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Save money while interviewing to become a Flight Attendant

**Save money while interviewing to become a Flight Attendant**



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Here is are a few tips to help you save money while interviewing to become a Flight Attendant. From Hotels, to Food, & Uber rides.
hey what's up guys here to talk to you today about ways to save money when you are headed to your flight an interview first and foremost I want to congratulate all of those that are headed to a flight attendant interview and just stop by the channel to get some interview tips and for those of you that have recently become flight attendants and have sent me messages congratulations to you guys as well for completing training and for those of you that are just now starting the process welcome to my channel go ahead and like and subscribe I always have a great deal of very valuable information for future flight attendants so again smash that like button if you like this video and go ahead and subscribe to the channel so we're gonna dive right in and talk about ways to save money when you're headed to your flight attendant interview first things first now I do realize and understand that not every airline covers travel to and from the interview it's unfortunate it's just the way it is but that's okay because there are ways to save money on that trouble one of those ways is getting on to various apps as well as websites such as kayak or Expedia and these apps websites sell airfare at a much lower rate than booking through the airline but that's not always true so make sure that you sometimes make sure that you also check with the airline that is very important and I have actually help friends get pretty discounted flights through services like kayak and Travelocity and Expedia and all all those various different platforms websites apps that are great for saving money on travel so with that said you fly to the airport where you're gonna be interviewing probably at some hotel call that hotel if you are interviewing out a hotel for the airline call that hotel and see if they have any special rates for people that are flying in and in interviewing to be a flight attendant you will be surprised more times than not the hotel will have special rates for flight attendants that are coming to interview you just have to call the airline is not always going to provide you with that invaluable information so you have to be your own advocate and for the stuff you don't know I'm happy to help so just drop me a line or watch some of my other videos if you're not staying at the hotel that the interview is up because sometimes these hotels are very very expensive check out the app hotel tonight and that app offers unsold rooms that specific day so the day before or the day of the interview you can actually book further out but it actually gets cheaper closer to the day that you're going to stay there in my experience also let's talk transportation so transportation to the airport from home get a friend to take you to the airport or a family member or relative or something like that so that way you're not bearing the expense of travel to the airport once you get to the airport at the interview location almost every Hotel Airport Hotel or hotel close to the airport offers an airport shuttle so you should be able to take the airport shuttle from the airport to the hotel and a really good hotel will actually offer the shuttle from the hotel to your interview location and from the hotel back to the airport if the hotel unfortunately does not offer a shuttle that's okay don't despair you do have lyft and uber but take the share so take uber cool sorry take uber pool or take lyft line etc so take the discounted version of these ride shares so that way you're not breaking the bank on travel let's talk about Airbnb in my experience taking air being the arts are taking maybe staying in an air B&B sorry I have a lot going on today guys staying at an Airbnb is extraordinarily cost-effective I have seen Airbnb s go for 35 to 40 dollars a night the host cooks breakfast the next morning so you're saving money on food and the host will also pick you up and take you back to the airport it doesn't get any better than that so you this you've spent less than 50 dollars in some cases less than 40 and even 30 depending on the city in which you're interviewing in for lodging and that's incredible reach out to friends and family that name live in the city that you're interviewing in I have not to date had a friend or a family member that was not on fire for my success for my next endeavor and so there are definitely family and friends that will allow you to stay with them for your flight tonight interview there's no reason to bear the expense of an expensive hotel if you don't have to if you are just so gung ho on staying in a hotel look into your credit card points you may be able to use your points for travel expenses such as food on the airplane I know Hilton honors members can use points to stay at hotels American Express card holders have $100 travel credit per year depending on the card that you can use onboard the aircraft for various snacks etc so there are so many ways that you can save money and the more and more that I hear about people complaining that it's such an expense to come to this interview I had to take the day off of work it's unpaid then I had to get a hotel then the uber then the lift and then unfortunately they didn't get offered a cjo that that can be a big blow to the chest right and a big an even bigger blow to the wallet so I I really wanted to make this video and actually I kept jotting down various pointer that can help you guys save money because it's so important to me that people are not breaking the bank when it comes to achieving their goal and dream of becoming a 510 because these interviews are not like regular interviews you're not going to interview to be a receptionist down the street gotta show up at 3 o'clock maybe you leave an hour early if you live where I live sometimes it's 2 hours but we won't talk about that traffic is a sore subject where I live for a lot of people so there's that start thinking like a flight attendants so when you get to the hotel don't order room service go to the grocery store and get food inexpensively a TV dinner or something like that a lot of flight attendants do that or bring your own food bring a lunch box pack all of your food in the lunch box and bring it with you to the interview start thinking like a flight attendant because when you think like a fighter 10 you're gonna interview like a flight attendant when you interview like a flight attendant the recruiter is gonna say wow here's somebody that has done a great deal of research already and is very familiar with the lifestyle of being a flight attendant because one of the interview questions is going to be how have you prepared to become a flight attendant and one of the things you want to say is I've done a great deal of research so I know all about lay overs and I know about crash pads etc now that we're on the point of crash pads you can actually stay in a crash pad when you are headed to your interview and crash pads are very inexpensive and you do not have to be appliance in it in most cases to stay in a crash pad if you can demonstrate that you are interviewing for an airline of the crash pad owner or host or what have you will actually allow you to stay in a crash pad for a night which is great because you can you are surrounded with other flight attendants whether it be hot bed or cold bed or whatever the situation may be you can talk to the flight attendants and learn more about the lifestyle really determine if this lifestyle is for you and you can even talk about that in the interview so those are just a few tips and tricks to save money when you're headed to your interview and if if you want to be really really risky like I am you can actually take the red-eye out so Airlines a lot of airlines will fly you out the day prior to your interview and they do this because it's their policy they want you they want to make sure that if there's any delays or cancellations that you get to the interview on time so there's no issues and they don't assume the reliability of you not being on time it is okay to take the red-eye it is a risk I took the red-eye to a mainline interview and had a three-hour like but a little bit about three and a half hour downtime in the airport where I just sat in the chair and just kind of hung out texted friends FaceTime with people and then about an hour before the interview I went in the bathroom yes airport bathroom and changed into my suit hop on the shuttle and then went to the interview location and I was the first one there so the lady that booked the flight for me with the airline since the airline paid for she said I'm so nervous that you're not gonna make it on time I'm so concerned I'm so worried for you and I was actually the first one there so don't think that you're taking a huge tremendous risk by doing this because again there were people that stayed in hotels or people that stayed near B&BS and crash pads that didn't show up to the interview as early as I did and there were a few people that unfortunately did not make it to the interview and you want to make it to the interview on time because they will close the door and wish you the best of luck with reapplying and I know that is very shady and savage but this is the industry so get used to it deal with it and move on with that said please smash that like button the more likes I get it it helps me know that the content that I'm delivering to you guys is usable it's beneficial to you guys it actually motivates me to get out there and get more and more information for you guys for the interview processes for the various Airlines if there's anything in the video that you may want to share with the community drop a comment below I read all of the comments I like or dislike the comments I comment on the comments and make sure you subscribe with that I'm gonna beat you guys all farewell best of luck to you and I'll see you in the friendly skies

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