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ONLINE DEAL! No coupons needed // Deals this week at Walgreens 🔥🔥

**ONLINE DEAL! No coupons needed // Deals this week at Walgreens 🔥🔥**



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You can use the same code for the Irish spring! And the deal should be exactly the same 🔥🔥
okay guys I have another deal for you it's actually really early and I just woke up so I'm not as excited but anyways I woke up I saw this deal and I had to share it just because I know that some of you guys missed out on early activation last night and yes I can say now it is early activation because the points were activated before the price was and we needed that to happen because son 20 the promo code doesn't work on sale items which is now what this is 399 that's a sale price so when it have worked also son 20 expired last night so if the points wouldn't have activated early then we wouldn't have been able to get that deal but anyways I actually have a better for deal for you guys now so anyone that hasn't ordered they are 399 now which is a sale price as you can see I ordered 20 of them and at $79 and 80 cents and now we have a new promo code which is 15% off which is um it's less than yesterday's but this time we have 399 as the price so that's cheaper so anyways if this ever happens to you you can see that my coupon is not applying just remove it and then add it again so I'm gonna go ahead and enter five fifteen apply and so I don't know why my app does this but anytime I make I make any type of edit on the screen it'll start like cutting away so I'm not gonna do anything else just so you guys since the everything so 515 removes $11.97 and then if we go down here our total pre-tax is 68 ninety-one but we're getting back $60.00 in points so it's $8 for 20 of them that is ridiculous so like I said this is a better deal than yesterday one thing you guys want to make sure of I'm not exactly confident on the fact if you guys use points if you're gonna be able to get all that $60.00 in points back I know you will for sure get $50 in points because this is a buy deal so you guys can use points to get points back but if we did the math you get five thousand points back for every two so we should only be getting 50,000 points back which would be fifty dollars so we have an extra ten dollars the ten dollars comes from hitting beauty I hit Beauty twice on this deal and typically if you use points that amount that you use points on does not go towards beauty so there's a chance that either just five dollars will go away or ten dollars so I'm just gonna pay this out-of-pocket I'm basically getting my money back and it's a way good way to build up points it's easy for me but definitely do what works for you guys so at this point I would just go to checkout ship to store or you can ship to your house the estimated shipping for this one is a dollar and eight cents just because it exceeds the weight limit so even if you ship it to store if you do 20 of them you're gonna have to pay a little bit just because it's so heavy so I hope that made sense guys super easy online deal no coupons needed drop any comments or questions if you do have them I will be active all day on YouTube and on Instagram

Best websites to get Free Full Sized items, Samples & Coupons

**Best websites to get Free Full Sized items, Samples & Coupons**



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I’ve been using these sites for months and have gotten so many free things. Try them out




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hey what's up you guys I am here today with another video on how to get free coupons free samples and free flow sized items oh and gift cards from a lot of different websites today I have one two three four I have five different websites to talk to you guys about today I recently told people in my live video that when I was younger I start to look for places that give away free stuff it works it frees this is free this is that that's free but it was always like you doing home surveys and then you'll go to the scene to another link and in that link actually for some other surveys and got to sign up for something to get this and that like I couldn't stand those things but now I finally found websites that I actually get free stuff like I actually get free stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and go through them and find it for websites again there are nine in a particular order but I've tried to you guys a little bit about the website like what I had to do what I feel like factored in to getting the free stuff getting more free things and I'm also gonna tell you guys a few of the items that I've gotten from them so you guys can get a feel of what kind of stuff I get from certain places and then that's to make your decision of which words which ones you want to go with or should go through all of them like me I go to all of them I wish I were consistent but I'm not so let's get straight into the video so the first company that I want to talk to you about is this company called buzz agent so let's show you guys a food of things that God did not require you to post on Instagram about their products they do not require you to to pay for anything no shipping no nothing everything is free so though one of the pipes I've gotten was a tithe I don't know this is a this is a full-size so I got this one all I had to do was go back to Buzz agent and tell them how I feel about the product I didn't have to go tied I didn't have to post on Instagram that all I have to do is just use a product and then that's that and if you don't like them if you nobody sign up for pregnant to sign over the project this whatever you want whatever you want to try they'll send it to you so then the next thing I got is from them it's um downy UNSTOPABLES also laundry stuff so um on their website it's not all I want you stuff and stuff like that but the stuff that I signed up for was like laundry stuff because larger language detergent and laundry soap could get expensive so I'm always down to get some free stuff you know what I mean and I have it in my part I have Washington dryer so I kind of need a lot of this stuff so I haven't had to buy anything yet because I keep getting free samples and free stuff from them you said I'm saying so that's the stuff on top when buzz age I'm just going there sign-up see what free stuff they have and grab it like you if you don't use the stuff I'm sure you can find somebody I mean it is free you know I mean just give me your address they'll send it to you so the next company I want to talk to you guys about before I forget about it it's this company called crowd tap crowd tap is the website where you do on like you answer questions sometimes I actually actually the same question over and over but yet you're still accumulating points it's a point system however many questions you answer to get points and those points accumulate – all together and then you can catch those out for gift cards right now I have enough points to get like a $10 gift card to the Target or Amazon something like that I don't know but I have a cache down yet but so and I go going there often either cuz I said I don't like doing a survey type of thing but it's all in one it's all on one website they're not sending it out to another website it's all on that website you don't have to go nowhere it don't look all crazyman like that a very clean way out and you're just sitting there you under say oh I'm wish our favorite color new active color have you ever trackers looking for yes or no what what picture looks bare to you this or this you can answer that you know me so I was like simple questions and you can just sit there and do it all day like right now I have too few questions linger because I haven't a month but I still corner and look okay but I like that also they do have no website – but they will send you free items like they'll see if you qualify for free items like skincare stuff for my comforters like stuff like that no actually like a little bit little the same section you re in there make a little thing my PO signed up for this or sign up for that mascara something like that and you're safe if you if you wanna do it or not and they'll let you know like oh you didn't get proof or a bigger pool I haven't yet to be approved for one of their trials but I've been a poop under those trials so I'm not trippin but and I also have a clue that a lot of points well I hope you guys can hear that um but I've accrued a lot of points to get gift cards so the next app don't want to talk about art the next website will talk to you guys about is this website called Influenster right so influencer you guys know about it what's not sure you guys know about it um they they usually see me boxes I could all see me individual items they see me boxes and I think it kind of does depend on your social status their social media status so you'll be having social media following I'll get into the mess how many follow you have is your engagement like people don't understand how much engagement matters cause only you're like commenting back and people comment to you and stuff like that so Instagram Facebook Twitter whatever you have just add on social media in in a blue shirt your your stuff up when I see how engage you are and they'll have you signed up for a box so in this box I've got in i believe this is a a highlighter palette super super cute guys let me show you guys this is a full size item it's freaking beautiful it's freaking beautiful this thing I don't wear makeup but it's free who do you guys expect so for Influenster but they would want you to do is to it'll tell you what the person wants you to do gonna say they don't want you to give a review on Sephora or to say they want you to leave her a comment on our site like they would but they won't make you post anything I decided to post like if you post say if you post on your social media and stuff like that if you post on your social media it gives you more points and the more points you have the more likely your you're gonna get the next box that comes out I also got this skincare it's called Saturday skin I swear this skin stuff is so bomb and I don't use it enough but this stuff is so bad this is something I will probably use a midday or night because it doesn't have any SPF in it if I'm not mistaken doesn't have an SPF you guys know I love SPF and not have to wear that dip during a day so but this so bomb so beautiful so bomb absolutely love it also got in lose this caviar stick eye color from Laura Mercier and they just recently sent me this buck this is from Influenster as well they just see me this box is coming some protein pancakes I'm short had to review and I'm also going to post this on no more points ya know so I haven't opened this yet me and Sam are gonna have protein pancakes this weekend the fourth site I want to talk about is this site called him to save it's called hip to save the only thing I deal with on hip to save is the free items they are all typing the coupons and deals and stuff like that but I only go to the free items tab you don't stay in a safe freebies that they're like no tab and typing to say freebies and you go down and they're gonna say view all free items you'll push do all free items you know there will be a lot of different things like free ice cream from Baskin Robbins free samples from L'Oreal you know say free prints from Walmart or Walgreens like it's a lot of stuff in there I've got a coupe a free coupon per for ixt I've gotten a free coupon for many I love mayonnaise and they also serve me a sample I'm weird okay I like free stuff I don't know about you all right I like free stuff so nobody jumped on my mayonnaise all right um and also I had I also got this in the mail for this is a L'Oreal face scrub they gave me a $2.00 off any L'Oreal Frey scrub plus again metal just a little bit sample right here which I'm going to be using soon hip to save has a lot of free stuff a lot of coupons so go ahead and go to hip to save and if I can I will try to leave a link to all their websites in the description okay I will leave I will leave a link to all of their websites in the description of my video okay so you guys can easy for you guys you know you got a type of nut then just go ahead and down to my description go ahead and push the website and there you go the last website I want to tell you guys about is called pinch me pinch me is kind of like a couple of the it's just like buzz agent honestly pinch me is just like buzz agent what you do is you go on there and they have a list of all these free items and they'll to your choose what items you want and you choose what items you want and then they send it to you now they take forever to seem your stuff forever they say they take the longest to send their stuff but it be some nice stuff though like what I got here is some Garnier Fructis hair mask yeah a hair treatment mask on here forties samples and I also got a shampoo conditioner home billions Guarnere these are two samples of shampoo and a conditioner so that's nice too you guys know I'm natural so I mean I I need a lot of conditioner you know I use a lot of conditioner so any for example I can get out take it you know so and then the hair mask too come on come on come on I need a hair mask so this website is pretty good too but you take them for ever adjusting your stuff to the point we forget what have you got it from but sometimes it will have an affront like where it came from all of these sites I don't want to say all of these sites just put it putting as much information as you can put in your name number email address social medias as much as you can to get the most others out of these websites I don't see them as being fraudulent I don't see them as being like sneaky and on like that so they're pretty cool they don't they don't email you like crazy like oh do this do that no crazy you got to remember yourself like to go on to go on there and apply or go on there to see what's what's free what's new on they're not gonna keep telling you it every day like oh that free stuff in here they come check out the free stuff like on Midland one who make my team every once in a while but honestly I forget I'll go weeks without going on in and that go down on me oh my god I missed this I think I missed everything like you have no idea so make sure you guys keep this video a big big big thumbs up like I'm dude I'm the goat right now dude dude I just told you guys on extreme websites like oh my god like come on man come on come on come on like I'm the goat right now Mitchell you guys sent to your friends your family send this video to your friend or family so they can go to and they can get free stuff too like we all can get free stuff you don't need but y'all can get free stuff like I'm it's not like oh it's more people signed up let's be gonna get it not just go ahead and sign up I also got some natural deodorant that smells amazing from Influenster there's some other things I feel like I've got but I just can't remember right now so just go ahead and sign up you guys the more you're on there the more free stuff you're gonna get trust me I'm very busy I forget all the time you lazy to sign in and go ahead and sign up sign up for all five of them there's no cap you not I mean so go ahead and give me a big thumbs up make sure you guys let me know if you tried any of these websites before let me know what free stuff you got from these websites and I will see you guys on the next video





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In order to get these savings you must have a Dollar General account.

Sign up here, it’s free!

Just enter your phone number at check out for these deals.

Purchase the following items:

75 oz Gain
40 oz Gain
41 oz Gain Fabric Softener
16 count Gain Flings
9.7 oz Gain Fireworks
(2) Febreeze Air Effects w/Gain

Total $30.45

Download the following coupons:

$5/$30 Gain products OR $5/$25 DG coupon
$3/1 Gain detergent 69+ oz
$2/1 Gain detergent
$2/1 Gain fabric softener 48-50 loads
$3/1 Gain/Tide Pods
$2/1 Gain Scent Booster
$3/2 Febreeze w/Gain

Pay $10.45!




hey guys and welcome back today I am doing a second scenario for the Dollar General all-digital coupon deal guys if you saw my post about two weeks ago maybe three I think it was about two weeks ago then you would have seen the deal that I did at Dollar General I did not click one coupon I only use digital coupons and today I'm doing the exact same thing but it's even gonna be a better and sweeter deal because I'm gonna get over thirty dollars worth the products and it should come to a little over $10 if I figured correctly so come with me into Dollar General and of course I will share with you guys every digital coupon that I downloaded and what my total came to okay so let's go into Dollar General they have plenty of gaming products of the story so happy okay guys so I just came out of Dollar General and I'm just gonna go ahead and do this hall right here in the car because once I get in the house it it can get crazy okay so this is what I got today so I did the let's see the fabrics not the game fabric softener it was the 40 1 ounce fabric softener I got one of those bear with me I got one of the game flings and I'm sorry about the lighting I'm trying to do this a little bit better but I got to get one of the game flings that's a little bit better right there and this is the 13 ounce gangplank got one of those I got actually two of the airfix I got two of the game the Febreze with game FX I got this one in I'm on my breeze and I got this one in island brush okay so I got two of those I also got my absolute favorite you guys I don't know if I'll try this but I love these fireworks scent boosters I got one of these and this is a nine point seven ounce game fireworks and that's the most important part of this haul in my opinion what I really want for was the game detergent I got one game detergent in island fresh and guys this is the 40 ounce size in island fresh and then I got the big one oh my I'm so tired now I get the big one and I'm sorry about the glare I'm not trying to make it better I got the big 75 ounce one in the moonlight breeze and this is the 36 ounce I'm sorry 36 low one so this is the big one I also get that so guys that's everything that guy in my haul and I know yeah no if I came in at my ten dollars and some change what I thought I was gonna do well let me show you right here okay so this is everything that I got right here okay and as you guys can see for the the gain one of the games I used a $2.00 off for the 75 Alice when I used a $3.00 off I use one I had one for everything I had $2 off for the game flings I'm sorry for the the pots a $3 for the game flings and the Febreze I had a $3 off okay and of course you guys all will link all of these coupons in the comment section so that you guys will know everything that you need to download again these are all digital coupons okay you do not have to clip any coupons you add them to your phone and you go to the store so no paper coupon folks just all digital coupons okay so looky-looky-looky my total all he came to ten dollars and forty-five cents i paid $8 and 53 cents worth of tax and he came to 1198 folks yes you heard me right $11.98 with tax for 30 dollars and 45 cents worth of detergent and laundry items so this is a great deal guys my total before coupons was 3045 I spent ten forty-five plus tax so this is a great deal and go out and do it okay again all coupons will be linked all you need is to use your phone number okay so you can't beat that you guys you cannot beat that okay so guys make sure you go out and get this deal just so you guys know what I did not I forgot to mention with all the coupons that I did use the five off of 25 digital coupon this coupon is only good on Saturdays I'm gonna say that again this coupon is only good on the Saturdays so you either got to go out and do it today or you cannot do it until next Saturday okay so on top of every coupon that I use for the game products I also used a dollar general five offer 25 digital coupon that is good for Saturday's only okay thank you guys so much for watching if you guys love these type of videos please comment below and let me know give this video a thumbs up please share and subscribe and I will see you all in my next video bye guys

Target Coupon Haul ! 31 HOTT items for $31! Tide, Airwick, Downey & more! Easy Couponing Deal

**Target Coupon Haul ! 31 HOTT items for $31! Tide, Airwick, Downey & more! Easy Couponing Deal**



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[Applause] we're gonna get some clean and stuff today you know they have that deal for what does it get a $15 gift card back when you spit in like $50 on household stuff so I came yesterday to do the deal but it was not working like I wanted it to some of the coupons for scanning so today we're gonna do it again hopefully everything works out let's go first thing we're gonna get are gonna be swiffers okay so they're priced here for 449 so this one is for 49 so this is the one I'm gonna get because you guys know we always look for the lowest price so I'm gonna get the one that's for 49 they also have a wet one that's also for 49 so you can choose from the wet or the dry this one is for 49 and the dry is for 49 okay so let's talk about what coupons we're gonna do we're gonna use two of these from the PNG it says limit of two per person so we can use up to two feet okay and we're trying to build a transaction worth fifty dollars so we have to like get 50 dollars worth of stuff so this is a good start for 49 each go ahead and grab two and add them to your transaction okay so with the two swiffers we're now at 898 so we've now spent about eight dollars and 98 cents that's not 52 others we still have a long way to go so my next item is gonna be mr. Clean Magic Erasers net over here they have them for here it is 279 each so this is a pretty good item to add to the transaction so I'm just going to get one of these the coupon is going to take off 50 cents so it's not the best deal but combined with our gift card offer it's definitely doable so I'm gonna add this to the cart with the slippers and like I said we're not at $50 but now we're at 11:47 so we're getting closer not close though okay so the very next thing we're gonna add to our transaction is going to be the dawn it's priced at $0.99 and we have this great 25 cents off coupon so it's not major savings but hey the 8 ounce dawn is only 99 cents and we're gonna save 25 cents so it's enough savings for me go ahead and grab one of these and add them to your cart see only 99 cents 8 ounce and the coupon specifically says 8 out so this is the one to get so I'm gonna add this to my transaction now listen if you're not doing this entire transaction with me and you're just coming to the store and you said hey you're right Erica I want to spend $50 on random cleaning household products just so I can get 15 dollars back to splurge on myself in Target that's fine but just to let you guys know there are coupons for some of these items on the target app so if you have the target app and you don't have paper coupons that's okay you can still go on to the target app and you can still clip some awesome coupons like this one for 25 cents off it's on the app it's free for you clip it digitally scan it at the register and you can still say this next is a new item this is really new I've not even used this yet so I'm pretty excited about seeing this it's the tie antibacterial spray antibacterial fabric spray I'm really excited about this I don't even know how it works but if we look over here it's $5.99 there's a little bit of signage covering it but it's $5.99 and we have this great two dollar off coupon from the PNG okay so we'll pay $5.99 but we will get $2 off by using this coupon but even better guys there is a cartwheel offer so go ahead and click your cartwheel get your $2 off coupon and add this new spring to your cart okay so the cart is really filling up I'm really happy with what we have inside of this cart we have our two swiffers I decided to go with these we have Don mr. clean tied antibacterial spray and next we're gonna get some downy now this $2 off down in coupon is good on downy loads 48 loads or larger so I'm gonna go with a downy classic you can't go wrong with downy classic blue 60 loads so it really meets the requirements on the coupon which says 48 loads are larger this is 60 loads and it's only for 49 that's the great Joey classic and I'm gonna grab this and add it to my transaction okay so we don't necessarily need any more dish detergent but you can never enough dish detergent things like laundry detergent in addition to direct you can never go overboard with those types of these you guys know what I mean the next thing we're going to get is going to be the palm olive and some of you guys said before that I separate the words like palm olive so I'm gonna try and say it right Palmolive is that I think that's better palm I look that's gonna be the next thing we get this coupon is for 50 cents of any Palmolive 18 ounce or larger so let's see the cheapest 18 ounce or larger that we could find you guys know we like to go for cheap okay so down here there's the 20 ounce for $1.99 oh this one looks interesting oh my goodness $1.99 for these varieties don't mind if I do so I think I'm gonna go with aloe and citrus because it just looks so amazing it's 20 ounces only $1.99 and it meets all of the requirements got mine go ahead and get yours add to your cart and let's keep going and I want to remind you guys hey don't feel bad about bringing me to the store with you put me in her pocket bring the video put in your pocket put in your earbuds whatever your headphones or bluetooth and let me walk down the aisles with you we can do this together you don't have to be in the store long there's no rule that says that you can't wear headphones while you shop we can shop together you can watch me while you shopping I'm your BFF when you're couponing let's go shopping together bring me with you okay so if you were wondering about the deal that I was talking about here it is here's office einige everything you need to know three $15 Target gift card with household the essentials purchase of $50 or more and that includes laundry care household paper products household cleaning and tools so if you're if you're getting something like a scrubbing brush it's also included how cool is that dish care trash bags disposable food storage Wow air fresheners and pest control so there's a variety of items that you can get listen if you were going to come to the store any store and you needed cleaning supplies why not come to Target and get them because listen if you spend $50 you're gonna get $15 back that's even if you were not using any coupon so let's say you needed dish detergent and you were gonna go to your local Kroger when Dixie Publix anywhere whatever grocery store you just get it at Target why not you can get $15 back just for spending $50 on any of these items okay so this next item we're gonna get it's going to be tight pots now in my store they're in the craziest area ever who travels that area and it's clearly not travel size so I don't understand why this full size bag of Tide Pods is in the travel size area and it's clearly not travel time but if the next item we have to get so I'm gonna grab my coupon for Tide Pods our price at $4.99 that's the regular price you can see it on the shelf tag it's showing us that they're not a travel size I guess we just kind of ran out of room in this store okay so 4.99 we have a $10 off coupon from the PNG okay so that makes it a pretty good deal this is something that I would get anyway even if it was like without the coupon to add to this field type odds are almost essential now they're really good I use these a lot only determinate that I favor more than tide when it comes to deals like this will be gained but my favorite detergent of all time has to be per so it's my favorite you really gets the job done but it's not on sale today so I'm gonna get the tire pockets the next item we're gonna add is going to be the Febreze it's priced at 299 okay we're getting two of these at 299 each and we have this awesome coupon for buy one get one free okay we have this awesome coupon for buy one get one free so go ahead and grab two of the Febreze and use one of these coupon okay guys so some of the last stuff we're gonna get is gonna be Air Wick we have these buy one get one free air with coupons and I'm gonna be using two of them so for each coupon I need two items this one is buy one get one free so we have to get to Air Wick with this one and this one is buy one get one free so we have to get to with this one so two here two here that's a total of four so we're getting four of the air wing starter kits now am i sore they have various prices I'm looking here these aren't 339 and then down here there are some for $2.99 now the reason I'm gonna get the $2.99 is because the coupon will only pay up to three dollars and I don't know what you guys can see that or not but the coupon will only pay up to three dollars if I did the one first 339 the coupon will only cover three dollars of it so I'm gonna get four of these that are priced at 299 and add them to my transaction and remember that the coupon says that you can use up to two coupons per transaction can't use any more than that so I'm gonna take advantage of that and use two coupons for this transaction okay so I'm adding up everything that I just got I got two of the Febreze so I need to add that to my total and then four of the air wig Wow so they were $2.99 h times four that puts me at forty eight dollars and sixteen cents oh my gosh I'm like two dollars short from fifty dollars but I have an idea let's hope it puts me at their fifty dollar mark and that's where I need to be do you want to do a camera roll what's your name Samantha everybody this is Samantha yes so she just bumped into me into target and she watches the video so yeah if you bump it to me in the store to say hey or something how will I know you if you don't say anything and by the way guys stay in the comments below if you think she's like super gorgeous right right okay guys I have the perfect idea for what I'm going to get to push me to that fifty dollar mark check this out I'm really excited the smartly bath tissue strong and soft okay so it looks like it's pretty decent strong and soft you get both awesome only 89 cents now smartly is that a new brand I'm not really a target shopper so I'm trying to figure out as smartly replacing up and up because I'm seeing like smartly everywhere is that replacing up enough or is that something else is it like the cheaper up and up brand I don't know if you know let me know in the comments cuz I'm like so lost on that but the smartly strong and soft bath tissue is only 89 cents I say we just get three of these pop them into our transaction and we'd be at 50 dollars and eighty three cents okay so I'm trying really really hard to do this video and like do this scenario in this transaction but we are in target it is like I've tried so hard to be extra professional because I want this deal to go right I think I am a feeling like okay by being extra perfect with everything in this transaction nothing will go wrong at the register I think that's how I'm feeling but we're in target and I see all kind of stuff just like when you're in targeting all the food looks shinier like I'm not playing like look random I just grabbed something off the shelf the boom chicka pop looks like a dream anything looks good like everything and I'm trying to be extra like okay let's get added to the cart I just want this to go right so let's just check out so I can loosen up the faster I know if there's gonna work or not I feel like that's the faster that I can loosen up and breathe so let's go so I can breathe let's go and marching to the checkout and going to the counter and hoping goldfish those look good oh now I'm going to the checkout and now I'm nervous again because like something always goes wrong for me at Target you guys know the classic story of me getting kicked out and target and or having security calls on me whatever you want to call it so now I'm like every time I do a transaction I have like PTSD from like shopping here so now I'm walking slow to check out because I'm just hoping that nothing goes horribly wrong and that all my coupon scam because targeted they changed their algorithm for coupons and now sometimes nothing scans so now I'm nervous I get ah let's do it let's just do it okay I honestly feel like this everything so the first thing you guys need to remember scan your household essentials couponing first that's going to be your $15 gift card when you spend 50 okay you want to do that before you do a cartwheel if you do your will first you're going to come here under 50 so makes your skin that would first okay it's my turn okay when down a little bit I'll tell you guys if anything does not stand that way you can avoid doing what I'm doing so far so good know what beeps okay so the thing that beat just now is the tide antibacterial spray but it's going to hurt America thank you she looked at it and saw that it was definitely a match we did get the spray so you know as long as you're getting the right thing they can look at it and make sure that it actually matches because computers are computers we done something else beeping guide let's make sure it's the right one it's the Swiffer okay so it went through because I definitely got to swiffers so she knew that that was you know an honest person same things happening with the air wait guys they don't like me today but again she's able to look at it and city so I guess it kind of depends on what store you shop at if they are willing to double-check your purchases within reason okay she says they're supposed to do it within reason so they know if you have the right thing or another I'm getting the $15 gift card I qualify awesome so I get a $15 gift card back that's so good my total is 30 to 20 and that's what Florida tax so I'm gonna use my red card to pay that's target's card you can apply for it it's not a credit card or anything like that it's just like your debit card made into a target card so you can get up to your bank account and it's absolutely free together so I always use my red card because you can save 5% on all of your purchases that brought my total down to 30 dollars and 48 cents and I got $15 bags Wow thank you thank you – okay so I gotta grab my bag and 48 cents plus plus I got a $15 gift card back so I spent $30 when I got $16 back do you know how we do it OCC gang we don't take the gift card to take it home we go spend it so let's go fight back finish $2 okay guys so let's take a look at my receipt everything came off but not like it was supposed to all of my cartwheel savings came off so that's a blessing I'm always happy when that happens I'm mostly just happy that it's over so if I'm talking fast that's anxiety because I'm really anxious right now because I was like going through it hoping that everything would work now I was able to get a nice cashier so I'm sorry if you guys don't get like a super awesome cashier mine was nice my total came out to thirty dollars and 48 cents and that was with my red card savings of $1 so if you don't have a red card then your total might come out to like a dollar and 61 cents higher okay and you can see my total before text was 2976 so 2976 for all of this stuff 2976 for everything now let's talk about the beepers the tired antibacterial spray was a deeper unfortunately and the airways they were beepers too also one of my spirit upon scan and in the second one was a beeper it was really weird but she instructed me that they have been told that if it is the right coupon and it's within reason like it's the exact coupon you can see it for yourself then they are allowed to scan it as long as it matches perfectly in guys OCC game we follow the rules it did match all we weren't trying to get something for nothing we add the right coupons and she checked and double-checked so we're good to go now I have that fifteen dollars let's go spend it okay we got $15 back we can spend that on the clothes shoes you can spin it on diapers imagine it's so many possibilities there's so much you can do and some of you always say oh we don't get coupons for healthy food I can never get healthy food you're not trying with deals like this you just got 15 bucks back go get your healthy food with your $15 oh you just got for free there is oranges and bananas right there on the income fifteen dollars so it makes it almost seem like you're getting that stuff for free you know get your lunch for work some people say there's not enough baby deals yeah you just got $15 back use a baby deal and even better guys don't forget about ibotta if you're doing any of these deals and you get 15 bucks back go to ibotta to double your money like 25 cents back on any bottled water if you were gonna get bottled water double your money get 25 cents back just for buying what you were gonna buy anyway you have 15 dollars below why not blow it on stuff that you really really wanted okay so I'm relaxed now my transaction well so my voice is changing okay so anyways I'm back over with the boom chicka Bob and I'm not giving the yellow bag but I'm gonna get the purple bag now they're two for six but I'm only gonna get one so I'm willing to pay that extra 29 cents so it's gonna be 329 for the one bag I'm gonna go ahead and get it yeah we kind of reach now I've got 15 extra dollars to blow I'm gonna spend it 329 on this because this is something I would treat myself to I don't have any coupons for it usually things like that I reserve for a gift card offer so since we got that $15 it let's go ahead and get this for 30 29 you get whatever you want I'm getting this you spend yours how you want to go I got my one tree which was the boom chicka pop but now I'm feeling kind of guilty even though it's a tree and I deserve it for getting the gift card I'm feeling like I need to get my priorities in order so now I'm going to do something that I think is the smart thing to do I'm going to go ahead and just get of the 89 cent issue that we got I mean it just seems like a practical purchase like I'm feeling like the rest of my $15 I'm just gonna blow it I want the 89 cent issue I think those it's kind of extreme and I wouldn't be an extreme couponer if I didn't do one extreme thing so let's go big and let's just get all of this issue okay so boom chicka pop was 329 okay so in order for me to get a whole bunch of tissue and spin up my entire 15 bucks I feel like I need to get at least 13 13 packs of tissue and then there's gonna be taxed so maybe I should get like 12 I don't know I'll get like 12 packs of the tissue in a drink yeah let's do that 12 packs of the tissue in a drink this is extreme guys and when you get you $15 back like go all out like it stuff that you wouldn't want to spend your money on I'm getting tissue okay for stupid boss moves eight nice you love it so well I'm gonna get more cuz I just like throwing it in there like that you see that bus moves bus moves possible possible what they both leave it in the cart wait I tried it again you can't get lucky toys I had to pull out my gift card so I'm gonna go to the register spend my $15 I'm coming up a little bit short but tags will probably take care of that but just in case I'm gonna get a drink I'll probably get a kombucha I hate those but I drink them because it's supposed to be good for you and there's an offer on ibotta that'll give me cash back so they don't leave me out so if I go over with tax at least I know I'm going to get some money back let's go okay so I found out the offer that I'm gonna get is gonna put me over $15 but I really don't care because I'm thirsty it's a dollar in ten cents back when you buy any of the Suja organic kombucha do I say that right guys kombucha or is it like I can only see just from that right conclusion anyways so it's priced at $2.99 and I'm gonna get a dollar in ten cents back when I bought it for finally like I usually go with things like pH and mixed berries I'm allergic to pineapple I know weird allergy so I usually go things like teach berries but I'm gonna try green apple because it seems like it might mask it might be sour enough that it masks some of the nasty kombucha tastes so yeah we've got this all of my tissues go to get some money back when I thought okay and I have my boob chick pop so let's use this gift card see what this comes down to be yes I'm winning today what OCC gang I knew I knew I was confident when I came in I wasn't even worried like this whole time like shopping all day I wasn't worried I knew all my coupons will work I knew everything was gonna go perfect I wasn't scared at all I go into the register piece of cake like thinking stop me like I had my OCD get sure so I wasn't even worried like at all you know I'm saying like just scared away who was here that this way work I knew this your confession was gonna be perfect OCC anyway look at it look how many I dropped the one look so many of the tissue with this cream one morning then I have the green apple nasty confusion it's actually growing on me I don't really think of nasty anymore I drink them like all the time almost every day hopefully I don't go too far over whatever you want by your health food that you think about the comments you know okay so I'm at 11:43 not bad but I feel like I'm gonna go over 15 because both of these costs a lot yeah I'm so over 15 guys it was the kombucha that did it mmm should I take off the drink guys nope I'm going for it we'll just give the money back when I bought it but you guys be smarter than me do not go over and just get whatever you need I really wanted that to drink and I'm gonna get the dollar back when I bought it so there's my $15 and for the rest I'm gonna use my red card so hopefully that takes my phone a little bit so I have to pay 260 to be out of pocket so I'm putting my red card in hopefully that takes like a few cents off hopefully let's see it brought me down to 248 any savings and savings paying 248 and then I bought is gonna give me back a dollar and since that so I think it was a win-win so let's go outside and see what we got and how much we spent for the entire day okay so this is it this is a final look at pretty much everything except for the boom chicka pop I took that out of the picture well I can't lie to you guys I'm not trying to lie but I ate them so that's better than saying I took them out of the picture yeah they're gone anyway so yeah I shared the boom chicka pop I didn't eat it all by myself don't judge me people anyway this is mostly everything this is a lot of stuff and remember I paid about 29 dollars and some change be for tax so if you do this deal about 29 bucks and some change before tax and then your tax will put you a little over that but if you have a red card you should stay around that 29 30 dollar mark for all of these products including Tide and downy Palmolive Don Air Wick Oh name brands that's the awesome part and remember you can use your $15 on things like diapers like I keep saying because people keep saying oh my kid needs diapers and stuff like that guys people people get the diapers if that's what you need get the healthy food if that's what you need and a lot of people say oh yeah we can't coupon for healthy food you guys aren't taking advantage of the opportunities that come at you for the healthy food like we could give card offers or you get money back from ibotta why aren't you buying that hemp seed flax seed protein those aminos those vitamins why aren't you buying that inclination then you know when you're getting money back off of ibotta why are you just saying like oh yeah I got money back now let me use the money I got back to coupon for something else that I don't really need let me use that money to go to yet another store and do yet another coupon deal for more detergent no no no no okay deals for some things just don't come around so when you get a $15 back March yourself over to target's meat department and get the meat for your family if you're vegan and March yourself over there and get some soy I know you guys eat that kind of stuff go get your Morningstar or whatever it is that you're eating that is vegan I mean come on guys if you want that baby spinach leaves or that bok choy and stuff like that use the money that you're getting back to get it so it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist it doesn't mean that healthy deals aren't out there it means that when you're getting these rebates you're using them to coupon for more of this you got enough of this we have enough coupon deals for this stuff your couponing to save money and with the money that you save you can afford a better lifestyle that's how it's supposed to work it's not supposed to be with the money that you stay saved that you keep stockpiling stuff that you don't need am i making sense to anybody can I get an eight man down in the comments a man somebody come on Church help a sister out listen listen people use the coupons to save money on your life and we save that money on your life use the money that you say to live a better life pay your bills with the money that you save get the meat that you need guys I could preach this message all day but I gotta close to sermon before I drag it on anyway OCC gig I hope you guys enjoyed this deal I am bath tissue wasted I'm good for a long long time and so is anybody around me that might need a little bath tissue house is gonna smell amazing with all of the air wig and my clothes better be clean with all of this stuff floors better be clean too okay OCC gang I'm out [Applause]