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Scentsy Show n' Tell - Toy Story Scentsy Buddies

**Scentsy Show n' Tell – Toy Story Scentsy Buddies**



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hey everyone that twice and one day to go live how do you manage that hi Christine all right I am so excited about this unboxing you have no idea no idea the Toy Story movie is in our town today they have the first viewing at 1:30 which was like half an hour ago they've got another one tonight and then again Thursday Friday Saturday I believe so um who has seen the Toy Story movie so far has anybody already seen it and do you love it hey Joshua hi Kelly so we're live on Facebook and on YouTube so if I'm yelling people out it's because we're in both both both Lambs um this is like I don't know I don't even I can't contain myself you saw it it was awesome it was adorable so maybe this weekend I can go I don't know if then we'll want to go with me but who knows he might all right so let's let's do this shall we so they came out with a bundle and it's still available which I don't get why they must have made they must have known what's gonna sell a lot because it's still available right now which is phenomenal there's a bundle that you can get that have the two buddies you're gonna see those in a minute the two cent packs and the two bars for $95 so that's actually pretty good I think you're getting the bars for free doing that you could do just one of the buddies with the bar and the scent pack for $50 or you can do just the buddy the scent pack for $45 so if you're doing the bundles you're getting more for your money I mean you're actually gonna get some stuff for free so I did the $95 bundle so that's the two buddies the two bars and this 2 cent packs and we're going to do the scent bars first the sensi bars first that's what we can smell the scent all right so what do we want to do buzz lightyear or woody first put it in the comments what do you want to see first buzz lightyear or woody let's take a little boat and I am going to make sure I get everything here are we in the woody camp or the buzz camp which camps what do we want to see first oh we have a woody we have a buzz – buzz both at the same time I can't do it I can't do it okay let's do buzz cuz it's alphabetically in order buzz light here it is alright let me get the information no I want the bar information okay are you ready okay Toy Story Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond is the name of the scent guess what color it is I need to make sure my scent receptors are clear ready okay oh my gosh smells kind of creepy mmm it's fruity its fruity I love it oh mylanta all right blast off to a galaxy of endless imagination worth fizzy orange and blackcurrant are cosmically balanced with plum blossom and sugared raspberry holy Hannah okay I almost lost you there just funky thanks alright we're back oh goodness okay let's do that again let's smell again mmm mmm I cannot wait for this to be warm because cold I smell the blackcurrant let there sugared raspberry and plum blossom and busy orange I want fizzy orange Oh God okay smells amazing buzz lightyear so are we gonna do the Buddy or just the sense let's just do the sense okay so here's woody and this one's called reach for the stars and he is like a caramel brown mmm cowboy it up this is very woodsy mmm okay in a world full of possibilities the sky's the limit but you still feel grounded with white oak sandalwood and an uplifting touch of vanilla seriously mmm oh my gosh hey Cheryl mmm oh god that's nice very woodsy camp smelling oh that smells good okay okay this is the scent pack it will be open this is the artwork this brave Space Ranger is loyal to the ends of the earth and beyond and of course each Buzz Lightyear sensi buddy comes with a scent pack in our Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond fragrance and they come in an amazing box it's a Disney box oh I can't believe since he has a relationship with Disney like seriously don't forget we have little handles that pop out up at the top here oh my god he looks so big he is in one of the bigger boxes by the way do you remember our sensei buddies used to come in this big box come on Buzz Oh oh my gosh Wow he is huge look at the details okay all right okay his backpack guess what goes in his backpack seriously Oh Oh danger jet exhaust for real look at the details okay look it says Space Ranger Lightyear he's got his laser badge on the side and his rocket pack look at his gloves he's gonna sin see patch his feet are huge scentsy on the side he's got his moon boots on they're hard you're stinking cute look who's eyebrows o M G he's adorable oh my gosh okay that's buzz buzz lightyear okay are we ready to do woody hi mom yes okay I'm doing this too quick oh okay that's the box it's his hat he looks pretty big you're gonna meet me over buzz cuz there's not enough room on this desk both of you ready he's gonna be bald I can't do this tight guys I have to put the hat on wow you guys are big these are big look this is full size this is a full size buddy look how big but he'll be there this is a full size buddy you still he's supposed to be tall anyway right so he has his cowboy buckle look it doesn't work good they even have the stinking pull cord for him to talk can you imagine if he talked he's gonna share it badge he's good as hankie go get his boots oh it says sensi on his boot look with this little Spurs oh my Lanta and the belt loops look Oh the detail guys there's the sexy patch look at the details Lulu wow that is pretty spectacular he is amazing and you know what if you wanted to keep the Hat on him all the time I'm sure you could put a little safety pin or even just one little stitch and you could leave it there oh look at his gun holster Wow so cute I need to oh my gosh you've got the button here his buttons as hand gosh there's just so much detail in these okay I need to put his scent back in so just sit back oh it smells even better in the scent pack oh good gracious okay his zipper right here well buzz has an entire backpack okay oh my gosh seriously they're big they're huge look at them so you can get well the sub packs are in size you can't see impacts plus the bars and the scent Paks for $95 and it's legit Disney stuff made by sensi Wow ah this is amazing okay you can either go to my website and order them yourself or I can order him them for you totally up to you if you want one and not the other that's totally up to you too if you're a Buzz Lightyear camp or what do you camp then get whichever one you want I'd get both these I'm going to tell you something like all the things that are being made by Disney or for Disney are gonna be collectibles there's no ifs ands buts about it they're gonna be collectibles because people are gonna sought after them when they no longer can get them and so like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger those were put away there in the vault can't get them anymore what was another one that they put in the vault right now you can get Daisy and Donald and Mickey and Minnie those are like the staple ones that you can get all the time but like the Aladdin wax collection the Cinderella lock wax collection those are all going to be collectibles when they're not available anymore so I'm telling you guys that you need to pick these up Oh stitch yeah stitch stitch how could I forget stitch okay he just wiped my these are mine you can't have these okay guys thank you for joining us to infinity and that was not buzz I wasn't even close like I don't know what they sound like it's okay love you guys beauty inside starting up if you want to get yours all right

✔️Stuffing Cash Envelopes for January | Dave Ramsey Inspired!

**✔️Stuffing Cash Envelopes for January | Dave Ramsey Inspired!**



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A successful month (and New Year) begins with completing our budget and filling our cash envelopes! It.is.SO.fun you guys! Do you use the cash envelope …

How To Make a Homemade Coupon Binder

**How To Make a Homemade Coupon Binder**



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Hi. I’m Rayven Perkins, and I have been an avid couponer for over 10 years. Today, I’m going to be showing you how to create your own homemade coupon binder.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

3-Ring Zipper Binder
The most critical portion of your couponing notebook is the binder. I can tell you from experience that it’s useless to buy a regular 3-ring notebook, the type you get for $1.99 at Office Depot.

Why? The binder will get tossed around and will take a good beating. You’re going to want a durable zipper binder for your couponing notebook.

Coupon Binder Holders
Next you’ll need clear pockets. Use plastic baseball card or collectors coin sheets, the ones that have holes to place into a 3-ring binder. They come in several different sizes. The standard size is 9-pockets, but you can get 3, 4, 6 and 8 pocket holders as well.

Different sized holders will help you accommodate different sized coupons.

For the complete transcript, written instructions, and more info on couponing, visit:
hi I'm Raven Perkins and I have been an avid couponer for over ten years today I'm going to be showing you how to create your own homemade coupon binder here's what you'll need to get started a large three-ring zippered binder the most important part of your coupon notebook is the binder itself speaking from experience it is absolutely useless to purchase a standard three-ring notebook the kind you could buy for a dollar ninety-nine in an office supply store why your binder will get knocked around turned upside down and in general will take a good beating for this reason you're going to need a durable portable zippered binder for your coupon book the zipper will keep any spills from happening there's nothing worse than putting the time into creating your own coupon organization system and having it fall all over the floor baseball card holders after securing your zippered binder your next most important component of a coupon binder will be your clear pockets the best thing to use for these are plastic baseball card or collectors coins sheets the ones that have holes to place in a three-ring binder they come in several different sizes the standard size is 9 pockets but you can get three four six and eight pocket holders as well different sized holders will help you accommodate different sized coupons accessories most users of grocery coupon books will want to have the following accessories first you'll definitely want to acquire some 3-ring pockets the kind where you can fit a few standard sheets of paper these are good for store fliers and your personal notes about what's on sale you'll also need a package of taps dividers so that you can label your coupon categories in your homemade coupon book other common items in a coupon binder scissors pens paper or notepad and a calculator ok now it's time to put it all together most of this is self-explanatory you'll want to arrange the pocket sheets in your coupon binder behind your coupon category tops you may need to trim your coupons to fit the pockets or fold them in half sometimes your coupons will be long and rather when this happens I typically replace these coupons in the bottom row of my nine pocket holders without folding them and will forgo placing any coupons in the road directly above them this way I can clearly see the entire coupon and do not walk any smaller coupons behind it it's up to you whether you would like to use the box of your coupon sleeves as well you can face one coupon forwards and another backwards in the same pocket so that you have coupons on both sides of your holders my coupon binder is a dual binder meaning I have two sets of three-ring clasps I use the front holder for all my store cards and gift cards store Flyers store coupons and some of my high value coupons the back three wing folder is for my categories and my everyday coupons the most important thing to remember here is to structure your coupon binder to fit your needs it doesn't matter how I do mine it only matters that you create the perfect coupon notebook for your couponing hobby have fun for a written transcript of this video along with the resources for finding all the materials mentioned please click the link below to visit stay a stay-at-home mom calm

how to save money on cable

**how to save money on cable**



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If you’re wondering how to reduce expenses in order to get out of debt you’ve probably wondered how to save money on cable. The common theme among most tips on saving money is that lots of little actions add up to big savings!

hello this is Joe kina with modern home makers and today I'm going to tell you how to save money on cable you may not like my answer because if you have a really big cable package I would say Oh trim it down to basic cable but if you already have basic cable or money's really tight even if you had a bigger package I'm gonna tell you that cut it cut it completely Oh cable I know I know but what I found is that we weren't really watching it anyway and when I did turn it on I'd spend all my time hopping around channel hopping and whatnot and there was never anything on at the right time and if you have little kids like I do they interrupt you right when you start watching I mean the last time we intentionally had cable I think was what prison break first came on and so I was like trying to watch prison break and I remember just getting violently angry because I couldn't like watch it when it was on and I was like trying to watch it was on and we eventually just had to get rid of it for finance reasons and I look back and it's like I don't miss it we even had it recently my parents live with us while their house is being built and they wanted cable so we got it just for them and I realized there's still nothing on it was like years later from when we'd originally cut it so it's gone again and I don't miss it um I recommend cutting it entirely i would say conservative estimate this could save you thirty dollars a month which added up over a year there's three hundred and sixty dollars then i'm sure you have other places to put if you're having financial problems or if you have any debt just get rid of it um things to do instead watch you two you're probably doing it right now beauty was awesome you can go to the library but watch out if you're like my family you know you'll get the free movie that ends up costing you at least a dollar a day in fines and that can add up if you get several movies so red box is great if you get back on time once again it can be as well as a dollar for a rental and that's something extra special fun when you want to feel like you're being fun and you can't go to movie theater um if you really want to rent something without going where that was one of the features of the cable box that was pretty cool I'm amazon has instant view digital copy stuff where you can come in and the price is very all over the place but you can easily rent something there or buy a digital copy of something sometimes they have the Barbie movies and stuff go on clearance for like five dollars and we'll get those and then the kids watch them over and trust me over and over and over and over again um Netflix has unlimited streaming for like nine dollars a month so we do that and you know it may not have the exact show you want to watch but trust me there's plenty on there and try something else um and what we probably don't want to say it all is that we all watch too much TV myself especially included so take this as an encouragement to cut a bunch of debt and you know promise me that if you cut your cable you don't just take that money and go whoa I don't have to cook tonight take that money and put it towards your debt and just make a big difference in your finances and put it in a savings account or whatever step you are at in your finances but let it make a difference because thirty dollars a month that's huge and our finances I don't know about you but it makes a big difference so I hope that helps you out and come check us out over at modern homemakers and sign up for our newsletter