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The Rose Pad (complete kit) by Martin Lewis at Dynamite Magic Shop.com

**The Rose Pad (complete kit) by Martin Lewis at Dynamite Magic Shop.com**



View Time:2:39Minutes



Imagine… In full view the drawing of a black rose transforms – its petals slowly bursting into glorious color. The art, thus changed, is handed out as a memorable magical gift.

Brand new from Martin Lewis, inventor of “Cardiographic,” come his latest sketchpad creation. A completely new effect and method. Rosepad is suitable for audiences from fifty to five hundred.

Rosepad leaves the audience with the impression that you’re a great artist but in fact no artistic skill is required and the one hand operation makes it easy to perform for either right or left-handers.

Be the first to put this masterpiece in your own show.

4x4 S10 Blazer Budget V8 Swap (Ep.2)

**4×4 S10 Blazer Budget V8 Swap (Ep.2)**



View Time:Minutes



Blood, sweat, tears, and a Small Block Chevy. Join us as the venerable S10 Blazer gets a Chevy 350 in place of the 4.3L, there are lots of trials along the way …

SAD FARTS - Totally Reliable Delivery Service | Let's Play

**SAD FARTS – Totally Reliable Delivery Service | Let's Play**



View Time:27:19Minutes



It’s up to us to deliver the world’s packages with any means necessary in some Totally Reliable Delivery Service gameplay.
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