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20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms

**20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms**



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20 tips on how to book the cheapest hotel room possible. Looking to score a deal on a great hotel? These tips & hacks will ensure you get the best price on your next hotel stay. First: Be flexible
Go when other people aren’t. The rule of opposites. Business destination? Go during the weekend. Resort like Vegas? Going during the week. Even consider this within a single city.. San Diego by the beach in the summer will be expensive. Cheap in the winter.

2 – New Hotels
Hotels that just opened typically have really low occupancy levels and often offer prices well below the competition to get people to know them.

3 – Not the major chains
Particularly internationally
Especially if there is only one of that particular chain in a destination
Find the local chains. In Japan: Toyoko Inn, or JR Hotels. In Taiwan: K Hotel

4 – Coupon Codes and Affiliations
AAA, Senior, through your work
Find coupon codes on FF blogs and flyertalk
Use the flexible dates search to find a day with your rate

5 – Promotions
Find promotions on places like travelzoo, groupon, and the hotels website
Check promotions like stay 3 nights get 1 free. Might not always be cheaper
Free breakfast, resort credit
Get more points promotions

6 – Stay for a long time and book in advance
Long stay rates, advance booking rates
I always book hotels if there is a remote possibility I’m going

7 – Be creative with your searches
Going for a week? Try searching for a day at a time, just the weekend, just the weekdays.

8 – Check a few aggregators
Kayak, Expedia, agoda, TripAdvisor
Maybe a country specific one like Rakuten
Make sure you are signed in when you search

9 – Also check the hotels website directly
Make sure you are a member of their loyalty program

10 – Get the hotels credit card
Free perks like breakfast, late checkout, just for having the card.
And you’ll earn more points for the booking

11 – Other Credit Card perks
Amex FHR
Citi Prestige Card
Buy 3 nights get 1 free

12 – Price Match
Found a lower price on somewhere else? Many hotels have a low price guarantee and will beat the low price somewhere else.

13 – Keep checking the rate
Rate might become lower as the date gets closer.. rebook the lower rate

14 – Book a nonrefundable or prepaid rate
Usually 10 to 20% less

15 – Book last minute
Hotels tonight

16 – Bid on a room
Dont care where you stay? Use Priceline to bid on a hotel.

17 – Be creative
B&B, AirBNB, Hostels, Capsule Hotels, Overnight trains, day room

18 – Buy gift cards
Often can find gift cards at 10% off face value

19 – Use points
For free. Or cash and points. Dont get suckered in to “Premium” rooms

20 – Experienced an issue? Let the hotel know
Might get a discount.. or even a complete refund


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– 20 tips and hacks on how
to get good deals on hotels. I'm Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. This video is part of
my travel advice series, where I'm giving you advice on how to get the most bang for your
buck when traveling. I've got other travel advice videos on how to get good deals
on airfare and rental cars. You'll find links to those at the end, or in the description of this video. But this video is all about how to get the best bang for your buck on hotels. My first tip on how to
get good deals on hotels is to be flexible. I call this one the law of opposites, and it's essentially to go
where other people aren't. And when other people aren't. If you're going to a business destination, then go when business people aren't there. Go during the weekend. If you're going to a resort destination, like Las Vegas, then
go during the weekday, because everybody goes to
Las Vegas on the weekend. If you're going when there
aren't many visitors there, then the room rates
are going to be cheaper because they aren't very full. This also can be taken into
account in a single city. For example, San Diego has
a lot of business travelers, and a lot of leisure travelers. The leisure travelers
all stay at the beach. The business travelers
all stay in downtown. So think about when you're coming, and try to stay where people aren't. Coming on the weekend, stay in downtown, where the business people stay. If you're coming during the week, well then stay near the beach, because the business
people won't be there. Tip number two, look for new hotels. New hotels, when they've just opened, not many people know about them. And because not many
people know about them, their occupancy rates are often very low when they first open. And so new hotels often offer
significantly lower prices than the competition when they first open to get people to know them. You book that cheap rate, you love it, then when you come back a year later, those prices have all of a sudden gone up. So if you're searching on
Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, those sorts of things,
take a look for the hotels that have that new marker, to
score yourself a good deal. Tip number three, avoid
the major hotel chains. Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, particularly if you're
traveling internationally, and particularly if
there's only one or two of those hotels in the particular city. Because Marriott is
going to charge a premium when there's only one
Marriott in that city. But you might say Chris, I like the chains because there's some consistency,
I know what they'll be. Well my recommendation to you
is to find the local chains. If you're going to Japan, for example, you'll get much better
deals staying in the hotels that are run by Japan Airlines, or by ANA. They will be half the price of the big international
Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt chains, and pretty much a similar quality. The only drawback to not
staying in the major chains, well you won't get those reward points. But say you're going
to like Taipei, Taiwan, which is some place I often go to. The Hyatt in Taipei can be $300. But one of my favorite hotels there, a local chain in Taiwan called K Hotel, I get rooms at K Hotel for $80. I'm okay not getting the reward points and saving $220 a night. Tip number four, use your affiliations and look for coupon codes. What do I mean by affiliations? I meant things like are
you a member of AAA? Are you a member of AARP? Are you a member of some
company that has discounts with a particular hotel chain? Make sure you use those things. The affiliations like AAA,
and being a senior AARP, many hotel websites
have little check boxes, where you can see those rates. It's always worthwhile to do that. I find the AAA rate can
often be 20 to $30 cheaper than the regular rate,
at almost every Marriott. They also, almost all the
hotels have coupon codes that you could put in. Those coupon codes or discount codes, they're often corporate
codes that are negotiated between certain companies and the hotels, but they'll also have
certain discount codes for certain promotions
or various weekends. You can search online for coupon
codes for the major chains. But I will tell you,
don't use a coupon code that you're not eligible for. If there's a coupon code that says it's only eligible
for employees of IBM, and you don't work for IBM, well when you get to the hotel, they might ask you for
your IBM identification, and if you don't have it, you might be stuck paying
the full rack rate, which can be pretty expensive. Of course if you do like
to live on the edge, then maybe put in that coupon code and maybe the front desk
people just won't ask. When you're using some of
these codes or affiliations, you might find out they're not available on the days that you searched for. Many hotel websites have
a flexible dates feature where you can search for
days that that coupon code or affiliation rate is available. Tip number five, promotions. These are different than
coupon codes and affiliations, but sometimes hotels will have promotions like stay three nights,
get the fourth one free. Where do you find these things? Well you can certainly find
them on the hotel website, but you can also find
them on deal aggregators like Travelzoo is a really
good one for hotels. Other types of promotions
you'll often find are ones that provide free breakfast, that provide resort credits,
like 50 to $100 a night, for staying in the hotel, that you could use at
the hotel's restaurant, or they might have promotions
where you get more points, so if you're staying at Hyatts, they might have double points promotions. Now I should point out that when you're looking at those rates related to the promotions, for example, the stay
three nights, get one free, you should actually check
if those rates are cheaper. Sometimes using those promotions, it's three nights and you get one free, but they increase the rate
of those three nights, so that the fourth one really isn't free. So make sure you actually take a look and those promotions are
actually a good deal. Tip number six, stay for a
long time, and book in advance. Why are these combined? Well, because both of these
are generally discounts that many hotels offer. One is usually advanced booking discounts. You'll find many hotels
provide discounts for booking 30, 60, 90 days out. You'll often find hotels will
offer long stay discounts, that usually start at five or seven days. So sometimes it might be cheaper to stay at a hotel for seven
days, than it is for five days, because that's when that
long stay rate kicks in. If you are staying for a really long time, it might even be useful
to call up the hotel, and ask them if they offer any long stay or extended stay rates. And you might say, but
Chris, how do I know 90 days before whether
I'm really gonna go? Me, personally, I book hotels even if there's a remote possibility that I'm going someplace. I always book the refundable hotel rates. I never book a non-refundable hotel rate, unless it's like a rate
the same day or tomorrow that I'm sure I'm gonna be going. I always book the refundable rate, so I can always cancel
'em later if I need to. Tip number seven, be
creative with your searches. What do I mean about creative? I mean if you're staying
at a hotel for a week, and the week looks kind of expensive, well try searching for one day at a time, just the weekend section,
just the weekday section. You might find that actually
making three reservations at the same hotel might be cheaper than the week long reservation, because when you make the
week long reservation, it makes all the nights equivalent to the most expensive night, whereas if you book the individual ones, it might give you a cheaper rate, a cheaper rate, and then you find that one night that's super expensive, and maybe that's the one
that you book with points, and you don't even pay
money for that night. Tip number eight, use multiple search
engines and aggregators. It's good to use the hotel's website, but when the hotels say they
have a best price guarantee, that doesn't actually that their
website has the best price. What that means is that if you find a cheaper price someplace else, they'll give you the difference back of what you booked, but it doesn't mean it's
always the cheapest. Some of my favorites are
Kayak, Agoda and Trip Advisor. If you're going to a certain country, there might be country specific
aggregators that are useful. The one for Japan that I like is Rakuten. Oh, and make sure you're signed
in when you're searching. Whether it's on the hotel website, or through the aggregator. Many of these search engines like Expedia will provide you cheaper rates
if you're actually signed in. Tip number nine, don't
just use the aggregators, but check the hotel's website as well. Check the hotel's website
so you can find out if there's a promotion, you might find there's different rooms, there might be different availability, you might get different perks if you book directly through the hotel, so definitely don't just
use the aggregators. Look at the hotel website as well. Tip number 10, get the
hotel's credit card. If you're staying at a major hotel chain, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, they all have affiliated credit cards. If you're gonna be staying at
any one of those chains a lot, get the hotel's credit card. If you have the Hilton credit cards, you can get free
breakfast, late check out, just for having the credit card. Sure, there's an annual fee
that comes along with it, 80, $90, but if you stay
more than a few nights at a Hilton hotel, that
free breakfast benefit will easily pay for itself back. 'Cause breakfast in hotels
can be really expensive. And if you use that hotel, the credit card to pay for your booking,
you'll earn more points than if you just use
a standard credit card to pay for your booking. Tip number 11, use your
other credit card perks. Two credit cards that have
really good hotel perks are the American Express Platinum Card, and the Citi Prestige Card. The American Express Platinum Card, to get the hotel perks to work for you, you have to book through their Fine Hotels & Resorts program, and then you'll see when you book through that particular website, you'll have offers through those hotels that'll say things like
oh if you stay here, and you book the Fine
Hotels & Resorts rate, which is American Express
Platinum affiliated, you'll get a resort
credit, free breakfast, you know, a room upgrade, so
take a look at those rates. Now also, American Express
Platinum provides things like Hilton Gold, and a
lot of different upgrades, and different hotel programs, but you have to activate those. They don't just come automatically. When you get your Platinum Card, you actually have to go to
the American Express website and activate those benefits. The Citi Prestige Card
has a really great benefit which is if you stay three nights, you get the fourth night free. Now the Citi Prestige Card,
you have to book those hotels through Citi Prestige, it's
not just for any hotel, and it's only twice a year. But if you're staying in
some really expensive hotels, then that Citi Prestige benefit
can be pretty lucrative. Tip number 12, use the
price match guarantee, or the best rate guarantee that
I was talking about earlier. When the hotels say they
guarantee the lowest price, it doesn't really mean it,
and so if you find the rates at that hotel on their
website are expensive, and you find a cheaper one someplace else, well, book it through the hotel's website, take the screen shot
of that other website, send it into the hotel,
they will lower your rate, and then typically give
you some extra benefit on top of it, to show their good faith that they promise
they're gonna be cheaper. Tip number 13, keep checking the rate. So I mentioned book in advance, but just because you
book 90 days in advance, doesn't mean that you never pay attention to the hotel rate again. Every once in awhile you go
back to that hotel website, and check and see if
the rates got cheaper. When we were going to Zion
National Park in Utah, just a couple of months ago, I booked the Springhill
Suites in Zion for $300. Well, I checked it three days before, and low and behold, the
rate was no longer $300, it was now $200 for the exact same room. And because I booked the changeable rate, I could just go ahead and
change my reservation. I could cancel it and rebook it, but in this case, I just clicked modify, booked into the same
dates, and now it came back and it was $200 a night,
instead of $300 a night. So make sure you search
for what the rates are a couple days before you're going, before the cancellation deadline. Tip number 14, book a prepaid
or non-refundable rate. Now I know I said earlier
that I never do this, unless I'm sure I'm going and
it's a couple days before. But you may find that the
non-refundable or prepaid rates may be 10 to 20% cheaper. I would never advise doing
this three months before, because you never know what life is gonna throw
at you in three months, but if it's just a couple days, and you're pretty sure
then maybe go for it. Tip number 15, book last minute. What do I mean by last minute? I don't really mean a minute
before you get to the hotel, but I mean the same day
that you're going to stay. There's a lot of websites that provide unused inventory from hotels. The hotels call it unused
because if it's the day of, and they have a ton of rooms available, chances are, they're not gonna
get a last minute stampede that'll book all those rooms, so they often offer them
at a significant discount. One good website for this
is called Hotels Tonight, and then when you look at Hotels Tonight, you're searching for hotels
tonight in that city. Only do this if you don't really care where you're gonna stay, and you're pretty flexible in driving around the
city to a different place, 'cause you're never really gonna be sure what's actually gonna
be available that night. Tip number 16, bid on a room. Priceline, famous for bidding. If you really don't care
where you're gonna stay, and you're just interested
in getting the cheapest rate, well then by all means, go bid
on some hotels on Priceline. There's whole guides and
tips on how to use Priceline, and how to get the best rates. I'm not gonna go into that in here, 'cause that would be a
topic for another video. Tip 17, be creative. If you really want to get
cheap in where you're staying, then you need to be
creative on where you stay. Not just at big name hotels. But look at things that maybe
aren't considered hotels. For example, bed and breakfasts, booking something through Airbnb, booking a capsule hotel,
if you're in Japan. Booking a hostile. Going on a overnight train
that has sleeping quarters. Then you get transportation and you can sleep at the same time. Book a day room. Some hotels provide cheaper rates if you book it for the day time. And if you're in Japan,
you can get extra creative. They've got these manga cafes, which are basically cafes
that you can read comic books, but you can book a overnight
rate at a Manga cafe, often for like 10 to 20 bucks, as long as you're okay
sleeping in a chair, and not really a bed. Tip number 18, buy gift cards. You can often find deals
throughout the year where the major chains
will offer their gift cards at a discount rate, often
10, maybe even 20% off. You can buy them from the hotels directly when they have these sales, but all year round, you can find people who are selling gift cards that they have. Now I don't know that I'd
recommend you buy a gift card from a random person
on eBay or Craigslist, but there are some gift
card reselling websites, where those websites
will actually guarantee that the gift card that
you buy has value on it, and if it doesn't then they'll
refund your money back. So that's another way to get a good deal. And related to buying gift cards, you could also use shopping portals. Often things like Ebates, and
these various shopping portals can provide discounts for booking hotels. Recently, Ebates was
actually providing 10% back on Marriott reservations that
were booked through Ebates. I've got two more tips to go, but before I get to my last two, I wanna ask you a question. I'm always learning and
so what tips did I miss? If you've got some great advice, or some way that you save
money on hotels, let me know. One of the things I
love about this channel is learning from all of you. But now onto tip 19. Tip 19 is to not use your money at all, but to use points and
book it with award points. When you're using award
points for a booking, I will tell you to not get
suckered into premium rooms. Make sure that the rates and
rooms that you're booking are the standard, or the saver awards. Hilton is notorious for this, where the standard rate
might be 60,000 points, but they'll be offering you premium rooms for like 200,000 points a night. Those rooms are almost never worth it. It is worthwhile looking into
the cash and points rooms, particularly with Hyatt. Sometimes the cash and points bookings can be a pretty good deal. Also pay attention to
whether the hotel chain you're staying at has a, if you book a certain number
of nights, you get one free. Marriott has that, where if
you book four award nights, then you get the fifth night for free. Tip number 20, if you
experienced an issue, let the hotel know. Hotels really don't
like unhappy customers. And so if you've had a
really miserable stay for some reason that's
a fault of the hotel, let them know. One time I was staying in New Jersey, at this Hyatt that was there, and wow, this hotel, they gave
me like two different rooms, and both of them had other
people's stuff in them. It took me probably an hour
to actually get to my room, one that didn't have other
people's stuff in them. I really let them know, I
asked to talk to the manager. My stay wasn't free, but it
ended up being half the price of what it was, and they
brought me free stuff. They're like do you like
tea, do you like wine? Do you want free food at the restaurant? Just let us know, we want you to be okay. I know some people that
have managed to get their entire hotel stays comped, or if they booked it with award points, to get all of their points back because the hotels just weren't very good. It's not the hotels weren't very good, but there was like staff
issues, and things like that that really could've been
avoided on the part of the hotel. Now that you've watched this video, you're likely gonna be staying in a hotel, so you might enjoy my video on
15 hotel room tips and hacks. This one isn't about saving money, but it's about how to make your stay in hotel rooms more comfortable,
or you can click here for the playlist of my
entire travel advice series, including how to save money
on flights and rental cars. You'll find links in the description below to both those videos. I won't say goodbye, because
I'll see you over here.

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If you want to learn how to save on airfare for your very own trip, I’m going to give you tips to save even more money than I did!
Well, hello everybody! My name is Sebrin and I am The Clumsy Traveler here with Mint for my latest installment on how to save money for airfare for your next trip abroad I have some really exciting news: I finally decided where we’re going to go
for my birthday trip in June. Peru! We’re going to Peru! And I’m really really excited. It’s going to be my 6th continent that I’ve
traveled to. Anyone who follows me on Facebook, Instagram
Stories or Twitter might already have gotten an idea based on
my asking questions about the area. I’m a little nervous, we’re going to see
what happens with Zika. But now to talk about why you’re all here
to watch and that’s how to save money for your next flight. The first thing you need to know is where
you should be looking. A lot of times people will look directly at
airline sites if they’re trying to redeem points. However, I recommend looking at search engine
sites. I absolutely love Skyscanner – I think the
interface is super easy to work with, I also think it has the best deals. Overall it’s my favorite, I highly recommend
it. My second point is knowing when to book. For the longest time, people have thought
that you need to book on a very particular day. Whether that’s a Tuesday, a Wednesday afternoon, 54 days before you travel. And I took this trip upon myself to decide when that would be. Think of me as your Guinea pig. I pretty much went through all of the theories
to find out when was the best day to book and there really
is no “day.” However, there is a window. The best time to book a flight is between
3 and 5 months before your departure day. Finally, my last tip is to be flexible. Everyone knows to be flexible with their dates sometimes the difference between flying in
on a Friday versus a Saturday is a couple hundred dollars. However, if you can – try and be flexible
with your airports. You could be flying into LAX or you could
be flying into Burbank. They’re about 30 miles apart and that could
be a couple hundred-dollar difference as well so try to be as flexible as you can. If you have any questions about travel, feel
free to ask me via Twitter, Instagram, email and make sure to
connect with the Mint blog so that next month you can see how to save money on your accommodation. See you later!

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hey what's up guys here to talk to you today about ways to save money when you are headed to your flight an interview first and foremost I want to congratulate all of those that are headed to a flight attendant interview and just stop by the channel to get some interview tips and for those of you that have recently become flight attendants and have sent me messages congratulations to you guys as well for completing training and for those of you that are just now starting the process welcome to my channel go ahead and like and subscribe I always have a great deal of very valuable information for future flight attendants so again smash that like button if you like this video and go ahead and subscribe to the channel so we're gonna dive right in and talk about ways to save money when you're headed to your flight attendant interview first things first now I do realize and understand that not every airline covers travel to and from the interview it's unfortunate it's just the way it is but that's okay because there are ways to save money on that trouble one of those ways is getting on to various apps as well as websites such as kayak or Expedia and these apps websites sell airfare at a much lower rate than booking through the airline but that's not always true so make sure that you sometimes make sure that you also check with the airline that is very important and I have actually help friends get pretty discounted flights through services like kayak and Travelocity and Expedia and all all those various different platforms websites apps that are great for saving money on travel so with that said you fly to the airport where you're gonna be interviewing probably at some hotel call that hotel if you are interviewing out a hotel for the airline call that hotel and see if they have any special rates for people that are flying in and in interviewing to be a flight attendant you will be surprised more times than not the hotel will have special rates for flight attendants that are coming to interview you just have to call the airline is not always going to provide you with that invaluable information so you have to be your own advocate and for the stuff you don't know I'm happy to help so just drop me a line or watch some of my other videos if you're not staying at the hotel that the interview is up because sometimes these hotels are very very expensive check out the app hotel tonight and that app offers unsold rooms that specific day so the day before or the day of the interview you can actually book further out but it actually gets cheaper closer to the day that you're going to stay there in my experience also let's talk transportation so transportation to the airport from home get a friend to take you to the airport or a family member or relative or something like that so that way you're not bearing the expense of travel to the airport once you get to the airport at the interview location almost every Hotel Airport Hotel or hotel close to the airport offers an airport shuttle so you should be able to take the airport shuttle from the airport to the hotel and a really good hotel will actually offer the shuttle from the hotel to your interview location and from the hotel back to the airport if the hotel unfortunately does not offer a shuttle that's okay don't despair you do have lyft and uber but take the share so take uber cool sorry take uber pool or take lyft line etc so take the discounted version of these ride shares so that way you're not breaking the bank on travel let's talk about Airbnb in my experience taking air being the arts are taking maybe staying in an air B&B sorry I have a lot going on today guys staying at an Airbnb is extraordinarily cost-effective I have seen Airbnb s go for 35 to 40 dollars a night the host cooks breakfast the next morning so you're saving money on food and the host will also pick you up and take you back to the airport it doesn't get any better than that so you this you've spent less than 50 dollars in some cases less than 40 and even 30 depending on the city in which you're interviewing in for lodging and that's incredible reach out to friends and family that name live in the city that you're interviewing in I have not to date had a friend or a family member that was not on fire for my success for my next endeavor and so there are definitely family and friends that will allow you to stay with them for your flight tonight interview there's no reason to bear the expense of an expensive hotel if you don't have to if you are just so gung ho on staying in a hotel look into your credit card points you may be able to use your points for travel expenses such as food on the airplane I know Hilton honors members can use points to stay at hotels American Express card holders have $100 travel credit per year depending on the card that you can use onboard the aircraft for various snacks etc so there are so many ways that you can save money and the more and more that I hear about people complaining that it's such an expense to come to this interview I had to take the day off of work it's unpaid then I had to get a hotel then the uber then the lift and then unfortunately they didn't get offered a cjo that that can be a big blow to the chest right and a big an even bigger blow to the wallet so I I really wanted to make this video and actually I kept jotting down various pointer that can help you guys save money because it's so important to me that people are not breaking the bank when it comes to achieving their goal and dream of becoming a 510 because these interviews are not like regular interviews you're not going to interview to be a receptionist down the street gotta show up at 3 o'clock maybe you leave an hour early if you live where I live sometimes it's 2 hours but we won't talk about that traffic is a sore subject where I live for a lot of people so there's that start thinking like a flight attendants so when you get to the hotel don't order room service go to the grocery store and get food inexpensively a TV dinner or something like that a lot of flight attendants do that or bring your own food bring a lunch box pack all of your food in the lunch box and bring it with you to the interview start thinking like a flight attendant because when you think like a fighter 10 you're gonna interview like a flight attendant when you interview like a flight attendant the recruiter is gonna say wow here's somebody that has done a great deal of research already and is very familiar with the lifestyle of being a flight attendant because one of the interview questions is going to be how have you prepared to become a flight attendant and one of the things you want to say is I've done a great deal of research so I know all about lay overs and I know about crash pads etc now that we're on the point of crash pads you can actually stay in a crash pad when you are headed to your interview and crash pads are very inexpensive and you do not have to be appliance in it in most cases to stay in a crash pad if you can demonstrate that you are interviewing for an airline of the crash pad owner or host or what have you will actually allow you to stay in a crash pad for a night which is great because you can you are surrounded with other flight attendants whether it be hot bed or cold bed or whatever the situation may be you can talk to the flight attendants and learn more about the lifestyle really determine if this lifestyle is for you and you can even talk about that in the interview so those are just a few tips and tricks to save money when you're headed to your interview and if if you want to be really really risky like I am you can actually take the red-eye out so Airlines a lot of airlines will fly you out the day prior to your interview and they do this because it's their policy they want you they want to make sure that if there's any delays or cancellations that you get to the interview on time so there's no issues and they don't assume the reliability of you not being on time it is okay to take the red-eye it is a risk I took the red-eye to a mainline interview and had a three-hour like but a little bit about three and a half hour downtime in the airport where I just sat in the chair and just kind of hung out texted friends FaceTime with people and then about an hour before the interview I went in the bathroom yes airport bathroom and changed into my suit hop on the shuttle and then went to the interview location and I was the first one there so the lady that booked the flight for me with the airline since the airline paid for she said I'm so nervous that you're not gonna make it on time I'm so concerned I'm so worried for you and I was actually the first one there so don't think that you're taking a huge tremendous risk by doing this because again there were people that stayed in hotels or people that stayed near B&BS and crash pads that didn't show up to the interview as early as I did and there were a few people that unfortunately did not make it to the interview and you want to make it to the interview on time because they will close the door and wish you the best of luck with reapplying and I know that is very shady and savage but this is the industry so get used to it deal with it and move on with that said please smash that like button the more likes I get it it helps me know that the content that I'm delivering to you guys is usable it's beneficial to you guys it actually motivates me to get out there and get more and more information for you guys for the interview processes for the various Airlines if there's anything in the video that you may want to share with the community drop a comment below I read all of the comments I like or dislike the comments I comment on the comments and make sure you subscribe with that I'm gonna beat you guys all farewell best of luck to you and I'll see you in the friendly skies

Jeannie Living in a Lazy Daze Class C RV

**Jeannie Living in a Lazy Daze Class C RV**



View Time:27:18Minutes



Today we meet Jeannie who is retired and a full-time RVer who chose a Lazy Daze Class C as her tiny home on wheels because of their outstanding reputation for quality of workmanship and materials.

No matter how cheap your budget, you can learn something from this video about how to turn your car, van, caravan or RV into a surprisingly cheap mobile, tiny house on wheels! Then you can live the life of your dreams by adopting a minimalist, simple and frugal life of travel as a gypsy, nomad, traveler or even a prepper by dropping out of the Rat Race and becoming a Vandweller or RVer!
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hi everyone Bob wells here and this is the real star of the show my best buddy Cody welcome to our new channel we've been promising your videos from the old channel for a long time and we're just now finally getting them up that's what we have for you today I hope you enjoy them and let's join that video in progress welcome back folks we're going to do another interview now we're going to meet Jeannie who lives in this beautiful Lazydays motor home so Jeannie tell us a little bit about yourself how did you come to be in oh man I've been on the road since August of 2012 and I was in Austin Texas it worked for 13 years for Dell computer and got into a job that was kind of rural stress Falls and I had a house I was looking to sell and the market was terrible and then the market suddenly turned in Austin in spring of 2012 and I was able to sell the house and at the same time I had this job that was making me crazy and I ended up putting it up for sale and thinking about living in my RV I had a I bought a lazy days and a few months earlier and I decide to live in it quit the job so the house took off on the run for a few months to figure out what I wanted to do where I wanted to work where I wanted to live and and that was four years ago well so but it took like a few years of research I was looking at before four years ago yeah yeah so I was looking at selling a house and was looking at downsizing it was too big of a house I was looking at downsizing I found tiny houses people living in RVs a couch chief RV living calm I decide on lazy days and I found one that was just the next town up a guy was reading his blog and so when I saw his ad on Craigslist I felt like I needed and I bought it and was able to get on the road with it so why are V what made you want to do in you know most ladies when they retire they just sit comfortably at home but you want to get out there see the world yeah I am my folks when they retired they took off in the fifth wheel for a couple years so it's familiar with it and then they came back to Texas and built a house and it was kind of back my mind and I saw how they were tired and I started you know trying to save a little bit and thinking maybe I'd retire later and then I ended up coming earlier than I expected but so I thought I'd buy the RV that I found online I thought I'd get that have it for a couple years and then retire and then get a bigger one because this one was 22 feet it was 20 years old but it was in good shape and so I was able to be my practice rig and then I ended up living in upper-year but so you know when I was researching and finding these other blogs and I found people giving this like living and traveling and it just seems so fantastic and I guess I'm a bit of a gypsy I think I have that I used to move a lot and I'm usually I'm easily bored and easily amused so that really kind of plays well with this kind of lifestyle so if you start to get bored yeah I should drive somewhere now and you're amused again yeah and when I first started out I moved a lot and now I like to sit for two weeks and I just kind of like live my life but I do it in beautiful places and so that's just that's my that's my camping style now is that and I've met so many people on the road then I was way more friends on the road than I did when I was in a job and a house and there's always somebody somewhere to camp with or there's somebody that summer that I want to go camp with and I have folks all the time saying a were over here come come camp with us and given to the RTR rubber tree of rendezvous of camp with Randy and you know and then once you meet people on the road in there there's all kinds of places to go and people to see and people to camp with so many things to see in general you'll never run out no I never see them all yeah my bucket list is really long and everywhere you go you meet some new friends yeah yeah and new connections yeah even with a little group we have here there's there's two new people that never campus before Wow yeah and he knows how many times will be camping with them down the road yeah right yeah so you you kind of people wonder if they're going to go out and be lonely you haven't found that at all no no although I was a loner I was more about an introvert to begin with and so I do like my long time but then you know you kind of surround yourself with your own tribe and focus that that kind of like to be alone and like to have you know social components are you're able to join in with a social component as much as you want and also have your own rig you can be by yourself as much as you want and I've been out in the forest by myself for ten days at a time and I was fine and and I like to have some of the kind of camp with and travel with the other safety numbers although I think I'm much more safe out on the road than I was in the house in the city so you have it have you been fearful or afraid since you've been on the road no there was one maybe twice it was one time I can remember that I pulled into a campground drove all the way up Casper mountain in Wyoming and it was a really tough drive and I got there and I didn't like the feeling of the campground and I did there just was something about it that was kind of creepy and I just thought I'm not gonna stay there and so I just you just got to trust your guts right most the time everything is great but that one time I ended up driving back down the mountain and went to the Walmart for the night and you know it may have been fine but I you know guy sitting in cars in a campground with milk tent I just sometimes she just just you got and that was like the one time if there was another time I can't remember but rarely rarely were you afraid beforehand for your safety is it occurred to you boy I'm not hoping to be safe out there no I don't think it'd wake her to me no you were just confident the whole time yeah I mean you just um you know yep you know common sense right just common sense and you know you kind of like watch out and you do your research and I'm you know I'm pretty common sense so you kind of like can take her yourself right like keep you keep you know keep aware of your surroundings right I'm falling into a good research right yes probably yes and so after four years you have any regrets you wish you hadn't done of things you've done right things you've done wrong gosh I can't say that I do anything differently like I am glad at the the RV's that I bought I bought one that I was able to get into for a little over ten thousand dollars and it got me on the road and it was a good one to live in for a while and I had really downsized my house I put all my stuff into storage for six months in a storage thinking that if it didn't work for me I could set up a house and then I loved it so much when I was out on the road for about three or four months I went back to Texas and donated it all got rid of it and and then ended up travelling for another year and then sold the 22-foot and bought this 26 foot for a time I had a scooter I needed a ton of some women to get into town and back and him to break camp everything yeah yeah with the 22-foot it was kind of easy and I was traveling a lot but once I started kind of like sitting on place for about two weeks it it was easier to I was always bumming rides I'm hidden like that so I wanted my own transportation and I got a scooter I got a ramp on the back and threw the scooter because I thought telling a car just really scared me the scooter government of being hard and I thought about a year year and a half ago I end up getting a car that would do the scooter got a car and the towing a car is easier than I thought it was going to be so and getting a manual transmission and just like popping musial go so you know the getting the stuff to do it although the tow bar and basically all that kind of stuff it's kind of expensive to get set up but it's so nice having a car so maybe if I had to do something different maybe I wouldn't get the scooter because it just I should have just gotten a car to begin with right people are afraid of towing yeah but it you found it really wasn't maybe yeah yeah and I thought you know I would mess it up you know I just figured I would be one of those people that's you know dragged in a car with a brake on or something and if you just follow it with anything but the Reg you follow a checklist before you get going with a car you just have the things that you do and I went to there's a Lazydays that's they were gathering of the ladies late ladies gathering every September and one of the seminars that year last year before was about to tell her not to toe and is talking to ladies about it and then explaining you know how it is to you know do turning and negotiating roads and stuff with a car the car is actually skinnier than it's been an RV so my case yeah so I'm like you know I gotta watch my back tires and my tire swing so if your back tire can make it the car can make it because it's skinnier knee so like being so it was like that was like a light bulb moment of if I could drive this the car just going to follow behind me and as long as some you know you just hook it up properly put it in neutral and just you know kind of double-check it and go and I can kind of tell if I'm going up a mountain that I have some extra weight back there but it's really light a Ford Fiesta it's 2,500 pounds so it doesn't do much it's it's great to be able to go into town take the laundry grocery shopping go hiking you know just take it anywhere we want to go so you can build kit set up camp and goes for very cheaply right exactly yeah set at 8 or 10 or its lucky on your lazy days you can I get 30 yeah 40 gallon 30 40 miles 20 miles a gallon that's super yeah people always ask what kind of mileage governess which is about nine but I always say but it's a house it gets good mileage for a house right very good mileage for a very much for a house right so yeah but between the two combined is going pretty well for the year I like to kind of settle I would say I spread out like flubber you know I just have I get the camp I'm just like spread out I don't want to break that every time I want to go someplace right so that's my style and then also if I'm cancellous with my gal pals we just pile on the card go mm-hmm so it's nice having someone with a car right yes it is very much so your boondocking here in cotton near Cottonwood Arizona on national forest land do you mostly Boone to awkward muddy parks yeah I started off in RV parks national parks state parks it was okay and I've done some RV parks I did a month in Denver in an RV park were so close together but I was glad to have it because I was selling my ring and buying this one and I had stuff to do and get the scooter I've done RV parks but I'm not crazy about it and I'd rather be able to spread out and have the forest and I'm just a forest and a mountain was kind of a gal I don't really want to be under the RV park comforts I just I prefer to be out here I don't know a problem leveling I like the you know my tribe is out here these are the folks about the camp with and we just like to be out in nature right all the time you usually walk off I like you know campsites where there's forest roads going off in all directions soon we're going to be up closer to Flagstaff you get in the forest and there's you know great trails a realistic way to just take the dog and just go off a new trail in the morning so I did that that's where my joy is and have you had your problem finding free boondocking spots no um there's you know different web sites I have the benchmark atlas and so like when I read your blog and you write about the place that you're camped and it looks good I will get out my benchmarking on market and I'll write you know cheap are we living and the date or RV sue has a lot of good little spots a lot of blogs I will mark them on my benchmark I'll go to free campsites net and there's a motor vehicle use map you go to the Forest Service they have to give you a motor vehicle use map that shows this first camping camp and iam is great now I love camp and and that's a new one and they've got some good stuff with a lot of pictures sitting in an idea of a place yeah so I just make notes on my benchmarks I keep a spreadsheet of the places I've been with the GPS so I know where to go back keep a spreadsheet with know where to Doug and also army Sushil right like where she got her propane where she dumped her tanks and that kind of stuff so me once I've got all that information and I kind of planned next year's travels I kind of I kind of map but haven't spreadsheet to know where to go so you follow these other blogs and you know where they've been you can get this and that and this yeah around the country yeah so maybe I'm not going to go there this year or next year but every years maybe I'll go back and I'll have it all on my benchmark of of where to go very likely to yeah to crisscross worthy other bloggers event yeah yeah and so you this is your second lazy days now and so you must think they're pretty special I like them yeah I liked the look of them I like the retro look I like the quality I liked when I was researching there's there's really kind of a community that you get with them and that appealed to me when I was first researching is you know they have gatherings they have a gathering in quartzite which when I was first on the road I was invited to and I thought well that sounds good so when I went there I met a whole lot of Lazydays folks and now those are some of my good good friends that I camp with and you know there's a ladies gathering every year there's there's a community that you can go to different gatherings and there's a forum online that is very very informational it's a very well-run one about different things engine-wise coach wise batteries solar whatever you need help but there's probably someone has had that problem before you can go research so it's it's a good rig it's I like the layout I like the amenities and it's what I ended up settling on when I decided I wanted to RV is to get a lazy days and the first one I got was a 92 but it was in great shape and was great at first and then when I realize I was going to be doing this for a foreseeable future I end up getting a 26-foot mid-bass which gave me a bit more space and it's more of it's more kind of house like and Lazydays has a reputation is one of the very best RVs you could buy and so would you agree with that I want you and then they're not cheap they're um you get the quality you pay for the quality you get your money's worth you do they're just they're hard to come by sometimes it's especially outside of California they're just they're custom-made my customers but they're they're made to order in California near LA so you know in Texas it was just really hard to find one I was lucky to find one they either only kind of on the secondary market you buy them from individuals they don't you don't go into dealers very much there aren't any dealers so you have to be really kind of almost lucky to find it a good one unless you're me I'm there they're in California a lot but so I was just really lucky and had some good perseverance to get my first one and then I ended up being your Denver when this one came up and it ended up being being good because of this one I had a reinforced start toeing back there and ended up being really good for putting a scooter on so you know defining a right rig you just have to be perseverance and look it really is it brainy right really really know but you know I just found that that's the combination I needed to get the rig that were perfect for me patience but yeah so I like the quality I like the design I like to lay out I think it's it's worth what you pay for right yeah right well while we go take a look inside yeah my price one was blue and white I kind of liked that color the gray and white it's the gray is not great paint for it big fades a bit but they have that kind of retro look yeah I like and so and your Ford Festiva yes that happy yes and you just told me it exact so light gets great mileage can haul stuff in a peephole and works great [Applause] and even with a great big rig you can as much out of it as you do in it yeah so you're outside a lot yes I've got you know chairs I've got a bed for Riley out here so there's Riley there's Riley and one thing these lazy days are known for is their real quality build and and in every way they're very high quality yeah a lot of wood real wood and so you actually sleep up on the yeah on the overhead yeah I sleep Bob I make a bed I don't sleep in a sleep sack although I have one up there but I make the bed with a fitted and flat sheet like a real person and I like that that's my thing is I want to get into a real bed at night of sleeping bag so but yeah the thing about the lazy days is they did have a full oven mostly RB sized oven stove and a microwave I don't I didn't want a convection oven or just a microwave I wanted a real oven for that they so you do actually use yellow oh yeah a lot yes that was important to me something I like that the lazy days was you did have the full the full kitchen amenities this one has are let's hold up go for extra counter space I use that a lot you know that's another dinette and this pulls out and then you can actually have extra cushion so this pulls out and you can make a bed here which I've never done right now have a Gaza yes sir yeah most people don't and then I am in the cab I closed that off with insulated curtains so I don't see my excuse me storage back there and I've got a guide 12-volt outlet up here and I've got stuff that plug in right there and I've got inverter right a behind the frigerator and that's where I plug in to the battery to run 110 and how much solar are you running I have 320 Watts have tu-160s and then I have a blue sky controller cool charge controller and monitor and my batteries are right there so we have the run just kind of going right in here my inverters right there we run that a two-foot run from the battery two out welding cables so they're like no no drop often in charge also good storage nice oh yeah I'm nice real Kevin you said underneath the UM dinette feeds them up above and drawers and everything on you have a microwave do you run generator – I have a generator I don't run it that much I just don't choose to use the library that much I tend to run my generator once a month to exercise that I've been actually using it I don't use more but a lot of people end up doing that yeah okay so we're especially once in a great while I'll run the microwave but it's storage right now I keep my ships in there I think most microwaves they don't being Vista no so the chips in them yeah and then back here we actually the bathroom door closes so if it's really cold at night I will close that off and maybe run my little heater in here and and also if somebody's showering that clothes I also have a an accordion door that closes off here and so someone showering and then the Wardrobe is here that makes a nice little area for for couples or if you have a guest chances are small a couples yeah and so yeah this is a real convenient thing yeah and I have a catalytic heater that I had put in a year and a half ago that comes off of my hot water heater gas line and so I can move that up front or I can keep it back here and so do you just use it or do you use the furnace as well I rarely use the furnace is also inefficient and loud yeah so yeah and so this I just you know I keep my propane tank filled and this thing is on I think it's a seven foot I got some extra tubing on it and so that can go up there and back here and I made a little cover for it because you're supposed to keep them covered know the dust kills yeah yep tell me that I'll ever please and um so I have and this is the mid bath and so it's got two couches and I actually have I do fiber arts kind of thing so I was spinning wheel I've got a loom I've got I knit I've got projects and yarn everywhere so um that's actually a spinning wheel that's a spinning wheel and you can yeah I just you just treadle it all right now something on there but you just treadle it and just I've got fiber and it was fins and you make claws I mention what you're doing I make yarn so I would make yarn like that it makes yarn so yeah then you're bad I will knit and make I'm working on a shawl right now I've made socks I make a lot of socks right now so oh he doesn't think that sound anyway so yeah so that's my thing as I knit a lot and I spin and I we do you sell it I mean hands on him you know I have an Etsy shop that I don't have going right now I tend to give away stuff fine like there's a scarf yours I do bookbinding and I make lotions and stuff and I just try to find people that need those things and just give them away because I can't deal with putting it on a website or whatever I just would rather stay here anybody want this so um I usually but you don't get your money back per hour you know what I'm not looking for yeah I'm not I'm not looking to monetize it I just enjoy it right and so I enjoy the making and sometimes I just have to offload stuff to get it out of the rig and find people to take them please please take myself right as far anybody need a hat my book so yeah so knitting is a very portable activity spinning wheel and that's when I just started doing this and weaving you know it's hard to do so many things in a small space but it's possible oh no and you know having I've got yarn up in these cabinets too so that's that's a bit of my obsession but I enjoy it it's my joy and so I this one this flower plans they were these Harvey's most of the lazy days they had a TV up in this cabinet and I didn't like sitting here and creating my neck so my dad and I took the TV out there's a stud right here and so we attached in the tvz today are so light so we put them out there if I had to do it over again I would get a smaller TV and how its bigger is better not so much an army but and so we cut some shelves and put my DVDs and stuff up there I've got an inverter that runs off a 12 volt so if I am boondocking I can run my DVD and TV off of my 12 volt and then also put in a pantry right here my dad built that for me can I just add a woodshop you can't peek in there yeah it's um this is Randy Baird already barrels he did this he has a plans and so we made this and so it's like three inches which boy hold wanna stop yeah it's a four inch at one by four which is really three and a half and so doesn't we'll see what you need you know is just everything is what kind of yes less than four inches so yeah that's amazing amount of stop and even well yeah you know there was this was just a wall that had a clock on it right and you know Andy Andy took out his his door but I use this a lot so I didn't want to lose that so we've set it up so that it and you it's a little more forward than his but you don't lose any hall space I mean you can go by this nut oh no go line there's no problem there yeah no one will be too big can use your head yeah and I'm going to stick my head in your bathroom yeah so there's this is one thing that was a lot bigger and this one in my prior one is I have on where I store my own laundry and stuff and and it's all wet bath so mister shower gets wet yeah and you know I've got um extra storage above and I got stored below and you know it's a good size one thing lazy does is make make things right quality and well designed you know we have a sign and they don't change weird here I mean this is a two thousand one and you look at a new one and there's a few changes but not much it's almost all the same plenty big room bathroom yeah you're comfortable in there yeah and plus if you close that door and close off this Coria door you've got a nice dressing area hmm and then Riley has his dad and these couch these are twin size and they can pull out and this Christian goes down it could be a double where you can put them together for a king and the one I had before was a twin King so the back was the same except for the dinette was in between and then you had a smaller bathroom and a huge amount of light in here oh yeah really Pleasant View to set in here and just look out you can see oh yeah 270 degrees yeah and that's the thing is that what I like about this floorplan is that you can just I just I like to go to pretty places and live my life in a pretty place one of the mountains I love the forest I love you know the green desert this is beautiful you know in the in the winter I'm in quartzite and um so yeah it's just I got a great view I can sit in here in it or three or go out go outside and sit with a group and I take my knitting and we sit around and chitterchat and I'm knitting and I don't mind so well you've got a great great life here I think I do I really like it well Jeannie thank you so much for showing us your home and sharing it with us it's really wonderful you've got a really great life here I love it yeah I started off as a short term I'll just forget what I want to do with my life now it is my life man and a wonderful life it is it is yeah it's fantastic I'm gonna keep doing it for a while I know that okay well thank you so much thanks Bob we'll see you down the road okay thanks bye