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How to Budget: Minimalist budgeting model

**How to Budget: Minimalist budgeting model**



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In this video, we go over a popular minimalist budgeting model known as the 50/20/30 model. Do you have any budgeting tips or models you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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so you finally started making money and you're not sure how much you should be saving and how much you should be spending well don't worry oMFG is here to help you out today we're gonna be talking about the big bad B word that's right what do you talk about empty is we're talking about budgeting oh yeah let's talk about that we want to start off this video by saying budgeting doesn't have to be as bad or as boring as you think it is we're not gonna tell you you can't buy lattes but you can't go out for dinner with your friends that you can't buy any electronics or any of your clothes as long as those things make you happy you should be able to do those things as long as you're saving probably the key to budgeting is living within your means you might remember it when he talked about it and the reasons why we saved living within your means it's pretty much you spend less than you make pretty simple concept right but you might be surprised at how people can grasp the simple concept especially if they have a credit card we want to make budgeting easier for you so we gathered up a minimalist budgeting model called the 50 20 30 model essentials would make up 50% of this model consists of all the things that you two paid for your everyday life these things consist of your phone bills your rent your utilities credit card bills all those things you need essentially for your monthly bills these are the things that you start calculating first to start to smart off now that you're done calculating your essentials you can set aside some of that money to save we explain why saving is so important in our last video we recommend really checking that out keep in mind you can also use this category to pay down any debt that you owe so if you're a new grad and you're still paying off your student loan debt this would apply to you it's also important to build up an emergency fund so you can also use this category to build up that the last category is what we like to call fund money if you fulfill the above two criteria congratulations you can now treat yourself remember budgeting is not all about penny-pinching you can now go out have fun go out for dinner with your friends travel shop whatever you like the world is your oyster and you deserve to have and that really is all there is to it to the 50 20 30 model keep in mind that this model is really more of a guideline and we like it because it's so simple but if we're gonna be completely honest we don't actually follow the rule all the time in fact we don't actually do a lot of budgeting ourselves so you're probably asking why even make a budgeting video well it's actually kind of half true what we really mean is that we built our lives around spending less and as a result that saving is almost second nature to us remember in our saving video haven't talked about fire like we said we're working really hard towards this goal and we want to be part of that Club that doesn't mean that we want to live like cheapskate we actually do travel a lot spend money on things we enjoy and value we just really do our homework and we're smarter about how we spend so this revised a 50 20 30 model and see what we mean so first and foremost now that all our debts are paid down we actually prioritize the 20% saving category primarily by that we mean we automatically at least save 20% of our paycheck one very useful pro tip to this is setting up pre-authorized contributions to your investment or savings plan for example when I was a TD at my primary bank I set up my account in such a way that come payday it would automatically take out 20% of money coming in and put it in towards my TD e-series mutual funds and it would be funneled straight to my TFSA it was a great way to force myself to save without even thinking about it or doing anything after it was set up and the rest of the money I had I accepted that it was for the rest of my budgeting so after you're done forcing yourself to save this brings us to the next category the essentials this is where you could bring down some cost if you do a little bit of research for example it's really worth looking around for a place with a good rental rate shop around take your time and make sure the price is right for you the point we're trying to make here is that that this is such a big chunk of your budgeting model it really does pay off to spend the time and research to lower your central cost whether it's shopping at a discount store finding ways to lower your bills buying things on sale and finding the right rental rate like you said learning how to find the best value for your essentials is an invaluable skill and we promise we're gonna go over this in our later videos both way and I spend a lot of time figuring out how to bring our essential cost down which lets us put more money into our savings my place for example where we shot most of our earlier videos it's a pretty nice place but it was also a little bit higher than I'd like it to be but I also made sure it was close to work so I actually bike to work every day when I can and it saves me a lot of money on transportation which would have been part of my essentials cause regardless that's money I don't have to pay for public transportation every day and this can really add up especially with the public transit subsidy that doesn't exist anymore now we're not saying to compromise your life and live in a roach infested apartment but rather live modestly now ask yourself the following do you really need a brand new car or even a car at all at this point of your life maybe it's time to ditch that bank or cell phone plan and that's charging extra fees monthly and find a better deal or maybe instead of living in a one-bedroom by yourself it wouldn't be so bad living with a roommate for now also is buying lunch every day really bring that much value to your life the last category is fun money and we think this is just as important trust us on this we do go out and have fun in case you haven't figured it out we are avid travelers and that's where most of our money goes in this category we don't like holding back on vacations but we do also keep a conscious budget in our mind so we don't go completely overboard it helps that we're not very materialistic people heck I still drive a 17 year old car rather we do spend money on things we that matter to us for example all this camera gear we work with to make this YouTube video is not cheap and it's a worthwhile investment because I'm passionate about photography and who knows maybe this YouTube thing will take off and I could be a youtube thousand-aire so that pretty much wraps up our budgeting video we hope our revised models really gave you something to think about and change the way you view budgeting do you have a different budgeting philosophy if you have any other topics you want us to cover let us know in the comments below we say this in every video but we would really like it if you click that like it subscribe button it's the only way we'll know that we should make more personal finance for you kiddos and dog at home