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Look Fantastic Subscription Beauty Box June 2018 Unboxing & Discount Code

**Look Fantastic Subscription Beauty Box June 2018 Unboxing & Discount Code**



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Look Fantastic Subscription Beauty Box June 2018 Unboxing & Discount Code

Hi everyone – thanks so much for watching!
So as you may know I love beauty boxes and I subscribe to glossybox and look fantastic. As i mention in the video i did used to subscribe to the birchbox subscription box but I found the products too small and not really good value for money.
This month I am in love with all the products – the box includes a studio 10 eyeshadow and an elemis face wash. The elemis product is definitely my fave out of the box as I’ve recently tried the elemis pro collagen marine cream and absolutely loved it so I’m hoping that it is just as good as that! There was also a strange looking product by christophe robin in the box that looked like a brown paste but is apparently meant to be a volumising hair paste/mask! I’ll keep you updated and let you know what it is like as soon as i’ve used it!
There were 7 products in this months box so I am really pleased with it and feel like it’s such good value! Next months sneak peek also looks so good!
So Look Fantastic is around £13 a month and you get Elle magazine free with each box which i think is a nice touch. Let me know in the comments below if you get the lookfantastic beauty box too or one of the others!

I’ve recently seen a video posted by This Morning called ‘are subscription boxes a rip off?’ and they discussed boxes such as pink parcel and Birchbox. In my opinion they are definitely not! Although you can get some smaller items in there, they definitely make up for it with more expensive products and I love the concept of getting a monthly treat through your door!

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hi everyone welcome to my channel and thank you so much for watching I know I've been away for a little bit and I've had kind of like a week a week in a bit off YouTube because i was doing exams but I'm so pleased that my exams are over now so I can totally focus on YouTube today's video is the look fantastic June yes we're in June it's the look fantastic a June box I actually love this design oh my god ignore my nails they're hideous I love this design of the box I'm definitely keeping this sometimes I recycle just the plain boxes and but yeah I really like this one so I was so excited to get this box this month as you guys will know if you have watched my previous videos and if you subscribe to me I do these boxes and every month obviously as they come there are monthly subscription boxes I have look fantastic and glossy box and as regular videos on my channel I've been really pleased with glossy box and look fantastic recently and I haven't had any dodgy boxes for a while and my videos are always 100% honest and if you guys have been watching me for a little while your remember that I used to subscribe to birch box but I just really wasn't that impressed with it to be honest I felt like all of the items were really really small yeah I just didn't like the selection of the product so I just unsubscribed and I was really honest with you guys and just basically said yeah I wasn't satisfied with it so lately I've been loving and look fantastic in glossy box so one of the things I do love about look fantastic is you get an owl magazine in every month's box it's like a little handy travel sized one let me just see if I can get out without breaking it oops so there's this month's Elle magazine I've obsession with like smelling stuff okay so we've got loads this month we've got 7 items and that's why I love and look fantastic you get like a good amount of products in that and you also get a good size of products in there and compared to for example birch box which we won't go into I also just want to say how excited I am for the next month's sneak peek so if you guys don't want to see it then just skip like ten seconds ahead so it says next month's box we're getting a I don't know how you pronounce that but I know it's an expensive shampoo um Kerastase Kerastase I don't know but it's expensive and it looks lush I don't know where to begin I feel like this is just a battery might go there's so many products so this first item is a I think it's a moisturizer okay so it's rituals a body cream it's a good size actually but it's like small enough to put in your handbag which I was like and it just says it doesn't say that much about it to be honest during the summer months your skin can dry out remember it says it's rich and creamy which the rituals products always are I've used em a shower gel I think the foamy shower gel which was in another box previously Oh smells amazing oh this next item is strange let me find the page where it talks about it maybe this is like an extra little sample thing so it's called real chemistry real chemistry environmental rescue essential day cream okay so it basically just says it is a day cream and on the actual packaging it says that it's six pounds don't know if you can see that but yeah it's just like a little teensy sample size so I think that's just like an extra thing that they've chucked in because it doesn't say too much about that but I love a moisturizer I feel like I've got so many moisturizers I just don't have enough face for the mouth moisturizer that I have this next product it looks very strange okay so Kristoff Robin cleansing volumizing paste with clay and rose extracts okay so it just basically says that you can use this as a hair mask before rinsing to protect and preserve your haircolor right let's let me show you what this looks like it literally looks so bizarre it almost looks like a sugary coffee paste so I'm interested to try that I just feel like that kind of looks like sludge I'll give it a try anyway and I'll let you guys know down in the description box once I've tried it I will leave down below what I thought of it okay this next product I'm so excited for I absolutely love LMS so they've got a LMS what is it facial wash facial wash in this month I did just recently try the LMS Pro collagen marine cream is it that was free with a magazine I think it was Mary Claire or something yeah I think it was my player and I'm obsessed with it and I'm really annoyed because I'm coming to the end of it and I think it's like 80 pounds I'm excited to give this a try but if it's if if I love it then I might not be able to hold the full size okay the next thing is studio tan I thought this was a lip gloss at first I don't think it is studio ten liquid foil eye radiance crease resistant eyeshadow and in the fantastic book click it doesn't usually say the prices unless I'm being really stupid and I just can't see where the prices are but they don't usually say the prices so I will look it up on Google and put it down below but yeah that looks really really nice and shimmery to be honest with you I don't tend to wear like glittery eye makeup maybe just because I'm not that good eye makeup ahem maybe when I get better I will start experimenting a bit more but I might put this in a giveaway because I just feel like someone else will be able to appreciate this more than me so I'm not going to open it and swatch it I like the look of the next thing instant moisture and radiance Hydra mask SOS so it says that it is suitable for all skin types which is good because I tend to have like really oily skin one day and then really dry skin another day so I find it really difficult to buy stuff that is for my skin type so I'm not really sure what my skin type is okay so it says that you can't apply it twice a week you can leave it on or you can wipe it off after 15 to 20 minutes and I really like the Clinique Moisture Surge mask and I tend to leave that on all night so let's have a look how big this is so yeah I'll be excited if it is as good as that Clinique one because I am running out and so yeah it's a little bit smaller out of the package it is 12.5 mils but yeah that looks really cute let's have a smile oh it's got a foil thing on kind of a wigs man I can't really a little bit fruity so the last thing I'm really excited to see in here it's okay I'm going to try and pronounce this it is the Vita Liberata fabulous self-tanning gradual lotion I love town I love trying different tans there is this is a good size this is a 50 ml bottle so I'm just going to show you all of the sizes together just for size reference obviously this is a pretty big bottle which I'm excited to see and I've heard really good things about these products actually about this company so I'm excited to give it a try so this is the amount of products that you get in Jun's box I'm so excited to try all of these I can't believe that they've given us so much this month and I don't think I said at the start I think it's about 14 pounds the subscription I do have a discount code down below I've got a look fantastic discount code and a glossy box discount code so do check those out down below guys so yeah I'm really really pleased this month's box I think they look fantastic might just be my favorite recently so thank you guys again so much for watching I really hope that you've enjoyed this month's unboxing and remember if you do like what you see then I do have those discount codes below and yeah thank you so much and I hope to see you all on my next video