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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

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I Tried The Flex Cup *In Depth Review* | ItsJustKelli

**I Tried The Flex Cup *In Depth Review* | ItsJustKelli**



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Buy Flex Cup Single Here – This video is for menstrual education purposes only. I do show real blood. If you’d prefer not to see blood …





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hey you guys so I'm here at my dentist today I'm taking you guys along the day I'm actually gonna be getting my tooth bonded so when I had my braces I had a hill I had to get two teeth taken out and I've been pretty consistent with my retainers and everything but you know along the years your teeth still kind of shift so I just have like a really small little gap like right there out of it's literally barely noticeable but yeah I've been wanting it closed I have the other side bonded which I did like maybe a few years after my braces but like I said throughout the years my teeth have just shifted a little bit so I'm just gonna get that little spot bonded so yeah I'm here with my dentist she's like an absolute boss she's a cosmetic dentist she has her own dental spa so I'm just gonna have like a little spa tech because they do offer like massage facials and all that kind of stuff here which is really cool for like a dental office and you could kind of do all in one if you have a dentist appointment you can come and do like self care also and then we're gonna get this tooth bonded like how xtronic cute is this my fingerprint reads wait let's talk about this equipment though rose-gold everything get into it get into it gonna be doing mine so funny so what are we doing like we should explain the process to them ok so what we're doing for her is just closing a little bit of space with some composite materials same material let's use her fillings but you can use it in the front for aesthetic bonding it's a really simple procedure we don't even have to numb her yeah we just kind of prepared the tooth for the filling for the bonding material and place it like here and then we polish it what does it feel like to have your own dental spa like a huge accomplishment well it's a lot of work and a lot of stress yeah we was said that's the behind-the-scenes of entrepreneurship that people don't have a lot of worry you know you're not just coming to work here constantly worrying about everything yes good as everybody you plant a lot of different roles because you're not just the dentist like you're doing HR you're doing you know you're everything like you're marketing you're like the face of your plays so it's a lot of things that people don't realize it's a lot of work but it's also really rewarding so on the good side you know you get to control your environment so at our practice everything is just really serene and nuea and those are the things that we value and so we strive to make every single patient experience really high-end really high-quality very comfortable mm-hmm we don't just a different experience yeah and like you know a lot of dental offices will bring patients back late they don't care for we're 30 minutes behind for us that bothers us especially el8 Ellie is my assistant we're together all day every day she's incredible you cannot do good dentistry unless you need a team right it's key that is what I've learned here is teamwork and I know anything if you're not about you yes and she's also from Miami hey what part of Miami Rico again see that the hand moving everything right I grew up in Palmetto Bay comment obey it's a comet a fine yes is a shade guide and believe it or not some people do have teeth that are like this dark most people think that everybody wants your teeth to be this color or that color the color of the walls but teeth are not white teeth are like a yellowish sort of color yeah that says you know those start White's you think you can sell in like the middle yeah definitely tell well fuck you most beautiful white teeth so she's probably our lightest shade which is the one so turn a little bit yeah I think that's oh really yeah yeah so be one you can't really see that but out of the shape that we're going to use girl yes he's living for us [Applause] you know it's courage as she lives thank you you're welcome great you can't even tell it's a key yes you like it I love it thank you guys Erica so I'm getting a massage now that my dental bonding is over she also has like a massage areas and facials so time to relax yeah this is how my tooth is looking it looks are you guys so I just later in the day I just wanted to come to show you guys the after so it is this tooth right here definitely took her time with a polished it properly like the color matches the rest of my teeth so perfect so thank you to her for having that precise attention to detail but yes the whole experience was like super relaxing I'm just on children what after that massage like it felt so good on my shoulders even if you're not wanting dental work like this is just a bomb a spa area you can do massages facials and other aesthetic things yes shout out to dr. burns and the team the whole experience was so nice but yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this video this is something a little different in case you are into dental things and so I wanted to vlog the whole process for you guys so that you can see kind of just behind the scenes I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye

19-26 Week Pregnancy Update | First Time Mom Bumpdate

**19-26 Week Pregnancy Update | First Time Mom Bumpdate**



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hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome to my really big 19 through 26 week pregnancy update I had originally planned on doing updates every two weeks that I did that twice I think I did 15 and 16 and then 17 and 18 and then we traveled a lot and my second trimester just started rolling and I was feeling really good and I honestly just the time got away from me but I figured because during 18 and 26 weeks I actually felt pretty similarly of course my belly has been growing during that time but I felt pretty mostly the same that it's actually going to be just fine to lump everything together I was taking notes the whole time so I do have it broken up into 19 to 20 21 through 22 23 through 24 and then 25 through 26 and I just flipped to 27 weeks yesterday so this will be a big old update of the past however many weeks that is 2 4 6 8 weeks oh my goodness so so much to tell you it's been the best the best the best because my nausea finally lifted uh that was amazing but I want to jump in and kind of go through I kind of want to go through just like I have been talking through how I'm feeling food cravings and aversions all kinds of things like that I cracked up when I was making sure I was in focus I was looking at this background which is just like a few random things I found in my office I'm like well this will do which is pretty much like the theme of my library everything is just sort of like well this will do you know it's just this this thing where I used to be and I don't know if I'll get back to that or not but I you just used to be so so so so so meticulous and there's just I just can't be like that right now I just get tired more quickly and I'm worn out more quickly and I have to conserve my energy and so I was like I don't know a picture an ampersand and a candle that'll work which is just a real and my hair is on top of my head like whatever but it's summer it's late July I'm 27 weeks pregnant I feel so blessed to be here it's been a really good pregnancy especially these past weeks since I lasted an update they have been it's just been fun to be pregnant and so I'm really excited to share with you guys today I'm not gonna go through all the different sizes of the fruits and vegetables and everything else but I will say that 26 weeks which like I said I just flipped at 27 baby is the size of an acorn squash she's about 14 and a half inches long and she's about two pounds and I can say she because I found out we found out that we're having a daughter were having a baby girl so I actually knew in my previous pregnancy update that I filmed that 17 and 18 week update because we found out on exactly exactly the 18 week mark we found out we went in for an Anatomy scan and we found out that we were having a baby girl and it was just it was such a fun moment to find out and it really has made everything feel more real to us and it's just been very very exciting but at that time I wasn't quite ready to share publicly and so I didn't say anything in that update but you've probably seen now if you've been following along with my channel or Instagram or any social media that yes we're having a daughter we're having a baby girl and we are super excited about it so how I'm feeling overall that's usually the first thing that I start with right around week 19 to 20 is when I had that shift so for some women they really have that shift when they first get into their second trimester so a little bit earlier than I experienced that shift and for some women unfortunately it takes a lot longer or really throughout their pregnancy they continue to deal with some of those intense symptoms like nausea for me it was right around 19 or 20 weeks which worked out really really well because that's when we went on our Disney World Disney Cruise Baltimore this big old trip that I just finished putting up videos from on my channel so you can go and check out all of those they are very recently they just happened and I just uploaded them so it was a really great coat you know it was great that that happened and coincided to where I was feeling really starting to feel much much better and we were going away it was definitely a risk booking that trip but I was hoping and praying that by 19 or 20 weeks I would be feeling better and I definitely was so I started just feeling just generally less exhausted less hungry excuse me not less hungry more hungry more hungry less nauseous less exhausted I just started feeling better I started feeling more energetic I just started feeling more like myself during those first 19 weeks or so I was very kind of like to myself in terms of my social life I felt like I was a little bit of a hermit during that time I just was not feeling well I was not up for a lot of socialization or a lot of going out and since then I have just felt so much more like myself I'm interested in getting together with friends I'm interested in going out and doing things I just feel better and that started like I said right around 19 weeks and has slowly built to where I feel really good really really good right now being in this like I said just hitting 27 weeks but through 26 weeks really starting to feel a whole lot better I also feel a lot hungrier I've dealt with some acid reflux which has been super fun I have felt um definitely moodier I just feel like my tolerance for things has gone from like being relatively patient and being able to sort of kind of deal with things to like not at all I feel sometimes a little bit like a toddler and I have to like check myself because I don't want to act like one but it's wild it's I guess it's the hormones but I I'm serious like it's like if I feel exhausted or hungry it's like I need to lay down or I need to eat something like immediately I just feel like I just have a very low tolerance for putting up with much of anything so I'm trying to work on that but it's it's really like it really has hit me in these past weeks of just feeling like that and feeling very um I don't know not people and super patient let's just say that as far as moving on to food cravings and aversions fruit by far has been my biggest craving I have eaten so much fruit peaches like there have been days where I've eaten two to three peaches a day strawberries cherries we thought a lot of cherries things that are really you know packed full of nutrients and vitamins so it's not bad things to be eating banana literally any fruit like any kind of fruit I can get my hands on I pretty much just want all the time I crave fruit all the time I just tastes so good to me right now with it being hot outside and also I just am craving that sweetness that's sweet fruit sweetness another really interesting craving of mine has been chocolate milk I have been like just obsessing about chocolate milk it's so weird i I don't can't explain it it's just it's a craving like I just really want chocolate milk so I usually have at least one glass of chocolate milk a day and try to like limit it to that definitely more way more of a sweet tooth than anything else in fact I would say more savory things salty things meats vegetables just savory types of foods I'm really not interested in they don't I don't have the aversions that I had like during the first trimester I can eat them like I've been eating eggs and I've been eating chicken and I've been eating all kinds of vegetables and salads and things like it's not they're not disgusting to me but I would much rather be eating peaches like I just would much rather be eating fruit rather than eating more savory things so which is very much like an old wives tale telltale sign that it's a girl which is funny because you know obviously it is a girl but that's those have been a lot of my cravings also fruit leather if you know what fruit leather is it's it's almost like a I don't really know if it's actually healthier but it's like quote-unquote a healthier version of sort of like a fruit roll-up it's basically like dried dehydrated fruit kind of and it's it has kind of more of like a gummy texture I'm not describing as well it's called fruit leather I think probably many of you know what I'm talking about I went through a huge phase of just like wanting fruit leather which isn't that shocking and water lemon water just been I've been thirsty it's hot outside and I've been moving around a lot more now that I'm feeling more like myself and so I've been chugging lots of water lots specially lemon water I really haven't had any super stronger versions like I said there are things that sound a lot better to me than others but I can't really think of anything lately that's made me that I've had a really hard time being around which was definitely the case earlier on up through that like 18 week 19 week mark I still there are certain things that really turned me off but now it's I'm definitely you know I can handle seeing and smelling different foods for the most part pretty much anything even if I'm not like interested in eating it it doesn't totally it's I don't it's not really a food aversion it doesn't like totally gross me out as far as physical changes I have noted here on my 19 to 20 week note on my phone that I I wrote I'm starting to feel like a bowling ball is lodged in my abdomen so that was right when I started really being aware more aware of that that bowling ball feeling I think I mentioned that in my previous update so maybe 17 18 19 20 weeks that like those four weeks were really when I started feeling that sensation of my abdomen being full like I don't know how it's to say that's what it felt like and then as time has gone on I felt my body stretching more my legs have gotten a lot more tired a lot more quickly which has been very interesting so I pretty much wear like very supportive shoes all the time because it's that's just what I have to do with my back and everything else and so it's been that's been what I do and even with wearing like good supportive shoes I still by the end of the day my legs are just exhausted they're really really tired which has been kind of interesting I just kept feeling you know continuously felt bigger and bigger and I would say maybe 25 or 26 weeks is when I feel like I quote unquote pop ten we'll do a bump shot at the end and you can see but that's when I really felt like I really looked pregnant to people who don't know me right around 25 26 weeks is when I started having people ask me in public whether or not I'm pregnant which is a very risky question to be buffest but I guess people felt like I looked pregnant enough that they were you know obviously I am pregnant that it looked pretty enough that they weren't you know worried about asking but like a woman at the post office asked me and I've just had a few different like people who were strangers that I don't know asked me whether or not I'm pregnant which that started right around 25 26 weeks and so I do think that the belly rounded out during that time so that people felt you know more assured that I in fact was pregnant I've had some restless leg syndrome which is something I've dealt with for a long time magnesium is my go-to for that and so I've been cleared to continue taking the supplemental magnesium for that which it really is like the best I take the natural column which is like a powder you dissolve in water I think I've talked about it on here before actually on YouTube I think I've talked about it probably in a favorites video but it's great it's really really great and so I just take like whatever a scoop of that or whatever it is on in the evenings especially if I'm feeling like my legs are getting that restless legs syndrome feeling it's just awful it's a horrible feeling but that takes care of it so that's been one thing the next thing on my list is baby's movement okay y'all this baby moves non-stop she moves constantly constantly constantly constantly I mean I'm just aware of her all the time of course she does sleep during the day especially when I'm up and moving around but any time I'm sitting down laying down in bed it is just like oh I can just feel elbows and hands and feet and knees and I just can feel her moving and it's the wildest feeling and Riley can now feel her from the outside anybody can feel her from the outside it it's like you can see it on my belly you can see her moving around which is wild it's like such a wild feeling but it's really really cool to feel her you know just moving all the time I've also noticed and I've been I like have the What to Expect When You're Expecting app which you know updates every day and every week and tells you like the baby's developmental milestones and whatnot and it's said in that at some point recently that their ears you know we're really her ears are really becoming more and more developed and that she can most likely hear so I don't know something they said something like that something about the ears and hearing but what's interesting is I find that when I am around loud anything loud loud music or just loud noises of any kind I feel that she moves a lot more and I I don't know I could be imagining it but it feels like she's reacting to the noise and so that's been kind of funny you know if I'm somewhere and there's a lot of music playing I'll start feeling her wiggling around a lot more and I'm like oh I'm sorry did I wake you up but it's really cute it's it's cute sometimes if I push like if I can feel it was probably her foot I feel like a kick and I push on it she'll push back and it's just like I just I just like well I'm just in love with her I just cannot wait to meet her um and it's coming quick you know like here we go it were in late July and she's coming in in October so it's amazing the next thing on my list that I usually go over is sleeping so I've still been doing pretty well with sleeping up until just about the past week week 26 is the first time in my whole pregnancy where I'm starting to feel a little more uncomfortable I'm just starting to feel bigger I'm starting to feel just bigger like getting up and moving around and finding a comfortable position is a little more challenging so I'm thinking I'm gonna need to pick up a pregnancy pillow a snuggle my sister has one and she just swears by and she loves it I know every like I almost every pregnant woman I know just loves it but it's just just now like it like in the past few days I've been like Riley oh my god I don't know this sleep is getting harder because I'm not I'm just not feeling as comfortable but 19 through 25 weeks I was sleeping like a baby I think because I really hadn't had that experience of where my belly really felt like it was just out and so um I think I was just still being you know able to find a really comfortable position so I'm sleeping on my left side almost all the time which is like you know quote unquote the optimal position to sleep in for the baby it's like the least stress on you know all these different parts of your body to get the blood to the baby and oxygen and everything else so I've been sleep that's the most comfortable position anyway but just recently I'm like I don't know this sleep is getting a little bit more challenging and I know that it's not gonna get easier I know it's gonna get harder as I continue to grow but I'm just so happy to watch my belly grow and watch her grow healthfully that it's okay but that has definitely been something new for me the other thing is that those crazy dreams that I talked about I don't know if it was I don't know what update it was have they kind of went away and I wasn't really getting crazy dreams and then in the past couple of weeks I've had a few that are bizarre and the thing that's bizarre about them they're like I said before they're knots none of mine haven't really been scary I think I've had one nightmare this whole pregnancy but they're not really scary or traumatic or anything like that what is weird about them is that be like quote unquote I feel like I've said quote unquote 20 times spinning your thoughts so I'm not going to say that the characters or however you want to say it in these dreams are the most random people like there are people that I haven't seen or spoken to in 15 years they're people that I was never close with that I went to elementary school with or like somebody that I met one time it's like very it's people that are almost strangers to me that I really don't know it's not my close friends and family that are in these dreams and they're like these central characters in these dreams it's just bizarre so I wake up and I'm always kind of scratching my head I'm like why am I dreaming about that it's just funny all these crazy pregnancy hormones just bring about I think all kinds of I don't know weird dreams the next section that I want to go over is the new purchase section so in and the biggest things that we've done in this section are related to our nursery so I will pop a link to the video where we started working on the nursery above that just went out last week and it was we just had a really good time it was a lot of work and we spent a whole weekend working on clearing out the room that the nursery you know is going to be in and assembling furniture and painting we put upward and batt and we put down a rug and I just got the curtains in today and they are beautiful soft to share those soon and just it's slowly coming together so we've just been buying a lot of things for her nursery and just watching that room come together has been really really special and it's just there have been several tears shed on my end of just putting little touches in the room and deciding on little things it's just really it's really special to me to be here and to be able to choose all her little things and I'm just having a really good time with it so it's really fun I also wanted to show you we've bought several things I've only bought her one or two outfits so far I'm kind of waiting to see because I am going home to Maryland for a baby shower here in a few weeks and I know a lot of my friends and family have told me that they have purchased some clothes for her which is just so sweet I can't wait to see all the little girl clothes so I haven't wanted to go out and buy a whole bunch of baby clothes until I know you know where I need to fill in the gaps or that sort of thing but this is one little outfit that I did pick up and it is just beautiful it has the smocking up top which i love and if you can see there are little pearls on the smocking and and then it's just this gorgeous let me see you see that this is gorgeous a little tiny dainty little floral pattern and it's just like this beautiful classic I love smocking I love little baby girls and little toddlers and little smocked outfits I like oh my gosh be still my beating heart love it I just thought this was beautiful I just love this so this is a newborn size although she will be born in October and this is like pretty springy I just wanted we have hired a photographer for some newborn photos and I I wish I could hire my sister she's my sister with a newborn photographer but she will just had a baby so she's not flying to Texas for a photo shoot but we did hire we have a great photographer that we love right around the corner from us that we've used several times and we hired her foot to come into our home shortly after the baby's born to take some photos of course of her as a newborn and I want some pictures with her in this because I just think it's the kind of beautiful classic outfit that is like almost like an heirloom like shoe I think after she wears that I might frame it in a shadow box or I don't know I just think it's beautiful I just absolutely love it so and then one day maybe she can oh I can't even think about that that makes me cry one day she could give it to her daughter oh I didn't mention it emotional definitely on this list so those have been the thing the the weave but like I said we bought a few other things but mainly focused on the nursery I just wanted to share that dress because it just was really special to me I picked that out while I was at the beach with my family which was I wrote on my whiteboard behind me so I wouldn't forget around 23 weeks around 23 weeks I flew out to the East Coast to spend a few days with my side of the family and while we were there my mom and sister and I went to a little baby boutique a little beachy baby boutique and I picked that out and I just loved it I just absolutely loved it so that's pretty much the recap of what it's been like over the past 19 through 26 weeks and it's just been it's been great this has been a really really fun stage of pregnancy people kept telling me about this second trimester magic and how I was going to feel so much more like myself and more energetic and feel like my appetite was coming back and all these different things and I was just sort of like nodding and hopeful and waiting and waiting waiting and that really has happened and these weeks have just been so positive and I just feel really good so I'm cherishing it and I'm trying to get everything done I'm feeling very nestea and trying to get things done during this period of time because I realized that many women toward the end of their pregnancies start to feel you know just a little bit slower a little bit less energetic a little bit more tired of course because the baby is getting a lot bigger and your body is preparing to labor and deliver so I'm trying to get things done now I have while I feel good and while I'm moving and we've been taking walks every night and I just feel really good I found a lot of people asking me with my back how I'm doing and praise the Lord I feel amazing I mean I just really have not had any extra back pain I wouldn't be totally shocked if later in my pregnancy as the baby continues to get bigger and kind of shift my balance more if I deal with that a little bit more but I'm feeling really really good I think that being pregnant in this summer has been a huge advantage for me because I am very very active in this summer and so people always have these like weird side comments about oh you have to be pregnant in this summer and I just don't agree I really have enjoyed being pregnant in this summer is it hot well yeah but I don't mind the heat it doesn't bother me at all and it never has I much prefer to be warm than cold in terms of like being outside and things I think it just doesn't bother me and doesn't bother me near how like being freezing cold is my nightmare and much rather be hot which I know everyone's different in that but that's my personal preference and so for me I feel I just feel good like I feel like we've taken long walks most nights of the week and we go to the dog park with Charlie and we go and we're out and about and I'm moving and I'm cleaning the house and getting things for Etsy done and I'm just feeling really energetic and I think that that really has helped my back because laying down in one position for a long period of time are sitting down in one position for a long period of time is like the worst thing that I can do for it so moving around and stretching it out is definitely it's definitely a good thing as far as my next little thing on here is what I'm most focused on this week or I guess moving forward I'm really excited about wrapping up her nursery and decorating that's like it for me that's the fun part you know picking up the colors and furniture and things was definitely fun but I'm really looking forward to getting my little rocker in there and getting that set up and you know washing her clothes and putting them away just all that little nestea set up and kind of stuff I'm definitely really really looking forward to that so that's probably the thing I'm most looking forward to other than just meeting her I just cannot wait to meet her I like obsess about what's she gonna look like I mean what's her hair gonna look like what's her skin gonna look like what kind of like face is she gonna have is she gonna have my nose Reilly's nose she who's like I just want to know what she looks like I just can't wait to meet her we're we're just so excited we're just it's just been such a fun summer it's just been amazing we've had a really good summer so last but not least I wanted to show you my bump shot so this is right about the end of my 26th week honestly 27 weeks and one day this is my bump but I'm showing it you here showing it to you here so you definitely don't mistake me for not being pregnant I'm definitely pregnant and it feels good it's been fun to kind of you know dress the bumper you know whatever people say so that's my update I am going to try from here on out to get back to the every two weeks thing but we'll see what happens I've been giving myself a lot of grace with this pregnancy with getting things done because you just can't do everything I mean no one can do everything at any point in life but even though I've been feeling really energetic I still I'm only operating it I don't know 75 or 80 percent or maybe even a little less than my you know pre pregnancy self so I still have to be mindful of that and I don't want to push it so thank you so so much for watching I would love to hear how you guys are doing especially if you are pregnant along with me I would love to hear how have you been feeling how are you just what are you excited about what are you up to you know and those of you who have had babies in the past are looking forward to having babies I would love to hear your thoughts and all of that so make sure you leave me a comment below if you're interested I would appreciate a thumbs up on this video if you enjoyed it and make sure to subscribe to my channel for more and I'll see you guys next time bye

HOW I GREW MY HAIR! | + my platinum blonde routine

**HOW I GREW MY HAIR! | + my platinum blonde routine**



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you guys have asked lately when the heck my hair got so long. for me, this is the longest and healthiest its been in 5 years! here’s the products i use for it & my …