contact us today at WWE are you a concepts net to get started with your free water system analysis and start saving thousands on your water costs

How to renew the flush syphon without removing the cistern,and save money on water bills.

**How to renew the flush syphon without removing the cistern,and save money on water bills.**



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How to get over this job by fitting the right syphon to your WC flush tank. Fitting this particular syphon means you only have to remove your cistern from the pan just the once in order to fit it, there after it is an easy 5 minute job. Click this link to see how to fit it.
The plus side is you also save a lot more money on your water bill.
To buy this syphon at the cheapest price from my website Amazon link go to
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hi everyone Big Al again what we talked to you today about is um changing a siphon in a toilet system it can be a rotten job in that you've got to literally empty the system right out and your seat Danny maybe just going to see if there is a couple of Bob's now when you do this job if ever you have to do in a system it's not interchangeable you've got them get all the pipes is going to and there's there's one of the pipes that go out there that's got to be undone and if you've got an overflow as well this one doesn't because it's quite modern then you've got to over and do that as well I choose you on this side but there's not one on this one as I say because this is quite modern then of course you can undo the screws more importantly your hardest part is I'm doing a couple of brackets that go through round the back now suck and kick get some right to show you a bracket I don't know if I can get them there the bulbs that go through they've got to be undone they can be quite tight especially if they're metal ones okay that's just there's nothing wrong this toilet is among my own tour I'm just trying to explain to you guys a really good piece of kids been out a while I want to show you what it is if you've got an on one type system that's got a handle on the front this one is in this a push-button one but if you've got a type and a handle and then more likely it takes an ordinary flush siphon now say if the washer goes you have to take this dis system right off the wall and change the size and take it right out but another one here and put it all back well now there's a better device there's been a little while but I want to make you aware this one and it's called this it's a turbo 88 now 9 is a really good water saving part to siphon but it is really improved and with technology registered and everything else and it's a proven water saver now it really does reduce the amount of what will you flush so you do save a lot of money on your bill so that's just a side effect I just shake out things may be able to read the right in there but the more interesting part as far as if you've got to fit this thing now this one is going to cost you a lot more money than a standard siphon this thing is going to be over 20 pound whereas you can get a cheap one for a very quit but believe me it's worth it because if you're going to keep your toilet and you've got a family to keep flushing here you're going to find the siphon washer which is that part under there goes fairly quickly and that they need changing but this this thing is finally cured the problem of making it easy to do because by turning over your see that to service it and if you can read that there about the simply servicing to service it you're literally just split it can you see that picture there now as you can see you haven't got to take the cistern off the wall in one bowl you'll get it all drained out and all the hassle that goes with all that believe me just plumbers a night well no with this you simply split the pin and there's a pin there see that pee there it is there you take that out there it is the back of it pull it out and this this part so this part here this part of the of the siphon stays whoops stays inside the system inside it currently stand like that you pull that pin out and then you can pull this out I mean it quite simple into a noodle wash it underneath and put it back in and put your pin back in now I think it's a great idea and it will save you not only hell of a lot of work in future but it's also very good in that it saves you a lot of water because we reduced flushing as part is siphon so I highly recommend this this particular size and I'll show that picture again with a break now and there it is there it's give a siphon Masoud property when you see that break down here yeah so I'm not getting alive don't take it out the bag because it's a it's a brand new one and I don't want to get the bank has a bit of food for somebody and they tend to think if it's yeah I've gotten a bag that using new so I don't want to take it out of this wrapping and buy so there you are and it's made by Dudley it's a Dudley siphon and is called a turbo 88 and I say so it's a bloody good idea especially for you if you have got a big family and your toilet flushes used a lot okay and there we are so that's it guys so tip plumbing tip from out thanks watching all my videos on dirt and 33 visit my channel thanks very much for watching

How to Save Money On Your Water Bill

**How to Save Money On Your Water Bill**



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These tips can help you save hundreds or even thousands a year on your water bill.

US Water does it a different way: We are a family-owned business that was started in our garage 16 years ago. We hire water treatment professionals – people with 10, 20 and even 30 years of water treatment experience. Our sales department and a tech support department is staffed with former installers and service technicians who have over 220 years combined field experience. We are not some slick sales and marketing company who is faceless and nameless. You know who the owners are when you deal with US Water and we think that is important when you are looking for a water treatment company.

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Water bill -- Save MONEY!!!

**Water bill — Save MONEY!!!**



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This cheap, simple, and easy fix using a gallon jug in your toilets reservoir will save you 16% on your water bill per month and approximately 7500 gallons of water per year! Those numbers are based on the one toilet!

Obviously if you have more than one toilet you want to do this to all of them:) Stay tuned for more home saving ideas for your home and your pocketbook

I hope this helps all of you and like always God Bless!!!
we have other channels what you've done follow me hey everyone matt here home saving ideas and today I wanted to discuss how we can save 16 percent on our water bill as you can see I'm filling this jug up completely to the brim and putting the cap on you want to do that so you're saving as much water as possible make sure that caps on tight and let's go ahead and look at the bottle so here you see we have the reservoir and you want to make sure that caps on tight and just slide it down and tell it touches the bottom and then you push it down and just make sure it's secure you don't want it floating around in here and give a thumbs up because it's set in there good and tight and so you let it fill up and as you can see it's almost going to go completely to the brim of the jug and you're going to be saving that exact amount of water every time you flush a whole gallon okay and here's the good old toilet doing its thing draining down into the ocean so if you want more money-saving tips for your home and how to save on bills subscribe anyways god bless you all and have a great day you make me see