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Car insurance made simple

**Car insurance made simple**



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Root uses AI to save you money. How? By learning how you drive, and then giving you a rate based primarily on your actual driving behavior. Better driving = more savings. It’s stupid simple. Download and take your own test drive today!
okay we're route and we save you money on your car insurance by using a I seriously sounds crazy but it's stupid simple download the app and take the route test-drive the better you're driving the more you save in fact good drivers save up to fifty two percent off their car insurance so stop paying for bad drivers agents and big marketing budgets and take control by getting fair insurance a try start your test drive with route today

Car Insurance Groups UK

**Car Insurance Groups UK**



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Cheapest car insurance groups. Start saving money today!

Tommy from HomeApproved takes you through the car insurance group ratings system. Great help in learning about the relevance of this system to your next motor policy. Let HomeApproved help you lower your next quote by choosing a vehicle with the lowest car insurance group.
hi Tommy here again from home approved talking to you from the other side today we're going to be taking you through all the relevant information for the car insurance group rating system it's important to gain an understanding of the car insurance group ratings system this enables motorists to make a better judgment of the level of driver and vehicle protection and the type of policy that will be most suitable for you the type of car you drive can have a big impact on your car insurance premiums it will cost more to insure a Porsche for example they'll have absorb why well simply because the Porsche driver is statistically more likely to claim on his policy than the owner of the Vauxhall so if you want to save money on your motor insurance premiums it pays to check out the car insurance group to which your vehicle has been assigned there are over 50 in total and the cars in the highest car insurance groups typically pay the highest premiums as they are considered the most risky the group rating panel assigns every passenger car built to UK specifications into insurance groups according to a number of factors using research conducted by the motor insurance repair research center or fetcham the panel meets each month and is made up of various representatives of the insurance industry including members of the ABI the association of british british insurers the cost of repairs accounts for more than half the money paid out in motor insurance claims according to the ABI so it's no surprise that it's a big influence on a car's rating the car insurance groups reflects both repair times and the cost of parts longer repair times and pricey parts will bump a car into a high group the panel also consider a car's performance so a car that can accelerate quickly and reach high speed is more likely to be placed in a high group a statistics show that it's more likely to generate costly claims the price of a new car is another factor in its group rating the panel also take into account the standard security features such as an alarm or immobilizer glass etching and a visible vehicle identification number or VIN as they can minimize the risk of theft insurer's do not rely solely on the car insurance groups to which vehicles have been assigned to set premiums so there are steel steps you can take to reduce the cost of your cover even if you buy a car in a high group so for example secure your car limit your mileage build-up and no claims discount or no claims bonus and always shop around for cover an example of how the car insurance group rating system works can be seen from the following example basic Volkswagen Polo model group 3 citroen saxo 1.6 I VTR is a group 7 BMW 3-series base model car insurance group rating of 11 Aston Martin's our group 20 that's all from Tony for now from home approved next time we'll be discussing how to choose the right 4 by 4 car insurance cheers now

How to Lower Car Insurance Rates in 2019 | Save Money Tricks |

**How to Lower Car Insurance Rates in 2019 | Save Money Tricks |**



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The cost of living is going up every year, and car insurance rates are not exempt from this. Many families are stressed out with having to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year for car insurance. Although this payment can’t likely be eliminated, there are ways to lower your car insurance in 2019 with these tips…

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how's it going guys I'm Devin Howard Oh
welcome back to another save money tricks video today we're going to be
talking about how you can lower your car insurance rates and 2019 we all know the
cost of living is going up every single year and so are the cost of insurance
policies many families are stressed out having to pay hundreds or even thousands
of dollars every year just to make sure they're insured unfortunately this
payment can't be eliminated but it can be reduced and I'm going to tell you how
right now there are different car insurance discounts that can offset some
of the costs for example the multi car discount so if you're insuring several
different cars under the same policy it's cheaper overall there's also the
good driver discount so if you have a clean driving record you won't have to
pay as much as somebody who's had a couple of fender benders there are even
more car insurance discounts that you can get that you may not even be aware
of for example there are job based discounts that you can get for your
insurance car insurance companies actually found that people who are
employed in certain fields make less claims than other people which is kind
of an interesting thing so they looked over what professions those people had
and decided to give discounts based on if you work in that field as a result
the following professions typically can get reduced car insurance rates
educators and teachers first responders like EMTs police firefighters medical
professionals engineers scientists and military so if you work in any of those
professions talk to your insurance company you may be able to get a
reduction there are also affiliate group membership discounts what I mean by
affiliate groups is like your Alumni Association or if you use triple-a all
of those different groups that you may be a part of can help qualify you for a
discounted insurance rate the way to figure out if your company will offer
that discount is just by talking to them give them a call ask them if there are
different groups that you can be a part of that will help you help you out so
you don't have to pay as much every single month another way to knock off a
couple extra dollars on your insurances today take a defensive
driving course let's be real a lot of us haven't taken any sort of drivers and
class since we were a teenager so you may be a little refresher but also even
if you feel like you don't need a refresher it does not hurt to be
proactive and get and take this course so that you can save five to 15% on your
insurance rate you can save that much on your liability and collision coverage
for up to three years keep in mind that there might be some restrictions of your
age or location that will prevent you from taking advantage of this discount
but if you're unsure or if you want to learn more again call your insurance
company plus it doesn't hurt to just get a little update on what you need to do
to be a safe driver on the road another thing that you can do so you don't have
to fork over so much money every single month is to improve your credit score
there are many reasons why you should want to improve your credit score like
getting alone among other things but it can also affect your car insurance rates
having a poor credit history can actually raise your rates when you don't
have a good credit score you're seen as more of a risky person so insurance
companies want to protect themselves by charging you more if important to just
always stay on top of your credit history reporting all of your
information correctly and contacting the credit companies to fix any mistakes
that you might notice can all vastly improve your credit score which will
just help you out in the long run I've got a lot of videos on how you can
improve your credit score so if you're interested in learning more about that
just check them out also what do you do to save money on your car insurance let
me know in the comments below I hope you all enjoyed this video if you did give
it a thumbs up and subscribe and I'll see you guys next time right here on
save money tricks bye

How Root Insurance Saves Good Drivers $$$

**How Root Insurance Saves Good Drivers $$$**



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Good drivers deserve better rates. Not only does Root use A.I. to give you a rate primarily based on how you drive, but we also don’t insure bad drivers (the small group of people who cause most of the accidents). That means you can finally get the great rate you deserve – freeing up $$ for what’s truly important to you.
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Free Car Insurance Quotes in MA: TEXT "QUOTE to 774-280-5769 + Your Massachusetts Driver's License #

**Free Car Insurance Quotes in MA: TEXT "QUOTE to 774-280-5769 + Your Massachusetts Driver's License #**



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Simply TEXT “QUOTE to 774-280-5769 with your lic # or Call 774-847-7746 Free Car Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts by Premier Shield Insurance.

Massachusetts Auto and Home Insurance our Agency located in Auburn MA. Find excellent Home Insurance Services in Auburn, MA or get Auto Insurance Quotes in Auburn, MA to make sure your rate is competitive.

Call us today and receive a quality policy that fits your budget. We carry an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau so you know you’re in good hands.

Premier Shield Insurance (PSI) gained their foundation in a simple mentality: We want to change the way consumers think and feel about insurance. Throughout economic times insurance proves to be a recession-proof industry. With the expertise offered by PSI, consumers achieve comfort knowing assets will remain secure in times of prosperity and times of despair. At the agency, producers aim for a quality, educational, and financial understanding of every customer’s background during their inquiry about insurance. Protecting individual’s assets – in the forms of homes, automobiles, businesses, and life – through insurance will always remain the top focus by the licensed professionals employed under the PSI brand.

Often times individuals suffer from buyer’s remorse or anxiety with paying bills or spending any amount of money on products so commonly referred to as evil necessities, especially in the case of invisible services. Premier Shield Insurance strives to reverse this mentality. By making individual packages customized to work for clients needs versus transactional woes, clients satisfaction will always remain at a top tier of personal reflection in the difficult buying process.

Managing partners Jonathan Anderson and Brian Plain began their insurance careers for a major online insurance agency based out of Boston, Massachusetts. During their tenure at this agency, they learned exactly how insurance transitioned into transactional versus protection after the latest recession. The major issues facing consumers post-recession became affordability and quality from the former pay and pray rhetoric smaller agencies forced insurance policies to default towards for consumers to save a quick buck.

However, most insured individuals started turning back to protection versus savings. One particular national carrier admits that 83% of people shop on price, but at Premier Shield Insurance the partners recognize through individual research and experience insurance is the truest form of the classic phrase “You Get What You Pay For”.

From day 1 to day 11,001, the effort and care that goes into creating policies transitions instead of affordability and basic service towards proper protection, proper pricing, proper education, and proper relationships. If consumers feel ripped off with current insurance “bills” reach out to Premier Shield Insurance for a one of a kind experience families and individuals will never regret.

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