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Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool

**Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool**



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Stuck on what to budget for your Walt Disney World vacation? This FREE tool will help you set a realistic budget for your next Walt Disney World Vacation!


I would LOVE to help plan your next Disney vacation! Each vacation is personalized to every family, group, couple or solo trip – consider me your personal Disney vacation planner. Best of all, my service is 100% FREE!

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hey guys sitting and chatting about my Walt Disney World budget worksheet it's a free planning tool all created for you and I'm going to take a quick moment here to walk you through it so that you have an idea on how it works if we haven't met before I'm Alma and I hope customize and create Disney vacations for guests that are crafted to each individual family group couple or solo trip based on personal needs and budget if you're interested in having your own personal Disney Vacation Planner I'd love to chat with you my services are always free a little disclaimer here before we get started one the prices are in u.s. dollars Rory my fellow Canadian friends with the fluctuating dollar it's difficult to keep the rates updated to this budget worksheet is only a helpful planning tool so that you have a realistic budget in mind and in no way an official travel quote please contact your friendly Disney travel planner for an official quote if you have any questions please don't hesitate contact me I have included my contact information in the video notes below now let's get started on this main page you'll see a breakdown of all of the costs at the bottom you can see the different sections which you can click through budget which is the page that were on resorts porches a list of resort choices daily rate which shows you the daily rate for each Resort Hotel you can see the dates this about down the side and the hotels is that all along the top dining which shows you the daily rate for dining tickets and that shows you the average daily rate for per ticket choice and you see that the ticket price goes down the longer your stay and then we have parking which gives you the daily hotel rate for parking if you choose to drive or rent a car okay so let's go back to the main page and I'll show you how to fill the worksheet up I usually start by entering the total budget amount that you would like to work with and then we can pop down and start entering in your expenses your expenses start here on line 14 in the sample budget I based it on to adults for a seven-night stay so in line 14 you can see here it's a drop-down menu and you can choose your resort of choice here I put these guys at Disney pop century resort now let's figure out your average price per night so if you click over to the daily rate tab and choose your dates let's say you want to travel me first checking out May 8 and staying at pop century show us the resorts along the top here pop century is my first column so I go down to May first and then you can actually just highlight from May 1st to May 7th because it's her night stay and you'll see at the bottom here it gives us an average daily rate it shows the number of nights and then we can pop back over to our budget worksheet and enter in our sending lights and the cost per night was 1 1 571 and then it's going to give us our total amount here next we enter in our resort tax there's only any one resort tax and over here you'll see my note it says 13.5% at all star resorts otherwise it's 12.5% so the tax on Disney sports entry it's roughly 5% which gave us one point four eight seven next we're moving on to park tickets and this is also a drop down menu so you can select what type of cook tickets you want these ones are going to be set to one park per day then you go over to your ticket tab and you're gonna have to do a little bit of math here for this one we are doing one park per day for seven days and you'll see that the 7-day price is sixty two dollars and you multiply that by two people which gives us one hundred twenty four dollars and we hop back over to our budget and we go here and we're doing seven days 124 dollars and it gives us our total amount moving along and we do a similar thing for the Dining Plan there's a jump down menu can choose which dining plan you want and we pop over to the dining table and figure out how much it's gonna cost for dining so a little bit of math here as well and we have our sample here says a Disney quick-service Dining Plan which is fifty to fifty per adult per day so when you multiply that by two and it's giving us 105 dollars per day we just pop it in our seven days hundred five dollars and it'll give us our total amount and then you will see some other options under the expenses tab the memory maker this one is 169 if you buy it before your trip it is 199 park then you have your options for travel if you're flying driving parking car rentals so this is your whole transportation section we fill in the information just as we did above and then you have additional lines to put in your budget for your souvenirs and gifts for your purchase food and drinks there's also a column for special event tickets like Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party Mickey's very Merry Christmas party early hours events or VIP tours so you can pop that all in there and that's it well there you have it I hope you find this budget worksheet helpful if you think that something else should be included please comment your request below thank you for taking the time to watch this tutorial and have a magical

Healthy Travel Snacks - What I Eat on a Cross Country Flight and Reviews | Vegan

**Healthy Travel Snacks – What I Eat on a Cross Country Flight and Reviews | Vegan**



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Follow along with me as I take a cross-country flight from Florida to Seattle and see what vegan snacks I pack in my bag to stay healthy and on track. Plus, I give a quick review of the packaged items I tried for the first time!

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good morning guys thanks for clicking on my video if you're new to my channel welcome and if you like this video don't forget to like it and subscribe below so it is super early this morning the Sun isn't even really all the way up yet but I am super excited because I'm getting ready to go on a trip I'm going on a plane and I wanted to share with you guys what I'm taking with me to stay healthy and stay on track on a really long plane ride so I'm going to Seattle and I live in Florida and I do have a layover but it's not until San Francisco so my first flight is six hours long so I'm packing a lot of snacks so I'm gonna show you what I'm taking with me so this is everything I had some leftover butternut squash so I roasted it in the up and I'm going take it with me I thought that might be good if I can find a salad in the airport when I get to San Francisco I also really you get just to snack on on the plane I make them I roast them in the oven and then I sprinkle cinnamon and salt on them and it's really good that way I also made some brownie bites that I talked about in a previous video I think those will really travel well and if I have some leftover I know the people I'm staying with will probably like them too I got this Apple in which I'm going to cut up and probably also sprinkle some cinnamon on and I got these packs of peanut butter almond butter and hazelnut better I thought the hazelnut chocolate would go really nicely with the Apple I haven't tried this one yet I haven't actually tried this almond butter maple one either so these would be really exciting to try I also got peanut butter in a squeeze pack I figure I could pack up some peanut butter but you never know with TSA what they're gonna take I've heard people say that they take some peanut butter so these are small packs which hopefully won't be a problem I'm also taking some carrot sticks because I really like peanut butter on carrot sticks I don't know if you've ever tried it I know peanut butter on celery is like a big thing but I like the that aren't carat so there's a lot of these I'm not gonna probably eat all these on one ride on one plane ride but I do have the trip back next week so I'll probably save those for then I also thought for breakfast it's too early for breakfast right now but I'm pretty sure there's no Starbucks in the airport and you can get oatmeal and Starbucks and that they have a blueberry kind it's so I'm going to mix protein powder into these oatmeal that I got from Starbucks and again I really like the protein that I use at home and I could pack it but I'm afraid that it might get taken so I figure why not try a couple of new protein powders and see so I got some sample size ones from the store this is the kind that I usually use in my oatmeal anyway but this one had greens which I thought was pretty cool it says it's got organic spinach kale broccoli and alfalfa grass juice in it so I might try this one today because I don't know when I will get other greens and and it's good to get your greens in so I thought that would be interesting to try and then I have this one too again either for the plane ride home or maybe I'll have it when I get there or sometime during the week and then finally I got these which are delicious I don't know if you've ever tried them they're so good but I found that this small package which for me is really good because I hope you eat the whole thing and this only has one and I think what was it one of the third servings in the container but they're toasted coconut and they're really tasty the only ingredients I believe our coconut and maybe some sugar there's ingredients coconut cane sugar and sea salt and everything so that's what I'm taking and of course I'm going to take a water bottle to fill up at the airport so I have my water so I stay hydrated cuz it's really important to stay hydrated on the plane so those are the snacks that I'm taking with me on the plane I'm gonna go pack all this up and finish packing my bags and head to the airport so I made it to San Francisco and on the first night I had the oatmeal with the Garden of Life protein powder at the Sun which was really good it tasted just like the protein powder that I use at home the vanilla protein sugar that is in my room at home it didn't taste like Queens at all and it was just slightly sweet so it was really good besides the protein powder in the oatmeal I also put the little pack of dried fruit there was a little pack of a hundred calorie packaged dried fruit and I put that in there too because they didn't have blueberry oatmeal and I wanted something a little chewy and sweet different you know yeah and then I had the Apple with the hazelnuts chocolates butter blend and to be honest I didn't even pay attention to the backwards as it was hazelnuts and almonds and it tasted a little bit more like common to me than hey it's alive it was still really good but I was expecting to taste more like Nutella it was really thick and creamy and chocolatey and very delicious but I definitely tasted the almond butter and I was surprised by that I also finally had the carrots that I brought and chopped up I didn't have him with the peanut butter maybe I got some carrots have with the peanut butter on the way home on a flight home but I just had the carrot spread and so I was I was feeling a little bit hungry but not hungry enough to have the peanut butter as well so now I've got in the San Francisco and I've got a water fountain where I could fill my water bottle because I drink oh that letter that's more on the first flight and I was still super thirsty so happy to find that and then I found this great salad I'm about to put a picture here this salad is called their super green salad so the green is Cal I'm really excited to eat it because I've been feeling really deprived of greens today and it's and craisins and sunny sunflower seeds and a really good-looking vinaigrette and I asked and they showed me the list of ingredients in a few can it has a little bit of oil but that's okay but it looks like it's gonna be really good and I'll probably also have the butternut squash either now or on the next play I still have a two hour flight so I get to Seattle and then I might even have one of those brownie bites so that is it that's all of you doing on this trip from Florida to Seattle if you've been a very long day and I'm gonna go enjoy this holiday

AIRBNB TRAVEL HACKS - 6 Tips for $aving Thousands on Rentals Around the World

**AIRBNB TRAVEL HACKS – 6 Tips for $aving Thousands on Rentals Around the World**



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6 Tips for saving money on AIRBNB rentals!
Get $40 off your first trip of $75 or more on AIRBNB with our coupon:
Learn how we get apartments for up to 75% off by getting a “special offer.”
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In this video, we discuss 6 different tips and tricks on how to get cheap accommodation while traveling. First, we cover how to save money when booking on Airbnb by using the “Special offer” feature.
This is a feature that many people don’t know about, but it can potentially save you a lot of money (especially if you are a long-term traveler).

If you are planning to stay at one location for a week or longer, it never hurts to ask for a discount on AIRBNB. Oftentimes, apartment owners are willing to give it to you becuase they want to have someone stay at their place.

You can simply write them a message on AIRBNB asking them if they would be willing to extend a special offer to you. Normally people will approve your range of dates and send you a special offer via messages. You will be able to review the price they are willing to do and go from there. By using this AIRBNB travel hack, Nate & I have saved thousands of dollars.

If you are not keen on using Airbnb.com, you can search for an apartment when you arrive to a place. In this video, we explain how we search for an apartment when we get to our desired location. By using this travel hack, we have cut our rent prices in half.

We also discuss the pros and cons of using real estate agents to help you find a place to stay. Oftentimes real estate agents know about places that aren’t publicly known. This can help you find an apartment with a local price and also give you first dibs on a newly available apartment.

I hope you enjoy this video covering our top six travel hacks. Make sure to give us some love by subbing to our channel, liking this video, and leaving us a comment. We’d love to hear what you have to say! Feel free to share your travel hack with us. 😉

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hey everyone Nathan and Audrianna here again with another video from food bali indonesia yeah we're here today at a beautiful temple we were trying to catch the sunset from the hidden temple and it looks like we were successful we found a really nice place off the side of the road and we decided to stop around and take a look around it for a bit and see what it's all about it looks like this place is called pen cup hit la wong do that looks pretty nice or it could be called coral goon I'm not sure it's one of those or metal I don't know it's one of these so I guess in this video we're gonna do like two different ways to save money one is how we saved you know thousands of dollars on Airbnb and will tell you all the tips and tricks we do with that and then also the other way you know when you get to a place actually start researching on the ground floor so when you get to a place we're gonna talk about the ways in which we find rentals the cheap way yeah exactly so stay tuned find that Airbnb is a really good alternative for long-term rentals by default the monthly rentals are a pretty good price you'll see the most places offer a discount typically around a third of their daily cost so if a place is like $50 a day or something you'll see that it's available typically for 25 or even 20 dollars a day we hop around we tend to spend more money but when we stay in places for a longer period of time not only do we get to dig in deeper into the culture and see more of the place but we also get to save money because we do long-term rentals first tip is actually bright people and see if they're willing to give you a discount fee almost listed on the website so even if it's said 30% off monthly discount we still asked for an additional discount and the way we did that is we approached it by asking for a special offer so we said you know we love your apartment we'd love to stay there we just wanted to see if maybe you would be willing to extend a special offer to us because Airbnb has this feature that a lot of people don't know about called a special offer in which the owner of an apartment can extend an offer and make the price even lower so that is something that you should know about yeah because it can save you a ton of money you know the longer the better even if you're gonna be there for two weeks still ask for a discount or even a week because a lot of people are using Airbnb for one day and people would love to pounce on the opportunity to have someone stay at their house for more than one day because it saves them time and effort as well they don't have to clean the place they don't have to do much yeah and if you're willing to take the risk of new people on Airbnb that don't have any reviews you can say as in addition so you ask me for the offer you can say hey I'm willing to get write you a great review and outstanding their view as long as the place is nice obviously I can say that you'll write a great review and get the ball rolling for them with the reviews so that'll help them get future bookings as well so it's something to keep in mind while you're looking around you would be surprised you know how people respond first of all there's people that don't respond so you really won't want to stay at a place where the person isn't very attentive you're not going to want to help you out if you actually did an automatic booking they're not very attentive and then there's people that are just they get angry that you asked for a discount and they might fly off the handle and okay I don't really want to stay at your place anyways so you get a real feel for what people are like people might also be really nice and say yes we'd love to do this town you know how much were you thinking or what's your price range or what's your budget or they'll just go ahead and say yes approve and send you an offer and then that way you can just look at the special offer and see how much they're willing to give you the apartment for but when we went to Spain we also tried the same thing again the place that we were interested in was around $1,500 and we said hey can you give us a discount and the girl responded with a $600 offer which is over $900 in savings that's an incredible rate I mean that's you can't beat that that's 20 dollars a day for two people in Europe of all places Andalusia beautiful area of Spain they're not a Spain's beautiful beautiful place so don't be afraid to ask people for these discounts the worst thing they could say is no yeah you have a 50% chance of getting probably something else you wanted to talk about is getting bookings when you actually arrive at a place this is the way to get the best deal overall Airbnb is great for planning ahead but if you're willing to kind of take a bit of a risk some places are really really funny for people that are trying to stay a long-term so this is something to keep in mind if you're willing to stay somewhere for at least a month or up to three months or even up to a year that this is the way to do it so the way that we first tried this is we want to chain my and we booked in a hotel for two nights so then I'll Johanna had done a lot of research beforehand and found a lot of places online that are willing to do long-term rentals for foreigners so we went to these places on a motorbike over a period of a few hours and we went around six or seven places in one afternoon we went to a couple that we found online on this and some of them are really really nice but they weren't the exact fit but some are pretty good and we ended up picking one that was around 12,000 baht for one month for a one-bedroom which is a pretty good deal I think it's around 300 US dollars a little bit more or less that was what we did when we were in Chiang Mai and the place was great it had a pool it had a gym is a very modern building essentially located but not right in the whole town but very close to it so we were able to get around really easily had parking and security so $300 is a really good deal actually so yeah you'll want to create a list of the different apartments that you plan to visit so you got to do your research beforehand and then as neet said we booked 2 nights at a hotel which gives us kind of some time to find our new apartment and then we just literally rent a motorbike on day one and start hunting for an apartment so what we do is we just jump on the motorbike and visit each apartment and see what they're like so we'll ask them you know is gas and water included it's usually not the water is usually not included so then we'll ask them how much they charge for water because it differs for every country every city and every apartment complex and then we also ask them if they have Wi-Fi because sometimes they don't have Wi-Fi and how much does it cost to have point five so those are all questions that you need to ask if you're looking for an apartment also you need to either and see what the apartment looks like in person because sometimes pictures are deceiving we've heard up a lot of people saying that looks so amazing in the pictures and then when they got to these apartments for example in Thailand they just look terrible yeah I see it's better to see it in person because you know you may be booked ahead of time and it looks terrible also you save a lot of money when you actually go there in person because you can negotiate the price and you can get like a local price so the place that we ended up getting as he said was $300 for a brand new condominium it was amazing gorgeous gorgeous place 300 bucks a month not bad it was worth every penny and we heard of a lot of people paint a lot more by renting the same apartment on Airbnb so sometimes Airbnb isn't always the best choice you know sometimes the ratings on Airbnb can be a little too favorable for the owners some people don't want to hurt the owners feelings they not get the entire picture of an apartment just off of an Airbnb review so the nice thing about checking out these apartments in person is not only that you might save an additional bit of money but you can actually see them and see what they're actually like so there's no camera tricks involved and you can actually take a look at what the place is actually like if you're going to Thailand as I mentioned tight Thailand is very special with this like it's very common for them to have what's called a juristic apartment that's the term that they use these apartments are available for rent through the owner and the apartment complex will manage the main things like the grounds keeping stuff like that but the owner is the actual person that you would rent through and in Thailand you could actually move into the apartment either the same day or the next day if you wanted so that's why renting for two nights is a good option and especially in Thailand yeah here we go into the lobby and they would have like a bulletin board with all the different apartments for rent and then it would say available for you know three months six month or one year typical rental timelines for my apartment and then we were just literally call up the owner and say you know it's still available and then this one lady said yeah actually I'll meet you right now I'll be over there in five minutes we saw the apartment it was the best one that we saw for the whole entire day the price was right the place was beautiful and so she was literally willing to give us the keys to the apartment the same day so that's pretty nice you know we don't normally see that kind of process in California it's a longer process though it was pretty awesome to just be able to move in like right away yeah and if you don't have a motorbike you don't have to worry about that you could actually go to the rental agencies and they can drive you around one of our friends did that they were afraid of using motorbikes in Asia so I mean goes without saying it's not the safest place but what they did is they went to an agent and they expected that they might have to pay a little bit more but in reality they paid less money than we did so you might find an even better deal through the agents yeah they got their apartment for 180 it was a little bit further than the center of town which we were in the center and you know they didn't have a pool or a gym it was a little bit more minimal but one hundred and eighty dollars for Chiang Mai that's really great it was really nice and modern economy so you know we're giving you all these different types of tips you know there's look on Airbnb ask for a discount maybe go and look at these apartments person yeah in a person when you're actually there or if you don't have a motorbike as Nate said you can actually go to an agent and see what they have available yeah I mean it's up to you whatever the price ring you know that you feel most comfortable with whoever gives you the best deal really that's who's the winner right yeah that's the one to you if you liked the video thanks for watching and we really appreciate it yeah guys and make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and give us a big like but really helps the channel grow and also definitely leave a comment down below let us know if you have any questions and we'll make sure to answer them alright guys