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Brilliant clothing tips As all fashion designers and stylist say, “we must wear our clothes, not having our clothes wearing us”.And this couldn’t be more accurate, …

HOW I GREW MY HAIR! | + my platinum blonde routine

**HOW I GREW MY HAIR! | + my platinum blonde routine**



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you guys have asked lately when the heck my hair got so long. for me, this is the longest and healthiest its been in 5 years! here’s the products i use for it & my …

10 Ways To Make Money Online + Saving tips!

**10 Ways To Make Money Online + Saving tips!**



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I’m Hannah, I’m 18 years old, and this channel is where I like to express my self. I post what I like, ranging from makeup tutorials and clothing hauls to travel vlogs and deep discussions. I use cruelty free makeup to create my makeup looks because I’m also an animal lover!!
what's up guys is your hand back with another video so I am gonna share with you guys today how I basically keep myself financially stable I'm gonna also give us tips on how to make money that I don't even really do but it's more easy for like anyone to do I thought really long and hard about this video and you might not have been expecting this type of video from me but I think it's a very useful type of video and I know that when you're trying to adult and pay bills and everything it is really stressful sometimes these things I'm gonna talk about could be a good sign hustle if you're you have a job or maybe if you still live with your parents house and you wanna start saving out more money and making more money on the side while you go to school these off so think good things for that and some of these things are more long-term things that you kind of have to put more effort into but will give you more money in the end of the day so first I want to talk about making money and then I'm going to talk about how to save the money you make I'm also gonna have links down below to pretty much everything that I can link that I'm going to talk about today so yeah just look down there if you have any questions about what I'm talking about or you think I probably have a link for it down below so without further ado let's just get into the video first we're just gonna start off by saying where I make most of my money obviously I have a YouTube channel so every month I do get paid for my videos from Adsense obviously that has to do with you know however many of yous I get that month and you know if they're all monetized so I get those monthly checks and then I also do brand deals and brand deals are actually where I think most social media influencers make the big bucks so brand deals definitely pay pretty well and I use a bunch of different platforms in order tea and touches brands you know if I don't feel like I have another brand deal coming up as soon as I want one too I will go into these platforms and look at the campaign's that businesses have asking influencers like myself to propose a deal you can just go and see what brands are looking for what kind of influencer and you can propose a deal to them and that's how I do a lot of my brand deals and I will have a link down below talking about all of the best platforms in order to get in touch with brands but ya know if you have our know 5,000 or 10,000 followers like you can still make money off of your posts so that's where I make most of my money and then I also had do presets on Instagram I got with a photographer and it was how to make presets and we created my own presets I love my presets so much shameless self promoting come as well and Poshmark I love making money on flash market you can like list 10 items on Poshmark and then in a week or so if they're all sold you got a hundred bucks and like oh there you go like you could go shopping with that that is how I personally make most of my income I'm also going to go through the ways that you can make money on the internet that I don't you can also do something like I don't know if you guys have ever seen this on Instagram but on Instagram I see that girls will get together or maybe it's just one girl and create a Instagram for their local area or maybe not even local and they have girls come and list their clothes on that Instagram so it's kind of like a little marketplace they created and how they profit off of that is they charge you know like two two dollars and 50 cents per listing you really work at it and get that account to be really active and consistent then more and more people want to list stuff on your account and I actually did try this but I'm just trying to focus on so many other thing my life right now like so it kind of fell through but me and my friend Abigail did start a Instagram in order to do this but we just didn't stick to it and if you stick to it like I've seen some really successful Instagram accounts like that so I hope that makes sense I wouldn't explain it weird but and it's kind of fun cuz you can like decide if you want your little marketplace to have a certain vibe you know girls love DM you and be like hey I want to list something and you say hey send me a picture then you're able to say yes or no we'll sell it for you that's kind of like a fun little thing that I kind of see what's going on okay and then the next thing is also something that you have to be very diligent about if you want to really make money with it and this I suggest this for anyone who likes social media and is good at sales and I'm gonna talk about multi-level marketing companies I know it sounds it always has a sketchy taste in people's mouths but I did try a multi-level marketing company called Arbonne I tried Monet before but really I didn't think it was for me I did try Armand for a while which is a vegan nutrition lines actually have everything actually like they make makeup deodorant like literally anything you could think of our bond makes it it's like most natural form it's a multi-level marketing company which means that you can join the company as a salesman kind of or consultant you are able to sell the products to your friends and family and then you get commission off those sales and a lot of girls will you could go to social media with this I personally don't like cold messaging like that's the one thing I will say if you're gonna go multi-level marketing company just don't bother people in their dams because you're already setting yourself up for a super low chance they're going to be like Oh what is this because so many people are doing that I think it's best to just post about it on your store and talk about how that brand is actually affecting you in your life and then people will be like oh hey like can you hook me up with this and I I know that this is controversial like a lot of people say that multi-level marketing companies are scams and it's a pyramid scam a scheme and but you know I definitely have seen girls with these companies who are very very successful in us because we just drill down into it so and I mean if you find a product and a brand of a multi-level marketing that you really really love and believe in why not and if you can make a real money off of it why not okay and then this is for if you're a crafty girl if you love to craft things or like I don't know make jewelry or dream catchers or scarves or you know knit things like use your creativity and open a Nessy shop which is awesome and really exciting because it's like your own little small business I have known some people in my life who have done Etsy shop support and they're really successful at it and of course that's gonna take more time if you're gonna make things to order but if you are super crafty opening a tea shop is not a bad idea girl okay and then you can run a blog with ads yeah so I mean if you put ads on any website or blog that you have that is gonna generate revenue and so if you have any specific passion that you would love to just like write a whole blog about its path like fashion or food obviously that also something that's gonna take a lot of time anything that makes money is gonna take time damn it these ways to make money guys are so cool because you can make this money while you're in your sleep you know if you have something up for sale on the internet or it's like something to offer there's a great chance that you can get money from that and then the last tip I have for making money online is 14 surveys and I know I have personally never had the patience I never really how the patience to even get to the end of a survey deceive actually does pay me I did do some research on surveys that actually do pay real money and if anyone has the patience to kind if you just want to get that extra dollar holla and you've got some extra times to click on that link for best surveys that actually do pay and of course eBay eBay is always there and yeah I think that's all my tips for how to make money and if you have any better or if you think of any better you know alternatives or options to make money online please please leave it in the comments down below this is something that I've been wanting to talk about for a while because the girls have DM me before being like how do you make money or how like what are ways to make money online alright guys and then saving the money that you make and preserving – first of all you should always always plan and budget things especially when you're about to go out to have fun before you go out just sit down for 15 minutes maybe and look at your bank account think about your financial priorities in the near future so say you have rent coming up and you have to pay bills and of all that money take note of when you have to have it by and then look at how much money you have at that moment take out that much money possibly and put it in a savings account so you already have that money reserved for when you need it and then you have that extra money that you know that you won't feel that bad spending and then that way you can't go out in the world and just spend too much and then be really disappointed when you check your bank account everything really does add up so that's something that always makes me feel secure when it comes to taking care of bills and rent I always put that money aside so yeah I always plan out and budget what money you mean and what money you should spend okay and then guys I want to talk about like my favorite app ever and no this is not sponsored I'm gonna talk about an app called digit and what digit does is it automatically saves your money for you like you literally don't have to think about it so let me elaborate how did it works is that you link it to your bank account and then every day it takes out a little chunk of money from you the amount of money it takes out every day always depends on how much money you have in your bank account so this is like not like mathematically correct or anything but say you have like a hundred dollars in there so that day it's probably gonna take I don't know maybe like seven dollars out and save it for you and digit and then the next dates that you have like six dollars it might take like 20 cents that day and put it in your savings account so over time you're literally saving money every day without having to think about it like a week goes by our two weeks go by and if you open the digit up and you see that you've already saved a couple hundred dollars so I've had this app for over a year now another thing I love about it is that every morning it texts you your checking balance account like how much is like it's like good morning Hanna you're checking and balance has this much money in it so that automatically takes away from my like anxiety unwillingness to check my bank account because you never you ever spend money and then you're like ooh and one check my bank account now and then you just don't well I don't have to deal with that because right away in the morning at nine o'clock I get a text message from digit that's like hey Hanna this is how much money you have in your bank account right now another thing I really liked about digit is that you can go in and put a low balance protection thing on it so let's say you don't want your banking your bank checking account to go under $50 so every time that your bank account goes under $50 digit notices that and then it adds however much money from your digit account to your bank account to make it back up to $50 so that's pretty cool and you don't have to have it on it's just like I said that you can do you can make more than one savings account within digit like you can have your retirement account you can have your rainy day account I definitely made an account for a Colorado trip I just hook I wanted to make sure I had a good chunk of money to spend while I was there so I just asked it to save that money for me so that's pretty cool but it is free the app is free but in order to keep using it long term I think it does start charging you maybe like two dollars a month which isn't very cash money of them but I really don't think I would be saving as well as I do without digits and the last thing I want to say about saving your money that you make online guys is if you are making a good amount of money each time you get paid off the internet that money isn't getting texted withdrawing from it so and I believe it's like don't mark my words on this but I think it's payments over $600 you do have to pay taxes on and definitely double check that but it's really important that you know if you don't work for a company and you're self-employed and you're making money on the internet you're gonna have to pay taxes during tax season and not getting a refund like all your friends who do work for a company so in order to prepare for this and not be you know super I'm disappointed that you didn't know that was coming he make a savings account just for your income tax what I do is every time I get a big chunk of money in I put a quarter of that into my income tax account that went by me next time that tax season comes around I'm prepared and I might even have money left over from what I've been saving which is like my own little taxi fund to myself that's just something I have to say because I know they don't teach you that in school I definitely feel your struggle when things don't feel like they're gonna work out or they may never work out but the key is to just keep being consistent with anything you do on the Internet in order to gain people's trust and attention you have to be consistent and that's a huge thing that I have learned in my career um yeah I think this video contains all of the financial advice I could really offer at this time I'm definitely working on some huge things that I can't talk about yet that I will be talking about this summer I definitely been super you know drilling down more on my bank account and my just financial status because I need to preserve my money for the stuff that I'm doing because I am taking money out of my own pocket to create something that I think is awesome so I realize excited I'm excited yeah that's it guys hope you guys got some useful information in this and if you did I would love it if you I gave it a thumbs up and maybe commented what you liked about it or you know share it that would be amazing also if you're new here please feel free to subscribe down below I put out videos every Monday and Thursday so yeah my channel has been pretty popping with the good content so stick around I love you guys I hope you have a great day or night and I will see you in my next video I hope you come back bye guys

January / February 2015 favorites + DISCOUNT CODES!

**January / February 2015 favorites + DISCOUNT CODES!**



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This video is about some of my current favorite products and brands! February 2015. It’s a mini faves video including items I noticed I use often the last couple months that I hope work well for you!

I have included discount & coupon codes in the video as well as more listed below! If you are interested in trying any of these brands or if you are already a customer you can now use them for future orders! ๐Ÿ™‚

any questions!?

reminder, phones can not see annotations! so be sure to watch from a computer to see every detail if you’re interested! i added a ton of annotations to help you guys but it can only be seen from a computer!
thanks :)!

For more information on the game Agent Alice visit: //www.agentalice.com/

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* MAKEUP BRUSHES! my must have contour brush is sigma F84! Use my link for a discount when you order!

*MINK LASHES! I LOVE mink eyelashes!!! i wear isis and dollymix the most. now you can use my discount code when you order them! code: beeisforbeeauty

* MARYLAND GEAR! for all you fellow marylanders, you can receive 15% off when you order, using my code: BEE15

*JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES my go to are from
use my code: TAYLORBEE
at checkout for a 10% discount off your orders!

*HAIR! I wear foxy locks hair extensions:) !! the shades i wear are latte blonde and sun kissed brown, mixed and/or separated!
use my code for a FREE gift with purchase at check out!
Code: foxytaylor

i wear this brand all the time for my wearable & SFX looks!

mehron info:
highlight shade LT2
contour shade MD3
^ more info on this is annotated in the video, but it can only be seen on a computer NOT A PHONE !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
– (business inquiry only)
please email me!
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Instagram and twitter: “beeisforbeeauty”
hey guys today's video is going to be all about my current favorites which I am sure you already knew by the title these are all like super random products and brands or whatever that I've been using lately and loving that I think that you guys should try I'm not really gonna have an order to these it's kind of randomly all over my desk and I'm just gonna grab them I will have everything listed in the description box including a ton of discounts and promo codes that I have for you to use if you are interested in shopping with any of these brands I'm going to mention because who doesn't love saving money when they're spending money you get a coupon code and you get a coupon code and you get a coupon code so the first thing I'm going to tell you about is the product I've been using to highlight and contour recently these are the mayor on HD Pro cream makeup and I have two shades one for highlight one for contour my highlight I use shade light and for my contour i use shade medium dark this is what they look like these two are what i use together obviously i use the highlight in the highlight areas which just to be sure you guys know what those are underneath the eye most of you guys i'm sure know all about highlighting contouring where to put it all that if you do have more questions about that i have a ton of videos explaining and showing where these guys go and how to use them even though i'm using different products it's still the same routine i've tried a bunch of different highlighting contouring products and i go back and forth between a bunch but these guys i find work extremely well and I think that this brand is very underrated not a lot of people know about it or really use it which surprises me because it's extremely high quality but super affordable and I really love it because this thing is gonna last you your entire life literally I'll be a hundred years old with these exact pots I'm just going to show you hopefully you can see but I'm literally just going to touch it like hardly like tiptoe on this and I mean you can see how much it's picked up it's a ton and I've already used both of these like at least 50 times at least probably way more than that and they don't even look touched like it's amazing you hardly need any of this to do your full routine I haven't had an issue with I'm breaking me out or anything like that so I think that they're going to be good for any skin type and even though they are cream they're extremely so doesn't feel like you have anything on probably because it's so pigmented and you hardly need anyone you apply it but these things are awesome and you need them just try them I could probably spend an entire video just talking about these because I'm obsessed so for all the fellow highlight and contour freaks out there you're gonna want to try these I feel like garland like this is the Clinique moisture Moisture Surge extended thirst relief that was a mouthful this is what the container looks like I think this is the medium size and I think they have three sizes I might be wrong I picked this up from Sephora the moisturizer itself is a gel cream so it's extremely lightweight and it's like this pinky color but literally as soon as you put it on it just soaks right in it just disappears which is great because you don't look or feel like you're wearing anything it doesn't give you like a shiny look at all like probably can't tell but there's no shine even with this added on it's allergy tested and 100% fragrance free so it's great for sensitive skin it's a long-lasting hydration it's oil-free fast absorbing you can use it under your makeup you can also tap it on top and I have tapped it on top of my makeup and I notice that it didn't like remove it it kind of just absorbed right through so you can tap it on throughout the day if you do find that you are on the drier side but I also do highly recommend this to sensitive skin I had a chemical peel done last week I'll have a ton more information on that soon I do want to share that with you as well as other skin related topics if you have any specific questions for me now about sitting care definitely comment below let me know and hopefully in that video I can help you guys out but this was great because after that peel your skin flakes for about a week well when I say flake it what early like peels off because it's a chemical peel it's like burning the top layer to exfoliate the skin and remove all the dead skin cells and perfections and to help smooth lines blah blah blah but anyway your peeling off like a snake it's like a snakeskin coming off like gross but my skin was like raw like um like a wound like a burn I don't know how to explain it but it was raw and it hurt and anything that I would put on it besides this would sting and this didn't sting at all It didn t rotate it but even with super raw sensitive skin this works great for me to keep my skin looking and feeling hydrated especially after that peel next is my route 1 apparel and I have a ton of things from them but I'm gonna show you two of the items just because I have so many it's like a ton but for all you fellow Marylanders out there this is a great brain for you guys and I do have a discount code for you guys to use if you are interested so the first item from them that I've been wearing a ton is this tank top and it looks like this it's a racerback and it sign on the front with a Maryland flag in it and then the logo for the route one a parallel on the bottom it's more of like a flowing fitted top and really comfortable so I really like the fit of it more like a relaxed fit oh my god and then the other item that I wear ton are these glasses which are sick because they have the Marilyn flag all around the frame and the sides but now I'm gonna give you that discount code which is right here so the code for 15% off that you can use at checkout is b15 and you can use that on all your route 1 apparel comm purchases now for my hair extensions I've been getting asked a ton of questions since I changed my hair color about what color I'm using now and I think some of you guys are a little confused with my response on that so I want to clear that up I do wear foxy locks and when I was just blonde I was wearing the shade lot a blonde so it has like three different tones we have like a sandy blonde a dirty blonde and a bleached blonde all mixed together so it's really gonna match most of the darker shade blonds bleach blonde shade matched the top of my hair when I was blonde and then this one the dirty blonde matched underneath which the middle shade is closer to my natural hair color so it was really easy to blend it also gives your hair a lot of dimension so I really love that this had so many different shades of blonde in it cuz it's gonna work out for a ton of different people who are blonde like look how it's like beautiful it's perfect for so many different bonds and it's like I love these extensions it's high-quality it's real human hair and like every little detail is perfect it has the lace at the top the clips that match the hair color like the tone and this brand of extensions I've used a ton of different brands and this is always the one that I come back to it's actually the first company that I ever purchased from back in like 2009 I think and I stuck with them since even though I've used others I just always go back to this brand so that's the Lotte blonde now that I'm darker this is the shade that matches most of my new hair color and this is the sun-kissed Brown and that's what this looks like this one is like a solid color it doesn't have a ton of different shades in it it is a warmer light brown but now here's the tricky part this is the part that I think was confusing you guys so I do own both sets and what I do is I clip them together like over top of each other so you know how you do your sections you're gonna clip it in and then section and clip it in so every other I'm going to overlap them and then blend them so it's gonna match the ombre that I have going on I'm having like a really terrible Bed Head day I don't even know what's going on back there there's like a squirrel or something like trying to get out little swirly I don't know BS Rebecca like 24/7 now I don't even know when the last time I wash my hair was is that weird is that gross so when I especially when I curl them it's fect but even straight it matches perfectly you'll see here I get all the tones that I have in my real hair and it just literally is perfect where's my real hair where's the extension I don't know so yeah so that's what it looks like I really think that mixing them makes it perfect with the ombre or Bay Lodge or whatever you want to call it that's going on on this head of mine and I recommend mixing shades if you do have a ton of different tones and dimension going on in your real hair of course you always have the option of dyeing your hair extension for example I was the Lotte blonde because I was like super blonde and now I'm darker and I could have just died those but I thought what if I go back blonde or what if I want to do lighter ombre or blah blah blah like I things I eat to the max I don't even know and then I thought duh you can mix them together and it's perfect so I have two sets for if I change my hair or whatever I want to do and it just matches perfectly with those two if you guys do need new extensions or you're interested in trying this company I do have a code for you for this as well it is foxy Taylor as you can see here and it is all lowercase so make sure when you type it in the coupon code area that you do have it all lowercase because it's case sensitive so don't get your weaves right mm-hmm okay do this all day it's like therapeutic in my last video my haul video I told you guys about a game I was obsessed with at that time since then I have moved on to another one and this one is called agent Alice a lot of you guys told me that you were also obsessed or addicted to the last game that I told you about so now I'm just helping you get addicted to another one so pretty much for this game you are the detective you are agent Alice so you have to go around finding the clues to solve the crime and every week there's a new episode so there's always something new going on when you play each time so you have like a little story or that episode that plays when you're playing so it breaks it down like a story and you just click through as you're reading what is happening and then it tells you at the top all the clues that you have to find for that crime and it's just really addicting to play you're always gonna want to know what's happening next and continue playing and try and figure out the clues install each crime and the pictures or images like crystal clear it's super vivid it's not just like a silly game where you're like running your finger around don't have to think about it you actually like have to put things together like this is a puzzle so it actually makes you like work for the answer this game does work for iPads iPhones and Android so all of you smart tech people out there who do want to play so if you guys do want a new addiction or want something else to do in your free time I highly recommend that game and I'm sorry in advance for all of you that also become addicted to it next time I'm or if you pallets and I have three of them to share with you I have purchased these in the past these are actually refills so I'm just showing you brand new ones because they look like prettier than the ones that I've used in the past but the first one I'm going to show you is the 10-count concealer palette it looks like this on the front and then when you open it has all the shades here look how beautiful that is perfection I use it a ton not only for personal use but I also have it for freelancing so it's great for your kit it has all the shades here it's perfect for concealing foundation highlighted contour it's really easy to use coverage with these is really buildable so if you want to do a sheer or light cover you can but you can also layer them to get a full coverage and then the other two I have are the nine count I have the nine FC and the nine of W which obviously stands for cool and warm this is the warm palette but you can see here has all the warmer tones to it and then next to it I will put the cool so on top we have the cool on the bottom we have the warm shoots so this is like everything that you would ever need it's perfect in this company is one of my favorite brands to use because it's super affordable everything is high quality I use something from that brand daily whether it's the brushes the palettes their lashes I have a ton of things from them these guys are brand new and I'm really excited to use them because my other ones all hit pan and they're looking a little gross and running out so under eye concealer this guy is a must-have I don't know I went for like a month without using em we went on like a break I don't know why really because I still love it and it's a Smashbox camera ready BB eye cream this is the packaging and you take off the lid and twist it up from the bottom so I'll just give you like a little demo you just use the don't get in your eye brush applicator that is at the top and like paint it on under your eye you can use it on any problem area really if you're having breakouts or redness scars whatever it is like I'll go around my nose cuz I've redness there and you just painted on the problem area whatever it may be and then you take your Beauty Blender or brush whatever you want to use I'll use a brush real quick and you just blend it out but it has all the benefits of a BB cream with also the benefit of highlighting and concealing so you're gonna brighten the under eye area like it already looks magical it brightens up it corrects the color conceals it hydrates and it's just like an all-in-one magic wand in a bottle I don't even know like what to call it because it's just like perfect and you all need it now right now just go get it you'll thank me later that is everything for this round of my current favorites it's not too big I haven't changed a ton of thing normally when I do I feel like I tweet about it or talk about it in a video or Instagram actually Instagram or so that anything I feel but I hope you guys give these products and brands a try and that they work for you as well as they work for me make sure that you read the description box entirely I'm going to have a ton of information there as well as a bunch of links and the discount codes for you if you have any video requests that you would like me to do please comment below and if you are a fan of favorites videos or a fan of any of the brands that I have mentioned in this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and I will see you guys in the next video I hope you have a great rest of your day

How To Save Money While Shopping | Cherry Jain

**How To Save Money While Shopping | Cherry Jain**



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Hi guys,

Recently decided to give you guys a few tips on how to save money in a mall since we tend to spend a little too much.
What do you think?

Also, thank you DLF Place, Saket for letting me shoot this one.

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Lots of love,