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How To Coupon Beginner Back To Basics Coupons And Extreme Couponing

**How To Coupon Beginner Back To Basics Coupons And Extreme Couponing**



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How to coupon for Beginners. I will be trying to put out more how to extreme couponing videos and just ways to save money. if you have any questions about couponing leave them in the comments and i will do my best to help you with them

Here is the beginner couponing play list. Just start here and it will play all the videos for you.

Here is my kids channel StopThatAnimation

ShopKick free smart phone app.
is a phone app that pays you to walk into stores. just two of the things i do for extra money and stuff.

Also check out Swagbucks for more ways to save when couponing.
It’s a fun and easy way to make some money. you can print coupons from the site and get points for them that you can turn into money and you can also watch videos to also get swagbucks.
what are you guys doing here hi I know I haven't been around in a while but just so you guys that don't know for my new subscribers my name is Jeff and this is living pork and I was just gonna sit down take a look at my coupons and stuff but I thought I have so many new subscribers lately and asking all kinds of questions I know I've answered a lot of these questions before I know a lot of my friends who coupon and have channels have answered a lot of these questions but you know there's new people all the time so I thought we'd go back to basics and things have changed and I have been running low on some stuff I still coupon here and there I don't do big deals and stuff anymore that's why pretty much that making videos on couponing hauls and stuff but you know there's a lot of new people so I thought you know maybe I better get back to basics and I guess the first thing you need is your coupons when getting your coupons you want to try to find a a newspaper that has your coupons in it for the best deal so I found a place where I can pick my newspapers up for only a buck fifty and get them next thing you want to do is you need to to newspapers so you have two sets of coupons and when you've been couponing a while you'll understand that but the bigger your family the more coupons you're gonna need but for a beginner start out with two even one would be fine but start with two because you have to learn to coupon first get used to using your coupons flipping through them and seeing what coupons are ones that you're gonna use and stuff so that you get a feel for it but start off slow and I think that's the biggest problem with a lot of people is that they they try to do these big deals if you've watched any of my videos you've seen some of the bigger deals and stuff and I tried to keep my hauls fairly small even though you didn't see and I didn't show like massive hauls the really big ones I did them but I didn't really like to show them because I don't want people to get frustrated and I still see it people getting frustrated with couponing it's not extremely hard but it can be time-consuming and that's why I try to show shortcuts so I'm gonna leave a link in the description make sure you check out my other videos I've done I put them in a playlist so you just turn it on and watch them learn all that you could learn and then start couponing but now and even myself I need to go back and start reading the coupon policies for the different places that I coupon at and every store is different just because it's Walgreens and they have a Walgreens couponing policy you need to learn your Walgreens where you shop and find out which Walgreens are best because I can tell you right now from experience I have four of them just in my town and they are different and I have my preference to which one I go to I actually have one that I pretty much try not to ever go there just because it's such a headache over there the way they understand the couponing to policies to be in this and that so don't get frustrated when watching other people's videos on couponing and how they did it because there's maybe different than yours so always remember that a big thing is when you're new take your time I can't stress that enough do very small deals as possible and I will try to get back into doing that but as most of you know that that follow me and know me and have seen other videos of mine I do have another channel that is the kidses channel we've been growing it and it's growing fairly fast and it's just like keeping me so busy with that and I work a 12-hour shift and I'm up all night you know it's the middle of the night here but to me it's daytime for me because I'm getting ready to go back to work starting on Monday so but if you have kids definitely I'll leave a link to my other channel to the kids channel it stopped that animation we make all kinds of fun videos for kids we open a lot of different toys and stuff like that like I said it's very time consuming my play-doh eggs some of them literally take hours upon hours to make these huge play-doh eggs they're really cool so definitely if you have kids grandkids nieces nephews whatever go on over there and check that out I think they'll enjoy it we have a lot of fun over there Gary just got done doing a big play-doh egg and he was so excited those who don't know my son Gary who had a seizure at a very young age struggles with a speech yet today at 7 years old now so he but he loves doing these eggs and and he's opening these boxes and stuff of surprises and we actually get fan mail from people who have sent us really cool boxes of toys I mean it's just amazing how many nice people Huff they're you know want to give us stuff to open on Cameron so definitely go check that out but anyways when it comes to let's get back to the couponing make sure you read all your policies of your stores and learn your stores again I can't stress that enough either I'm running low on some stuffs but that's why I thought you know I got to get back into this and show the beginners how to do this so make sure you watch all of my videos I put them in a playlist make sure you watch along because from organizing them like a lot of people like to cut them out I don't I don't like to cut out my coupons because most websites most couponers that you're watching like myself we're I tell you what paper it was in and whether it was a smart source of PNG a red plum we're gonna tell you like that and if you cut your coupons then you now you're having to label each and every one of them it's it's very time-consuming and you'll see from there I just show you how to take these and you'll label them into a regular folder and put them into a box is all I use it's a file cheap file cabinet box put them in there and now all I have to do is look up on the tab what month and what paper it is and I'm I can pull out my coupons and look and see now remember not everybody has the same coupons they're very a lot of them can be very regional especially the really good ones and we are here in the North it's ice where we get some of the worst coupons around I know Florida gets some really good ones so if you live in Florida you're fortunate but again we're having a lot of problems with things like that I like to print out a lot of my coupons so let's definitely make sure you check online to coupons calm and stuff like that to get your coupons I just noticed that my store my local grocery store now has a computer base light system that it has smart source or I'm sorry coupons come right on it I can scroll through it pick the coupon I want and it prints it right there for me that I mean that is so nice I don't know if any you guys seen these things before like I said we just got it so very cool another thing make sure you use the smart apps if you don't have a smartphone man they really come in handy for couponing I'll leave a link for the shop kicks is what I use make sure you check that out I'll leave a link for it I get points literally for just walking through a door I get that I can then redeem for money and I've gotten literally hundreds of dollars off of this program it costs me nothing it's a free program it's free to sign up it's everything it's totally free it and it just goes on your phone and like I said you need a smartphone but when you walk into a store like Target especially targets everywhere I have them a Walmart now just started getting them I know our local Walmart doesn't it doesn't work there as far as walking through the door but the other ones that we go through do and I get points for walking in the door then there's things I tamil' to scan and you'll use your camera on your smartphone and scan that item and you'll get certain amount of points for different things and you can rack up points that way so again it it starts adding up quick and I I know I've made other videos on it too where we had like five hundred dollars worth of stuff that I purchased including this phone this phone was with the deals and everything else that was going on it ended up only cost me $40 but it actually did cost me nothing and I bought two of them one for Diana and one for myself it cost us nothing for these phones because I had saved up the points to buy them so really good deals out there so I will be back try to do some simple deals and whatnot but make sure you go check out our my other videos that will get you started and get you going in the right direction on how to coupon and stuff and for your make sure you go check out my other channel with the kids and stuff for your kids I hope you guys enjoy all that and I will be back and I'll see you guys next time at living poor bye guys





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Coupon Inserts Preview. Coupons arriving on 7/14/19. What Inserts Did we get. Is it a good week to buy inserts? Coupon Insert Early Preview 7/14/19. Excited to share what coupon inserts are arriving on 7/14/19. Great week for inserts 2-RMN. I would definitely pick up your inserts this Sunday a lot of great coupons coming our way! I hope you enjoy this video and remember if you like these videos please like subscribe and hit the bell so you can receive notifications when I upload new videos. Thanks for watching.
Email: [email protected] Friend Mail: Attn Mel/Richard Breunig Foundation/P.O. Box 1673 Westminster CA 92684
Email: [email protected]
Friend Mail: Attn Mel/Richard Breunig Foundation/P.O. Box 1673 Westminster CA 92684














my videos now today is Saturday and I definitely wanted to share with you guys the early insert coupon preview now I will be getting blown away this set right here to one lucky winner I'll announce how to enter this giveaway at the end of this video so just go ahead and follow those instructions on how to enter to win and when I will announce the winner on this so I wish you all the best of luck but we're gonna go ahead and see what is in these coupon inserts right now now don't forget to follow me on instagram coupons for charity and let's get started getting to retail me nots in our inserts today so let's take a look at the first one so we'll go ahead and go over this one first so it looks like we are getting a four off of two Guarnere products which is good if you are coupon at CVS we have a four dollar off the whole blends two dollars off the Garnier hair color a $4 off two and $1 off the expert touch-up Oh Miss Daisy is on one alright so we got that good buy one get one free that's gonna be a great deal at CVS because there are two four six and then we have a buy one get one free so be three dollars for two or a dollar fifty each which is not a bad deal a $2.00 off the Maybelline foundation Daisy we got some vitamin coupons for the nature box the ambien and it looks like we got some what are these pain anti septic hmm like feet and body aches kills germs scrapes oh I've never seen that just some advertisement here and the last page is the Persil a laundry detergent now this one is usually one identical coupon per shopping trip so if it is a shopping trip then you could necessarily go back and forth and buy one at a time at cbs4 that span 30 get a $10 extra car buck and then we got the snuggle and then the buy for get two free on the adjustable air fresheners which isn't a bad deal okay let's take a look at our second so on our second insert we did get a love and beauty planet a dollar fifty off and then a four off of two if you get yours early then you could still do that $5 a Target gift card deal at Target and it is by four get a $5 Target gift card and that is just for today if you get this early enough and then we do get a buy one get one free on buy one Allah beauty planet and get a free love Beauty panic on the liquid hand wash so that's not a bad deal Daisy so we also have the Dove man care foaming hot body wash and then the regular body wash a dollar-fifty off the men care body wash or bar soap $5 up to any shear moisture that's a great one $1 off any bar soap we got some centrum coupons just advertisement there here we have the tums for a dollar 50 a dollar 50 off one dollar 50 off two and the right guard $1 off one not a bad coupon daisy and we have the cabochon $3.00 off the benefiber and then we have a dollar 50 off the Sensodyne the pro enamel the peridot –ax and the biotene and some type of sweepstakes clip it win it over Publishers Clearing House advertisements and then three dollars off Magni Life advertisements and Charlie Brown's which is not in my area so that is the coupon insert preview for Sunday now my favorite I would say would be the love and beauty planet and the Persil coupon as well as the Guarnere coupons now I hope you guys are having a fabulous blessed day now I'm going to be giving away a set of three each so if you guys would like to enter for that giveaway just supposed to comment let me know you would like to be entered for the insert giveaway and I'll announce the winner on my Instagram she coupons for charity and on my community tab on my channel on Monday on out set on Monday I'll announce who won so go ahead and post a comment let me know if you'd like to win and if you have an Instagram definitely your Instagram name so I can definitely Instagram you back or direct message you and let you know you won if you don't have an Instagram it'll be posted in the community tab I wish everybody the best of luck I hope you guys go out and catch some of these deals this Sunday and I will be talking to you guys real soon thank you so much for watching bye

2nd Walgreens Haul July 3rd 2019

**2nd Walgreens Haul July 3rd 2019**



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hello everybody and welcome back to my channel yes i'm sharing with you guys my second walgreens haul walgreens lately has been super awesome you guys like I'm really excited to shop at Walgreens I'm really excited to do second hauls but yes I was gonna do one yesterday and then I'm just like I need a break I just need a break I didn't want to leave the house I didn't want to do anything I did get dressed though but I'm just like oh but today I'm like okay I gotta go to Walgreens so I went to Walgreens this morning and then we went somewhere and now I'm finally doing my video and everything but I had a good haul you guys there's some really good deals that you guys want to do the one deal is if you guys haven't done this is the wet-and-wild deal now this is a wet and wild lipstick kit okay you know these are not on sale like the other ones are all wet and wild right now is 40% off but this one is not and this one's $19.99 now if you guys don't know um if you guys can't find these in your store usually you find them like right in the beginning when you walk in the door where the hair like all the beauty stuff that's where they have it that's where they had mine and I was just like I'm gonna see if this works now this is there liquid catsuit lipstick it's limited edition with eight must-have shades there are some in metallic and there's some in matte and it says this is retailed at thirty nine ninety two I would never spend 40 bucks I'd never spend that money on this and this is also they said the MSRP is thirty nine ninety two but it actually is twenty bucks again I would not even spend $20 on this but I actually do like the wet-and-wild liquid cat suit I have one actually that I opened sorry my neighbor's just started to mow his lawn so you guys so this is 1992 okay we have those by one or by two get free coop buy two get one free coupons what you guys can actually do is have them scan this one and I got brushes instead because I need some new blush brushes but you guys could get any of the makeup you guys can get anything but I just this says it's powder but I really just needed some new brushes and these are super soft like you can act so you feel it right here it's like super soft so I'm like I need some brushes on the cheapest thing I have I think they have there's like $0.99 what you guys would do is buy these you guys use that buy two get one free coupon and that that coupon will actually take the highest one off so it'll take $19.99 off you guys so you guys will end up get in these four these are dollars these are $2.99 I don't know why I wrote a dollar 79 unless it is a dollar 79 it might be but if these are these originally $2.99 it comes up to a dollar 79 a piece you guys would actually pay 358 for all three of these things so if your store has these definitely do this deal I actually want to open one of these up and use it I'm not a big fan of the matte lipstick but yeah so I'm gonna try to go back and get more of this if I can so there is that deal if you guys want that deal you um the next deal I did is the Vanity Fair napkins now I did get the plates last time I have like three different types of digital coupons for the paper plates or the van out of the napkins I'm like I'm gonna get napkins this time so these are $2.99 there buy one get one free there is a dollar off Digital coupon use now make sure you guys are checking your digital some of them were working and some of them are not if they are not working what I do is I Facebook message Walgreens I give them my phone number of my zip code because that's what they're gonna ask you is what's under that counter I just say hey I didn't I got this item and this coupon did come off I got this item this coupon did not come off and then they'll give you points for those coupons that did not come off and then this and I say oh my number and my zip codes and they just do a free write away so just can you guys a heads up with that and one thing I also want to tell you guys is check your guys's accounts type in multi-brand in the coupon code where you guys are searching for a certain coupon on 30% off of 30 popped up and I also have a 10 off a 10% off a 20 or 10 percent off a 10 but I'm not clipping the 10 because it'll take that one off first so if you guys have that 30 off of 30 make sure you guys clip it it starts for this Sunday so just giving you guys a heads up with that but yeah $2.99 you guys use that dollar offer to coupon these come out to be a dollar 98 or just 99 cents apiece and with fourth of July tomorrow these are perfect I usually get the cheap napkins and now I'm actually getting some fancy napkins so got that going on you into the tie deal again Santa gets most coupons and I hate those coupons going to waste now there's different situations you guys can do for this for those who don't get those coupons there is some digital coupons that you guys can use otherwise if you guys want to mix and match stuff you can so there's a situation where you guys if you can do you can buy one of these and three pods or two and two whatever you guys want to do I just mix it up because why not so these are all $4.99 now at my store they actually have one buy three get one free now some of your guys's stores or buy one get one free that's awesome some of the other stores are different ones but mine are buy one get one free or buy three get one free so everybody's having different sales but anyways so you guys want to use two now those coupons are a limit of one per transaction you guys one of these in one of these so you guys can actually buy four of them you guys want to use a digital coupon you can use two digital coupons and one paper coupon what I would do is a paper paper and a digital okay so what you guys would do is use three coupons so a paper coupon a paper coupon and a digital coupon if you guys do that it comes out to be five dollars and 97 cents or all four of them you guys will get them for a dollar 49 if you guys already used your digital coupons and you still have paper coupons again one per transaction you guys can buy all four of them you use two – paper coupons so a three dollar at a three dollar or if you don't have paper coupons and you just do the digital's you still use all four of them the three to three dollar off coupons would be 897 they come out to be two dollars and 24 cents apiece which – 24 is still an OK deal and you guys can pay a point so like if you guys have enough points oh I had to do the tie deal I have a friend who loves time so I like to help them with that with that and then I got two of the pod yes it is a great week for tide you guys and that situation is gonna be the same week next week mine are also still on sale for buy three get one free you it's a pop I get the poise pads now these are $5.99 you guys want to use that $3 off coupon that we just got in this past Saturday's Sunday's paper plus there is a two dollar off coupon in the Walgreens booklet you guys would just get this for 99 cents now this is an all month deal so you guys can do this all month long also I you it did my store head I always check out the clearance all the time and my store actually had some movies on clearing started my families screaming in the background but I ended up I always check clearance and my store actually had a bunch of movies on clearance they range from $0.99 all the way up to 20 bucks I will never spend $20 for a movie unless it's Disney literally but they had Curious George movie for 349 and then they had the Cat in the Hat for $2.99 so I thought this would be great little movies to get for Benjamin yeah and there's movie tickets in here but once were like this once for pets and once for pets too that's how long they've had some of these movies but Benjamin's really into this this was recently on Netflix so he's been watching that like crazy so I thought that'd be a good movie to get and we have tons of here's George really salt and this is an actual movie towards we watch a lot of the shorts so definitely got those on clearance I did the Burt's Bees now you guys don't have to do this this week you guys can do it all month long those coupons don't expire to like I think September 28th is when they expire but I checked online in my store said that has zero on hand while I looked and my store had three of them on the rack so I'm like okay I'm going to do this deal anyways this is good toothpaste for Ben so this is for kids I mean adults can use it too but these are for kids so I thought this is great to use for Benjamin so if you guys have the four off or the eight dollar off coupon it's actually a better deal but I my sister only had three of these so I'm like I'm gonna do this deal anyways so these were buy two get one free at $2.99 IU I use the four off of to digital coupon so I use that so you guys would end up paying a dollar 98 for all three of these but then you guys divide it by three they come out to be 66 cents apiece I usually say don't pay more than a quarter for toothpaste but I think for kids toothpaste it's a different story I don't like I said I never coupon for kids toothpaste so I think 66 for kids toothpaste is the way to go so definitely do that deal if you guys want to do that deal enough you guys can't do it this week don't worry about it it's available all month long the buy two get one free toothpaste is all month along so if you guys miss this deal don't worry wait till your store gets more s if they can order it for you guys to specifically order more for you so yeah you I ended up getting another one of the Garnier Koblenz I have those coupons now and I hate some of these coupons going to waste I feel like the Garnier has been going to waste on me a lot lately and it's something I just don't coupon for because it's a limit one per transaction and I hate it so they had a bunch of you know samples so I'm like whatever but this was $2.99 you guys want to use that $2 off coupon making them just 99 cents I thought 99 cents is a pretty good deal you know I usually say $1 for shampoo and conditioner and then I you I also did the gardening forties now please keep in mind I do get I do get an employee discount my husband works for the company so this works out good in my favor but these were two for seven dollars I used that for off a two coupon that we got in this past Sunday's paper so you guys would end up getting these for three dollars or a dollar fifty apiece and I say $1 the best but with my employee discount it worked out better in my favor so I got these under a dollar piece and there's actually a free sample in it it's called slick shot in shower styler not sure what that is what if I should open this up I'm really into doing samples lately like I want to get as many samples as I can so I can share with you guys a lot of you guys enjoy the empties videos that I do and I really like to do stuff that I get coupons for so you know anything I'll you get a coupon for I'm gonna put in that empties or just anything I wanted to try that like that's how I basically started my youtube channel was back in the day like my very first video that I made public I think is me doing a review on a purse because I wanted to buy a purse and I could not find a video at all about a purse that I wanted because I didn't want it to be so big and so I got it and I'm like I'm gonna do a video for it and it ended up being big big big it was a big person I didn't want a big purse but you know I wish somebody made a video for it explaining the size of it otherwise I would have never got that purse but otherwise I wouldn't never started youtube if I didn't start that video so so yeah it is a sleek shot mixed with shampoo rinse and conditioned blow-dry to cut sleek time in half so that's cool if you actually did that I don't really do that but I might try it it's just a little sample in here so I will try that but yeah you ah that was my haul I didn't get much love it was repeaters but like I said I really didn't want to pass up the tiny little coupons expire Saturday but we are getting new type coupons in the PNG if you guys get that but my total came to $12 and 19 cents for all that stuff now I did pay with some register rewards that I had but and then I did pay points I only paid two dollars and 19 cents for everything two dollars and 18 cents for everything is awesome but – the points it came to $12 and 19 cents I got 18 items everything came out to be 67 cents a piece I will take it I mean that tied 67 cents oh yeah so yes just wanted to share with you guys what I got at Walgreens I hope you guys have a nice day and I'll see you guys all later thanks for watching bye bye

Super Early Coupon Insert Preview Coupons Coming 3/31/19~3 Inserts P&G RMN~Buy or Pass

**Super Early Coupon Insert Preview Coupons Coming 3/31/19~3 Inserts P&G RMN~Buy or Pass**



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Coupon Inserts Early Preview. Coupons arriving on 3/31/19. What Inserts Did we get. Is it a good week to buy inserts? Coupon Insert Early Preview 3/31/19.

Walgreens $$ Money Maker Haul 6/9/19 - 6/15/19 with Coupons & Ibotta

**Walgreens $$ Money Maker Haul 6/9/19 – 6/15/19 with Coupons & Ibotta**



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Walgreens $$ Money Maker Haul 6/9/19 – 6/15/19 with Coupons & Ibotta ====================== Welcome to my channel. This channel will be dedicated to …