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FEEL your way to Debt FREEDOM

**FEEL your way to Debt FREEDOM**



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F.E.E.L. your way to debt freedom. It’s a four step process to get out of debt. In this video I outline the FEEL technique, and describe how you can use it to get (and keep) yourself on the path to being debt free.

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How We Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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Hey there! I’m Dana. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 kids, including twin boys and two girls. I work full time outside the home in finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. We live in the Philadelphia area.

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(sighing) – Hey, guys, it's Dana and
it's time to talk about money and in this video I wanted to talk about how to FEEL your way to debt freedom. (bell ringing) Now, actually in our family,
I am not the feelings person. I am more of the practical one and my husband is the
sensitive, feelings based, one in our relationship,
so kids always say, mommy is the mean one and
daddy is the nice one, sort of something along those lines. So, anyway, feelings. Getting in touch with your feelings. That is not something
that I'm fantastic at. However, this is not about
that kind of feeling, this is an acronym, FEEL is an acronym. I find at work everywhere I go, there are acronyms everywhere and sometimes I cannot stand them, because everything has been
shortened down into an acronym. However, I was listening to
the "Bigger Pockets" podcast which is one of the
podcasts that I listen to and they were talking about this acronym that they had come up with
and they were using it in regards to real estate investing and I think it's really
relevant to getting out of debt. I find that this acronym
helped with that as well, I think it's the exact
same thing you need to do to get out of debt, to pay off everything as fast as you can. All right, so I wanted to
share this acronym with you. FEEL, which is F, F stands for focus. In order to get out of debt,
you really need to focus on what it is you're doing on your goal, your why, why are you doing it? Just like anything you're
trying to accomplish, absolutely anything, if
you do not focus on it, it is not going to happen. You must focus on it, just
like when you were dating your spouse, most likely
when you were dating them, you were really focused on them and you were spending
all your time with them, your friends were probably yelling at you, hey, you never spend time with me anymore, that's 'cause you were
focused on that person and you ended up marrying them, right? And when you first have a baby, you're focused on your
newborn baby as you should be, so, things, in order to do well at things or to get them accomplished,
you need to focus on them, so, if you're trying to pay off debt, then you have to focus on it. Not obsess over it, but
focus on it as a goal, every single day, it's
something you have to have top of mind and whether
that means putting up some kind of board in your house, carrying a piece of paper
around in your wallet with you or just having conversations
everyday, listening to different podcasts
that relate to money, watching "Debt Free Dana" on YouTube, however it is, that you can,
you need to focus on it. Have it be something
you're thinking about. Correct? 'Cause otherwise you're
just gonna be like, yeah, whatever and it's
just gonna slip away and you're not gonna ever get there. So, the first is F for focus. Second is E and that is
for educate yourself. Educate yourself on best practices. Listen to others who have done it. Listen to people or read books
on how to get out of debt, what's the best plan,
something that has worked for millions and millions of people, you need to educate yourself
on how others have gotten to where you wanna get. Same thing with getting debt free. I followed Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps" and that has worked for our family, it's worked for millions of others, but of course there are
other programs out there that you could follow, but just make sure that you are educating yourself on how others have done it. And I really like to listen to
a lot of different podcasts, I like to learn as much as I can and I try to read non-fiction books. I'm trying to learn from others
who have been successful. And who have done things that I wanna do. If I wanna be a black belt in karate, I have to train with a black belt. Someone who's gotten there, how have they done it,
I can't just read a book and suddenly become a
black belt in karate. Correct? So I need to learn from those who have done it, best practices. The third E is to execute. You have to execute on that plan. You have to follow the steps. If you don't, if you just
listen to a lot of podcasts, which I will raise my hand and say that for about a year, I was listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast, and we were not doing the steps. We just, we weren't doing it. We were not following
it and for some reason, it didn't even occur to me to follow it, I just was like, oh, this is entertaining, that's for other people,
and we didn't do it and then until one day, if
you see that video of mine out there one day, I realized, oh my gosh, we have, we have to do
this, this is for us. We have to actually do the steps. So, this is the same thing, if you know how to do something, because you've read the books, you've listened to
others, and you're like, oh, yeah, I know how to do that, but if you're not
actually doing it yourself then it's not going to happen. You have to execute it as prescribed, follow the steps as
you are being taught to and don't skip steps, don't
try to do it your own way, because your own way has not been working, otherwise you wouldn't be
looking for help elsewhere, correct? So, you need to execute on the steps. All right and then the very
last one is to learn, it's L, learn from your mistakes. Because you are going to make mistakes. Absolutely, you're gonna make mistakes. And when you make those mistakes, don't beat yourself up. Just try to learn from it
and then you can pivot, make certain shifts, try to change, try to correct things that you don't make that same mistake again. Obviously you don't want to continue to make the same mistake. You need to learn from that mistake and correct things that you can continue to move forward. And then just repeat,
repeat, repeat, repeat. Just continue to do, to do it. Just keep on the path and
I heard someone recently, doing their "Debt Free
Scream" Monday, Ramsey show, and they were saying that they believe that the key to getting out of debt, which I actually really agree with this, 'cause I would say the key is persistence. You have to continue to
keep your foot on that path, because I fully believe
the enemy is going to try to pull you off, drag
you off, push you off, and you have to try to stay on it, but they were saying it's
not necessarily persistence, but it is patience. Patience is the key, because
it is going to take time. Some amount of time and it's
very hard for many of us to have that patience
to stick with the plan, even when we fall down, get knocked off and we screw up, it's very
difficult to stay patient and to stick with it and
keep going, keep going, keep going 'til you reach the end goal. And eventually, you'll reach
it if you just don't give up and you have that patience for it. So, yes, patience is the key, right? Repeat, repeat, repeat,
keep following the steps and keep going, keep moving
forward towards your goal. All right, so that's the
FEEL acronym, like I said, I just really liked it, I
think that it's very relevant and I think that, that's
exactly how you get outta debt. That is the roadmap for debt freedom. If you can follow those
steps then you'll get there and then why do you wanna get out of debt? We wanna get out of debt so
that we don't have payments, so that all the money you're
earning, your income is yours to do what you want to do
with it, gives you choices, you can invest, you can save for whatever you wanna save for, you're not giving your hard
earned money to the bank or to someone else, so, owing
money definitely is a form of slavery and I just, it is
something within your spirit and so, I think when you get out of debt, it just gives you so many
more choices, options in life, freedom, literal freedom. So that is exactly why, so, all right. Hope that is helpful to you in some way. If it's your first time
here, be sure to subscribe, I'm here every single Tuesday,
talking all about money and we are a family of six,
living in the Philadelphia area and that's it, I'll talk
to you guys next week, bye.

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