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Bernie Sanders Challenges Democrat Rivals to Reject Donations from Insurance Companies

**Bernie Sanders Challenges Democrat Rivals to Reject Donations from Insurance Companies**



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BERNIE TALKS HEALTHCARE: 2020 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) delivers an address on ‘Medicare for All’ at George Washington University. He is expected to call on his Democratic rivals to join him in rejecting donations from insurance or pharmaceutical companies. ‘You can’t change a corrupt system by taking its money.’ #MedicareForAll

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are dying because they don't go to a doctor when they should because they lack health insurance or they are underinsured with high deductibles and high co-payments this is the United States of America thirty thousand people a year should not be dying because they lack adequate health insurance I am sick and tired of seeing working-class families and small businesses paying more far more for health care than they can afford to pay and five hundred and thirty thousand Americans the Clapp bankruptcy each and every year because they cannot pay off the outrageous cost of a medical emergency or a hospital stay five hundred thousand families go bankrupt families should not be driven into financial room because someone in the family becomes ill think about that for a moment people should not be forced into financial ruin into bankruptcy for what reason because someone in the family became ill and we are going to end that's stupidity and that ugliness I am sick and tired of hearing from Americans who lost loved ones because they could not afford the unbelievably high cost of prescription drugs or hearing from constituents of an elderly people who are cutting their prescription drug pills in half because they cannot afford the medicine they need can you believe that in America today people are dying because of the high costs of prescription drugs and today we announce loudly and clearly that we will no longer accept the greed of the pharmaceutical industry in fact later this month on the 28th I'll be going to Detroit Michigan and get on a bus with a number of people who have diabetes and we are going to be taking that bus to Windsor Ontario and in Windsor Ontario we are going to buy insulin for one tenth of the price that diabetic patients are charged in the United States so today we tell the pharmaceutical industry their greed is going to end that on the Medicare for all there will be a cap on what people will have to pay for medicine and that we are going to significantly and underline the word significantly lower prescription drug costs in America we are tired of getting ripped off I am tired of talking with people who are struggling with mental illness in this country who cannot afford the mental health counseling they desperately need I am tired of parking and meeting with people whose teeth are writing in their mouths but they cannot find affordable dental care let me be very honest and tell you what I think many of you already know that the current debate over Medicare for all has nothing to do with health care we are not in a debate about which health care system is working well or which is better nobody thinks that a system in which 80 million people or more have no health insurance or are underinsured is a good system nobody I know thinks that when Americans are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs that that is a good system what the debate that we are currently having in this campaign and all over this country has nothing to do with health care but it has everything to do with the greed and profits of the health care industry what we are talking about is a health care industry of the insurance companies the drug companies the medical equipment suppliers Wall Street entities that make tens and tens of billions of dollars every single year while ignoring and turning their backs on the needs of the American people that is what this debate is about this debate is about whether we maintain a dysfunctional system which allows the big drug and healthcare companies to make over 100 billion dollars in profit last year 100 billion dollars in profit last year while the top CEOs in the industry made 2.6 billion dollars in total compensation all the way when one out of five Americans cannot afford to fill the prescription drugs that their doctors prescribed now I know what I have a radical idea out there in thinking that the function of a rational healthcare system is to provide health care to all in a cost-effective way not to make billions in profit what we are talking about is the need to end a system in which for example just one example the CEO of the Aetna insurance company a gentleman they missed up Burley received a golden parachute worth nearly five hundred million dollars after his company merged with CVS health five hundred million dollars for putting together a merger while elderly people in America lacked the financial resources to buy the hearing aids they need to fully participate in society we have got to ask ourselves about whether we want to maintain a system that allows the former CEO of Juliet company John Martin to become a billionaire by charging $1,000 a pill for a hepatitis C drug called sovaldi that costs $1 to manufacture one dollar a pill to manufacture let us make no mistake about the struggle that we are now undertaking to guarantee health care to all Americans as a right and substantially lower the cost of prescription drugs in America will be opposed by some of the most powerful special interests in our country entities that have unlimited amounts of money let me give you just one example if I might a couple of years ago I was out in California working with folks who wanted to lower the cost of prescription drugs in that state and that all kind of modest proposal wasn't a very radical proposal to tell you the truth in opposition to that one ballot item in one state in America the pharmaceutical industry spent a hundred and thirty 1 million dollars 131 million dollars in one state to defeat one modest ballot fight in other words the special interest in the healthcare industry have unlimited resources and they will use those resources in opposition to the medicare-for-all campaign and we are talking about not just the insurance companies and the drug companies we're also talking about Wall Street and their power in the healthcare field and let me make a prediction tell you what you're gonna be seeing in the coming months you will be seeing these entities spending endless amounts of money on 30-second television ads telling you how terrible Medicare for all is you're gonna see full-page magazine and newspaper advertisements you're gonna see radio ads and you're gonna see a number of corporate entities come up with studies that will tell you why Medicare for all is not the way to go but let me just tell you that over fifty years ago when Medicare in this country was passed which means so much for the seniors of this country the special interests in exactly the same thing they lie they spent you tons of money they talked about how America will lose its freedom that would move into communism whatever it may be some of you I've heard that yeah well they tried to do that over 50 years ago they failed and my friends they are going to fail again let me just say a word about the kind of money I want you to understand the kind of money that we are talking about over the last 20 years the insurance industry and pharmaceutical companies have spent more than three hundred and thirty million dollars in campaign contributions and over four billion dollars in lobbying to get Congress to do its bidding do you want to know why the United States is the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care all that's why do you want to know why that today you could walk into your pharmacy and find that the price of the medicine you've been using for 10 years has doubled or tripled because there is no law protecting consumers from rageous rate increases on the part of the drug companies that is why the pharmaceutical industry in addition to spending huge sums of money by campaign contributions and lobbying has hired some 1,200 lobbyists including the former leadership of both political appointees so such as campaign contributions it is also an incredible amount of money going into longest just give you another example of what goes on here in Washington DC I found it quite interesting that Billy Paulson who was the Republican congressman who wrote the bill to prevent Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices went on just coincidentally no doubt he was the chairman of the relevant committee who wrote the bill to prevent Medicare from negotiating prices with the pharmaceutical industry just coincidentally he went on to become the president and CEO of pharma and received over eleven million dollars in compensation in 2000 and ten that is how business is done here in our nation's capital well I have a different vision of what a rational healthcare system is all about instead of providing massive profits for the drug companies and the insurance companies and Wall Street we must provide a healthcare system that provides quality health care to every man woman and child in this country in a cost-effective way and that is precisely what Medicare for all is all about under the legislation that I have offered every family in America would receive comprehensive coverage all basic health care needs are covered and in the process middle-class families would save thousands of dollars a year by eliminating their private insurance costs as we move to a publicly funded program the transition to the Medicare for all program would take place over four years in the first year benefits to all the people would be expanded to include dental paths hearing aids now Medicare today is a very strong program at a very popular program for senior citizens in this country but it does not provide all of the benefits that seniors need the last that I have heard the ability to hear the ability to see the desire to have teeth in your mouth is a health care issue so today we say to seniors that despite what you're hearing about Medicare for seniors being weakened the truth is exactly the opposite it will be strengthened by providing benefits that seniors today do not have furthermore in the first year we are going to lower the eligibility age for Medicare which is now at 65 down to 55 and in that first year we will provide coverage for every child in America in the second year we will lower we will lower the eligibility age to 45 in the third year to 35 and by the fourth year every man woman and child will be covered with comprehensive coverage through a Medicare I'm gonna say a word about this transition because I get I hear over and over again from political opponents from the industry it can't be done stop and think about the in 1965 when Medicare was first introduced they did not have then the kind of technology that we have right now they were developing a brand new program with all of the difficulty that that entails so please do not tell me that 55 years late with all of the technology that we have that we cannot simply over a four-year period expand a successful program that is 55 years old and there is a lot of cost a lot of discussion about the cost of Medicare so let me be very clear and telling you that Medicare for all will reduce let me repeat reduce overall health care spending in our country while lowering the number of uninsured and underinsured to zero we accomplish this because Medicare for all creates a system of health care insurance that is not designed to generate profits for insurance and drug companies it will be a system focused on delivering actual health care no no that is a radical idea imagine that a system to design to improve health to prevent disease rather than a system designed to make huge profits for the industry a Medicare for All system will save lives it will save money and will end the frustration and endless paperwork denials and desperate fights with an insurance company to cover medically necessary medications and procedures and it is not just doctors and nurses who are going nuts trying to argue with the insurance companies it is ordinary Americans who spent hour after hour on the telephone fighting to make sure that the benefits that they paid for were in fact fulfilled and paid for by the insurance companies we're gonna end up the American medicare-for-all will fully eliminate insurance premiums no more premiums no more deductibles and no more copains may don't mistake about it if there's some confusion here these premiums and deductibles and co-payments are nothing less than taxes on the middle class now my Republican friends and some others seem to think that the American people hate paying taxes but they just love hanging insurance premiums oh my god here the insurance premium is he [Applause] preachers at small businesses they just love it every month paying those insurance premiums the truth of the matter is that study after study has shown that as a nation we will save substantial sums of money and the average middle-class family will save an estimated three thousand dollars each and every year on their health care bills and very importantly because there is a lot of misinformation getting out there on this as well that unlike the current dysfunctional system Medicare for all allows people the freedom to choose any doctor any clinic or any hospital without worrying about whether their provider is in network or not many Americans right now have a doctor that they would like to go to but they can't go to him or her because they're out of the network and if they want to go to that person that doctor they're gonna have to pay a very pretty penny we end that the American people should have a complete freedom of choice regarding the doctor hospital or clinic they want to go in addition Medicare for all will allow us end the very serious problem of medically underserved areas there are areas all over this country urban and rural where people who even if they have insurance are unable to get to see a doctor in a reasonable period of time and just to give you an example of the irrationality and the dysfunctionality of the current system just to give you one of many examples I was in Philadelphia a few days ago rallying with the people of Philadelphia to try to stop the closure of Hanneman University Hospital a hospital which has existed since the Civil War days of this country and Hanneman hospital serves as a safety net it's mostly for lower-income people 2/3 and people use the emergency room there are people of color now why is there an epic to close that possible what is the rationale behind it and everybody understands the answer the answer is that the hospital unbelievably is now owned by a investment banker who intends to convert that property into luxury condominiums and hotels and this people except under this system as long can you imagine the nine poor people access to health care many women of color who give birth there and we're fighting right now against a very high rate of maternal deaths for women of color can you imagine shutting down a hospital and an emergency room in a major city in America in order to build expensive condominiums and a luxury hotel that is the kind of dysfunctionality that we intend to end further walk let me address some of the other half-truths misinformation and in some cases outright lies or that are being spread about Medicare for all Medicare for all critics tell us that Americans just love that private health insurance companies you know why one person was there in transforming I have met many people who do love their doctors and their nurses who have very good experiences in their hospitals and what we do is to say you can go to those doctors you can go to those hospitals but you're not gonna have to anymore deal with ripoff insurance companies we heard fairly recently from the CEO at UnitedHealth the gentleman named David Whitman who by the way in 2017 made 83 million dollars in compensation and you will be shocked to know that he actually likes the current system he thinks this is really good and he worries and I quote that a Medicare parole system would quote he stabilized the nation's health system end quote well I guess that mr. Whitman and his friends will no longer be making 83 million dollars a year in compensation default I'm disabled attention but then our opponents talk about the destabilization of the current system they forget to tell you that the current system is already disrupting and destabilizing millions of people's lives in the current system 50 million Americans every year lose their existing health insurance when their employer changes in sure so you're working for somebody and your employees that oh by the way we've got a better deal over there we're going through this interim you're changing your insurance company people lose their health insurance in many cases when they lose their jobs or when they change employers they are changing their health insurance plans or sadly enough when they can no longer afford any health insurance at all that is 50 million people every year for many of these people they will no longer be able to see the doctor that they have gone to and relied on for years and for others important treatments for long term conditions or disabilities will be changed or stopped all together that's called disruption in the current system and here is the simple truth the American people do not like their private health insurance companies in fact Margaret health insurance companies for all of the right reasons are incredibly unpopular what the American people do like as I mentioned are their doctors their nurses and in many cases their hospitals furthermore while our opponents claim that Medicare for all is too expensive the reality is that in a system which spends twice as much per capita as any other country study after study shows that Medicare for all will be much more cost effective the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimates that if we do not change the current system this country will be spending 50 trillion dollars over the next 10 years almost 20% of our GDP so in other words when we talk about the cost of health care which is a very very important point needs to be discussed understand that the current system is unsustainable and will be incredibly harmful to the people of our country to the business community and to the entire economy and the reason why we end up spending so much is obvious it is not just the huge profits in the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry but it is the incredible and wasteful bureaucratic maze developed by thousands of different healthcare plans today hospitals and doctors must field with patients who have different deductibles different co-payments different networks of coverage and different coverage for pharmaceuticals or no insurance at all all of this is not only driving doctors nurses and hospital administrators to distraction but it is wasting up to 500 billion dollars a year are on unnecessary and bureaucratic administrative costs unlike our current system there is a broad consensus from conservative to progressive economists that Medicare for all would result in substantial savings for the American people two of the most recent spikes on this issue have estimated that Medicare for all would save the American people between two trillion and five trillion over a ten-year period so the argument is not how much Medicare for all will cost it will cost a lot health care costs along the argument is compared to what and the what is an unsustainable system that will cost huge amounts of money and negatively impact our economy if we do not have the courage to change it and let me also be clear and telling you that the fight against Medicare for all today is not a new development powerful special interests have always opposed health care programs that work for the people and not for corporate interests let us not forget that when President Harry Truman first proposed a program guaranteeing health care to seniors that idea was billed as radical as an American and an attack on basic American freedom and because of that coordinated attack the idea stalled in Congress for years until voters stood up and made their voices heard in 1960 the United States elected people of the United States elected John F Kennedy as president after he campaigned in support of Truman's health care ideas that election prompted serious work on universal health care and Kennedy at the time and think about this this is 50 years ago more than 50 years ago can be voted and I quote what we are now talking about doing most of the countries of Europe the years ago and the quote that's in the early 60s President Kennedy finally following the 1964 democratic election landslide the new Congress was able to pass what is now known as Medicare despite intense opposition from the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical companies more than a half a century after that achievement the time is now to go forward the time is now to expand Medicare to every man woman and child in this country let me be very very clear when it comes to health care the insurance companies and the drug companies have been able to control the political process the American people believe in health care for all the American people believe that we must significantly lower the cost of prescription drugs but yet the health care industry has fought us every step of the way and it seems to me that if we are going to break the stranglehold of corporate interests over the health care needs of the American people we have got to confront a Washington culture that is corrupt that puts that is why today I am calling on every Democratic candidate in this election to join me in rejecting money from the insurance and drug companies reject that means what that means specifically is not accepting donations of over $200 from health insurance or pharmaceutical company packs lobbyists or executives candidates who are not willing to take that pledge should explain to the American people why those corporate interests and their donations are a good investment for the healthcare industry what we are saying is not complicated the time is now to stand with the American people and guarantee health care to all people the time is now to tell the drug companies and the insurance companies we don't want that money because we don't think that the current health care system is right because it is geared toward profits for those either shree's rather than the needs of the American people what President Trump should do the same but I am NOT going to even waste my breath suggesting that he will this is a president who as you will recall promised the American people that he would provide health care to everybody but instead came within one book one book of throwing thirty-two million Americans all of the health care that they have finally let me conclude by saying this you know I understand that change gets people a little bit nervous I do understand well I hope everybody understands that 50 55 years ago in the mid 1960s when the US Congress finally said that the elderly and the poor should have health care is the right as a right but that was an incredibly difficult undertaking what they succeeded and what they did as improved the lives and save the lives of countless and countless and today you have people so grateful so grateful that they have a strong health insurance program called Medicare but that was in the 1960s and today we are in the year 2019 so in my view now is the time not for tinkering around the edges now is not the time for taking money large campaign contributions from the insurance companies and the drug companies now is the time to do what every other major country on Earth does now is the time to do what the American people want us to do now is the to pass a medicare-for-all single-payer [Applause] Oh you you





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hey you guys so I'm here at my dentist today I'm taking you guys along the day I'm actually gonna be getting my tooth bonded so when I had my braces I had a hill I had to get two teeth taken out and I've been pretty consistent with my retainers and everything but you know along the years your teeth still kind of shift so I just have like a really small little gap like right there out of it's literally barely noticeable but yeah I've been wanting it closed I have the other side bonded which I did like maybe a few years after my braces but like I said throughout the years my teeth have just shifted a little bit so I'm just gonna get that little spot bonded so yeah I'm here with my dentist she's like an absolute boss she's a cosmetic dentist she has her own dental spa so I'm just gonna have like a little spa tech because they do offer like massage facials and all that kind of stuff here which is really cool for like a dental office and you could kind of do all in one if you have a dentist appointment you can come and do like self care also and then we're gonna get this tooth bonded like how xtronic cute is this my fingerprint reads wait let's talk about this equipment though rose-gold everything get into it get into it gonna be doing mine so funny so what are we doing like we should explain the process to them ok so what we're doing for her is just closing a little bit of space with some composite materials same material let's use her fillings but you can use it in the front for aesthetic bonding it's a really simple procedure we don't even have to numb her yeah we just kind of prepared the tooth for the filling for the bonding material and place it like here and then we polish it what does it feel like to have your own dental spa like a huge accomplishment well it's a lot of work and a lot of stress yeah we was said that's the behind-the-scenes of entrepreneurship that people don't have a lot of worry you know you're not just coming to work here constantly worrying about everything yes good as everybody you plant a lot of different roles because you're not just the dentist like you're doing HR you're doing you know you're everything like you're marketing you're like the face of your plays so it's a lot of things that people don't realize it's a lot of work but it's also really rewarding so on the good side you know you get to control your environment so at our practice everything is just really serene and nuea and those are the things that we value and so we strive to make every single patient experience really high-end really high-quality very comfortable mm-hmm we don't just a different experience yeah and like you know a lot of dental offices will bring patients back late they don't care for we're 30 minutes behind for us that bothers us especially el8 Ellie is my assistant we're together all day every day she's incredible you cannot do good dentistry unless you need a team right it's key that is what I've learned here is teamwork and I know anything if you're not about you yes and she's also from Miami hey what part of Miami Rico again see that the hand moving everything right I grew up in Palmetto Bay comment obey it's a comet a fine yes is a shade guide and believe it or not some people do have teeth that are like this dark most people think that everybody wants your teeth to be this color or that color the color of the walls but teeth are not white teeth are like a yellowish sort of color yeah that says you know those start White's you think you can sell in like the middle yeah definitely tell well fuck you most beautiful white teeth so she's probably our lightest shade which is the one so turn a little bit yeah I think that's oh really yeah yeah so be one you can't really see that but out of the shape that we're going to use girl yes he's living for us [Applause] you know it's courage as she lives thank you you're welcome great you can't even tell it's a key yes you like it I love it thank you guys Erica so I'm getting a massage now that my dental bonding is over she also has like a massage areas and facials so time to relax yeah this is how my tooth is looking it looks are you guys so I just later in the day I just wanted to come to show you guys the after so it is this tooth right here definitely took her time with a polished it properly like the color matches the rest of my teeth so perfect so thank you to her for having that precise attention to detail but yes the whole experience was like super relaxing I'm just on children what after that massage like it felt so good on my shoulders even if you're not wanting dental work like this is just a bomb a spa area you can do massages facials and other aesthetic things yes shout out to dr. burns and the team the whole experience was so nice but yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this video this is something a little different in case you are into dental things and so I wanted to vlog the whole process for you guys so that you can see kind of just behind the scenes I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye

FMK: Living The Bicycle Lifestyle Part 1 of 2 (Frugal Life Philosophy)

**FMK: Living The Bicycle Lifestyle Part 1 of 2 (Frugal Life Philosophy)**



View Time:10:1Minutes




1) $20/hour, 40 hours a week, $3200/month, $40,000/year

1) $20/hour, 40 hours a week, Over time pay $30/hour
2) Job location is 30 miles one way, 60 miles both ways. 1 hour commute time 1 way, 2 hours both ways per day, 10 hours/week, 40 hours/month. 500 hours/year. Lost income in over time pay: $1200/month, $15,000/year.
3) Time is seen as lost income b/c it is a forced drive, it is not seen as play, there is no exercise taking place.

1) Purchases a $30,000 vehicle on a 5 year plan. $500/month, $6000/year
2) Insurance: $35/month, $420/year
3) Gas: 20 miles per gallon in city, $3.25 per gallon. Job is 30 miles one way, 60 miles two ways. 60 miles a day, 5 days a week, 300 miles a week, 1200 miles a month. 60 gallons of gas a month. Gas: $200/month, $2400/year
4) Oil change every 3 months, oil change costs $30. Oil change equates to $10/month, $120/year
5) License plate sticker: $80/year
6) City Sticker: $75/year
7) Misc. Maintenance fees: $30/month, $360/year
8) Parking Tickets: $75/year (3 tickets)
9) Traffic Tickets: $375/year (3 tickets)
10) License Plate: $10/year



1) $10/hour, 40 hours a week, $1600/month, $20,000/year

1) Job location is 5 miles one way. 10 miles both ways. It takes 30 min. one way, 1 hour both ways. No income is lost because the commute is viewed as a 1 hour exercise every day. The bike ride is seen as play, not forced work.

1) The bike owner only lives 5 miles from home so his commute time back and force equals 1 hour per day. Whereas the car owners commute time is 2 hours because the job location is 30 miles away from his home. The bike owner saves 1 hour of time a day over the car owner. 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month. 240 hours year.
2) The bike owner makes $10/hr, converted to ovetime pay it is $15/hr. The additional income converted is $300/month. $3600/year.

1) Purchase a $250 bicycle. $250/year
2) Maintenance Fees: $18/year (3 tire flats)



are in this video I'm gonna go over something extremely important this can really change your life dramatically towards a positive healthy way of living to free yourself in the system all right so I need you to pay attention and while you listen to my video open up the description section of this video read along so you can understand because there's gonna be a lot of numbers that I'm gonna speak about when you read along you'll understand more rather than just listening so look at the description section this video I'm gonna teach you how to free yourself from the vehicle the motor vehicle in the car and live your life primarily using a bicycle or your own two feet from walking or running to change your life for a healthier way of living and to not be controlled by the system well you're no longer gonna be a slave to the gas prices and you're no longer polluting the environment you're not gonna be a slave to the traffic tickets the parking tickets the license plate fees just the city sticker fees I mean all the fees associated with owning a motor vehicle so this is how you're gonna do it I'm gonna show you how also you will make more money then if you own a bike then if you own a vehicle I'm going to show you how that works all right okay so if you're a car owner say typically you're a car owner and people that are excuses are that they own a car because they need to get to work and what that what happens is that when you own a car it widens up your job opportunities so you could work farther away so that changes the decisions you make so if you can only bike to work you will only be able to buy so far you're not realistically gonna be able to bike 30 miles to and from work every single day that you have the work it's just not realistic so realistically for a bike owner I'd say anywhere under 10 miles is good it's sufficient because you could ride 10 miles in less than an hour all right so 10 miles one way 10 miles back is less that's about 2 hours of commute time if you ride 5 miles you can ride 5 miles in about 30 minutes so 30 minutes one way 30 minutes back that's one hour commute time a day now if you own a vehicle that that allows you to travel out further so in this example this person is working farther away he's working 30 miles away from his home and it's gonna take in one hour to get there and one hour to come back so that's 2 hours altogether all right in this example the bike owner will be working 5 miles away from home so it's gonna take 30 minutes for him to bite there to 30 minutes to bite back so that's gonna be 1 hour commute time so the car owner has a two-hour commute time the bike owner has 1 hour commute time all right so the car owner because he owns a car he has a higher paying job he'll be getting paid $20 an hour he'll be working full time 40 hours a week and he'll be making $3,200 a month and $40,000 a year these are all approximate numbers I am NOT putting in consideration taxes I'm just gonna keep it simple so you can understand it taxes either both people will be taxed but take taxes out so you can understand it so the car owner is making $40,000 a year all right car owner lost income what that means is okay the car owner makes $20 an hour he makes four he works 40 hours a week so in a full-time job anytime you make you work over 40 hours a week you are compensated overtime pay overtime pay is time and a half so if you work on extra five an extra you know if you work 41 hours a week you're gonna get paid for one of those hours for time and a half so in this case for that hour he'll be get he'll beginning paid thirty dollars an hour so his time is worth at first twenty dollars an hour and then and overtime is worth thirty dollars an hour and remember the essence of this example is time is what's important not money but time time is what's important because time is why we live if we didn't have time then we wouldn't be able to work we wouldn't have you be able to live so time is what's important the employers are paying you for your time so time is important remember that time is important so you want to save time okay and then when you save time you could you can either work more where they'll pay you overtime or you can spend time with loved ones or do things that you truly love to do other than work okay so time is what's important all right so the job location is 30 miles one way 60 miles both ways for the car owner he has a one-hour commute time one way and two hours both ways okay he works so that basically so two hours he has to commute every single day so in a week that's ten hours all right in a month that's 40 hours in a year that's 500 hours so the lost income which I would say it comes out to forty hours time thirty that comes out to $1200 a month that he loses and then to a year that comes out to fifteen thousand dollars that he loses basically those hours that he's commuting his lost income because he works eight hours a day but he doesn't clock in until he gets to work and then he has to clock out once he's done with the work but he still has to drive two hours a day so instead of working eight hours he's actually working ten hours but he's only getting paid for eight so he's losing out an extra two hours those two hours is only time pay that he's not getting paid for so when you convert it into the numbers that I just did he ends it ends up losing $15,000 a year number three time is seen as lost income because it is a forced drive it is not seen as play is not fun for him to drive to and from work it is a forced drive so it's not seen as play that's why it is considered work but it's unpaid work okay there is it there is no exercise taking place because he's in the car all right so we get that out of the way so first we have the income which is $40,000 a year but the lost income is $15,000 a year due to the commute time okay now we got the car owner expenses the car owner expenses he purchases a $30,000 car on a five-year plan that converts to $500 a month that he has to pay and $6,000 a year that he has to pay on that vehicle all right the insurance comes out to $420 a year the gas comes out to the the car will run on 20 miles per gallon in the city that's the the price for gas will be three dollars and 25 cents per gallon the job is 30 miles one way 60 miles two ways that means it's 60 miles a day five days a week is hundred miles a week 1,200 miles a month 60 gallons of gas per month that comes out to $200 a month and in a year that's 2400 dollars a year for gas they has to pay oil change for every three months the oil change costs about $30 so the oil change equates to $10 a month and $120 per year the license plate sticker is $80 a year the city sticker is $25 a year miscellaneous maintenance fees you know that if the tire blows out or something happens to the engine or whatever I gave three hundred sixty dollars a year for maintenance fees parking tickets I gave about three tickets a year so but that comes out to about 75 dollars a year traffic tickets I gave about three tickets a year so that comes out to about 375 dollars a year license plate is $10 a year the total expenses for the car for the year is ten thousand dollars the actual profit for the year is gonna be forty thousand dollars which is the income minus the lost income which is fifteen thousand that comes out to twenty five thousand dollars and then minus the car expenses which comes out to ten that you know which is ten thousand so the actual profit for the year is fifteen thousand dollars when a person owns a vehicle okay so remember that number all right now we go to the

Can Singaporeans Last 45s???

**Can Singaporeans Last 45s???**



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Last month, we did the biggest giveaway on this show ever. We know y’all loved it so we brought it back! A new game on the show, modelled after the classic …

Reduce electricity bills with the Owl

**Reduce electricity bills with the Owl**



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The Owl is a wireless electricity meter that measures the amount of electricity being used in your home 24 hours a day. It is simple to install ad use and can be done by almost anyone.

The wireless monitor can be moved anywhere around the house and is where you can see how much electricity you are using at any time of the day.

By seeing what electricity you’re using you can switch appliances off that you would normally leave on or on standby like a TV for example. The Owl allows you to see how much electricity you can save by switch appliances off and how much it costs you turn things on like the kettle, iron, washing machine or dishwasher.

Our bad habits of leaving lights or appliances on all the time is costing you money. So fit an Owl and see where you can save money on your electricity bills.

For more information visit www.theowlireland.com or www.shoppingfromhome.ie.
the next product is absolutely superb it's called the owl it shows you the running cost of your electricity at any time and the running cost of each electrical item in your home this is invaluable for every household in ireland and ideal for SMEs John we have a brilliant product here called the owl this morning but what is it the owl is a wireless electricity monitor and don't be daunted by that it's a simple gadget and it's designed to monitor and measure the use of electricity in your home on a 24/7 basis so for once you can actually see how much it's costing you to turn appliances on and more importantly you can see where you're wasting your electricity and finally you're able to see the cost of your actions we're turning appliances on or off leaving items on standby that you shouldn't we all get into patterns we're all used to doing things in a certain way and the problem with that is that we end up just wasting money we owe it to ourselves to save what we can and the beauty of this monitor is that if you're actually saving your electricity you'll also be helping the planet because if you reduce your electricity cost you will save co2 as well fantastic now is it easy to install it really is simple to install and simple to setup this is similar to all the setups for electricity in most people's homes you have a meter a distribution board that we used to call a fuse box and then circuits that run out from that the hour comes in three parts there's a sensor there's a transmitter and there's a display and the displays portable so you can set it anywhere any home that you want to you simply get the sensor and you clip it around one of the cables doesn't matter which one from the meter to the distribution board you plug that into the transmitter you press the check button on the transmitter to make sure it's working in soon the monitor itself you enter your electricity tariffs because there's so many out there you have to put that tariff in and you put the date and time in so that this one can give you historical calendar periods of your use once it's set up like that as and when you plug appliances in then you'll see the readings go up now one of the classics is filling a kettle full of water when you only want to pour yourself one cup of tea or things so let me just give you an idea of how much that actually costs if I plug the kettle in there and turn it on within a few seconds you'll see just how much that will cost you that's telling you that it's costing you over 27 cents an hour it's a boil a kettle this particular monitor actually shows a display in cost in kilowatt hours amps or even co2 it has to be an absolute must for every household but it's also perfect for SMEs as well it is indeed this is a single-phase installation small businesses some offices shops pubs restaurants may be on three-phase we can cater for those because you just attach two more sensors into the transmitter and they will monitor all all the electricity venues the beauty of this monitor as well is it's our latest model it comes with a supplied USB cable and the CD you can actually upload all the information to a computer and you can track your electricity use on your computer in real time or historically most people who buy one of these monitors will probably get their money back on it within two or three months and we would expect them to save anything between eight and fifteen percent on their electricity bill it's absolutely brilliant John we're absolutely thrilled to have it here today and if you want to be a wise old owl by the aisle because it's going to save you a fortune and make him very clever so here's how to order to purchase this outstanding owl plus USB wireless electricity monitor which is easy to install shows you the running cost of electricity in your home at any given time and the running cost of each electrical item in your house this must-have product is perfect for every household and also ideal for SMEs it normally retails at fifty nine euro but today you can purchase it for the amazing price of only 50 495 saving you for Euro five cent and includes free delivery worth seven euro fifty saving you grand total of 11 euro 55 sent to purchase called a1 803 double 809 today lines open 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 7 days a week or order online on the owl island comm Visa MasterCard and PayPal accepted for terms and conditions log on to the owl Arlen calm