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Some tips and tricks for big savings on items at Target! $200. dollars worth of items for $60. dollars. Saving money is great, learn how with some simple suggestions. I give some examples through a Target haul I recently made. My kids’ christmas is pretty much done- with extras to share with others!
hey guys welcome to the green apple home today it's a good vlog it's about how to save money at target over the years I've learned and I've just done really well with getting items for really cheap at target and I'm going to share with you what I know when I've experienced I just this past July have gotten about two hundred dollars worth of toys for sixty dollars so that's just one example i also got um well let me just show you the toys i got i got all these toys um and their neighbor and they're like brave it just came out cars transformers pie pocket of strawberry shortcake Dora ponies lalaloopsy like they're they're good things Captain America you know these things their current i also got stuff like this where they're nice leather home cube-like furnishings or whatever i got two of these on sale for the price of less than one like way less so i'm going to try and share with you some of my cigarettes hopefully you guys that even shop target and know something about target when to shop for sales and stuff maybe you learn something new hopefully you can take something away from this and applying your lives most prices at Target and in a nine so you know you'll see something for 1299 199 299 that kind of thing it will end in a nine so on the clearance tag let's look at a clearance time let me just grab something here okay here's a car for an example I'm not sure how good my cameras gonna pick it up on the left lower hand corner it says was for I'm sorry was 649 I don't know how you can if you can read that anyways just trust me go with thee you can go with me on my adventure here and now the price is 194 right there so it'll automatically do the math for you up here too cuz up in this right hand corner it gives you this little number and it says 70 so you know that's seventy percent off so you can always know what person off it is you don't have to kind of like use your brain or get a calculator and user use your math skills um so which is nice okay so then I like this that are now 140 or 190 for the antenna for sale is ending in a 4 and these items right here 314 unless you can see it and 194 these items are all marked down as much as they're going to be marked down because their last digit is ending in a 4 so if you want the item you know it's not going to be marked down anymore so just grab it whereas these items over here all these items right here and in an eight so like this carriage is 598 hopefully you can see that and then 388 this little mermaid dress singing is 598 748 148 178 598 must I go on 748 so all these items I got at seventy percent off because they end in an eight you know that they could be marked down even more up to ninety percent so if you know what day your your store clearances toys which in in my store it's a wednesday so if you see on wednesday they marked down toys then you know two weeks from then they should mark down another set like if it's fifty percent as she goes 70 or 90 the next two weeks so these could have been ninety percent but i didn't want to wait because i wanted them and seventy percent was good enough for me and I didn't want to risk not getting some of these things because they're so cool like this thing right here oh my gosh there's a mask just like this out for sale for like ten bucks and it's not near as cool as this one that like is voice activated or not like I mean how cool is that so the one on the show off now doesn't do that or light up or anything and it's ten bucks and I got mine for 598 so you can get really good deals and yeah so I grabbed them they could have been lower though because it ended in eight that was the pointer there's some things though that our cleaners don't fall into a category like this is 30 to 1 51 575 this pony one so I have no clue about those ones guys I can't help you there because I have no clue if they'd be marked down more if it ends in a four they're done marking it down if it ends in an eight they might still mark it down so um yeah right now if you go to target you'll find backpacks on my gosh on sale there was this beautiful $55 back park that was really sturdy and they had thick padding and you could even put your laptop and your headphone headphones and stuff in there it was just really nice headed on tough like 16 bucks so if you need a backyard go there now or whatever they had so many toys guys that had Chuggington and jungle junction big sets train sets that were like fifty five dollars or fifty dollars on sell for like five dollars and its really good to stock up on birthdays if you have kids and they're always going to parties and things or just I don't know four christmases next you need to know the schedule target has for marking stuff down generally speaking this is the the markdown schedule but you might need to check with your own target to see if anything is different but usually on Monday they do children's clothing baby items electronics office supplies Tuesday are women's clothing so all you shoppers other home decor and domestic items Wednesday men's clothing toys food health and beauty are health and beauty garden items and then thursday is housewares lingerie shoes sporting goods and luggage friday cosmetics jewelry hardware car stuff home improvement stuff so that's like generally speaking that's what it is ha okay so you know if something is marked down then if it's on a wednesday and it's like a men's clothing item and you really wanted if there's like a gazillion of them you want to chance it then two weeks later you should go on a wednesday and there should be some there for you mark down the next level but that's up to you to chance it so we know for toys it's good in late July August also you know January cuz after Christmas everything gets clearest out the toys and they make room for like summary things and stuff so anyways those are the two times that you should if you have young kids and need to stock up for birthdays and other things that's those are the times you should do it a two hundred dollars worth of toys for 60 bucks is really good in my book anyways okay so there's a 332 rule that I wanted to tell you about if you don't know it after season Halloween Christmas Easter whatever for the first three days after the holiday like christmas they'll have everything like fifty percent off most things everyone's well something will be twenty five percent off and you're like wait a minute just put it fifty anyways so who then three days after that is when they mark it down again so after that it might be like the seventy-five percent off and then two days after that they'll mark it down again to probably usually up to nine percent and then I just usually send it to goodwill which you need to look around too because oh my gosh there's a target right next to a goodwill in raleigh and you can go there any day and just see you you can just see everything's like from a half the stores like from target so um yeah too but i don't live there actually it's probably good i don't live there son house would be even more cluttered it'd be harder to keep uncluttered that's what i should say other ways to save it target totally got off track um use your own bags if you bring your own banks you get five cents per bag off your total which doesn't seem like a lot but i'd rather have twenty cents off every time i go shopping or whatever then nothing if you have a target redcard i don't have one but if you do you say five percent each time so it might be a good idea if you believe that you will pay off the balance every month i would suggest that if you don't think you can handle it and you're going to run it up and then not be able to pay the balance please don't even try but also if you shop at Target calm and you have a red card then you always get free shipping which is nice because we bought a bed there once no we ended up buying a homer because we got shipped to store at walmart and we would have done it if we a red card because then we would have gotten free shipping but target FYI you need to have a ship to store option just like Walmart does and maybe you'll be doing that in the future right oops oh um Oh another thing is to keep your receipt because um if you buy something and then within a week or a week later you see something that something you bought is marked down then you can go back in and be like I just bought this and now it's like way too / and they will give you the difference so that's kind of nice to know because I bought one time this little garden set and then they marked it down and I was like oh that's so not fair and so you can go back in and get the difference which is nice what else what can L scan you do um you can hide things down the aisle and someone else can get in and then work down just kidding okay don't do that of course there's coupons you can clip they take manufacturer's coupons they actually have their own store coupons as well that you can print off off their site so there you have it now you know why on my Christmas videos in my foot on my family channel the florist cover is because I get such good deals you got to have presents for kids to open up though right so some of them I am keeping for cross paths evaluate what you actually need and don't just let it become like a yard sale item two days after Christmas like actually think do I have room for this so remember that all right hope you learn something about how to save money a target and that was my those metal tips model tips for you today it's all right all right now I'm just getting silly alright thanks for watching we'll see you next time on the green apple home on the good ship green apple home it's one-way trip to the target store

Use Active Target Promo Codes 2018 and Coupons That Always Work

**Use Active Target Promo Codes 2018 and Coupons That Always Work**



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