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20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms

**20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms**



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20 tips on how to book the cheapest hotel room possible. Looking to score a deal on a great hotel? These tips & hacks will ensure you get the best price on your next hotel stay. First: Be flexible
Go when other people aren’t. The rule of opposites. Business destination? Go during the weekend. Resort like Vegas? Going during the week. Even consider this within a single city.. San Diego by the beach in the summer will be expensive. Cheap in the winter.

2 – New Hotels
Hotels that just opened typically have really low occupancy levels and often offer prices well below the competition to get people to know them.

3 – Not the major chains
Particularly internationally
Especially if there is only one of that particular chain in a destination
Find the local chains. In Japan: Toyoko Inn, or JR Hotels. In Taiwan: K Hotel

4 – Coupon Codes and Affiliations
AAA, Senior, through your work
Find coupon codes on FF blogs and flyertalk
Use the flexible dates search to find a day with your rate

5 – Promotions
Find promotions on places like travelzoo, groupon, and the hotels website
Check promotions like stay 3 nights get 1 free. Might not always be cheaper
Free breakfast, resort credit
Get more points promotions

6 – Stay for a long time and book in advance
Long stay rates, advance booking rates
I always book hotels if there is a remote possibility I’m going

7 – Be creative with your searches
Going for a week? Try searching for a day at a time, just the weekend, just the weekdays.

8 – Check a few aggregators
Kayak, Expedia, agoda, TripAdvisor
Maybe a country specific one like Rakuten
Make sure you are signed in when you search

9 – Also check the hotels website directly
Make sure you are a member of their loyalty program

10 – Get the hotels credit card
Free perks like breakfast, late checkout, just for having the card.
And you’ll earn more points for the booking

11 – Other Credit Card perks
Amex FHR
Citi Prestige Card
Buy 3 nights get 1 free

12 – Price Match
Found a lower price on somewhere else? Many hotels have a low price guarantee and will beat the low price somewhere else.

13 – Keep checking the rate
Rate might become lower as the date gets closer.. rebook the lower rate

14 – Book a nonrefundable or prepaid rate
Usually 10 to 20% less

15 – Book last minute
Hotels tonight

16 – Bid on a room
Dont care where you stay? Use Priceline to bid on a hotel.

17 – Be creative
B&B, AirBNB, Hostels, Capsule Hotels, Overnight trains, day room

18 – Buy gift cards
Often can find gift cards at 10% off face value

19 – Use points
For free. Or cash and points. Dont get suckered in to “Premium” rooms

20 – Experienced an issue? Let the hotel know
Might get a discount.. or even a complete refund


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– 20 tips and hacks on how
to get good deals on hotels. I'm Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. This video is part of
my travel advice series, where I'm giving you advice on how to get the most bang for your
buck when traveling. I've got other travel advice videos on how to get good deals
on airfare and rental cars. You'll find links to those at the end, or in the description of this video. But this video is all about how to get the best bang for your buck on hotels. My first tip on how to
get good deals on hotels is to be flexible. I call this one the law of opposites, and it's essentially to go
where other people aren't. And when other people aren't. If you're going to a business destination, then go when business people aren't there. Go during the weekend. If you're going to a resort destination, like Las Vegas, then
go during the weekday, because everybody goes to
Las Vegas on the weekend. If you're going when there
aren't many visitors there, then the room rates
are going to be cheaper because they aren't very full. This also can be taken into
account in a single city. For example, San Diego has
a lot of business travelers, and a lot of leisure travelers. The leisure travelers
all stay at the beach. The business travelers
all stay in downtown. So think about when you're coming, and try to stay where people aren't. Coming on the weekend, stay in downtown, where the business people stay. If you're coming during the week, well then stay near the beach, because the business
people won't be there. Tip number two, look for new hotels. New hotels, when they've just opened, not many people know about them. And because not many
people know about them, their occupancy rates are often very low when they first open. And so new hotels often offer
significantly lower prices than the competition when they first open to get people to know them. You book that cheap rate, you love it, then when you come back a year later, those prices have all of a sudden gone up. So if you're searching on
Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, those sorts of things,
take a look for the hotels that have that new marker, to
score yourself a good deal. Tip number three, avoid
the major hotel chains. Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, particularly if you're
traveling internationally, and particularly if
there's only one or two of those hotels in the particular city. Because Marriott is
going to charge a premium when there's only one
Marriott in that city. But you might say Chris, I like the chains because there's some consistency,
I know what they'll be. Well my recommendation to you
is to find the local chains. If you're going to Japan, for example, you'll get much better
deals staying in the hotels that are run by Japan Airlines, or by ANA. They will be half the price of the big international
Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt chains, and pretty much a similar quality. The only drawback to not
staying in the major chains, well you won't get those reward points. But say you're going
to like Taipei, Taiwan, which is some place I often go to. The Hyatt in Taipei can be $300. But one of my favorite hotels there, a local chain in Taiwan called K Hotel, I get rooms at K Hotel for $80. I'm okay not getting the reward points and saving $220 a night. Tip number four, use your affiliations and look for coupon codes. What do I mean by affiliations? I meant things like are
you a member of AAA? Are you a member of AARP? Are you a member of some
company that has discounts with a particular hotel chain? Make sure you use those things. The affiliations like AAA,
and being a senior AARP, many hotel websites
have little check boxes, where you can see those rates. It's always worthwhile to do that. I find the AAA rate can
often be 20 to $30 cheaper than the regular rate,
at almost every Marriott. They also, almost all the
hotels have coupon codes that you could put in. Those coupon codes or discount codes, they're often corporate
codes that are negotiated between certain companies and the hotels, but they'll also have
certain discount codes for certain promotions
or various weekends. You can search online for coupon
codes for the major chains. But I will tell you,
don't use a coupon code that you're not eligible for. If there's a coupon code that says it's only eligible
for employees of IBM, and you don't work for IBM, well when you get to the hotel, they might ask you for
your IBM identification, and if you don't have it, you might be stuck paying
the full rack rate, which can be pretty expensive. Of course if you do like
to live on the edge, then maybe put in that coupon code and maybe the front desk
people just won't ask. When you're using some of
these codes or affiliations, you might find out they're not available on the days that you searched for. Many hotel websites have
a flexible dates feature where you can search for
days that that coupon code or affiliation rate is available. Tip number five, promotions. These are different than
coupon codes and affiliations, but sometimes hotels will have promotions like stay three nights,
get the fourth one free. Where do you find these things? Well you can certainly find
them on the hotel website, but you can also find
them on deal aggregators like Travelzoo is a really
good one for hotels. Other types of promotions
you'll often find are ones that provide free breakfast, that provide resort credits,
like 50 to $100 a night, for staying in the hotel, that you could use at
the hotel's restaurant, or they might have promotions
where you get more points, so if you're staying at Hyatts, they might have double points promotions. Now I should point out that when you're looking at those rates related to the promotions, for example, the stay
three nights, get one free, you should actually check
if those rates are cheaper. Sometimes using those promotions, it's three nights and you get one free, but they increase the rate
of those three nights, so that the fourth one really isn't free. So make sure you actually take a look and those promotions are
actually a good deal. Tip number six, stay for a
long time, and book in advance. Why are these combined? Well, because both of these
are generally discounts that many hotels offer. One is usually advanced booking discounts. You'll find many hotels
provide discounts for booking 30, 60, 90 days out. You'll often find hotels will
offer long stay discounts, that usually start at five or seven days. So sometimes it might be cheaper to stay at a hotel for seven
days, than it is for five days, because that's when that
long stay rate kicks in. If you are staying for a really long time, it might even be useful
to call up the hotel, and ask them if they offer any long stay or extended stay rates. And you might say, but
Chris, how do I know 90 days before whether
I'm really gonna go? Me, personally, I book hotels even if there's a remote possibility that I'm going someplace. I always book the refundable hotel rates. I never book a non-refundable hotel rate, unless it's like a rate
the same day or tomorrow that I'm sure I'm gonna be going. I always book the refundable rate, so I can always cancel
'em later if I need to. Tip number seven, be
creative with your searches. What do I mean about creative? I mean if you're staying
at a hotel for a week, and the week looks kind of expensive, well try searching for one day at a time, just the weekend section,
just the weekday section. You might find that actually
making three reservations at the same hotel might be cheaper than the week long reservation, because when you make the
week long reservation, it makes all the nights equivalent to the most expensive night, whereas if you book the individual ones, it might give you a cheaper rate, a cheaper rate, and then you find that one night that's super expensive, and maybe that's the one
that you book with points, and you don't even pay
money for that night. Tip number eight, use multiple search
engines and aggregators. It's good to use the hotel's website, but when the hotels say they
have a best price guarantee, that doesn't actually that their
website has the best price. What that means is that if you find a cheaper price someplace else, they'll give you the difference back of what you booked, but it doesn't mean it's
always the cheapest. Some of my favorites are
Kayak, Agoda and Trip Advisor. If you're going to a certain country, there might be country specific
aggregators that are useful. The one for Japan that I like is Rakuten. Oh, and make sure you're signed
in when you're searching. Whether it's on the hotel website, or through the aggregator. Many of these search engines like Expedia will provide you cheaper rates
if you're actually signed in. Tip number nine, don't
just use the aggregators, but check the hotel's website as well. Check the hotel's website
so you can find out if there's a promotion, you might find there's different rooms, there might be different availability, you might get different perks if you book directly through the hotel, so definitely don't just
use the aggregators. Look at the hotel website as well. Tip number 10, get the
hotel's credit card. If you're staying at a major hotel chain, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, they all have affiliated credit cards. If you're gonna be staying at
any one of those chains a lot, get the hotel's credit card. If you have the Hilton credit cards, you can get free
breakfast, late check out, just for having the credit card. Sure, there's an annual fee
that comes along with it, 80, $90, but if you stay
more than a few nights at a Hilton hotel, that
free breakfast benefit will easily pay for itself back. 'Cause breakfast in hotels
can be really expensive. And if you use that hotel, the credit card to pay for your booking,
you'll earn more points than if you just use
a standard credit card to pay for your booking. Tip number 11, use your
other credit card perks. Two credit cards that have
really good hotel perks are the American Express Platinum Card, and the Citi Prestige Card. The American Express Platinum Card, to get the hotel perks to work for you, you have to book through their Fine Hotels & Resorts program, and then you'll see when you book through that particular website, you'll have offers through those hotels that'll say things like
oh if you stay here, and you book the Fine
Hotels & Resorts rate, which is American Express
Platinum affiliated, you'll get a resort
credit, free breakfast, you know, a room upgrade, so
take a look at those rates. Now also, American Express
Platinum provides things like Hilton Gold, and a
lot of different upgrades, and different hotel programs, but you have to activate those. They don't just come automatically. When you get your Platinum Card, you actually have to go to
the American Express website and activate those benefits. The Citi Prestige Card
has a really great benefit which is if you stay three nights, you get the fourth night free. Now the Citi Prestige Card,
you have to book those hotels through Citi Prestige, it's
not just for any hotel, and it's only twice a year. But if you're staying in
some really expensive hotels, then that Citi Prestige benefit
can be pretty lucrative. Tip number 12, use the
price match guarantee, or the best rate guarantee that
I was talking about earlier. When the hotels say they
guarantee the lowest price, it doesn't really mean it,
and so if you find the rates at that hotel on their
website are expensive, and you find a cheaper one someplace else, well, book it through the hotel's website, take the screen shot
of that other website, send it into the hotel,
they will lower your rate, and then typically give
you some extra benefit on top of it, to show their good faith that they promise
they're gonna be cheaper. Tip number 13, keep checking the rate. So I mentioned book in advance, but just because you
book 90 days in advance, doesn't mean that you never pay attention to the hotel rate again. Every once in awhile you go
back to that hotel website, and check and see if
the rates got cheaper. When we were going to Zion
National Park in Utah, just a couple of months ago, I booked the Springhill
Suites in Zion for $300. Well, I checked it three days before, and low and behold, the
rate was no longer $300, it was now $200 for the exact same room. And because I booked the changeable rate, I could just go ahead and
change my reservation. I could cancel it and rebook it, but in this case, I just clicked modify, booked into the same
dates, and now it came back and it was $200 a night,
instead of $300 a night. So make sure you search
for what the rates are a couple days before you're going, before the cancellation deadline. Tip number 14, book a prepaid
or non-refundable rate. Now I know I said earlier
that I never do this, unless I'm sure I'm going and
it's a couple days before. But you may find that the
non-refundable or prepaid rates may be 10 to 20% cheaper. I would never advise doing
this three months before, because you never know what life is gonna throw
at you in three months, but if it's just a couple days, and you're pretty sure
then maybe go for it. Tip number 15, book last minute. What do I mean by last minute? I don't really mean a minute
before you get to the hotel, but I mean the same day
that you're going to stay. There's a lot of websites that provide unused inventory from hotels. The hotels call it unused
because if it's the day of, and they have a ton of rooms available, chances are, they're not gonna
get a last minute stampede that'll book all those rooms, so they often offer them
at a significant discount. One good website for this
is called Hotels Tonight, and then when you look at Hotels Tonight, you're searching for hotels
tonight in that city. Only do this if you don't really care where you're gonna stay, and you're pretty flexible in driving around the
city to a different place, 'cause you're never really gonna be sure what's actually gonna
be available that night. Tip number 16, bid on a room. Priceline, famous for bidding. If you really don't care
where you're gonna stay, and you're just interested
in getting the cheapest rate, well then by all means, go bid
on some hotels on Priceline. There's whole guides and
tips on how to use Priceline, and how to get the best rates. I'm not gonna go into that in here, 'cause that would be a
topic for another video. Tip 17, be creative. If you really want to get
cheap in where you're staying, then you need to be
creative on where you stay. Not just at big name hotels. But look at things that maybe
aren't considered hotels. For example, bed and breakfasts, booking something through Airbnb, booking a capsule hotel,
if you're in Japan. Booking a hostile. Going on a overnight train
that has sleeping quarters. Then you get transportation and you can sleep at the same time. Book a day room. Some hotels provide cheaper rates if you book it for the day time. And if you're in Japan,
you can get extra creative. They've got these manga cafes, which are basically cafes
that you can read comic books, but you can book a overnight
rate at a Manga cafe, often for like 10 to 20 bucks, as long as you're okay
sleeping in a chair, and not really a bed. Tip number 18, buy gift cards. You can often find deals
throughout the year where the major chains
will offer their gift cards at a discount rate, often
10, maybe even 20% off. You can buy them from the hotels directly when they have these sales, but all year round, you can find people who are selling gift cards that they have. Now I don't know that I'd
recommend you buy a gift card from a random person
on eBay or Craigslist, but there are some gift
card reselling websites, where those websites
will actually guarantee that the gift card that
you buy has value on it, and if it doesn't then they'll
refund your money back. So that's another way to get a good deal. And related to buying gift cards, you could also use shopping portals. Often things like Ebates, and
these various shopping portals can provide discounts for booking hotels. Recently, Ebates was
actually providing 10% back on Marriott reservations that
were booked through Ebates. I've got two more tips to go, but before I get to my last two, I wanna ask you a question. I'm always learning and
so what tips did I miss? If you've got some great advice, or some way that you save
money on hotels, let me know. One of the things I
love about this channel is learning from all of you. But now onto tip 19. Tip 19 is to not use your money at all, but to use points and
book it with award points. When you're using award
points for a booking, I will tell you to not get
suckered into premium rooms. Make sure that the rates and
rooms that you're booking are the standard, or the saver awards. Hilton is notorious for this, where the standard rate
might be 60,000 points, but they'll be offering you premium rooms for like 200,000 points a night. Those rooms are almost never worth it. It is worthwhile looking into
the cash and points rooms, particularly with Hyatt. Sometimes the cash and points bookings can be a pretty good deal. Also pay attention to
whether the hotel chain you're staying at has a, if you book a certain number
of nights, you get one free. Marriott has that, where if
you book four award nights, then you get the fifth night for free. Tip number 20, if you
experienced an issue, let the hotel know. Hotels really don't
like unhappy customers. And so if you've had a
really miserable stay for some reason that's
a fault of the hotel, let them know. One time I was staying in New Jersey, at this Hyatt that was there, and wow, this hotel, they gave
me like two different rooms, and both of them had other
people's stuff in them. It took me probably an hour
to actually get to my room, one that didn't have other
people's stuff in them. I really let them know, I
asked to talk to the manager. My stay wasn't free, but it
ended up being half the price of what it was, and they
brought me free stuff. They're like do you like
tea, do you like wine? Do you want free food at the restaurant? Just let us know, we want you to be okay. I know some people that
have managed to get their entire hotel stays comped, or if they booked it with award points, to get all of their points back because the hotels just weren't very good. It's not the hotels weren't very good, but there was like staff
issues, and things like that that really could've been
avoided on the part of the hotel. Now that you've watched this video, you're likely gonna be staying in a hotel, so you might enjoy my video on
15 hotel room tips and hacks. This one isn't about saving money, but it's about how to make your stay in hotel rooms more comfortable,
or you can click here for the playlist of my
entire travel advice series, including how to save money
on flights and rental cars. You'll find links in the description below to both those videos. I won't say goodbye, because
I'll see you over here.

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sometimes I fly so early that the smoothie places in the airport aren't even open yet so I've come up with my own way of making a healthy smoothie on the plane I pack an empty water bottle a matcha green tea packet a three ounce container of yogurt and a single serve packet of honey when you get on the plane ask for hot water to mix everything up the old meal you can get at the airport tends to be too sugary for me so I like to prep my own oatmeal packs to enjoy on the plane add instant oats to sandwich bags and top with your favorite dried fruit nuts or other healthy topping seal them up label and throw a bunch in your carry-on when you're on the plane grab a flavor you're in the mood for and ask for a cup of hot water and mix it up I play at least five times a week so sometimes I feel bloated or dehydrated after a flight so I fight it with you you see water all you need to do is pack an empty water bottle and chia seeds on the plane just ask for cold water shake it up and enjoy and I'm on a layover I love taking advantage of the breakfast bar at my hotel by making a healthy banana split I grab one banana and cut it in half add some Greek yogurt layer in fresh berries drizzle with honey and sprinkle with granola when you travel as much as I do scrambled and hard-boiled eggs can get a bit boring so I like to mix it up with these easy deviled eggs grab some hard-boiled eggs at breakfast and cut them in half take the yolks out and mix in mayo mustard relish salt and pepper I always stock up on these travel packets while I'm on the road pack the mix back into the yolks and top with some bacon or ham bits from the breakfast bar I have a hard time turning down a fresh-made waffle but I try to make it as healthy as possible by adding fresh fruit and protein take the Freeman waffle mix then add your own protein powder and fresh fruit from the breakfast buffet your waffle is instantly healthier and will keep you full longer

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so we've all seen them before countless videos of our articles that tell you how to save money on flight tickets well almost all of them are just copy paste tips from people simply trying to create more content that's why we wanted to share our tips that stem from our own experience and I think you'll find these quite useful especially the secret unethical wife pro tip that we'll add in the end of the video tip number one and two the first two tips I want to bring up together and they might sound familiar but I bring these two tips up to clear some misinformation you get one reading other online articles so the two tips I want to discuss are looking for tickets through Skyscanner and looking for tickets on a Tuesday while these two tips are valid what you should know before following this advice is how the algorithm of Skyscanner works because you might actually be helping other people and bring yourself in its disadvantage by searching for tickets the wrong way that is there are thousands of flights to thousands of destinations every day Skyscanner can't or won't show you all the accurate prices every time because it would have to do too many searches on its own to be able to show you the most accurate prices of each flight and each destination that's why it relies on you to do the search what you might not know though is that if you look for a flight for say kuala lumpur malaysia to brussels belgium the 5th of august where previously no prices were known it will find out what the cheapest flights are and make those available not only to you but to anyone looking for cheap flights this means that once you find a cheap flight it's a gamble to keep waiting and looking for cheaper flights because someone else might snatch those up from under your nose our tip for searching Skyscanner correctly only look for tickets on a Tuesday because then you know that whatever ticket you uncover will be the cheapest of that week and no one else will be able to snatch it up from under you why Tuesday because that's when airlines release their cheapest rates towards the end of the week they become more expensive to make up for the cheaper rates released in the beginning of the week tip number three now that you know about the first two tips the third one will help you find even cheaper flights on the dates that you found the cheapest tickets already use everything you have to find tickets sometimes they're cheaper through Skyscanner the Airlines app the airlines website you can even find cheaper tickets by looking for the same tickets through the same website or app but from a different device so when you find a $100 ticket on your tablet or PC you might actually find that there's tickets are even cheaper when you look for them on your mobile phone tip number four this next step is great not only to save money on plane tickets but to save money in general we paid $140 a year for a credit card that gives us one percent cashback on any payment we make we can get multiple cards so my girlfriend and I share the same account and what happens is when we book a flight which often costs us 500 to $1,000 each we get 1% of the cost back now while this isn't a big game-changer for some it does count up when you look at all the other purchases we make throughout the year granted you need to spend thirteen thousand four hundred dollars a year to pay back the card but first of all that does not only have to be on plane tickets and second you don't only get one percent cashback but you also don't pay any ATM costs up until $600 a month and what's more is that you get late flight insurance that pays up to four hundred US dollars two flights that have at least four hours of delay a late luggage insurance that pays up to $400 of luggage for luggage that is four hours or more late and an emergency medical insurance and on top of that you get one free lounge access which on its own costs 30 US dollars so for us it really pays itself back and helps us save money in the long run plus it's a super safe and convenient card tip number five best science to scan for tickets the reason why sky scanner is the best all-round site is because it's the most used one the other one really worthy of checking out is Google flights because Google knows everything about everyone besides those two though also check out kayak and cheap flights and when we find a ticket provider through any of those websites that has the cheapest tickets we make sure to go to that website directly for say for example via mail come and check for tickets through that website as well another great piece of advice is to check that your tickets have actually been confirmed because you don't want to find yourself in a situation that a third party seller didn't actually confirm the tickets you bought with the air tip number six upgrading your ticket versus paying for extra luggage sometimes not often it can be more interesting to get something like economy flex because it gives you more legroom more luggage better food then paying crazy amounts for just some extra luggage but even if that doesn't work we have a pretty unethical last tip that we'll share with you about overhead luggage at the end of the video tip number 7 & 8 go to airline websites or apps and look for promo deals whether your destination is not set in stone yet or you're just looking for cheaper tickets always check airline websites to find special promos or deals that might not show up through third-party scanners tip number eight in this regard is calling up the airline and asking the operator for discount make the operator work for you it's their job and they might have the best insights in the field you yourself are spending so much time finding cheap tickets online now let's the operator to look behind the scenes to find some hidden gems for you tip number 9 use the anywhere anytime feature this piggybacks on tip 1 and 2 and I explained how others can use your search results to find them booked tickets but now with the anywhere anytime feature on sites such as kayak or cheap flights you can set up a notification to keep you up to date with the latest Twinings from other users this notifies you when someone found a really cheap ticket on one of the routes that you selected to the track now tip number 10 it's a bit unethical and might not approve of it so if you liked the video so far give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more travel related videos before we go on with the next and final thing sometimes when your overhead luggage is too heavy you risk paying extra a check-in often limit the 7 kilograms or 15 pounds so what do you do to avoid surcharges at the counter when they weigh your extra luggage well if you're with your partner friend or travel buddy check in one by one and take up the excess weight from one backpack and put it in your friends backpack while you go to the counter and check yourself in then when you're checked in and it's your partner's turn simply swap the X's weight from one backpack to your already approved backpack and the friend will now be able to check in what backpack that does not exceed the weight limitations this is a great way to avoid extra costs and while it's not 100% ethical it's definitely something to consider when you're trying to save a bit of money now that's it for our 10 tips don't forget to subscribe as we plan out rolling an entire series on this subject that will surely save you time and money also check us out on Instagram by looking for Nathan LRS videos or nathan and lawrence to follow our adventures there and as always see you soon and see you later





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Hi Pink Fam! Welcome back to my channel and a brand new video I know you will find helpful.

Traveling can get pricey, if you don’t know the proper hacks to make your trips more affordable. I keep traveling every year, because I’ve learned how to save money and make my trips more affordable. The first place to start cutting your expenses is the plane tickets, fortunately for us there are so many options to get cheaper plane tickets that will allow us to fulfill all of our travel dreams.

I have to make a disclaimer and this is actually going to work the best for US Domestic Travel. So if you have been wanting to make a trip to a different city in the US this is your opportunity to do so! Make sure you watch the full video to understand my tips.

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All the love,

Ingrid xo.

in their pockets right so today we are going to be learning the two tips that you need in order for you to book a plane ticket with $5 so if you're not subscribed to my youtube channel make sure you subscribe all you need to do is click that button so every week you'll be able to learn more about the places that I visit and also all the travel tips that you need so you can all go on a but yet I must do a disclaimer and this is actually going to apply for you as domestic trips basically if you were to fly from daya's to San Francisco this is going to be possible if you were to come from outside the u.s. into the US this is not gonna work if you were to fly from the u.s. to outside the US this is also not going to work so this is only going to be for domestic trips have you said this disclaimer let's jump into the two things that you need in order to book a plane ticket for five dollars first you're going to need miles in second you are going to need to learn more about airport taxes if you are like me chances are that you travel on a budget and never accumulate miles correct that is my case i only accumulate miles every time that i play with a big airline but usually I'm always flying on about yet because I just want to get to the point and I just want to have a really nice experience and I want to save money so rather than paying $200 more to get some miles I'll just fake 200 less and don't get any and that has advantages and disadvantages because I traveled on about yet but I don't accumulate any points from traveling but then I don't want to be paying too much for something that I can get for this little all right so how was I able to get the miles the one thing that I did is that I did research and I look into different travel credit cards I would recommend you to get one as long as you are responsible and you can pay everything otherwise you're just gonna be swiping your car and getting in so much depth and you also don't want this so when you get your credit card all of the airline's are going to be offering a promotion this way you can get 30,000 miles 40,000 miles 50,000 miles 60,000 miles do your research and see how many miles do you need to apply with this airline in my case I did research and I was able to see that I only needed 15,000 miles in order for me to fly so that opens the possibility of getting three plane tickets with those 50,000 miles that I was gaining just because I applied for the credit card as far as recommending a travel credit card I don't want to get into these because I feel like there are so many good travel crackers but also there's some bad ones but I don't have all of them and I'm not capable of telling you which one is best which one is not I will just recommend you to go and search for yourself I think having a travel credit card it's amazing but then look into the promotions that you get look into the fine print so that would be maybe they have an animal T so what if this credit card is offering you 30,000 miles enter name of P of $200 and what if this other one is offering you 50,000 miles for an annual fee of $40 you know so do your research and see you which one might be best for you so before you apply make sure that you read and you compare as many trouble credit cards as you want all right so now we got 50,000 miles that opens the possibility to travel three times but then how do you get the plane ticket for only five dollars now that you have the miles you're going to have to pay for the airport taxes this is when it gets really really cool it makes a difference depending on the airport that you depart from I live in Dallas so we have two airports we have the Love Field and we also have DFW that is for more International Airport as you know it's big its international they're gonna have a higher fee for passengers going through the airport well Love Field it's smaller and then the fee is probably gonna be as low as four dollars so once you have 15,000 miles and four dollars then you're ready to book a plane ticket it's that easy so the router II there was damage to San Francisco and I compared it's cheaper to fly from Love Field or from DFW DFW had a higher tax rate and as you know Dallas Love Field since it was smaller they had a lower tax rate so for me it was easier and simple to just fly from Love Field that was 15,000 miles plus five dollars and sixty cents and that took me to San Francisco it is so cheap not even gasoline cost that little and now you know my trip so as long as you do research and if you have a mini airport in your city then you're going to have access to this and even if you don't pay five dollars there could be the case that you have to pay twenty dollars and now that I have a travel credit card the cheapest that I've been able to get a plane ticket is for five dollars but also I booked another 1.60 so it depends on the day that you booked if it's to be see if it's not if it's low season if it's high season if it's a big airport if it's a small airport so look into all of those that way you're able to book plane tickets for a cheaper price do as much as you can and do not apply for a credit card unless you are able to afford it what I do to avoid getting in that is that every time that I booked a plane ticket or I pay my electricity bill with a travel credit card I paid that immediately so that way I don't accumulate any interest and this is what I would totally recommend you to do because if you don't then you're just gonna start accumulating debt that it's going to get too high for you to be able to pay it and this is gonna go crazy so if you think that you're like this type of person that is just going to accumulate so much that I will recommend you to just stay away from a credit card but if you can keep about that and you know that you're going to be financially responsible then I will just go ahead and do it because they have so many birds even if you go to the store and you get a candy for a dollar you're still going to be getting two miles so every time that you make a purchase you get miles which is amazing okay you guys so this is the end of this video I hope this tip helps you a lot and it encourages you to travel more I know the u.s. has so many amazing places that you can discover even if you're going for a long weekend you are probably only gonna pay $11 which is amazing and if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel make sure you subscribe all you need to do is click that red button and if you want to receive notifications every time I upload a video then ring the bell twice if you love this video give it a thumbs up and if you know someone that needs to watch this video make sure that you share that link with them so that way you also empower them to travel in to explore the world I hope you guys have an amazing week and I'll see you next week when in your video bye