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how to save money fast on a low income

**how to save money fast on a low income**



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professorsavings.com ( a simple way to learn finance on youtube.

Low Income Budget — A guide

It can be hard living for a family to live on a limited amount of income. While life may throw some hardships to make life move ahead, there are ways to be able to pay the expenses and get the necessities required for living. Here are some tips to learn how to live on a low income budget, and still enjoy a comfortable life.

 Life insurance is not only for the wealthy! On the contrary, a person with low-income need should also buy a policy just as a well-off person. There is no reason to postpone purchasing a policy even if one is on a low budget. The benefits of some low premium insurance policies offer a decent coverage and financial protection for the family. Term life insurance policy is a simple policy for tight budget persons.

 Household budget is a good practice for a low income family because a budget helps to give a financial picture of how the family is doing even when your financial picture looks the darkest. The income and the expenses need to be balanced. If the expenses are more than the income, expenditure has to be cut.

 The needs and wants of the family have to be distinguished. There are some obvious items are cell phones, housing, electricity, water, telephone, TV, groceries, education and other household expenditure. Entertainment should be a part of living, but decision should be made by enjoying at the minimal cost and by using discounts or free passes.

 In case, after reducing all expenses still the budget runs above income some steps need to be raise income. Working from home or taking up a part time work can be helpful to a certain extent.

 Cut back on the amount of energy you use in your home. Use energy efficient light bulbs, and always turn off lights after leaving a room.

 Shop at second hand stores for any clothing that your family may need and buy only what is required.

 Collect some money in a fun jar by putting in the small change… This money can be used to treat for dessert, dinner, a movie, or something that the family would like to have. While income may be low, you can still enjoy something fun and entertaining along with the life’s hardships.

Tips for low income budget

Distinguish between needs and wants.
Save a small amount regularly
Prepare and follow the budget Thanks for watching. Please help us grow.

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Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with tips
on living with a low income budget. It can be hard living for a family to live
on a limited income. But, there are ways to pay the expenses and
have all the necessities required for living. Here are some tips to learn how to live on
a low income budget: • Distinguish between needs and wants. • Save a small amount regularly. • Prepare and follow the budget. Read more tips on living with a low income
budget in the article below. And, be sure to subscribe to our channel for
more of the financial tips you need.

HOW DO I BUDGET/SAVE MONEY?! (Philippines) | Kiara Lo

**HOW DO I BUDGET/SAVE MONEY?! (Philippines) | Kiara Lo**



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Hey guys! Here are some of the few tips I follow in budgeting my money 🙂

See you guys again next Sunday! Thanks for watching! ❤️

Spring – Ikson
hey everybody it's me again Kiara and for today's video I'm going to be talking about how I budget my money how I save money basically how to not be broke so if you have seen my what's in my bag video then you would know that one of the contents of my bag was this pink budget wallet from V ah ba ba ba and I told you guys that if you do want to see a video on how I budget my money then just leave some requests in the comments below and some people did say that they wanted to see how I budget my money so here it is just to let you guys know that all the methods or the tips that I am going to be talking about today it's not perfect so I just want to let you know that if it did work for me I'm not saying that it's perfectly you're completely going to work for you as well so yeah that's just a disclaimer but I need it worked for me so maybe even just a few parts of it are effective if you are interested in knowing more about how I budget my money then please do keep on watching alright so my first tip I think that this is the most basic thing that I can give and that is to allocate your money well I searched it up on Google and mr. Google says the allocate means to distribute resources or duties for a particular purpose so when I say allocate your money I want you to distribute resources which is your money for a particular purpose and that purpose is to feed you to clothe you to give you life to give you comfort to protect you you know the basic means so what I do is once I get my money I immediately emphasis immediately allocate the money so once I get this particular amount I'll say that one fourth of this goes to let's say electricity and then one fourth the man goes to food 1/4 goes to whatever it is whatever that expense is and this is really helpful we that way you're really gonna know how much is left for you because the tendency is if you don't allocate that money for its purpose or its for its category then sometimes you would spend that money and we would think you have so much money to spend so it's okay to buy a lot of things but then what we don't know is we're actually spending money that should be for basic needs cyanamide value but not what new clothes or whatever but then for yet this about you see what I mean so in order to help me do that in order to help me allocate my money and use this pink budget wallet what is this pink budget wallet when you open pouch there are a lot of compartments inside there are there are six compartments inside and they're all protected with zippers so what I do is for each compartment or for each flap it corresponds to a particular category or do a particular expense for example in this flap there's a paper here that says grocery and then under it I just a MeetMe budget and then I place them out there so if ever I forget that I have to a lot this much money at least says here there's a note here sometimes they keep their seats here as well and for example this one's for Wi-Fi and then this one's for water and the drinking water or sometimes even what their water not for anything and this one's for electricity this one's for gas laundry and then my last flap is for my pass books and my back stuff you know deposit slips so the back you get your money and then you put it here right away because but nothing gustas in bugs and I think the angle is in our personal wallets so we're gonna think it's personal money when it's not but I'm not seeing you read you have to get this wallet in order for you to budget this was actually just given to me by my aunt because she had like three us in all of those other six in one she had three so that means she had 18 categories so she really broke down all her expenses into what 18 or even more category so the budgeting Queen I did before I didn't have this because she just gave this to me so what I used before we're just envelopes here I'll show you I still keep them here in the envelope you see this green light green thing here it's that hello I used to use before here before I had this budget wallet I just used to place my money here just so I can separate them and so I know that I actually have money to pay for bills what else what else do I put in the laughs I put the bills here also because it also helps keep paying your bills on time so at least if I see fana there's paper here Bob and there's a bill year that means I'm not Abhaya but if there's no paper in the flap like this one it's grocery with ah for Wi-Fi without so that means I paid them already for this one it's a yellow receipt here so that means I haven't cleaned my laundry yet who lives so I think it's important that you allocate your money so you can really physically see how much you have left and it's not just the mental picture in my head because if you just have one wallet and you see all your money there I think that's where this I think that's for electricity I think that's for something else you know it's hard it's hard so it's really important that we allocate first for the things that are essential to us like you know what I said food electricity water the things we can't live without but I mean if you're not fast to spend for these expenses yet I mean if it's still your parents job then you can just make your categories for example your student and you know that you have to buy food in school single day if you can echo bow and you do you have to buy food in school every day so that's how we're given that I got so just a lot money for food and then the rest you can spend on whatever it is you want to sum it all up to some of this first step all up just set aside money for the non-negotiable items first and then that's when you can spend freely oh yeah I also forgot to say so the back the first thing I use is this budget wallet but I said if you don't have a budget wallet you can just use envelopes but if you also don't want to use envelopes and you just want one ouch then you could just put all the money in one wallet yes but then what I suggest is that you get a piece of paper or maybe use colored paper and then put their electricity of water your groceries with ever order for your savings so it's not Bo this is the bin let's say 1000 pesos off so let's say you're a lot than 1000 passes for groceries but then you don't have a budget wallet and you don't want to use envelope so what you do is you get a piece of paper and then you wrap it around you should because it's both white but you wrap it around that bill or that amount of money and then you can put it in your wallet in just one wallet but at least you can see that there's a divider so this is for something else it's not my personal money so that's another way to separate your money also if you do have leftover money from that category what I suggest is you just leave the money in the envelope or in the compartment or you still wrap it around paper because you never know when you're gonna need it like for example here in grocery I have 106 pesos seguirá changed all from the last grocery but then I still leave it here because what if next time or next week what if I've done a lot money so at least I can get here from the grocery budget me small not from other budgets Cosette you a lot one thousand passes for grocery and then you spent eight hundred not today so you have an excess of two hundred passes back right but then next week you spent one thousand two hundred and you need all of those stuff in the grocery let's say you really need all of those but you don't want to get the money from your laundry budget or you don't want to get from your electricity budget so it's better if you just leave the two hundred pesos that you didn't spend this week by out if every next week you still have buffer money but if you really want to get money from this I mean it's still you're saving said I mean it's your choice thing you just spent eight hundred pesos and not one thousand and not maximize your spending on that category I mean it's still your sacrifice so you can reward yourself and get the extra money or the leftover money from that category but what I suggest is that you let it grow first to a particular amount until you can even get it and claim it as your personal money what do I mean by that so for example you have a leftover of two hundred pesos this week maybe for the rest of the weeks can you keep saving two hundred pesos and then just let it reach maybe what five hundred or let it reach 1000 until you can get it and make it your personal money yes okay so for my next step my next step is to write it down I have a planner actually this is the everyday planner by Penelope Bob and there's this part of the planner every month it says monthly budget there you can write down all your expenses here at least you can really see the computation of how much you spend because I think if you just base your spending on small items or on individual items then you think I'm not spending that much but then when you see the bigger picture but I have spent a lot this month but then I don't really use this portion of my planner because this is gonna lead to my third tip which is use an app the app that I use instead of writing it nom because I always have my phone with me so I might as well just use the app in my phone rather than use the one in my planner it's kind of heavy Cosette so I wanna keep bringing it around with me I use this app it's called money lover if you also have seen my what's on my iPhone video then you would know that I have featured this app in that video so money lover is the app that I use and I record my expenses every single day you can record your income and you can also record your expenses and then at the end of the month they're actually baby you can check because they have charts and they have pie graphs and you're gonna see how much of your income you actually already spent so at least you know along you're seeing things from a bigger perspective and it's automatic so you don't have to do the math you just input your income and your expenses and tonight calculates everything for you but it doesn't they all that we encode every single day and most of the time let's be honest we don't remember everything that he spent on what I suggest is you have to report every single day telega if you're not used to that by then if a reminder on your phone use your calendar or like set an alarm every single day but night not on yourself record your expenses in your app gun on or if you don't want to use your full and you can just get the piece of paper write down record expenses and then stick it on your door or somewhere that you pass by every single day or somewhere you can often see and I think one more thing that will help you visit the app frequently and use it more often it's a first it is easy to use because it's it's hard if your app is too complicated that you don't keep using it I know but um um I am the me then so you don't want to use it and the second one is if it looks aesthetic I personally like apps that look nice I have tried other budgeting apps before but then I did use them a lot because I don't really like how they mmm so my next tip is actually a tip on spending yes I know this video is supposed to be about budgeting and saving but you have to admit that we really have to spend what I think about when I'm spending is don't spend on a Monday yes it's very weird I don't know when I told some of my friends about this it was kinda weird for them like what why but actually when you come to think of it you don't want to spend but go buy a pair your mother by if it's for nah 500 or 1000 you don't want to spend it to say I'm going goddamn wallet go buy one it's so light because I only have one bill that's high valued and then if I buy something it's gonna be loose change and my wallets gonna become heavier that's why I divide sometimes you don't wanna spend you're gonna see I would spend a la población bear for sometimes he said the stores that we buy from sometimes don't have change so we don't end up buying anymore and my tip is that you don't spend it on Monday because if you see you're really on in the week belong then you already have news change you're gonna think I have money or I have bills that I can use the paper tips so if you don't break down your high value build into lower value bills then it would be easier for you than not spend my next step for spending is the three day rule I was just going through some posts on Facebook and then I saw this article basically what this rule states is that if you want to buy something let's say your window shopping in a mall and then you see something you really like let's say those are shoes and then you're gonna think this is 9 and not assailed by Shia and then you're gonna try it on and you're gonna say oh my god it fits me so well because you want to buy it and because you're so you're still drawn to that item because it's new you just saw it so there's a higher chance that you are going to impulse buy it in order to avoid impulse buying you have to go buy the three-day rule when you want to buy something you think about it for three days first and then if you're still thinking about it it's in like heavily thinking about it and it's really bugging you now oh my god I really have to buy this I cannot really difficult to buy this I'm just kidding no you know no matter if you really wanted after three days then that's when you know that you should or you can buy it I think this also helps with you valuing your things sometimes when I buy things and it's just an impulse buy I forget that I actually bought them or I'm just gonna use them for a while but then afterwards I'm not gonna use it that much anymore because I didn't really wanted it I think it's also a pre-emptive metric to know if you really want or more importantly if you really need what you're gonna purchase so that leads me to the question what can we spend on I'm not in any position to tell you what you can spend on or what you can't spend on because that's your money and it all differs in which things we value I think it's all personal monetary you get to decide what you spent on because it is your money it's your hard earned money and it's the money that you save so it's really up to you and it also depends on what you value so let's say for example you value food you allocate your money first for your essentials and then the rest of the money you can decide this man on food it's up to you in a minute it's your sacrifice it's your savings you can spend it on indulge on the face or the barbecue look some UK or whatever it's up to you and if you want the mint roads if you value clothes then spend your personal savings on clothes but I mean just don't go overboard 3d blueprints mm-hmm also I have this in his TV class and they said that your money you should be divided into four segments it's called the five fifteen twenty sixty year old it's a budgeting rule five percent should be for insurance fifteen percent should be for savings please refer the things that you want and then twenty percent is for investment so it will help you grow your money and then sixty percent is for your expenses so you know not electricity grocery whatnot it's just another thing if ever you guys wanna go buy it I think budgeting and saving is all just a matter of prioritizing you just have to keep in mind that I prioritize this so I have to set this aside first I think saving and budgeting doesn't mean that you have to restrict yourself and be so rigid in doing what you want to do and what you don't wanna do I think in now you have to prioritize but that doesn't mean you're gonna deprive yourself of the things that you deserve so you still have to treat yourself give yourself the things that are pleasurable to you and at the end of the day it's all about the balance so that's it guys I hope you learned something from this video and I hope you picked up a thing or two from what I've said then again what works for me might not work exactly the same for you but if it did then that's great if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and please click the bell button if you want to get notified whenever I post my videos


**How to Save Money in College**



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Read more about the best ways to save as a college student:

Struggling to save money? We feel you. Here are the tips you need to help you start adulting.

College costs a lot. Duh. But it’s more than just tuition and room and board.

The cost of books alone will make you cringe, but there’s also school supplies, meals out when you just can’t stomach the mystery meat in the dining hall, activity fees (which most colleges conveniently don’t mention until you want to do extracurriculars), and of course beer (for those students over the age of 21, of course).

That measly amount of money you make as a work-study student, or a side-job that exhausts you, can be hard to stretch. And the thought of actually saving some of your money seems impossible. But there are a few places where you can find an extra few dollars here and there.

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congratulations you're in college both Lee you're having the time of your life but if you're finding it hard to make ends meet you're not alone everyone in college seems to have more beer than sense but no one's talking about the elephant in the room money where is all that money coming from and how is it even possible to save money at college the good news is it's totally possible first off you can earn money by working at set up events or at the local coffee shop you can even try busking all great ways to make some extra cash and if you're earning that extra cash try to keep it minimalistic when it comes to well everything that means cutting down on crazy expensive meals using public transportation when possible and not wasting your money on expensive textbooks as a library on campus for a reason people and if you see free stuff take it go to free events why not for those of you who thought studying abroad was a good idea unless your parents are swimming in money we recommend skipping that one Paris can wait so no excuses don't make the costly mistakes of your fellow students try our top tips to get out of college with minimal debt

Markfluence App Overview

**Markfluence App Overview**



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