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Top 5 Lyft Promo Codes

**Top 5 Lyft Promo Codes**



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List of the Best Promo Codes for Lyft
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the top five left promo codes number five free driver promo the code is one word good for up to two thousand dollars driver bonus or up to fifty dollars in ride credits number four free driver credit the code is one word good for up to two thousand dollars driver bonus or up to fifty dollars in ride credits number three free dude the code is fre edu de good for up to two thousand dollars driver bonus or up to fifty dollars in ride credits number two the other code is dua CH good for up to left two thousand dollars driver bonus or up to fifty dollars in ride credits number one fr8 2x good for up to two thousand lifts and also good for you bur up to one thousand driver bonus

5 Extremely Rich People Who Live as Poor

**5 Extremely Rich People Who Live as Poor**



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Please, tell me, have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire? A beautiful life, a couple of planes, a mansion in the Caribbean and a company producing your favorite kind of sweets… Well, why not? Real millionaires can afford all this! But yeah, not all the owners of huge fortunes like to waste money. Even if they have the opportunity to live a luxurious life, they are still modest and thrifty people. Or they just hide carefully their wealth and luxury items, so that no one could ever find them. And now we are gonna show you the most modest rich people.
hi guys please tell me have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire a beautiful life a couple of planes a mansion in the Caribbean and the company producing your favorite kind of sweets well why not real millionaires can afford all this but yet not all the owners of huge fortunes like to waste money even if they have the opportunity to live a luxurious life they are still modest and thrifty people or they just hide carefully their wealth and luxury items so that no one could ever find them and now we are gonna show you the most modest rich people Tim Cook Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple for six years now he managed to accumulate a solid capital during all this time according to various sources his fortune exceeds 500 million dollars just imagine that pile of money imagine how many things you can buy however Tim leads a modest lifestyle for a millionaire he likes cycling and wearing simple office clothes also his house in Palo Alto is only 2,400 square feet that is practically a hut compared to other properties in the Silicon Valley when asked about his lifestyle cook states that his modest lifestyle helps him remember how he started and where he comes from besides he says that money is not a motivation for Sergey Brin it's probably a bit strange to see in this list a person who actually possesses two personal aircraft and elite properties but Sergey Brin one of the founders of Google sticks to the principles of saving despite having a fortune of more than forty billion dollars for example he purchases a special annual discount in a store chain of inexpensive clothing where he renews his wardrobe yes you got it right the person who created Google every year purchases a discount card in an inexpensive clothing store moreover Sergey Brin hasn't changed this tradition in many years but if his love for cheap clothes seems to you an insufficient argument then here are some more facts Brin says that he always compares prices in stores and buys products where they are cheaper and he never leaves anything uneaten in a restaurant Mark Zuckerberg who doesn't know the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg maybe you've even seen the movie where Jesse Eisenberg portrays him but if you haven't seen it don't worry according to Mark himself the film wasn't very truthful today one of the richest technological magnates despite having an impressive capital of more than 71 billion still looks like a poor student and is clearly not going to change his lifestyle he wears simple sweatshirts and Adidas flip-flops and he has about two dozen absolutely identical t-shirts with the logo of a well-known social network in his wardrobe of all the food Marc prefers McDonald's even during the wedding trip he didn't change his tastes and was seen in one of these restaurants with his young wife by the way the wedding was also very modest they got married in the backyard of their house with only 100 guests and after the ceremony they all had sushi it doesn't seem like we are talking about the founder of the most popular social network in the world right Warren Buffett the 87 year old American entrepreneur and head of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is not only the world's the largest investor but also a very modest man he even complained to the US government that he pays not enough taxes despite his multimillion-dollar fortune Buffett still lives in his old two-story house in Omaha which he bought back in 1957 like Mark Zuckerberg Warren prefers to eat fast food he liked one fast food chain so much that he bought the whole chain according to the billionaire he tries to avoid luxury goods because any expensive purchases are an extra pain in the neck although this didn't prevent Buffett from buying several private jet planes but what can you do even the most modest rich men have weaknesses invar comprar IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad is sometimes called the most modest billionaire in the world and this is quite right in one interview he revealed that his car was more than 15 years old but if this can be explained by some touching affection for his Iron Horse the economy class flights clearly show his tremendous modesty in addition on business trips the billionaire stays only in three-star hotels uses mainly public transportation dines in small restaurants and even eats hamburgers according to Ingvar his whole house is fit out with expensive furniture from Ikea with the exception of an old chair and a clock he has been using this chair for more than 30 years and obviously he doesn't plan to part with it after all says Ingvar new is not always better





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In this video, We are checking out the Ultimate Carry Glock 19 Build from Alpha Shooting Sports!

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[Applause] [Applause] what's going on guys hope everybody's doing well today we were out of the range and we're gonna be checking out this alpha shooting sports Glock 19 now I did bring this out last week and I did have a few issues with it but I think the recoil spring was just a little bit too heavy so today we're gonna get out there and see if we can't get this thing to run just failure to feed after failure to feed but since then I have changed the recoil spring it is a little bit lighter I'm not exactly sure what the weight is but alpha shooting sports sent it out so hopefully it will run a little bit better but let's get everything packed up and head on down to the range down here at the range and we have our alpha shooting sports Glock 19 ready to go I have a few magazines loaded up we're gonna start firing some rounds and then we're gonna get into testing some different kinds of hollow points things like that just to make sure she's gonna run properly so let's go ahead rack around in there and see what she's gonna do locked back ran flawlessly and honestly I love when you throw together a new build it's just so tight it feels like a brand new Glock right out of the box but definitely looks a hell of a lot better I think I have one more magazine here in my pocket and then we're gonna have to load up a few more mags and I really do want to get to the hollow points when I get a new gun whether it is a build or whether it's something I buy from the factory I like to get together some steel case some brass case multiple different kinds of hollow points and different bullet grain weights just to make sure the gun is gonna run with multiple kinds of ammunition I have had a few guns in the past that are really finicky with certain kinds of hollow points or maybe they don't like to eject steel cased ammo you just never know so I highly recommend whenever you get a new gun whenever you build the new gun try out multiple different kinds of ammo I think I rode the reset on that and didn't let it reset I would say that was the issue but we will go ahead fire a bunch more rounds through this and make sure that it was my fault and not the guns now I don't know about you guys but I absolutely hate loading magazines at the range I try to bring as many mags as I can and load them that night before I come out but when I do have to load mags at the range I always rock this ETS group cam loader this one here's four nine millimeter and forty and you insert your magazine here at the bottom make sure it's fully flush in there grab your tray of ammo we'll scoop up ten rounds this is a 15-round magazine push those rounds all the way back stick our plunger on and just like that there's ten rounds we don't have to go one by one by one that just sucks now let's grab our other five rounds push them down in there and just like that fifteen rounds loaded up I didn't have to take a bunch of time and I usually could do it a little bit faster if I'm not explaining how to do it but these ETS group cam letters can be had right around like 25 to 30 bucks and I tell you what I bring this with me every time I come to the range and it's definitely a lifesaver but I'm gonna get these other mags topped off and we're gonna run some more rounds through this alpha shooting sports Glock 19 15 more rounds loaded up in this alpha shooting sports Glock 19 and if you guys can tell all the internals on this slide are titanium nitride coated the barrel the recoil spring guide rod assembly or the guide rod and then as well as like your X tractor safety plunger firing pin this thing really is a sexy build I have one full magazine in the gun two more full mags in my pocket I'm just gonna run through all three of these and then we're going to start loading up some hollow points slide did not lock back on that one and that could be a week magazine spring I don't know nothing that's too big of a deal slide did lock back on that magazine and let me find where I put this other mag I usually bring my battle belt with me but right now the way this range is set up I really don't have any targets out it's just now starting to get nice out here in Indiana and I can't yet drive down the hill right here I maybe I could I just really don't want to take a chance and get stuck down here my new car is all-wheel drive but it's really more setup for the street and not offroad maybe once the weather is fully nice and the ground is dry I will drive down here but I have to lug everything down a hill so it's really kind of a pain in the ass I've been trying to bring like as little as I can to the range which that is still very hard to do because if I come out to the range I want to bring at least 3 to 4 guns then I have to bring ammo and mags on my camera gear but I'm sure you guys really don't care so let's get back to shooting this gun slide didn't walk back on that one either now I am shooting some reloads that may be why we had an issue with that first round the firing pin dropped just nothing happened it could have been a faulty round but now let's get into testing some of the hollow points and I'm gonna go ahead and grab those just so we can go over what hollow points I brought with me to the range here's that first round that was fired me but the primer was definitely struck so I don't think it was an issue with the gun so some of the different hollow points that I brought with me to the range today these are from our IP amo they're like the Telos Telos te l OS I'm not really sure what they're all about but they are a super super deep hollow point then we have some spear Gold G twos we have some federal Hydra Shox I'm not sure exactly what grain weight these are I have like a bag at home I've just mixed leftover hollow points that I use detest guns with then we have some of the hoard any critical defense FTX is with a little polymer red tip on the front then we have some of the r.i.p ammo and this stuff is ridiculously overpriced I picked up a few boxes of this last year just to test that on different guns some random-ass hollow-point there and then we have a couple of the spear gold dot plus P pluses now I'm just gonna load up a mixture of random howl points no particular order just throw them in there and then after this we're gonna get out some Steelcase ammo and see how the gun performs with that so load up one of the Telos rounds a spear gold g2 a horny critical defense some r.i.p ammo whatever this hollow point is a Hydra Shok go back with another g2 and some of these rounds are 115 some of them are 147 I don't think any of them are 124 s but if they are oh well not a big deal alright I'm not sure how many rounds that is a nine I'll throw it one more in there to make it even 10 and typically if this is gonna be a gun that I'm gonna carry say I'm gonna carry it with federal HSTs I want to run at least a box or two of federal HSTs through this gun I like to go at least a hundred rounds of your carry ammo and that's something I probably will do down the road today is just more or less a function test just to make sure the gun is going to run so let's see what it'll do with these hallow points ten rounds the slide did not lock back and honestly guys these mags that I'm using I have been using these for probably about three or four years now I'm willing to bet that the week magazine spring is the issue I'm not gonna say it is 100% for sure but the gun is firing the gun is performing as expected now let's go ahead grab some steel case and make sure it's gonna feed that nasty-ass AM oh no I didn't bring the box with me but this is some of that Winchester gosh I forget what it's called it comes in like a cardboard colored box and this is seriously some of the nastiest Amo I've ever seen I really don't have a problem with shooting steel cased ammo I run a lot of Tula MO through my guns really not a big deal and this stuff I've never had any issues with it but gosh is it dirty this is some of the nastiest ammo I've ever seen and that's probably why it's so cheap so I'm gonna use my ETS group camludt or get these three mags loaded up as fast as I can and then I'll be right back to run these rounds through the gun and while I was loading these magazines up I did remember the name this is the Winchester forged this is some of the nastiest ammo out there in my opinion and if you shoot it and it works more power to you hopefully it'll work in this gun I'm just saying that it is some nasty ammo if your gun will run that it'll probably run just about anything let's go ahead and move the camera and we'll get a different angle running this last magazine and then we'll talk a little bit more about this alpha shooting sports Glock 19 slide did not lock back on that one either I'm gonna have to order some magazine springs because that's just a little bit annoying you pull the trigger and you get it click you don't know if it's a malfunction or what's going on and then you look and the slide just didn't lock back now for how many rounds we've shot through this gun it is absolutely filthy and a lot of that is due to this Winchester forged ammo it worked I really can't say anything about it it's just some nasty ammo so conclusions on this alpha shooting sports Glock 19 I'm really digging it so far and hopefully this can become one of my carry guns I'm running an enforce a PLC on here which is without a doubt one of my favorite concealed carry lights or weapon lights in general the paddles on this are amazing it's not too bright but it's not too low of lumens so I really like the enforce a PLC now as far as the trigger in this gun I'm running an overwatch precision trigger and it does have the titanium nitride at safety that's really why I threw it on here to go with that titanium nitride it barrel and let me see if the guns too hot to take apart she's definitely a little warm but as you guys can see there the recoil spring guide rod assembly is titanium nitride coated the barrel the extractor your safety plunger your firing pin this is just a really really badass setup and I'm really wanting to turn this into a carry gun really all that's left is just a little bit more proving I don't like coming out and running a hundred to two hundred rounds and saying yep this is it I really would like to get at least five hundred rounds through this gun and I personally carry federal HS T's 147 s so I would like to come out and run at least a hundred rounds of those through this gun before I start carrying with this gun and that ammunition set up and I'm not sure if I'm going to throw an R M R on here or not I have not carried a gun with an RM RI I don't know I have quite a few RM ARS I just like to keep it simple when I'm carrying and I don't know maybe it would be an advantage to run an RM R let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below now if you guys aren't interested in checking out some more alpha shooting sports products go down in the video description where it says discount codes here then I'll take you to my gun streamer channel or my facebook page where this same video is posted but in the description of that video I am allowed to have all of the product links and discount codes and I'm pretty sure I will have a discount code for this alpha shooting sports setup this slide is frickin awesome the barrel really everything about this setup I am absolutely loving and this one here is cut for an RM R as well and they do have a bunch of different slide options so definitely head over and show those guys some love and I will have more content coming out on this very soon I really want to get it to 500 rounds and then we will determine if we're gonna carry this gun or not but I'm loving this so far I think it performed great at the range with all the different a munitions that we did use so if you guys have any further questions leave it down in the comment section below and as always thank you guys for watching I really do appreciate all the support I'll catch you guys in the next one

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**5 reasons to AVOID PLANET FITNESS**



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what's up folks I want to tell you the five reasons as to why you should avoid planets Fitness like the plague today the judgment-free zone aka but what is judgments when it is clearly defined they do the exact thing that they are discouraging as they keep you in the hamster wheel of obesity living up to their name as planet patents so please sit back take some notes and truly enjoy this countdown the number five reason is their lies and their stupid signage I know that sounds judgmental but I'm being very ironic with seeing how they like to judge people with their local arms with their signage kicking somebody out of a gym because they're wearing body builders tank top carrying around a water jug grunting breathing heavy or fitting the profile that they apparently quote unquote do not accept that seems very messed up to say the very least to be a place that you quote unquote don't belong being a place where they discourage use of creatine or wearing a head wrap or even just saying that they're open 24 hours and clearly they're not a place that is discriminating against people making gains and continually saying derogatory things towards that demographic it's not only messed up but it's messed up that somebody would actually support this kind of place that clearly does not want you to advance your gains and any place that offers free training free training folks you get what you pay for and we'll get into that later and the number four reason as to why you should avoid Planet Fitness like the plague run for the hills run for your life go somewhere else is the very equipment that they have in their gym the equipment that they have in their gym is not something that you're going to get gains that you're not going to get results from long term this is not even a starter gym folks because when you go into a Planet Fitness you see mostly you see mostly cardio equipment cardio equipment should not be your full workout cardio equipment should not be the sole reason you go into a gym cardio equipment should not be something that you look for when you are trying to find a gym if you're trying to find a gym find a gym that has a good selection of free weights people that are going to help you figure out the best routine and the best nutrition possible for you if they're just trying to force cardio equipment in all the options down your throat that's not a conducive environment to make progress and to make that big transition in your life because this is one of those places that is trying to get a specific demographic of people and the most kind of people that they want are the people that really don't know and the people that they can just tell Oh a couple lies too and they can just go with it you see all the machines and all the cardio equipment in the world in this place and they see just a little bit of free weights a little bit of the things that are actually going to get your body rolling in the right direction this is not a place anybody should be supporting because this is keeping people in a hamster wheel of obesity as you can see even making this video there wasn't anybody on machines most of the people were on the cardio equipment there's a couple people actually working out and this is what they want they want to actually keep you from making progress so that you will just keep continually paying them ten dollars a month even if you go there or not they keep you luckily that contract folks any place that's have a set weight limit on how many plates you can put on a machine place that only has dumbbells that go up to 75 pounds a place that does not display circuit training to you in a proper method as they do with their 30-minute circuit worked out is not a place that you should go it's not and the number three reason that's why you should have avoid Planet Fitness like a plug never walked in those judgmental yours is the price tag the price tag of trying it out one time is upwards of twenty one dollars and thirty cents after-tax here in Ohio that's just madness because they're trying to follow you into a contract they try to funnel you in and say it's only ten dollars a month no commitment our judgment-free cult folks it doesn't matter if you're on a fixed income if you're low budget you get what you pay for you're gonna have a startup fee you're gonna have a yearly fee check your fine print but you get what you pay for you can't expect a prime of meat ad to be at its top quality and to get it from Walmart this is a Walmart in below level Jim gets what you pay for plain and simple and the number two reason to never answer these dreadful purple and yellow Barney doors it's not just a gym it's a quarter foot health club they're not trying to sell you on the gym aspect they try to excel you on the amenities on the tanning beds on the massage chairs and tables I went in there and I'm dark skinned and they're still trying to sell me on things that make my skin darker does that make any sense mind you I might feel great after a long day but let's just see you pay for a gym membership and you Rockets with gym with a massage table what are you gonna do if you're obese and you don't know what to do you're gonna the go on that treadmill for about 20-30 minutes and then you're gonna go get a massage and apparently you just feel great about your life but you just had this incredible workout and day at the gym when you really didn't do that much then you might walk into this total body kismat chamber which they tells you is gonna turn you and burn fat this is a bunch of garbage and folks talking about garbage the number one reasons you'll never walk in this stupid place is the food that they offer pizza nights bagel mornings the buckets and buckets of candy all the sweet treats that just sit there and wait for you to just oh just take one and you know as well as I do when you're struggling with obesity when you're trying to lose weight having that kind of temptation in front of you is not a thing that should be cultivated in a fitness like environment this place doesn't care about you they only care about your money they don't care about your results they only want your money they don't care about the community in the impact it has on local gyms as they shut down because people can't compete with a $10 a month fee they just want money this is not a place you should be supporting no matter where you are in your fitness journey this place is a place to boycott this place is a place to kneel against these are my top five reasons problem with the reasons even if you agree comment down below like and subscribe this is