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WOW Still Growing in TX~!! (12.15.18) Garden Update - DIY Homestead Zero Waste Minimalist

**WOW Still Growing in TX~!! (12.15.18) Garden Update – DIY Homestead Zero Waste Minimalist**



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more than everybody this Marc Crawford sustainable frugal living and it is December 15th we're getting some sunshine as you can see it's really not that cold but I got thin Bloods covered up anyway I wanted to give you a quick update of our garden we've been somewhat successful come with me we'll check it out ok this is our new structure here that we created with the free pallets we got videos on that you can check out we've got the landscape fabric inside blind inside with compost we actually we have the the core Google method they call it the kugel I guess and there's like say there's videos on that the rest of it filled up with compost now look at the earlier video you would have seen this was full of cucumbers against this welded wire here and we were able to harvest quite a few cucumbers and Teresa has pickled four deal pickles and bread-and-butter pickles I think they call him was really cool and then the rest of them had in our salads against end over there we had ochre plants we had ochre plants over the over there as well okra plants didn't make it we've got a little bit of harvest from the okra but not month I mainly just the small ones for salads the the freezes that we had we had some early freezes here in Texas as well as across the country as the second freeze pretty much did in the okra plants and killed them so the rest here were snap beans and they were Bush beans and we've got we got a lot of those those were very delicious very good and then we had some world crow planted down here you'll see in the other video but anyway this been I plants root in the soil that actually adds to the nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down and I tilled it up at chicken manure compost in this area out it with leaves and so that one's put to bed for the winter that one's done now this bed over here we had tomato plants here and we probably got maybe a dozen tomatoes off of that and of course the like I said the okra plants were here they froze out and died we got a few but the tomatoes we actually had to plant the we had to harvest the tomato plants before the second freeze because we knew it was going to be a hard one and would kill them so several probably about six half-a-dozen of the tomatoes we had to put in the house and let them just ripen in there the rest of all this is beets and they're our root crop so they've done well through the freeze they've been okay and still growing healthy and strong as you can see here we did an intense planning method with the beets so they're not gonna be real large or over in this area here we have our carrots and again we did an intensive planting for our carrots which you can go either way if you do the regular spacing you'll get the larger carrots if you do intensive spacing like this you get more carrots but you're going to get the smaller salad size carrots that's what we were going for here another reason we weren't really sure how well they would do and you can see here they did very very well and it awesome one of the videos I meant 'add what they look like they look pathetic after the thunderstorm is beat them down but obviously they all came back very very well so we've got lots of basically baby carrots over here the last bed of our four new ones it is you can see put to bed do the same thing over here with the compost and leaves put to bed the only thing is we left is the sugar pea plant the one sugar pea plant that we didn't tie up to the welded wire we just left it on its own and it actually survived if you look in the earlier videos we had like three or four plants here that we're just hanging down I'm pretty sure what I did wrong on these just for your knowledge is I planted them too shallow and so they grew but the roots weren't very deep and that was detrimental to the plants so they didn't make it but this one here we we just kept kind of pushing up this way so it would stay out of the dirt and it actually survived there's a couple of plants there and this one actually has some sugar peas on it to harvest I'll show you one maybe you can see one right there this one right here that one right there is ready to harvest but doesn't have a whole lot on it but the one surviving sugar pea plant okay that's it for our new area let's go into the existing garden structure over here check it out our existing garden structure but actually they're all existing this is our older garden structure along with the UV tarp on it or shade cloth the hydroponics was a pathetic disaster we're just busy with the livestock and different things so we're going to let this go until next spring we put pearl light in it and that was a big mistake it's just a lot better with gravel we've we've done it with gravel before and didn't have the gravel to put in until we had lots of pearl light as you can see the bag over there and we got bags over here or perlite so the issue with the perlite is make some ass floats too easily it gets down into the orifices where it drains into the tub and that's a big issue so we're gonna go back to the pea gravel on this I'm sure it'll be a lot better anyway let's take a look right over here we've got these are some transplants from the cups we actually germinated from seed and then transplanted on me here this is spinach you can see there we've got about a half a dozen spinach plants and they're doing real well very good plants and the rest of this is more radish we planted a lot of radish one reason is because radish is very easy to grow and as you can tell here this is pretty much ready to harvest we're going to harvest most of this today if not all of it I said in earlier videos we love radish with barbacoa tacos and salads I love it I mean some people it's not for them it may not be for you but it gives your salads a little bite a little spice and it's healthy very good for you my favourite is in barbacoa tacos with onions cilantro that's the best so anyway let me pull one of these up and you can see without pulling them up here you can see you can see them right there they get that one that's what we're looking at see how big that one is anyway we've got quite a few of them in there time to harvest we'll give some to family we'll eat a bunch and over in this bed we have some broccoli which has just been tore up by the pests you can see just tore up this there's still barely hanging on but I don't think they're gonna make it through the winter and the rest of this bed is yet to be composted and we're gonna put some chicken manure or compost in this on the top of it fill it in and put leaves on it same way put it to bed for the winter get rid of all of them the weeds anyway thanks for watching the video again this is Mark Crawford with sustainable through the living we do our share our videos all of our videos are listed as Creative Commons use which means feel free to share them no copyright infringement or anything like that we are sustainable through the living the idea is to help others away from the debt be more productive be more of a producer rather than a just a consumer in times of disaster and catastrophe and that sort of thing which we've had you may have lived through that you know how important it is to have you know vital things like food water shelter so check out our videos on our Channel that's what we're all about we have our own videos we share others videos as well again thanks for watching be sure to subscribe down below if this is a shared video you can just type in sustainable frugal living and go to our website we appreciate you if you subscribe give us a thumbs up and as always god bless

WHAT'S ALDI THROWING AWAY NOW? PLUS Frugal Daddy's All New Circus Act!

**WHAT'S ALDI THROWING AWAY NOW? PLUS Frugal Daddy's All New Circus Act!**



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you know when you send your husband out to the store for just one thing and you never know what he's gonna come back with I said honey we need milk the kids want milk on their cereal that's all we need just a little milk but then he climbs in the dumpster so let's see what do you got as I film this it's June 21st so here we have a half gallon of milk dated June 23rd and a full gallon of milk dated July 1st and they're both still cold a big bucket of soft assorted flavored puffs I don't know what these are a roll of yellow electrical tape a cute little $8 hunk of ham a sell by September 12 a 20-19 it's cooked it's in plastic and it's cold my favorite strawberries dried mango I would say within the last two weeks I was in Trader Joe's with autumn and I bought her some dried mango I paid money real real I was gonna say real human money real American currency I actually paid for something I bought her dried mango and now for GoDaddy pulls a brand new package an open seal intact dried mango with the best by date of October 3rd 2025 purple onions 2 yellow onions an entire chicken still cold dated June 27 which is six days in the future got a nice little mini compact umbrella you never can have too many of these these are so good to just have in the car I know we never seem to have enough grabbers in the car but we are gonna have lots of umbrellas oh I'm hitting myself in the head with it yeah I invented that twirl to mega meet pizzas for frugal daddy who is the meat eater we got your mini bagels we got you two packages of blueberry bagels we got your full-size plane bagels some classic white bread and the club rolls that frugal daddy loves now how do we know how long this foods been in that disgusting dirty awful dumpster well frugal daddy was there I'd say the about nine o'clock this morning and he pulled out something that I'll show you in a second but this stuff wasn't in there first thing in the morning he went back a couple of hours later looked again and all this stuff was there so this stuff was only in the dumpster an hour or two and here's frugal daddy's favorite find his styrofoam he loves it he's gonna do tricks with it now and go circus performer you can do it i double-dog dare you i dipsy-doodle come on you can do it oh yeah and flip them oh my gosh oh yes you know it's still good it's still good going this is all part of yackin supposed to do that excellent should is very nice needs helping okay with his assistant need [Applause] yeah that's the good part of the trick incorporating them back in there's a helicopter going overhead watching the boat and put their bust in my video the surveillance drone softly loud though it's not very good spy protocol alright come on maybe throw it in there throw it throw it Brad launch it oh good that's beautiful right now now let's set them on fire and you do it again and the star of the show is here to say bye

♪ Screw the Nether (Moves Like Jagger Parody)

**♪ Screw the Nether (Moves Like Jagger Parody)**



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♪ Screw the Nether (Moves Like Jagger Parody) ♪ NEW SONG: How do I craft this Again:
To celebrate Martyn Littlewood joining us at YogTowers, here’s a specially made song and video featuring the vocal talents of Martyn, Lewis and Simon, mixed by Sparkles* and animated by Ciaran!

Featuring Martyn Littlewood:
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Arranged and additional vocals by Sparkles*:

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[Whistles] >>Martyn: It’s deep underground, past the bedrock, but don’t dig straight down, You’ll regret that, but now you feel brave, equipped with your spade, to roam in these caves [Whistles] Not looking for gold, this stuff’s purple, or so I’ve been told, by some people, I’ll find a few bricks, where the two of these mix, with a couple of clicks, I’ll be swinging my pick! This is all the prep that I go through, even if my tools are just make do, Moving to the nether, I’m moving to the Nether, I’m moving tooooo the nether 10 blocks is the magical total, as that’s enough to build up my portal, Moving to the Nether, I’m moving to the Nether, I’m moving tooooo the Nether >>Lewis: Welcome to hell, weathers great here so pull up a chair, have a cold beer, You can live by the sea, so happy you’ll be with your cobblestone tree [Whistles] Oh! The neighbours aren’t bright, they’re delicious we eat bacon all night, its nutritious, Hear all of them squeal, from damage I deal there’s plenty to steal >>Martyn: Hack and slash! Golden Nuggets! I’m rich! >>Martyn & Lewis: Who cares if we’re giving up sunlight? Glowstone’s all we need to keep things bright Down here in the Nether, we love it in the Nether, You’ll love it innnn the Nether! Don’t expect to see any creepers, that’s one of my favourite features, Down here in the Nether, we love it in the Nether, you’ll love it innnn the Nether! >>Simon: You gotta know, you have to fight, learn to play there’s mobs but it’s not night, A wooden sword won’t do it, they're gonna blast right through it, You've got a potion – use it! So watch your back, I won't warn you twice – fight the ghasts, oooohhh, make you cry, They shoot the ground around you, making holes to fall though, You know you're probably going to – oh oh oh OHHHH
>>Martyn: In the lava again! >>Martyn & Lewis: Feels like hell the things I’ve just been though, Won’t believe a word when I tell you, you know what screw the Nether, You know what screw the Nether, You know what screw the Nether! Can’t believe I lost my new gear too! Think I’d better come and re-join you, You know what screw the Nether, you know what screw the Nether, You know what screw the Nether. >>Lewis: That’s it! I’m sick of this place, its sucks, it’s too hot, It never rains! I’m sweaty, all my clothes are all dirty and filthy and on fire! I’m absolutely sick of this place! Ohh, I miss nature, all the pigs and cows, and all that and sheep and stuff. I didn’t think I’d miss it but I do! OH MY GOD! How sad! I wish, I wish I could just return to the normal world again Bye! [Laughs]

Hawaii Plane Crash Caught on Tape | Good Morning America | ABC News

**Hawaii Plane Crash Caught on Tape | Good Morning America | ABC News**



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Watch the exclusive video of a small passenger plane making a crash landing on water on the way to Hawaii — caught on tape using a GoPro. Luckily, all passengers were safe following the crash.
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Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video | National Geographic

**Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video | National Geographic**



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Video technology and science converge on an active volcano in Vanuatu, where explorer Sam Cossman operated camera-mounted drones to capture high-definition images of the spectacular yet dangerous Marum Crater. Cossman and his team piloted the drones over the 7.5-mile-wide (12-kilometer) caldera while confronting toxic gases and boiling lava. Although two drones succumbed to the harsh environment, the team was able to bring back video and photos that will help scientists learn more about the volcano and the life around it.
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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible.

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Read a Q&A with filmmaker Sam Cossman:

VIDEOGRAPHERS: Sam Cossman, Simon Jardine, and Conor Toukmarkine
EDITOR: Jennifer Murphy

Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video | National Geographic

National Geographic

it's glimpse into the center of the earth it's like listening to the heartbeat of the planet the physiological effects of being inside the volcano are significant in that you have every force down there trying to kill you let's use the drone to I wanted to share the more impaired that's located in the island nation of Vanuatu by bringing a team with me and documenting this place in a way that's never been seen the drone that we used is called the phantom 2 Vision+ we had also GoPros mounted on to these particular drones with gimbal devices so that no matter how much they shook the video remains stable we were able to take a series of thousands of photographs around the top of the crater and then process those using a specialized software to render the first-of-its-kind 3d model of the volcano from inside we were fortunate in that we got the footage we were looking for and unfortunate in the fact that we lost our drones they fell to their demise some into the lava and others just from the incredible amount of heat and unstable air you have sulfur dioxide and toxic gases that are superheated and just an incredible radiant heat that exceeds a thousand degrees Fahrenheit standing right next to it well if you're looking for extreme locations it doesn't get much better than an erupting volcano on Vanuatu we were there to investigate how quickly microbial colonization happens on rocks we certainly wouldn't imagine that there is life in the lava lake itself just way too hot for anything to happen but the instant the rock cools to below about 120 degrees Celsius it's considered a habitable environment we're getting a handle on how colonized this particular substrate it was a good example of what will happen across the planet and has happened across the planet throughout geologic time having the cameras everywhere particularly during the sampling at the very edge of the lava lake is critical because we can go back and see exactly how far we were from the edge exactly how closely distributed these newly formed rocks were this isn't something you can measure in the moment 3d reconstruction of the crater itself will be very useful and figuring out which layers are iron-rich which layers are sulfur rich within the culture as a whole there's certainly life coating the walls as you go down on some of the surfaces down at the bottom almost certainly there's a high microbial Institue in' see the greatest scientific value is just having videographic support that can be used in tandem with other research that's happening in the world i really believe there's an opportunity to merge those worlds of exploration and tech and coming back and reporting on all kinds of information that has not yet been discovered you