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How To Stop Spam Calls and Texts | This Morning

**How To Stop Spam Calls and Texts | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis explains the best way to get rid of spam calls and texts.
it's one of our biggest bugbears mountains of unwanted messages and post arriving through our letter boxes and inboxes every day so just how can you put a stop to it all matters here with them spam busting tips guaranteed to lighten your load let's start off with those nuisance phone calls yeah so lots of people get phone calls they don't want and it's very difficult to stop them and it drives people up the wall now the way that you stop this the official way is the telephone preference service many people will know about that on their landlines 83% of people have signed up to it so you sign up to it you can do it online you can call them on your landline and then takes 28 days to activate after that it's a criminal offense for legitimate EU companies to get in touch with you if you haven't requested that they do say what most people don't do though is sign their Mobile's up only 3% of people sign their Mobile's up so a few weeks ago they launched a new number that you could text now the first one they launched charge people when it shouldn't so there's another one now that it's meant to be totally free let me know if you do get charged for it you shouldn't be if you are charged it's gonna be 12 P so let's not let's not go overboard on this type thing and that number is 8 509 5 and you add TPS just those letters and then your email address because they need to legitimize that it is you and then your mobile number will be on the telephone preference service too but note what I said legitimate EU companies that means companies from outside the U u can call you and that means scammers from inside the EU will call you and as in two years time everyone can query well we're not sure what will happen yet on that we don't know where we'll go I suspect you're right that would be my guess on that but there's a couple of things you have to understand first of all if some scammer gets your number and once you're on their database they're gonna keep calling you if they don't care about the TPS then that will feel like the TPS isn't working the other thing and this is what people find you know you do those online forms and it says tick here if you want to opt out but one might say tick here if you want to opt out and the one underneath it will say tick here if you want to opt in and the next one else so they make it very confusing if you tick one of those boxes then you've given them permission to get in touch with you even on the TPS so many people say how can this companies getting in touch with me I'm on the TPS because you ticked a box and you might have thought you were ticking a box to say no when you ticked a box to say yes so you've got to be careful in those but if someone calls you and you're on the TPS from the telephone preference you say I'm a member of the telephone preference service you shouldn't be calling me and legitimate companies will go away that works for text as well as text is somewhat different because okay the first warning on text this gets really confusing if a legitimate company texts you when you don't want the text you text back stop and that should stop them if an illegitimate spam attacks you texting back stop tells them that you're a real mobile phone number and will often mean you get more spam not less so legit companies you want a text stop illegitimate companies you don't want a text stop and you if you don't know the company you've got to assume it's illegitimate so if you get a spam text this is the number to remember 7 7 to 6 it spells spam on most alphanumeric keyboard 7 7 to 6 forward your spam text to that with the phone number that called you what that does is it goes into a database and enough people forward the numbers then they they get blocked so we all have to work together to stop this but also then block that number on your mobile phone and if one is continuing to pester you get in touch with the Information Commissioner and you look at it specifically but we've all got a foreword to seven seven to six don'ts don't reply stop to illegitimate companies or companies you don't know we will put all these numbers on there on there also when

How Can I Save Money On My Bills? | This Morning

**How Can I Save Money On My Bills? | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis offer’s financial advice to callers.
Dominic says how can I save money on my gas and electric bills on playing 200 pounds each month on gas electric I'm struggling how can I save their money for Chris well 2,400 pounds a year is over double what you would expect to pay on average two things you need to do one make sure you're on the cheapest bill seventy percent of people aren't on average people are overspending by twenty thirty percent I think you could probably cut six hundred pounds a month off that by going to do a comparison to move yourself from a standard TAF which is what I'm guessing you're on seventy percent of people are to the cheapest on the market do it now before winter gets here and frankly with the exchange rate issue that never would have read about prices going up I i would give you 5050 odds on sometime around late December January being announcements of energy price rises so you want to go lock in a cheap deal now and most people are massively overpaying so if you're on a standard tariff typical average standard tap is 1060 a year cheaper still on the market 760 you're over double that so double the saving and then go and look at your energy efficiency as well walk around the house see what you're using that you shouldn't be using have you got draught excluders where they should be are you making sure you're switching the energy off warmth is probably the most important lag tank all of that go through all of that but I suspect you're on the wrong tariff go and do a comparison on an off Gemma proof comparison site 600 quid bang a year save like that okay

Ravi's Money Saving Tips - Heating And Water Bills | Lorraine

**Ravi's Money Saving Tips – Heating And Water Bills | Lorraine**



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Money Savvy Ravi shares his top tips on how to make huge savings on your household bills!
and you know what this morning I was looking in the papers and they've got this story seeing this is incredible you can use a sale fee to pay for things I mean I'm just getting over you know with it you can do that via comm yeah you know what tapping think it's amazing but you can actually use a selfie so not just yet so let's not miss it karaoke potentially in the future may even make passwords redundant but yet click and you can buy all your clothes online really all right yeah yeah so it's just it'll know you by it's like fees apparently so that's our gonna how they're gonna verify you so Oh perfect could be quite cool let's see what happens I know it's the Wonder do it it's going to go next it's incredible know that the temperatures dropped Tommy bit it's a little bit colder but you've got some really good ways on how to save household bills yeah exactly so if you've got a onesie Lorraine whack it out because they've got one yeah oh yes so more than one more than one course and wacky out basically cuz the cold weather is coming and everybody's talking about switching their heating on right about now so perfect time to talk about saving on your energy bill so our first stop is heating now all of us have been victim to this we leave home for work in the morning switch the heating off we come back in the evening and we leave it on for short sharp blast which is not necessarily the most cost efficient way of doing things now turning your thermostat down by 1 degrees could actually save your household anywhere between 60 to 70 pounds so my takeaway here is keeping the heat on a lower level met consistently on throughout the day could save you those pennies and another thing properties are full of windows and heat escapes through these bad boys so they're lovely to look at lovely to get Sun in but a lot of heat can escape so my advice is double glazing is fantastic that can save you 165 pounds a year with a slap in the face is the bill that you get when you're doing the whole house so have a look at this DIY alternative it looks like King film yeah basically is nothing really sexy about it but you can least you work it on with a blow dryer it costs under 4 pounds a meter and it does a job makes your energy efficient it's a double glazing film that's fantastic really cool that's true that's a really really good idea well bet on your water bill because that's something that Kim's CorStone allotment yeah we all love a shower don't mean nice big shower in the morning but did you know that one minute less in the shower could save you 10 pounds a year per person in your family so for a family of five that's 50 pounds of my advices if you've got a cheeky date this weekend and you're gonna spend an extra minute in the shower make sure she's worth it exactly oh yeah yeah buddy this shower efficient head as well yeah this is pretty cool it keeps the water pressure the same and it uses less volume of water so when you're showering is it demo here yeah very good yeah yeah you can keep yourself water efficient so okay how shaky knees no fantastic and what's this little guy here right so we're all suckers for leaving our appliances on standby whether it's games consoles laptops Mobile's printers scanners the works now what this does is it could save you 80 pounds a year it costs around 20 pounds from your local hardware so and what it does is say if I go home this evening I'm gonna charge my low bar as soon as a battery hits a hundred percent it switches off and the energy source you know to you you save your pennies exactly so as soon as everything's all done they're not we'll just stuff that's really really good ideas which are good investment night because it will p dividend exactly twenty pound to get an 80 80 a pound saving why not make sense it makes sense there we go thank you my love

Wheel of Opinions with David Spade

**Wheel of Opinions with David Spade**



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Jimmy challenges David Spade to give opinions on the spot about randomly generated topics, like going into the pool with a shirt on. 

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Wheel of Opinions with David Spade

-Now, here's how it works. We're
gonna hit this button, here, which will activate
the Opinion Topic Generator. -Flux capacitor. -And it will land on
a random topic. And whatever it is, you'll have
to give your opinion on it. -I don't know.
-You ready for this? [ Laughs ] Alright, here we go.
Ready? Here we go. Are you gonna press —
-What do I do? -Oh, I think you should
press it, 'cause you're here. -I press it to start it, or…? -It will tell you —
random opinions. And then, just talk about
whatever shows up. -Okay. [ Opinion generator beeps ] [ Beeping slows ] -Oh, do you know
the FaceApp filter? -Oh, do I. Yeah. People did it for me. I'm against it, because I'm just
against, in general — first of all, I don't want
to look any older on that app. I don't even know why
anyone would do it. But — I want one
where I'm taller — an app. -That's nice. -Yeah, where's that invention? But overall,
I just think that, sometimes, people don't look like they do
on Instagram, and so,
it's not a great idea. You meet girls on Instagram,
and you're like, "Uh, is the girl
from Instagram coming? Because —
Are you her roommate?" Because, sometimes,
they don't look exactly — It's bad for the world.
That's all. Okay. There's no right
or wrong answer. -No. It's just opinions.
Here we go. [ Opinion generator beeps ] [ Beeping slows ] -I can't even read that. -It says "The richest man
in the world." -Oh, richest man in the world. Oh, and it's now… -It's Bill…
-Nope. Not Bill Gates anymore. It's a French guy
named Bernard Arnault. I just read this.
And he is number one. And then, Bezos. -Oh, Jeff Bezos. Yeah. -And then, Bill Gates.
Embarrassing. [ Laughter ] Bill Gates is… [ Laughter ] Isn't that tragic? -Ew.
-Yeah, he's the bronze. Nobody's talking
about the bronze. He walks around with
a leather coat in there, like, "Hey, I'm Bronzie.
Hey." -Bronzie.
-Yeah. And his wife's like,
"I thought you were rich." -Here we go.
Ready? Here we go. [ Opinion generator beeps ] -That's my favorite part. [ Beeping slows ] [ Laughter ] -It's an odd one.
This is an odd one. This is,
what is your opinion on going into the pool
with a shirt on? -Oh. [ Laughter ] It's mandatory,
for me, now. Yeah. America voted. No, you know what happened,
though? I did get some paparazzi
pictures at the pool, like, two summers ago. And I — You know,
no one's expecting miracles from this rig,
you know? So, I had my shirt off.
I didn't look great. And then, I come home,
and my waiter is German at my breakfast place. And he comes over,
and he goes, "What was going on
in the pool?" I go, "Huh?" And he goes, "I saw pictures,
dude. Not good." I go, "What do you mean?"
He goes, "You have a gut." I was like,
"Oh, my God!" I go, "First of all,
let me tell you something." He goes, "Why do you pick
the most horrible pictures?" I go, "I don't pick [bleep],
dude. They pick it. What, do you —
Do you not know how it works? They want
a bad picture." The guy's got, like, a jeweler's
loupe with a contact sheet. He's like, "Looks too good.
Looks too good. Fat. Run with it." [ Laughter ] "Print it." [ Cheers and applause ] -That's it for
Wheel of Opinions. My thanks to David Spade,
right there.

PART TWO: Easy Way to Save Money

**PART TWO: Easy Way to Save Money**



View Time:2:39Minutes



Real fam, what’s your go-to money-saving tip?
well some people may or may not pay for water in their residents but mostly everyone pays for it and a great way to save on your energy bill is to turn down the temperature on your water heater it's easy just a dial just turn it out hasn't got good this is spent especially great in the summer months the dial yeah this is especially great in the summer months when you don't take super hot showers but you may want to stick to a low temp for year-round saving the Department of Energy recommends having your tank base hot water heater set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for most people turning down the temperature 10 degrees saves 3 to 5 percent on energy Oh so a temp drop of 140 degrees to 120 could save you between 6 to 10 percent of your bill every hand a lot of money turn the tip down also slows the mineral buildup and corrosion and your water heater because according to energy that gov as a precaution always consult your water heater owner's manual for instructions on how to operate the don't kill yourself and that's how I keep [Applause] when the Summer Sun brightens our days a lot of time it also lightens our hair yes which is why many women who color their hair choose to go lighter in the summer and darker colors in the fall winter knowing or everyone's fav highlight what going lighter for summer doesn't have to continually cost you all summer long no girl coz highlights aren't terribly expensive but you have to continuously get them touched up to maintain the look yeah over time that's told you wish you're gonna head you know for some other expenses yes so this summer try balayage yes it's where they actually paint the lighter color onto your hair rather than using the foils okay and the benefit of balayage is that it continues to look great as your hair grows out so your look lasts way longer Wow you see that is the disclaimer okay balayage is also technically more expensive generally okay then highlights but the money you'll save from not having to continuously touch-up those highlights will keep more money in your pocket over time and that's how [Applause] you kind of killed it and keeping the coin just imagine all the coins you be saving this summer we hope these teeth we hope that these tips help you [Applause]