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Scentsy Show n' Tell - Toy Story Scentsy Buddies

**Scentsy Show n' Tell – Toy Story Scentsy Buddies**



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hey everyone that twice and one day to go live how do you manage that hi Christine all right I am so excited about this unboxing you have no idea no idea the Toy Story movie is in our town today they have the first viewing at 1:30 which was like half an hour ago they've got another one tonight and then again Thursday Friday Saturday I believe so um who has seen the Toy Story movie so far has anybody already seen it and do you love it hey Joshua hi Kelly so we're live on Facebook and on YouTube so if I'm yelling people out it's because we're in both both both Lambs um this is like I don't know I don't even I can't contain myself you saw it it was awesome it was adorable so maybe this weekend I can go I don't know if then we'll want to go with me but who knows he might all right so let's let's do this shall we so they came out with a bundle and it's still available which I don't get why they must have made they must have known what's gonna sell a lot because it's still available right now which is phenomenal there's a bundle that you can get that have the two buddies you're gonna see those in a minute the two cent packs and the two bars for $95 so that's actually pretty good I think you're getting the bars for free doing that you could do just one of the buddies with the bar and the scent pack for $50 or you can do just the buddy the scent pack for $45 so if you're doing the bundles you're getting more for your money I mean you're actually gonna get some stuff for free so I did the $95 bundle so that's the two buddies the two bars and this 2 cent packs and we're going to do the scent bars first the sensi bars first that's what we can smell the scent all right so what do we want to do buzz lightyear or woody first put it in the comments what do you want to see first buzz lightyear or woody let's take a little boat and I am going to make sure I get everything here are we in the woody camp or the buzz camp which camps what do we want to see first oh we have a woody we have a buzz – buzz both at the same time I can't do it I can't do it okay let's do buzz cuz it's alphabetically in order buzz light here it is alright let me get the information no I want the bar information okay are you ready okay Toy Story Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond is the name of the scent guess what color it is I need to make sure my scent receptors are clear ready okay oh my gosh smells kind of creepy mmm it's fruity its fruity I love it oh mylanta all right blast off to a galaxy of endless imagination worth fizzy orange and blackcurrant are cosmically balanced with plum blossom and sugared raspberry holy Hannah okay I almost lost you there just funky thanks alright we're back oh goodness okay let's do that again let's smell again mmm mmm I cannot wait for this to be warm because cold I smell the blackcurrant let there sugared raspberry and plum blossom and busy orange I want fizzy orange Oh God okay smells amazing buzz lightyear so are we gonna do the Buddy or just the sense let's just do the sense okay so here's woody and this one's called reach for the stars and he is like a caramel brown mmm cowboy it up this is very woodsy mmm okay in a world full of possibilities the sky's the limit but you still feel grounded with white oak sandalwood and an uplifting touch of vanilla seriously mmm oh my gosh hey Cheryl mmm oh god that's nice very woodsy camp smelling oh that smells good okay okay this is the scent pack it will be open this is the artwork this brave Space Ranger is loyal to the ends of the earth and beyond and of course each Buzz Lightyear sensi buddy comes with a scent pack in our Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond fragrance and they come in an amazing box it's a Disney box oh I can't believe since he has a relationship with Disney like seriously don't forget we have little handles that pop out up at the top here oh my god he looks so big he is in one of the bigger boxes by the way do you remember our sensei buddies used to come in this big box come on Buzz Oh oh my gosh Wow he is huge look at the details okay all right okay his backpack guess what goes in his backpack seriously Oh Oh danger jet exhaust for real look at the details okay look it says Space Ranger Lightyear he's got his laser badge on the side and his rocket pack look at his gloves he's gonna sin see patch his feet are huge scentsy on the side he's got his moon boots on they're hard you're stinking cute look who's eyebrows o M G he's adorable oh my gosh okay that's buzz buzz lightyear okay are we ready to do woody hi mom yes okay I'm doing this too quick oh okay that's the box it's his hat he looks pretty big you're gonna meet me over buzz cuz there's not enough room on this desk both of you ready he's gonna be bald I can't do this tight guys I have to put the hat on wow you guys are big these are big look this is full size this is a full size buddy look how big but he'll be there this is a full size buddy you still he's supposed to be tall anyway right so he has his cowboy buckle look it doesn't work good they even have the stinking pull cord for him to talk can you imagine if he talked he's gonna share it badge he's good as hankie go get his boots oh it says sensi on his boot look with this little Spurs oh my Lanta and the belt loops look Oh the detail guys there's the sexy patch look at the details Lulu wow that is pretty spectacular he is amazing and you know what if you wanted to keep the Hat on him all the time I'm sure you could put a little safety pin or even just one little stitch and you could leave it there oh look at his gun holster Wow so cute I need to oh my gosh you've got the button here his buttons as hand gosh there's just so much detail in these okay I need to put his scent back in so just sit back oh it smells even better in the scent pack oh good gracious okay his zipper right here well buzz has an entire backpack okay oh my gosh seriously they're big they're huge look at them so you can get well the sub packs are in size you can't see impacts plus the bars and the scent Paks for $95 and it's legit Disney stuff made by sensi Wow ah this is amazing okay you can either go to my website and order them yourself or I can order him them for you totally up to you if you want one and not the other that's totally up to you too if you're a Buzz Lightyear camp or what do you camp then get whichever one you want I'd get both these I'm going to tell you something like all the things that are being made by Disney or for Disney are gonna be collectibles there's no ifs ands buts about it they're gonna be collectibles because people are gonna sought after them when they no longer can get them and so like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger those were put away there in the vault can't get them anymore what was another one that they put in the vault right now you can get Daisy and Donald and Mickey and Minnie those are like the staple ones that you can get all the time but like the Aladdin wax collection the Cinderella lock wax collection those are all going to be collectibles when they're not available anymore so I'm telling you guys that you need to pick these up Oh stitch yeah stitch stitch how could I forget stitch okay he just wiped my these are mine you can't have these okay guys thank you for joining us to infinity and that was not buzz I wasn't even close like I don't know what they sound like it's okay love you guys beauty inside starting up if you want to get yours all right

Why The Man Who Punched Kangaroo to Save His Dog Faces Backlash in Australia

**Why The Man Who Punched Kangaroo to Save His Dog Faces Backlash in Australia**



View Time:2:22Minutes



The man who punched a kangaroo is coming under fire after his actions went viral. Greig Tonkins is reportedly an elephant keeper at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia. Emma Dallimore, a reporter with Australia’s Channel 7 News, told Inside Edition people are outraged. “The kangaroo is a national icon, it is a symbol of Australia and the animal activists are certainly not happy at all about it.” His buddy Greg Bloom shot the video that’s gone viral and says the kangaroo is just fine.
the guy who socked a kangaroo in the kisser is coming under fire today let it go can you believe he's a zookeeper of all things now animal lovers are hopping mad let it go kangaroo is a national icon it's a symbol of Australia and animal activists are certainly not happy at all they've not only been talking about the fact that this man should lose his job in the zoo where he works but that perhaps charges should even be pressed before you judge Greg Tompkins too harshly you should know he was on a mission of mercy when he punched out the kangaroo turns out Greg was fulfilling the dying wish of a terminally ill teenager who wanted to go on a hunting expedition 19 year old Calum Barwick died last weekend and Greg's right hook with the kangaroo was the highlight of the adventure any good but did Greg really have to throw the first punch he just went into action to protect his dog like most people would we spoke to the guy who shot the video that's being seen around the world he says the kangaroo will be just fine he's a big tough animal and a little smack on the nose like that isn't gonna hurt him kangaroos are powerful animals check out that chest some call him the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the kangaroo world kangaroos seem to just hate dogs this route rise to drown a dog that admittedly won't leave them alone video we found on YouTube shows a kangaroo attacking a zoo worker I need help and Woody Allen took on a kangaroo in this comedy sketch from the 60s it's all good fun until the kangaroo sends the ringmaster flying zoologist Jared Miller analyzed the latest kangaroo smackdown he should have grabbed his dog and just moved back to away from the kangaroo and most likely the kangaroo would have just remained in place but he took the chance of engaging the kangaroo you never want to strike a wild animal because it could agitate the animal a kangaroo can inflict a very serious injury that could result in a fatality well the zookeeper reportedly is not going to lose his job over the incident but we're told he will be subject to additional training you

HOW I BUDGET, TRACK MY SPENDING & $AVE!! (budget with me!)

**HOW I BUDGET, TRACK MY SPENDING & $AVE!! (budget with me!)**



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Hi I hope this helps you!! Comment down below how you budget or any tricks I don’t know about yet! Thanks SO MUCH for watching!

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sweater weather is officially here welcome back to my channel today we are going to be talking about how I budget if you've seen my last two videos you know that I did mention how I keep a budgeting journal and how that journal is in fact my entire life I told you if you were curious and wanted an in-depth video on how I budget tracked my spending save money and earn more money that I would do a deep dive into the sponge eating journal with you and that is exactly what we are going to do today thank you so much to everyone who commented and was interested in this video this one is for you before we get started don't forget to leave on likes because it does help and comment down below don't forget to hit subscribe we really are like one big family with lots of love to go around and it's never too late joined all you have to do is hit subscribe also don't forget to click the bell because this notifies you every time I upload a new video and I always shout out the first comment on my social media so don't forget to be following that as well alright with all of that being said let's get right on into my budgeting journal I thought really hard about what would be the best way to go about this video because as best as I do want to take you through this journal page by page I do realize that it is very personal what's in here is smell like money-wise and I have all my paycheck stubs in here and I thought well I could blur out all the pages but then I really wouldn't be showing you the budgeting journal so I think what I'm going to do is go through this talk about it but instead of showing you the actual page like unblurred I'm going to help you guys create your own like layout for your budgeting journals I hope that makes sense I hope this is helpful and I really hope that the way that I format this video is the best for you and what will help you but I just got this journal it says busy making things happen and getting things done I know it's really faint so hopefully it shows up but this baby is from typo it is a four subject yeah it is a four subject journal with lined pages this thing is like amazing I'm so glad that I got it it was super cheap too it was actually a haul video so I'll link that above and down below if you are curious but this keeps me sane I'm not joking as soon as I moved into this new apartment check out those videos if you haven't by the way because I think they're super helpful if you're looking to move out anytime soon I talked about my experience moving out how I was able to move out and then tips and tricks advice you know life hacks all that for moving out for your first time as well my first tip is to find a journal that works for you and I definitely recommend with like separate subject or like dividers just to keep everything separate because that really does help me a lot also with those dividers typically they come with like folders inside the journal so this is where I keep like pay stubs or any important money related paperwork that I might need to hold on to everything is organized and that is super helpful this is gonna be hard to do without showing you the exact pages oh okay well let's open this bad boy and get started so the first page of the first section of this budgeting journal basically what I call my budget grudges and it's a list of all of my expenses every single month that are like mandatory so I have rent utilities car insurance gas groceries my Hulu subscription Spotify subscription Wi-Fi picmonkey because I pay for that oh my god any loans that I have right now for school or for my car loans and then the movie pass at the bottom I just box off the total amount of money that I have to spend every single month because I need to pay bills and then I always round that up to the nearest hundred just because I think that is super crucial you never know it could flunk shoe it depending on the month with electricity and all that and groceries supposed to organize my spending even further I create a three row column called must wants and alters anything that kind of alters depending on the month so under must I put rent electricity insurance Wi-Fi loans and then under once I have anything that I could cancel if need be but decide to spend anyway so all my subscriptions and then alters so things like gas and groceries where I sometimes I'll spend more or less depending on the month and this just helps break down how much I have to spend out of my expenses that month based on that number I can determine how much I can actually spend on gas or groceries per month and that is the first page after this I find it super helpful just to break down all of your monthly income paycheck by paycheck so if you have more than one job dedicate one page or one section to every single job that you have so I have my restaurant job would be on the first page and I just write down the dates of the days that I get paid and how much I am getting paid on that day it is super important to keep track of your paychecks and then it also shows me how much I am making within those two weeks so if I need to work more or less hours I get an idea of what has to happen and this is just a better way to break down all of your income some on the next page I have my other job which is actually this company that my mom helps workforce so that I technically work underneath my mom but it's not like family money so I just break down the days and I get paid for her company as well if you have more jobs just keep on doing this page per page and then I also babysit a ton every single month so I just created a page with its own color for how much I get paid for babysitting next I have my youtube payments every single month because this is another job that I have this one's kind of tricky because the month that you're getting paid is actually for the previous month so I like to differentiate that in my budget journal just so that I know exactly where this money is coming from and how I was doing on my channel that month and then depending on how much I'm getting paid it's really nice to know what needs to be worked on if I need to be uploading more or what videos I uploaded that month and why I was getting paid more than the other month if that makes sense I think those are all of my consistent jobs I just created another page dedicated to other and this is for any random payments that I might receive that month such as selling furniture clothing online or going into like half-price books or Plato's Closet and donating stuff and getting paid I also have any bonuses depending on the month or time off payments or any jobs that are too temporary to dedicate an entire page to my next two pages are dedicated to my spending habits so on the left side I have micro Suri's I just put down the date and how much I spent so I can break down exactly how much I was spending on groceries that month and then this page I track my gas so I just put down the date and how much I spent on gas and then I add up how much I spent per month and some months I swear I spent over like last month I spent $80 on gas which is just a big no-no but that is definitely because of school and commuting to the University of Minnesota but it's nice to kind of see how much I'm spending on gas per month because $1 is a lot but back in the summer I only spent $36 a month on gas and I know this has to do with gas prices too that fluctuate but it's also just really nice to know how much you're spending on gas per month and be more aware of your driving habits after that I have my favorite page to reflect on called the total breakdown and that is where every single month based on the previous pages I of exactly how much money I earned that month and then I subtract how much money I spent and left in orange is how much I saved or had left but I'll probably use because before I really started budgeting I'm definitely with spending this is a really good page just to keep track of your average income per month and then your average spending habits per month and then how much money you have leftover so for those months leading up to my new rent price which is coming up very soon I was definitely using this page to figure out exactly how much I was making and how much I was spending on average honestly this page is just really nice to have to look back on your spending every single month because I work in a restaurant I leave the next few pages open for tips because I'll be serving and this is definitely something that I need to keep track of to see how much I am making in tips per month just to make sure that I am working enough hours at the restaurant or to see if I need to pick up more and to figure out which months I did better or worse than at my job of course this all depends on how many times I'm serving that month so every single month I just write down how much I urge that night and tips the day and then a little description of that night and then I box up the total of how much I made in tips every single month to see what I should aim for and I just left a couple pages open for this since I do work at a restaurant and you're gonna need a lot of pages write down my tips after this I have a upcoming large expenses page this is in case you are planning a vacation or moving or you just know the Berenstain large expenses in the near future just to be aware of so I definitely use this a lot when I move into my first apartment because I had bed frame bar card table chairs stuff like that listed I just list what I need in the near future how much those going to cost and then a deadline if there is a deadline for when I need to purchase this item this is also where I plan out future trips or tattoos that I want and it's just super nice to kind of have this in the back of your mind when you're budgeting or earning money to know that this is what you're saving up for if you are saving up for something the next few pages I am really proud of because I got into this really great habit of just breaking down everything I called these pages earned and burned as you can tell in this journal I'm a huge fan of rhyming pages you know like budget grudge attorney it's really fun so on the earned side I just write down every single time that I earned money even if it's like two bucks you gotta write it down keep track of it I just write down the date how much I earned and then where I got that money from this is super helpful because at the end of the month I add up every single thing that I earned I put that total in big bolded numbers at the bottom of that page and this is where that number comes from earlier on that total breakdown page so I know exactly how much I earned that month over on the right side is the burned page and that is where I write down everything that I spent that month sometimes this page is a lot longer than earned and it just really bothers me I like to try to keep this list to just one side of my journal because someone so I have to flip it over and that's where I'm really not proud of myself because it means that I was spending a lot of money but just like on the left side I write down the date how much I spent and what I spent that money on again at the bottom of that page I add up all of the numbers and I see the total for how much I spent that month and it should be less than how much I earned but this is just a really great side-by-side to figure out how much you are spending and how much you are making per month and just to keep track of your expenses I think that's super important to do but it's really crucial just to keep track of what you're making especially when it's in tips because that is not something on receipt you know it's important to leave a ton of pages open for your earned and burned section since you are doing this month to month every single month you're going to want two pages next to each other that you can do this and at the back of this first section of my budgeting journal I have a slow treat yourself page it's basically just a list of ones that I have and then depending on how much I'm saving per month I'll decide whether or not I am able to spend money on a Polaroid camera or a new body mirror or a dining room table and chairs and I just check it off I think it's pretty crucial you know and that is the first section of this journal and at the end of the first section is where I keep all my pay stub because I am keeping track of how much I am earning it's great just to have those receipts right here just in case I need to look back and reflect on anything the second section of my budgeting journal is a personal favorite and this section I can show you since it is just a wish list and this is my home goals 2018 it's just a list of everything that I think I need for my apartment it's super fun to cross that off once I get to that point as you can see this list is almost complete I've been in this apartment since March but there is still a couple of things that I want / need and then I just break it down even more I have my updated list I list for my bedroom this is also the reason why I haven't done an apartment tour yet because in my mind it's not complete and there are still a ton of things that need to be purchased before I feel like it's ready to show you guys as you can tell I am a super organized person and then I just have a wish list for anything any wants that I have and another updated list of everything that I would like from my apartment think this is the most recent up-to-date list that I have and hopefully I can show you guys my apartment soon the third section in this journal is kind of just like random lists so I have another want list this is kind of outdated but it's still there and then I have some spring videos clearly it is almost winter so this isn't a very old list that I kind of abandoned and the last section of this journal I haven't really completed quite yet but I did create kind of like a summer bucket list this section is kind of left open just in case I need extra pages for any other sections but that is basically my budgeting journal thank you so much for watching I really hope that this helped you and I hope that the way that I formatted this video to show you a bit of what's inside and then help you lay out your own budgeting journals what's beneficial again I was kind of confused about what would be the best way to show you without actually showing you my expenses and earnings because that is a little too personal and I think this wasn't good in between and now you understand why this book is my life if you have any other tips or personal ways that you keep track of your spending that you think would be helpful don't forget to comment them down below let's help each other out the reason I said that this could also help you earn more money and it's because by being aware of what you are spending and how much you're making you're able to figure out kind of like okay I'm spending $50 on subscriptions for my apps maybe I should end one of them or wow I'm spending 80 bucks on gas this month let's be a little more mindful of how I'm driving my cars and it just really shows you how much you are spending to help you not spend that much also I really like the page where it breaks down like you your must spending habits your wants for spending and then your fluctuating spending because after you subtract like your must spendings for bills you can really see how much you have left to put two watts or fluctuating spending habits like gas and grocery groceries it's my life and I wanted to share it with you and a handful of you guys really wanted me to talk about this so I hope that you enjoyed again don't forget to leave a like and comment down below and subscribe for more content I have a really exciting video coming soon that you don't want to miss but that's it for this video thanks so much for watching I know it was long but you're amazing I love you all and I'll see you very very soon in my next video bye

BUDGET for LEH LADAKH BIKE TRIP | how much money you need to do ladakh bike trip ??

**BUDGET for LEH LADAKH BIKE TRIP | how much money you need to do ladakh bike trip ??**



View Time:Minutes



Lehladakh2019 #ladakhonbike #ladakhbudget . In this video i am going to tell you about my expenses of 2019 LADAKH JOURNEY. how much i have spended …

HOW TO MAKE ROSE WATER AT HOME ||రోజ్ వాటర్ తయారి విదానం || Sireesha

**HOW TO MAKE ROSE WATER AT HOME ||రోజ్ వాటర్ తయారి విదానం || Sireesha**



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rosewater #home #telugu Cast Iron Cookware. : Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet : Stretch Lids Flexible Covers.