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How To Save Money On Home Phone Bills In The UK

**How To Save Money On Home Phone Bills In The UK**



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Save money on home phone and line rental
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hi today I'm just about to go and what's the England rugby match against Wales the Welsh colors of the red dragon so I'm going to have to take this red jumper off and go and put my white rose jumper on instead anyway yesterday we talked about saving money and save on bills now and I thought it was a good thing to share particularly with this current economic climate that we're in and everybody's wanting to to sort of cut back and see where they can save on their household expenses and yesterday we talked about broadband and home phone today I'd like to just talk a little bit more about a home phone we both the UK's cheapest line rental give me my phone is going minutes I'll have to just say I'm busy for the second today I want to talk about home phone and we both the UK's cheapest line rental plus guaranteed savings and again I want to stress the double the double the difference price promise that we offer but why pay mo more for your home for your phone calls we have an award-winning landline service that costs just ten pound 75 a month so one stays over fifth bout a year on the line rental compared to most little cousins I'm so sorry this phone is going again I'll just have to switch it off a second anyway we save over 50 fits about a year online rental compared to most BD customers unlimited free calls to other members low-cost calls to mobiles and international numbers choice of extra call services and no minimum contract term again I stress that we don't have minimum contract terms unlike other companies we feel as though you know we're pretty pretty good with our services and we don't need minimum contractor so most of our customers stay with us they don't leave and as I mentioned yesterday ninety-six percent of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family so for you it's hard to argue against fixed line phone service it has the UK's lowest line rental and means you can enjoy free UK and international calls when you take other services from us so anyway if you'd like to have a look at this site and thank you for listening to this video and I would talk to you again later on when I will speak a little bit more about maybe broadband so thank you again hope you have a wonderful weekend and you take care now bye bye for now