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February ♡ Jewelry Picks ♡ 2012 & NEW DISCOUNT PROMO CODES!

**February ♡ Jewelry Picks ♡ 2012 & NEW DISCOUNT PROMO CODES!**



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Codes are valid until 2/29/2012 (so till the end of the month)

Jewelry Shown:
– Mademoiselle Earrings
– Love Spell Pendant
– Sweetheart Set
– Indian Escape Earrings
– Huston Heritage Bracelet
– Shades of Bliss Ring
– Morning Star Bangle

Thanks so much for watching my monthly video for Jewelmint!

What I’m Wearing:
Top: Stylemint –
Jewelry: Jewelmint Mademoiselle Earrings & Jewelmint Love Spell Pendant
Nails: China Glaze – For Audrey

Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B30 (Beige Sable)
Powder: Chanel Double Perfection Power in 110 (Light Beige) (re-testing)
Lips: Tom Ford Lipstick in Blush Nude
Cheeks: Physicians Formula Blush in Blushing Berry & Illamasqua – Lover
Eyes: Maybelline 24 Color Tattoo Cream shadow in Too Cool & Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Lancome Artliner in Noir
Lashes: Luxe-1 from You can use Promo Code: HOLLY for Free Shipping

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Filmed with my Canon T3i & edited in iMovie (natural sunlight only)
hey guys so today I'm going to be showing you my februari gillnet pics but before anyone asks about my chill man give away I have chosen the winners and ordered all of the prizes I'm just waiting for them to get to me in the mail so that way i can do the winner announcement video and show everybody what they won so you haven't missed it it will be up i'm just waiting for everything to get to me so now i'm going to move on to my februari stuff i'm actually going to start off with the things that i'm wearing so I'm wearing the Mademoiselle earrings and so far i really like these a lot as you can see they really pull together an outfit if you are wearing red i would say that if you don't wear a lot of red I probably wouldn't suggest these because I don't think that they do that well for a pop of color on their own but I mean that's totally up to you just personally I think that it ties together read a little bit better than standing alone by itself so that's what they look like they're not too heavy they are postback which guys know I like and overall I find them to be quite comfortable if you have an outfit that you think it would look good with or you can see yourself pairing it with something then I would definitely suggest these the only thing that's like a little bit mmm unfavorable to me is that the way the hinges it can kind of get stuck so it can end up looking really stiff if it does get stuck I don't notice that it happens a ton but just kind of throwing that out there overall though I do really like these earrings but again you really need to wear them with the right outfit for them to work for you the necklace that I'm wearing doesn't really go with the earrings but I just I wanted to wear it and this is the love spell pendant and this one I originally thought was just so ugly was like weird and just kind of funky so I kind of wanted to get it just to see if I could make it work with something but I do really like it it's made really well I don't think any of these little jewels or anything are going to fall off they seem to be in there pretty good and then of course both of these things do say Jonah on the back so I like both of these pieces even though this was sort of an unlikely choice for me I kind of just wanted to take a risk with it and see how I liked it so now my absolute favorite for this month would have to be the sweetheart set which is actually really unexpected because it's so small and dainty which I don't really have a lot of small and dainty pieces which is why I wanted this one I really like the way this looks on and I find that it matches so many of my outfits now it comes with a pair of earrings as well the earrings are just circular with that same little knobby pink bubble in the center I really really like the way these two look on the necklace is adjustable so if you want it to be a little bit shorter a little bit longer depending on what you're wearing you can adjust it to that length I think this is a really pretty and feminine dainty piece that is very classic so I absolutely love this so much more than I thought I was going to but I did want to try it out and it ended up being my favorite out of all of the stuff that i got for februari now the next year i'm going to show you i would say are probably my second favorite piece for the month these are the Indian escape earrings and when I had seen them on the website originally I did really like them because they're kind of exotic looking and I thought that would look really nice in my hair and just I just really liked them but I was concerned that they would be kind of cheapy looking or very forever 21 esque but getting them in the mail I do think that they are a nice weight I don't like that it's a hook back but I guess you kind of have to for this style the only problem that I would say is that since this part is a little bit heavier it's not heavy worth uncomfortable it's not really noticeable to me I would say they're slightly heavier than the Mademoiselle earrings but not really buy much the only problem that I have with the hook bag is that if you don't have one of the little rubber stoppers they will fall out of your ears by the way one thing I did want to mention is that usually jewel meant hook back earrings do come with a rubber stopper i think i just threw mine away and now i'm talking about how these don't actually say Joel matan there and I think it's because there really isn't a place for it but I'll let you get back to the video now I think these look really really nice and dark hair not sure how they would look in blonde hair because they are gold but if you have dark hair like I do i really like these a lot so moving on to my third favorite piece this is I believe the Houston heritage bracelet and this is the one that I thought that I would like the most I saw it paired with some of the friendship bracelets and a couple other bracelets on the website and I was like okay well I really want to get that for pairing so that's what it looks like on me as you can see it kind of wears a little bit down the hand so it's basically a gold-tone link bracelet and then it has these little Halfmoon or tangerine shapes on them and they are sort of like an orange you read I just thought this would be a really cool piece for spring and summer for a lot of the things that I've been purchasing lately it's not too hard to put on by yourself and this one just a jewel meant on the inside it's kind of one of those pieces though that you will have to pair i don't think it looks that great by itself but i think layered it looks really really nice now moving on to the last two I did get the shades of bliss ring and it just looks like this I Justin disappointed because it doesn't feel that great the weight is not good it just it feels like a cheap piece to me this is the only piece that I don't like for this month it fits a little bit big I ordered a size seven because I like to wear my rings on my pointer or my middle finger and it's a little bit big not too bad definitely still wearable but just if you are kind of on the edge with ordering ring sizes it does run a little bit large I find that's kind of my two cents on that I would not recommend this ring unless you are absolutely in love with it and you want it this is the only piece like I said that I don't like and I don't think the quality is that great John this so that's kind of like my only miss for the month and then the last thing is another really kind of oddball type of piece this is the morning star bangle and to be quite honest with you the only reason why I heard this is because I saw a lot of people asking for on my giveaway and at first I thought oh my god looks like a ninja star oh I don't know why do I want to wear this but so many people asked for it that I didn't want to like miss out on it if it was something amazing i will show you what it looks like on because that will probably be your deciding factor so originally when i saw i thought it was just gonna sit flat like this and i was okay well what's the point but when you wear it actually kind of bends down a little so you can see the shape and you can't see the thread so i can understand i haven't tried pairing this with anything yet I don't know really how I'm going to like wearing this I do worry that it is a dangerous piece though I don't want to be I mean I flailing my arms and stuff like that all the time and I don't want to be having someone lose an eye or something due to my clumsiness so we'll have to see on that one this was just kind of like a fun piece that I ordered just like the the love spell pen and I just wanted to see I was curious so that's all of the stuff that i got for februari i would say out of all the pieces if you like it I would recommend all of the stuff that I showed except for the shades of bliss ring this ring no so this is the only one I don't recommend everything else I pretty much loved um like I said I'm a little bit on the fence about the star the morning star bangle but on everything else I really really enjoyed oh and before I forget I do have a new code for the twenty percent off for existing members as well as my regular sixty percent off for new members that i'll leave in the infobox below so that's pretty much it for februari i will talk to you guys later you