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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

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Travel tips budgets and penny flights

**Travel tips budgets and penny flights**



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I so I tried to tell my hair but the motherfucking rubberband broke whatever okay so basically I'm coming today because I had to tweet oh it was talking about like how you good like get penny flights on spirit okay so basically just to begin with I used to work for spirits so for all the people it's like yo I used to work the spirit like three years ago you feel me before I started shooting videos and modeling and everything so like introduce myself my name is killer let him from power kanji but before I started doing all like the marlane and Johnny Johnny or whatever um I used to work the spirit so like I learned like gains and knows to do his own so I just tried to share something I just wanted to share like you know something that I learned as far as like you know something that was benefiting me so what benefits me so I wanted to share it so that it's pretty simple so like sometimes when you log on to like spirit or go onto their website we know you'll say like $70.99 you know yeah fly for $69.99 $59.99 $89.99 $49.99 sometimes is cheaper basically when you see a flight like that um you those flights turn into penny flights when you buy them at the kiosk so like a lot of people were asking me like well like you know dude and you know I cuz I did leave something out like you know what I could do I buy that do I buy that Toby I'm like a Toby in flight no it's like I meant to say that you buy it after 12 a.m. online after midnight online but that's for like you know all the other airlines like JetBlue Southwest I love Southwest JetBlue Southwest on virgin frontier Americans whatever you felt like mine now the first thing I want to say like spirit is for like you can travel like you can use spirit to travel like to go wherever you want but spirit is best for like backpacking or spirit is best for like when you're not because when you're not trying to like take too much luggage in because they do charge a lot for a lot of shit and I mean for extra luggage and like you know you could finesse you can like make a big-ass duffel bag put it around like that's how you could finance like if you're only shopping over one bag and you don't want to check it in just go with like a duffle bag and just put it on your bed that's your personal item whatever um I think they actually changed I think they actually change the size but whatever you just gotta figure that out yourself but um yeah like you know it's a lot if like and if you have any questions like if you have anything specific you want out like I'll make as much videos as I have to make family just make sure you scribe subscribing so you share it whatever the case even beat us in the comments below just you know whatever you gotta ask his ass but just going back to home to what I was saying like yeah like spirit spirit to me is for like backpacking I love Southwest like so I wish you could get really cheap flights on to and you know you can get some sixty sixty seven dollars you know eighty seven dollars $90 $100 110 on 20 and you know that's that's um one way or whatever like you know depending on where you're going and depending on when you actually buy it like I said nothing always buy your tickets in advance that's the main thing like I travel a lot like buy your tickets in advance and so with this dope because you get two free bags so it's like when you do like the balancing out like you might get like a flight like a JetBlue flight or like a plane fight for like you might get like a jib let me use JetBlue as always you might get like a JetBlue flight for like ninety eighty dollars right but you have two bags okay that's another fifty that's 140 you might get a Southwest flight for 105 or 110 of all your bags are covered so like you say $30 in I know 30 always mind I me a lot select everybody depending on like the tax bracket you in but like go like that's a lot when it's like you have to buy it one way you don't have to worry about your bags like you're good you feel me so like and then you can even do it like okay somebody might Lexi and I always like to say travel would like a group of people you feel me and that discussed college you know Airbnb ease I never like to go to hotels air B&B live like a local that's like I'm I love living like a local fuck air fuck hotels where like Airbnb and everybody's treat you better um never look like a tourist brer like I mean you could do touristy shit but like when you're traveling bread like if you really want to travel like think about immersing yourself in people's culture and I'm trying to figure out like what like even if it's just going to another city or not even just out the country just going to Texas like figure out what Texas people do like don't go to Texas or go to New York and try go to the empire fuckin state building like no bear-like do New York shit like do Texas shit do Cali shit do oh hi oh shit do Detroit shit do Portland shit like I said I'm sorry but you know like just do like live like a local like that also saves a lot of money like you feel me in trying to triumph like have a travel group like a trouble whatever like split air beam bees if it's 200 a night you doing for five nights that's $1,000 if you have five people there's only $200 it's like you paid one day for the whole time you feel me like obviously go with people that you trust and was willing to do it but like you feel me like you just got to think about things like that cuz everybody always thinks about traveling like oh I can't afford a motherfuck are cuttin either you feel me bleep you have to find a way like you have to find a lifestyle you want to live when you're traveling like that shit is a lifestyle to like you're gonna just figure out like how you want to do it another big thing I'm on is like yo like when you're flying like don't be afraid to get like a one-way on spirit or United sometimes you not have great deals Delta whatever the fuck and then come back on another airline like you don't have to buy a round-trip on the same airline like spirit might have nice and you're going from I live in Florida I live in Broward County yes are you going from Florida FF FLL to UM LGA which is New York like I might go like that and get a ticket right one way for like 90s 100 whatever the fuck 60 whatever the fuck and come back and coming back particular 200 but on Southwest there's 79 I mean 1697 up excuse me I'm just going off for like um numbers that I've just seen cuz I've just seen it's this I know like the price is coming back he's like 79 like you were about to buy like a round-trip on spirit like it doesn't make sense so like you could split Airlines like there's no rules to travel it like figure it out like how like you just have to sit down don't just go to copper or go to kayak and Expedia Anja's oh yeah this way this for Fort Lauderdale to LAX and just get get any price like okay get that priced and compare like compare like even if you say $50 on your flight $60 on your flight whatever that's $60 you have four food when you get to where you get that $60 you have towards your Airbnb that $60 Thor is having to buy shit like souvenirs for when you get back when I had a bar retreat that arm of spirit like last year I took my ex love you girl except my ex to Puerto Rico like she's never been anywhere I'm Valentine's Day and I took it at Porto Rico and like we went for like I think both our round trips were like a hundred and fifty all this mind you because people to be like what about mind you we live in Miami / Fort Lauderdale so the distance is going to be cheaper if you're coming from Detroit you're not gonna get a 100 dollar round trip to Puerto Rico because you have to a connecting flight and you have to get on another plane like you have to also keep that like in to connect take that into consideration like where you're coming from and we're just going like yeah take into consideration like some believe that you have to take into consideration like where you're coming from or you're going like that's another thing people think like oh yeah I'm gonna go from LAX to the DMV and it's gonna be – it's gonna be 130 dollars no bra no it might be 180 or 200 depending on when you 250 depends on when you buy it like that's a five-hour flight you have to take all those things because it's a consideration especially when you're going into multiple time zones now a lot of people all right ask me about like international I don't I don't I've only been like to a couple places internationally so I'm not too big on international yeah I'm actually going on and I'm going to make it hopefully on Monday the 27th I'm going to Japan this year I'm trying to oh my I'm not trying to I mean not that I want say this year for Japan but within the next six months cuz you never know when it's gonna happen within the next six months I'm gonna Japan I'm saving 5km about my tickets and I'm gonna just go and just travel Asia until my fucking money runs out so that's gonna be lit on you follow me on the gram you can follow me on Twitter this I'll kill and just the same place you follow all my social medias key overlay I don't have snapchat don't fuck with it bring you don't fuck with my story be late so cool and Twitter I love Twitter a lot of people on Twitter than there but um yeah like um I'm going to Japan I want to go to Mexico I just have somebody in El Paso shout-out to her that um Priscilla um she says she wants to all him take me to Mexico or city and I think it's like wow like Juarez or something like that I don't it but she wants to take me there so I can go in Mexico go to a lot of places you know I want to go to the UK shout out to my people for the UK I wanna go to UK okay I'm gonna go to the UK I keep saying what I'm gonna do um I wanted to go to Africa but that shit didn't fall through I wanted to go to Morocco and shit but that that's definitely gonna be for next year but um I probably didn't touch on a lot of things I just try to get the basis of it um I'll just recap a little bit I just remember at home yeah on Tuesdays and Thursdays I was I know I'm rambling but I just I'd be having a lot on my win on Tuesdays and on Thursday you know prices are very cheap always buying if you can at nights like I don't know if the traffic's cuz the traffic is lower or if it's less people looking at it you know it's probably like a supply and demand type of thing but trying buy on those days if you can't it's okay like you don't have to you know just press yourself to only be able to buy tickets on Tuesdays on Tuesdays and Thursdays there's five other days it's okay but if you can go for it um yeah like if I define whatever like I didn't like touch on like if you want a specific video for a specific topic all my trouble a lot so I don't want say I know everything but I'm pretty like aware I have people in aviation my friends becoming pilots I have fucking oh I know flight attendants um just let me know

9 TRAVEL TIPS AND HACKS | Cheap Flights | Budget Travel Guide

**9 TRAVEL TIPS AND HACKS | Cheap Flights | Budget Travel Guide**



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All equipment used are listed below. Here are my top 9 tips and tricks for traveling! I hope these travel hacks I have shared with you in this video helps you in booking your next adventure! These are the websites and resources I have been using that have gotten me the best rates and saved me a lot of money on flights and hotels during my travels.

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يا الجميع حتى اليوم وأنا ستعمل الحديث عن بعض النصائح والحيل للحجز رحلات رخيصة. نصيحة رقم واحد هو أن الكتاب من خلال نافذة التصفح المتخفي. ك يتم تعقب عمليات البحث وإذا كنت تبحث مرة أخرى عن وجهتك الأسعار سوف ترتفع. الشيء نفسه ينطبق على الفندق. دائما، إذا كنت حجز أي شيء، كتاب من خلال نافذة التصفح المتخفي. لذلك فقط اضغط على متصفح الانترنت الخاص بك، و حدد نافذة التصفح المتخفي الجديدة. نصيحة رقم اثنين هو استخدام الماسح الضوئي السماء و momondo. حتى رئيس لأكثر من السماء الماسح الضوئي، وانتقل إلى لقسم وانقر في كل مكان، ويمكنك أيضا وضع أرخص الشهر للرحيل و العودة إذا كنت أكثر مرونة مع التواريخ. التالي هو momondo.com. ال same option to type in or click anywhere and you can also put any time for the dates. Except this shows you a map of all of the rates. Tip number three is to use secret flying website. It displays error fares, which means that the airline employee incorrectly or accidentally posted a lower than average fare for your destination. So head over to secretflying.com. This will show you all of the error fares and say we want to go to Iceland we just go down and view all of the dates available. If we click one, it'll just take us to the website where it's available. Tip number four is to book on a Tuesday midnight or early in the week Monday through Wednesday midnight is usually the cheapest rate. Tip number five is to book at least a month or a month and a half before your destination. That's usually the cheapest. I have booked flights the day before or the day of, both domestic and internationally. I don't recommend it, but if you're feeling spontaneous, then why not. Book hostels, it's usually cheaper it's like five to twenty dollars and they usually have tours and you meet a lot of cool people from around the world. If you want to book a hotel, I usually book through Hotwire hot deals or Priceline Express deals. This does not show you the hotel because it's cheaper but you can generally guess which hotel it is based on amenities, ratings and location. So let's start with hotwire.com and let's go to cabo. So I usually set the ratings to four or five stars and the hot rate hotels. You can see a map of the locations of the hotels and usually when it says the last person got Casa you're probably gonna get Casa and these are the four guaranteed hotels. So you're for sure gonna get four and a half star hotel. Now onto priceline.com, we'll also go to cabo for comparison reasons. Once that loads, we're gonna head on over to express deals. I usually set it to the lowest price and it also will show you a map of the location of the hotel. It says the last person got it for $203. Tip number seven is to make sure that you sign up for each airlines free rewards program. It's basically just a flyer number that you enter in when you book a flight. So if you fly Delta a lot or even one time, sign up for the rewards program. You can accrue miles that way and then book free flights with your miles later on. I've done this with American Airlines I got a free flight to, I think it was Vegas. Tip number eight is to check the credit cards that you own, you may be able to access airport lounges for free. The lounges usually have some food and like a quiet place to take a nap or just relax. Tip number nine is to book through the website skiplagged. It basically books you a flight to a destination farther than your destination but your target destination is a stop on the route. So basically you سيكون النزول في وقت سابق، وكنت النزول أثناء التوقف، بدلا من اتخاذ رحلة كاملة هناك. في بعض الأحيان أن أرخص من مجرد حجز مباشرة رحلة إلى الوجهات الخاصة بك. لذلك يذهب إلى skiplagged.com. نحن ستعمل فقط اكتب في تاريخ عشوائي ودعنا نذهب الى واشنطن. كما يمكنك نرى ان رحلة يذهب كل في طريقه الى ولاية فلوريدا ولكن علينا أن النزول في واشنطن إذا كان هذا المقصد هدفنا. الشيء نفسه مع إعادته يذهب كل في طريقه الى سان دييغو ولكن كنت النزول في LA وعادل لا تأخذ الرحلة بأكملها. في بعض الأحيان انها أرخص بهذه الطريقة من رحلة مباشرة لكن ليس دائما. حتى تلك هي بلدي النصائح والحيل لحجز رخيص الرحلات الجوية والفنادق. شكرا جزيلا للمشاهدة. يرجى أحب والاشتراك إذا كنت مثل هذا الفيديو وأنا أراكم في بلدي الفيديو التالي.





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this video is all about how i afford to travel all the time. i frequently visit california and new york city. this winter i went to europe for the first time as well.
this video covers a variety of different travel topics and tips! such as where i stay that is affordable, transportation, meals, how i save up, and my job. i talk about traveling in a group and other cost-effective ways to save money abroad, air bnb, as well as flight information and how i score great deals.

my trip this winter we went all around england (london, bath, and york) as well as paris. i had a two week break in the united states and went back to the united kingdom! in that trip i visited scotland (inverness and edinburgh) and back to london.

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hey everyone it was that – just go it occur and today's video is all about travel how it were to travel how you can budget for your own trips if you follow me on Instagram or any social media for that matter you will probably be aware that I actually have gone to Europe twice within the 13 days of each other I went to England all around England actually in Paris and about for three weeks or so I came back to the United States I live in Seattle so I came back to Seattle for 13 days and I left again for two and a half weeks three weeks in Scotland and England and so I'm just going to share with you guys how that all works and my travel tips for being able to go abroad on a budget my first tip is to travel in a group of at least three so we did this on our first trip to Europe when we went to England and France and Paris and it really will cut down costs because it you don't realize that when you split an Airbnb with two people it's obviously half so the Airbnb is $1,200 for two weeks for a week whatever it's going to be 600 each but if you divide that by three though it's only $400 so you're saving $200 which is pretty significant when it comes to traveling and how much everything adds up the biggest biggest tip though that I can give you is to use public transportation if it is available so if you are in New York City please do not waste your money on taxis and unnecessary ubers here is a little list that I wrote out so for a week pass it is $31 for the New York metro for 7 day pass I think it Sunday might even like 8 day or something that is an amazing I mean free uber uber is more expensive than $31 so yeah in New York Metro is 31 a London metro card is 12 pounds 12 pounds 34 zones one through four which is basically kind of all you really need zone one through four if it's your first trip there and then a Paris metro card for a week is 23 euros so you're doing 31 12 30 and 23 euros that is a really good deal absolute they do a lot of money another tip is that I kinda mention earlier it's a state and air B&B what I and my friends do is we always do an entire home so we don't do like a shared room or anything like that we like to just do the entire home so let's say that you have three people but there's only one bed like a queen-size bed we've never had problem with that just have just make sure that there is a couch so that two people complete them Abed and then one person can be on the couch the first day that you arrive to your new location I recommend going to a grocery store and buying breakfast food this is what we did on our first trip and it saves us a lot of money so because the eggs pasta cereal and you'll spend about 20 pounds in total and you can also split that twenty dollars so three ways to ways whenever and you will save a lot of money and so this is why I recommend to buy breakfast food is that for eating so you can get up eat breakfast and then you know for me my friends well we've got that like eight and then but we won't be out of the house until like 11:00 when we're all ready and so you can basically like eat your breakfast go out have brunch at like noon and then typically for my friends and I and my personal experience we're not really hungry for a meal until dinnertime and so that way you're kind of saving money on lunch or breakfast however you want to view it you're only spending money going out to eat twice a day instead of three times a day and you can also kind of trade in eating in and out so maybe one day you're going to eat out for dinner and then one day you're going to eat in but that day you'll go out for breakfast you can kind of switch it up but that's another way to save money and it's very cheap and inexpensive another thing too is just to buy snacks Clif bars Clif bars and we have the past with Clif bars Clif bars are like your saving grace in so many different situations bring them to the club and bring them to church they're great snacking that's really filling in a lot of protein in it if you are really wanting to budget there's a couple ways that you can cut back on spending so unnecessary coffee you can definitely skip on I'm really sure what do you do whatever I go traveling I love to have like a vanilla latte it was like literally every single meal and whenever I travel with Jenny she's also very into that kind of being and so we will find ourselves finally four cups of coffee a day so we'll have them brunch but then we'll go at 12 o'clock and go grab buy to go take away coffee and so a way that you can kind of cut that out is to cut out coffee just random coffee runs and stuff like that maybe just have one cup for breakfast and things like that another way you can save money is to bring your student ID yes you can use them up at least in the United Kingdom I didn't even realize this because I sold my student ID even though I graduated last year it still is actually in effect until 2019 I think and so you can bring your student ID to stores like Topshop and get discounts off even if you live in the United States and you're shopping and United Kingdom they still will accept it and so that's another way to save money on shopping but another thing too is I think that people kind of can go crazy when you're vacationing you're in New York or London you're going to go shopping remember that you don't necessarily have to shop you can buy souvenirs and stuff like that but if you're really wanting to budget then I would recommend probably just skipping shopping in general for just clothes that you could probably get back in the United States or in your hometown or something like that another kind of random one that I learned when we were in Paris is to ask for tap water at restaurants apparently they charge if it's like filtered water so ask for tap water when you are at a restaurant here's a tip for a night life so if you're at the club this at least happened in London in our favorite club to go to is cargo and shortage and basically if you go there an hour before everybody else starts going slow say you go there at ten o'clock as opposed to 11 when everyone shows up go there at 10 and you can get free entry and usually the entry for cargo is like 10 pounds or so so yeah there's not going to be anyone there you have to wait with your friends the bar still open so go to the club early and you'll save about 10 pounds my last thing about how to save money with your abroad is duty-free I learned about duty-free on our first trip to Europe and I was into heaven so I'm like obsessed with Jo Malone perfume hand cream candles I just love the whole brand there hand cream is like my favorite this is my fave it's so good but I would crazy not entity free on the streets of London and I bought it for like 16 pounds but at duty-free it was 40 pounds in Noatak so that's a great place to go and get souvenirs is in the airport and people like stuff like that like if your friends would want a jo Malone perfume and it's a london-based brand company you could get it in the airport and you'll save money that way those are my tips for how to save money and how I budget how my friends budget my biggest one would be public transportation and also going in a group of at least three people I know their thing that you want to brush on before I end the video is airplane ticket so how you can fly from in west coast to europe for cheap if you live on the west coast that is why is it Oakland from SeaTac Airport and then fly from Norwegian to London Gatwick Gateway Airport and it's like a five hundred dollar ticket because now they're based out of Auckland Airport so if you fly out of Auckland where their base it's going to be cheap because they do direct flights all the time from Auckland to London and if you're wanting to go to Paris do the same thing flying to Gatwick get with whatever and take the Eurostar down to Paris I think it's like a $90 ticket or something like that so it's very very affordable if you know places to look however I'm not from the East Coast I'm not from you know this other United States I don't really have a lot of knowledge if you are from you know traveling from even JFK or something like that I don't know the best way but I know first Yodle to New York or California to New York another great airplane airline airplane airline is JetBlue so flying from sea talk to JFK I can usually get tickets through like 280 sometimes another part that I want to mention is how I actually afford to do all of this obviously I have a job two jobs and I work 10 hours a day so no nine-to-five my social media one and then I'll usually work five to seven or five to eight ecommerce and not obviously we'll add up and it's just all about saving I'm really good at saving money like very good I don't spend money on things like movie tickets or going out eat a ton coffee it all really adds up if you buy a five dollar cup of coffee five times a week obviously that's going to add up over the months and months month and so all definitely just save you don't go out a lot it also helps them know how to come of friends here in Seattle that's the biggest that's the biggest part of really anything is just learning how to save and what works for you no matter what your income level is just developing a savings plan that works for you but yes everything comes out of my pocket everything in my life it doesn't come out of my mom's pocket she supports me like it's like yeah go for it but she's not going to pay for so if you've ever wondered that I know that's another question because I am like so young but I just work I've been working again since like two thousand ten to the seventeen it's like seven six years so I hope that answers your questions be sure you subscribe the channel for more photography and social media videos you can find me on Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you guys later thanks so much bye

Hostels, Flights, and Food - Travel Tips for Cheapskates

**Hostels, Flights, and Food – Travel Tips for Cheapskates**



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IG: @hannahleeduggan
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Here are some ways I save money while traveling and get the most out of my experience. These are just the ways I like to travel, they might not be for everyone!
Comment to let me know if you would like to hear more, or have ideas for other video topics. (:

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so what Molly and I'm doing can we just this is just so we're gonna live here no okay so what Molly and I was doing recuperate Mayon I've been doing is walking wherever we want yeah we we tend to stay away from tourist destinations though right now it's not too bad because I did love these if we're going to a tourist destination we usually try to walk our way there from wherever we're staying or we'll take a bus to the tourist destination and then walk and walk and walk and walk and walk as far back to our accommodations as possible or at least the next town or something that involves miles and miles of walking because we found that we end up in the most beautiful places like this we are just walking along the side of a road we're literally in a ditch right now but the ditch is also a beautiful it's a beautiful dish but it is it's like a Scottish ditch it's beautiful Scottish daily yeah like it's just passes by slower because you see it all on A+ you tend to run into all of those like tiny beautiful moments where a lot of people don't do all of that walking so you end up yeah you end up completely alone and just surrounded by nature and all these things that most tourists miss this would be better if you were in the video too because you keep talking off camera and I come sit over here please sit right here next to me yes come here over this is where I can be okay what was I talking about basically walk everywhere that's what we've been doing if you want any of the views that you've been seeing in this video we've literally just been walking for miles miles miles bring lunch definitely pack lunch we've just been eating like cheese sandwiches every day and in clementines try swap spots with you you can hold the video no longer arms with me this is good you're gonna move a human tripod forever Wow yep bring lunch when you're staying in hostels buy your own groceries it'll save you a lot of money getting out like pasta yeah we begin you want pasta and a lot of hostels have free pasta yeah did you know this oh yeah yeah there's free pasta at our house right now why aren't you eating that I've done it well no I move a lot of hostels will have like just like a random free food bin which is usually really weird things sometimes there's like porridge but you shouldn't really plan on surviving off of that but it's there if you really need it and pastas really cheap anyways so Oh I've gotten a lot of questions about how I've gotten such cheap flights to places and for the most part I use skip leg Skyscanner and kayak but I don't use kayak to book usually I use kayak if you you have to kind of look on their page or you could type in Google kayak explore but they pulled up this map of if you don't really care where you're gonna go and pose of a map a map of the world and where like how much it is about to fly to specific places from your starting point and then you can use Skyscanner or skip legs well you can actually do the same thing on skip legs you can just type in your airport of origin and then you can type in anywhere into the destination and it'll come up with the cheapest flights most of them are gonna be like near near you so we kind of play it a little bit that's why I like kayaks explore feature because you can see the whole map for on skip legatus is the list yeah but you also if you know where you want to go skip leg is good because they have a little timeline thing that you can scroll across like a graph of when flights are cheapest yeah so it's the date that you put in originally it's a high price it'll show you on the graph like if it's at the top of the graph if you move the date over just like slightly sometimes the graph will go down and it'll be like three hundred dollars cheaper so that is how I got like two hundred dollar ticket to Ireland one thing I want to say about skip leg is so skip leg is usually very cheap because what they do and I like this this works mostly for the US the way that I mean I booked all of my flights through skip leg mostly the reason I really like skip leg when I'm flying in the US is what their system is is they look through flights where you may be skipping your second leg of a flight but you book so I'll give you an example so Minnesota if I'm trying to get to Colorado there's a lot of flights to Los Angeles with a layover in Colorado where so if I was looking a direct flight from Minnesota to Colorado and it's like five hundred dollars and then there's another flight Minnesota to Los Angeles with a layover in Colorado for two hundred dollars skip leg will find those flights and show them to you and then you can book that flight for two hundred dollars and then you will just fly to Colorado and you'll get off the Colorado anymore – on the flight so it's a little sketch but it's much money the only thing the reason I'm mentioning this is because if you do this do not tell that your life that but also don't check your luggage oh yeah yeah because I've almost done that before or they're like oh we're accepting like luggage take it like when you're at the gate and for free yeah and they're like you can check your luggage for free I almost put my luggage on and then I'm like I'm not going there yeah so it would go all the way through and so don't do that but booked the flight the flights are nice so you cook yourself yeah anyway I promise this is not sponsored I just really love skip leg yeah it's a good way that's the way I've looked all of my cheapest lights so if you don't feel comfortable with it and you know yeah I don't know I I'm sorry that this I bought on Amazon and it's a selfie stick everyone always asks me how I take my photos while I'm alone like when I was living in the band and it's this thing because it comes my clicker is in my purse I know but it comes with like a little bluetooth clicker and then this bottom part I can't show you let's see it opens up like that so it's a little tripod too so that's how I take my videos and photos when I'm alone or if I want I never thought I'd be the person holding a selfie stick oh no I just realized I look like that in public I know I don't like buying return tickets that's fine make sure you know the visa requirements are like the state requirements before you go anywhere booked a ticket a lot of places with America has like a 30 day you can stay for 60 30 or 60 day stay that's okay for Americans as a visitor but you do need proof that you're going to leave and so be prepared with that when I came to Ireland we had already booked a ferry to Scotland the lady asked me oh how long are you staying and I was like well I don't know when I'm good us but I am leaving Ireland on December 5th they tend to be kind of skeptical and you don't have a return to home ticket well and then they ask you what you're like if you have the funds like yeah I asked you for your bank account yeah so they want to know that you can get back well you have an eventual money to stay in the country for the amount of time you said yeah so like she had me pull up money like internet bank banking app and show her how much money I had in my account and like stuff like that I know I've gotten asked weird questions when they're questioning like your identity I know I don't look anything like my passport photo so I have had people who are very skeptical they'll start asking me questions about like where did you go to elementary school and I you get very flustered or I do and start questioning my identity yeah well my guy was like asking me about her too so like was I gone that was computer I was I was like oh yeah I'm meeting up with her in a couple weeks he was like what does your sister do for a living and I was like I think the lady asked me what I do too and I was like nothing and then then there's other countries that just really don't care yeah they're like go to Sri Lanka yes just like cool you're gonna spend money here we like that be dipped was like give us 25 US dollars for your visa and there been a place where we had no access to US dollars at like 3:00 in the morning yeah you are a walk now yummy