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Minimalist Budget Tips | How We Save Thousands with Our Minimalist Budget

**Minimalist Budget Tips | How We Save Thousands with Our Minimalist Budget**



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Minimalist Budget Tips: Save Thousands with Frugal Living Saving money can be challenging, but in this video we will share our hacks to save money using a …

Simple ways to save money

**Simple ways to save money**



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and now today's money five simple ways to save according to a Careerbuilder survey 26% of young women don't set aside monthly savings but putting away some cash isn't only important it can also make you happy that's right al Carmen Wong Ulrich is the host of CNBC's on the money and Cindy levy is today's women lifestyle contributor and editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine good morning to both of you good morning listen you reached out to your readers and and what did they say about saving money well of course it's on their minds right now it's on everybody's mind but the interesting thing to me was that they're so proud of it right now I mean there's almost become a sort of recession east of chic we're calling it people are really excited and they're kind of trying to one-up each other you know okay I cut out cappuccinos and saved forty-five dollars a month and you know I sold three dresses on eBay and made $200 and Carmen in fact that you could but little savings little things you do can't add up yeah exactly we had actually a viewer who emailed us and said that every time a $5 bill hit her wallet she put it away after two years she had $12,000 so just little tips little tricks that you can make for yourself to save money Cindy how did your readers start saving cash they obviously had different ways of doing it well first of all they're being much more principled about the amount of cash that they take out of the ATM and carry in their wallet I mean if it's in there you're going to use it and so one woman told us that she keeps a budget of exactly what she's going to need cash wise over the course of the week puts it in her wallet she will not spend any more she will not go back to the ATM also leaving your credit cards at home tried and true but 70% of women are carrying major credit card debt these days and that's make a difference that loose change you carry around can add up to canon yeah yeah absolutely I mean you also you got to know yourself and your money you know if you like to have let's say I'm a competition with yourself and have let's see if I can have the $20 left over by the by Friday I'm going to take that 20 I'm going to put it away or you can say I've got to subsist on only 120 dollars Monday through Friday you have to kind of trick yourself with these little tricks and also to think about signing up for automated savings I mean online banking is such an easy way to secretly put away money so your paycheck goes in you sign up $100 disappears you never see it except it's in a savings account it's growing for you you're paying yourself you are absolutely and Cindy there are ways women pamper themselves and people consider them necessities but now looking at them as luxuries we're talking about manicures pedicures spa days that can really add up over the year really does I mean these are the things that our mothers or grandmothers never did but nowadays women consider them to be absolute necessities and we don't want to give that up but truthfully pedicures come to about six hundred and fifty dollars a year if you've got them every couple of weeks yes hard to believe but it really is true and if you buy all the stuff and do it at home that's about fifty dollars for all your supplies and money we'll still heart out and get yourself a massage though manicures and manicures I recommend God shopping well no one knows everybody there are ways to do it right let's just say I'm gonna be careful you know there's the sale the sales are now just all over the place everyone's been on sale since summer holidays are coming up everything's gonna be more on sale but just remember don't use that as an excuse to buy too much because everything cost less you got to go in with a budget look how much I've shaved because I'm sorry is that really enough before that cuz I find out with my husband Spirit spoken over women a couple of great accessories can get you through pretty much any fashion situation so a great statement necklace a big belt and colorful heels and check out the return policies to because you know that can be a huge especially your online shopping and you should also look at vintage shop second-hand eBay this is something that women have been doing now for a couple of years and it's really been good and eBay yeah vintage available I don't this is just what you got to do how about eating at home as opposed to going out well this is another thing that you can save a huge amount of money doing if you do one less restaurant meal a week you can actually same about 1700 dollars a year which is enough for a plane ticket to basically anywhere in the web channel be careful to when you go grocery shopping you know grocery apartment prices have gone up ten percent in the past year it's very easy to spend way too much on groceries as well you got to keep that budget in mind and make a list before you actually make a list don't shop hungry you know balance don't jump on me Carmen Wong Ulrich and Cindy levy thank you both we appreciate that you guys

5 Ways to Never Waste Money | Money Saving Tips to Spend Less Money

**5 Ways to Never Waste Money | Money Saving Tips to Spend Less Money**



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5 Ways to Never Waste Money | Money Saving Tips to Spend Less Money || I’m sharing tips on ways to save money by spending less. This video is also a collab with Nakisha Wynn. We’re pointing out 5 money-saving tips to spend less money. Every dollar you don’t spend is an opportunity to save, invest or eliminate debt.

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Hi, I’m Shana Green. 
I’m just like any other person out there – I went through the usual drill of school and picking up a few degrees, now work… I accumulated about $108,000 in debt across IRS, student loans, credit card bills and payments on my car. Despite my PhD in Public Health, I felt so unsuccessful as the numbers kept adding up and my debt kept piling on, threatening to spill over. But I found a way out of it. It wasn’t easy – I had to work 3 extra to pay off about $48,000 in debt in a little over a year. You probably are in debt too—most people are in debt. I believe you can’t live your best life with debt. I want to help others find a way out. I created The Wealth Vibe platform to share tips that I gathered from my own personal experiences with budgeting, earning extra income, and paying off debt. At the end of the day, I’m no financial expert. But now I am well on my way to generating wealth. When you achieve wealth you can live abundantly and generously. That’s the life I’m striving for.

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so you might have decided that you wanted to budget or cut things out of your budget so that way you can save more invest more or pay off even more debt and you might be thinking where am I going to cut like what kind of things should I be cutting out of my budget in this video the kitchen I are going to show you five different things that you should never waste your money on hi I'm Shana lu l5 and I create videos to help you eliminate debt grow your income and build your well and flair rating with nakisha in this video because she shares the same mission especially for single moms so I'm gonna have her introduce herself to you right now hi my name is nakisha and I like to thank Shana for doing this collaboration video with me on my channel I give tips and resources on how to make money from home and find success with side hustles so if you're into that type of information I'd love to have you join me over on my channel each and every week I dropped videos on how I turned my side hustle into my main hustle so if you want to know how to supplement your full time income how to make part-time money from home or how to go from zero to hero using social media come on over and subscribe to my channel I love to have you as a part of the tribe before you guys are the 5 things to never waste your money on go through the smash that like button if you like to save money and cut frivolous money out of your budget your witness your knife hit that like button right now one thing that you'll want to do is avoid all types of bank fees so that account maintenance fees transfer fees ATM fees any type of fee that's ahead and you'll want to do the same when it comes to credit card fees so those are the annual fees and the interest charges fees you want to avoid them in the past I personally have paid account maintenance fees and overdraft overdraft fees and it just hit me like why am I doing this why am i doing this when the money that I actually put into the bank they are using it make money so why would I be paying fees for them to make money from me another way it just makes no sense whatsoever to be paying fees when the banks are already making money off of you like don't feed them so big banks are actually making upwards to thirty four billion dollars off of overdraft fees alone alone every single year so can you imagine how much money they're actually making when you factor in the maintenance fees and the transfer fees and all other types of fees because like I said those were overdraft fees in one year thirty four billion dollars the big banks for making them and on average the average American is paying about three hundred and twenty nine dollars and fees per year that's money that you can be using towards your debt to invest or to save so do not feed these big bets any more money by paying these steep my suggestion to you is to find banks that do not have any fees and there are tons of them out there so you'll want to find a bank that has no maintenance at County and no fees for transfers as well but if you have to have a bank that has a maintenance fee you'll want to try to avoid that fee by having like the minimum direct deposit account that they ask for on a monthly basis just to avoid those fees but like I said there are tons of banks out there nowadays that don't have any fees and I personally bank with two banks that don't have any account fees so i bank with simple bank then I use for my digital envelopes and I have a video on that linked up in the cards above if you're interested in checking that out and also bank with Capital One 360 and that's the bank that I used to pay all of my bills out of and both of these banks actually offer signup bonuses if you create an account with these two banks you'll actually get anywhere from twenty to twenty-five dollars just for opening an account with them and I have my link down below for both of those banks if you're interested in checking them out because there's no reason for us to be making the big banks richer when they're already rich enough another way to never waste your money is on cell phone plans I know I know we all need our cell phones but what if I told you you could save 75 or up to $100 a month by simply switching to a prepaid cell phone plan there was a point in time where I was on a standard cell phone planet I received a bill that month for two hundred and fifty dollars I will never forget that moment and I called the cell phone company and asked for them to explain why my bill was so much extra um and then they told me I went out of town and there were some roaming charges and then there was a state tax on a city tax and these fees that basically they couldn't explain to me and I was just simply done with the standard cell phone plans how about if you could change to a prepaid cell phone that gives you unlimited talks and tax and unlimited data every single month for one flat fee with no additional fees ah that's what I chose to do I own my iPhone 8 plus outright I'm absolutely okay with it absolutely fine it's doing me amazing on online on the phone all kinds of stuff and I pay a flat fee every single month now that's extra money that I can take and put into my savings account sort my travel fund towards my kids tuition plan that I don't have to give away every single month unnecessarily talk about subscription boxes okay don't buy them they're waste of money so subscription boxes are those things like the Dollar Shave Club Birchbox curlbox and those things where they send you a box full of items at a subscription price and so these boxes temps or renew on a monthly basis and they end up being like a bill for materialistic items it should really don't need and they end up selling you on to ivy that you'll save money with these boxes because you get to try out a few different things but what I found in the past when I tried them out is that most of the time the boxes are filled with things that I don't really end up liking and then the one product that I might end up liking and them costing me about $25 maybe start to factor in the cost of the box and the shipping fee for that box the one item that you ended up liking cost you more money than it would have costed you if you just went into the store and picked it up so that's pretty expensive and a lot of times some of these boxes they send you sample sized items so can't imagine finding one item in a subscription box that you like and you pay $25 for the box and it was a sample sized item of like one out of product like that makes no sense so subscription boxes cost anywhere from ten to fifty dollars on a monthly basis and that's just on average I've seen subscription boxes cost even more than that so if we take the average amount that's anywhere from 120 dollars to 600 dollars per year on subscription boxes and like I said most of the time you end up with stuff that you don't like in the boxes so you just spent upwards to $600 on things that you have no use for the end up clutter in your house you don't like them it was a waste of money and what I suggest is that you actually actually just go and buy things from places that have a really good return policy if you go to Sephora you can actually get samples for some of the items that you want to try and even if you buy them you can actually still return them and get your full money back even after you open the item so I find that to be a better solution than trying out subscription boxes they end up being very costly to you and that's the money that you can put into a sinking fund if you spend 10 to $50 a month on a subscription box you can be putting that money into a sinking fund that cuboids over time so that way you have even more money to buy the products that you know that you like and love and we'll actually use and so that's a better way to spend your money so don't waste money on subscription boxes it's just a waste next is eating out I can remember when I was working full time in corporate America I would spend at least five to ten dollars a day on lunch that's not including the day's I didn't feel like making dinner or when I went out on the weekends with my friends I would look at my banking transactions and just see food food food food like oh my gosh girl are you that hungry like I started to look at all the money that I was spending on eating out and decided enough was just enough I decided to go to the grocery store and buy fresh fresh fruits and produce and meats and stuff that I could cook at home and actually take my lunch to work and stay home at night when you don't feel like cooking pop something in the microwave or do whatever you have to do to get that cost of food down now listen I'm not saying take away everything because we all want to go out with our friends sometimes but if you can just simply reduce the amount of times you eat out you will save yourself so much money now I hardly ever eat out with me working from home and only going out on the weekends or meeting my friends every now and again for lunch dates I don't spend that much money on eating out I know first certain that I've saved at least two hundred and fifty dollars a month by shopping for groceries and eating at home stop eating out save yourself some money put it in your savings account many people think of the lottery as a great investment and that's because it's a low cost with a low barrier to entry and it has super high reward and so actually as I'm recording this video right now the Powerball has a jackpot worth over half a billion dollars and so that's a really really high reward but the chance of you winning such a jackpot is really low and most the time when people do win the lottery they end up broke again and that's really because they tend to have money management issues and having more money does it's all money management issues actually a budget does it's much better edit hit the like button if you know someone in your life that has it purchasing lottery tickets for years upon years upon years and the sad thing about it is that they haven't won and if they have won they probably haven't won anything more than five hundred dollars it's not really a wise investment when you think about it because if you will put the money that you spend in lottery tickets over the course of 30 years into the stock market you would actually become a millionaire but most of the people that we know who have been investing into the lottery system they've been spending hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars every single week every single day in the lottery over years and years and they are still in the same financial situation that they're in it's really sad when you think about it because the average person in America is spending 223 dollars a year on lottery tickets and they still are millionaires so it makes a lot more sense to take their money that you would have spent in the lottery and put it into your IRA because you have a higher likelihood of ending up being a millionaire after you've invested it into your IRA so now I have a bonus for you now that we've gone over the five ways to never waste your money I also want to say in the kitchen for often up to those tips now it's time for you to check out this budget video because we have to get those things out of our budget so that way we can invest more save more and pay off more debt I hope you really enjoy this video and it was hell and if it was give you a thumbs up and consider subscribing and hearing a notification bell so you can check out the next video that I release thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

How To Budget (And Save Money) In A Simple, Accurate & Effective Way | HowToGYST

**How To Budget (And Save Money) In A Simple, Accurate & Effective Way | HowToGYST**



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In this video, I’m talking you through setting up a basic budget (no financial qualification required). I’ll share how to make it accurate and effective, so that you’ll actually stick to it, how to deal with irregular income and variable expenses, a top tip for curbing your spending, and also how to prepare for those big annual expenses (*cough* Christmas *cough*) so that you always have enough money set aside. 💖

Know any great budgeting apps? Or what do you use (or plan to use) for your budgeting? Leave me a comment below!

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hi guys it's Laura from her to get your together and in this video I am talking about setting up a basic budget because I'm not really about the bells and whistles while still being accurate and effective definitely do not need a degree in accounting to take control of your finances if you've got a pen and paper you're pretty much all set I'll also be sharing how to go about it if your income is irregular like mine what to do if your expenses vary in amount from month to month as well as a tip that I have for dealing with those big annual expenses so that they don't just creep up on you let's go I would preface this by saying one I am NOT a financial expert she says while wearing a Bugs Bunny jumper and – my husband and I are thankfully not struggling financially having said that we're not exactly minted either her and we both have an occasional tendency to burn through money like it's going out fashion so I hope everyone can benefit from what works for me right let's get to it the first thing to do if you want your budget to be in any way accurate is to track your spending for at least a month the benefits of tracking before making your budget are twofold one you get a very clear vision of how much you are spending that way your budget cannot reflect your actual circumstances and not some rose-tinted view that refuses to accept just how much you're spending on Starbucks every week or stationery – you can clearly see the areas that are draining your resources and where you could make good backs if necessary I think we often have a tendency to underestimate how much we're spending particularly since the advent of credit cards and that's why so many budgets failed they're just not realistic so it's important to get a true picture of how much money you are partying with on a regular basis doesn't whole point budgeting 100 quid for groceries if you're actually spending – now is not the time to be making massive cooks you're simply finding out where your money is going first during the tracking month every time you spend money make a note of it either in a notebook spreadsheet or an app just be sure that is something that you will definitely keep updated apps are great because most people tend to carry their phones with them everywhere they go even just a simple note-taking app will do I know a lot of people use the you need a budget and if you use an app that you love drop it in the comments below so that we can all check in act something that worked for me was that instead of typing in every single thing I spent every single time I spent I would just snap a quick picture of the receipt and then at the end of the day I would sit down I put everything in together all at once at the end of the month break your spending down into categories so groceries mortgage you Chili's clothing entertainment etc and then top up your figures to give you an idea of how much you spend in a particular category in a month then write up your actual budget I do this in a very basic spreadsheet I used to have a printable that I designed for my planner where I would write it all and you can do it however you see fit though I do think there's a lot to be said for writing things out by hand at least in the beginning somehow it just makes things a little more real the first thing to do is to list all of your income now I include money that I have in my current account and any cash that I have on hand you want to ignore everything that can be used for kind of everyday regular expenses so leave at things like your savings account anything like that if your income is irregular like mine is taught up your earnings for the previous six months and then divide by six to get an average monthly income and then use that figure or if you're finding that your finances are particularly tight go back over the previous six months and find the lowest income amount and then use that as your figure add everything up there so that you know how much you have to play around with for the next month next add in all of your expenses categories based on the amounts that you were spending while tracking now obviously some of your expenses are going to vary from month to month that is why tracking is so important it gives you a more accurate reflection of your spending habits but start with the things that are necessary and are the same amount every month so things like mortgage car payments etc followed by the necessities that may fluctuate so groceries and things like that and work your way down to the expenses that are a bit more frivolous you know things that you could cut out if necessary basically it is one things that can't be cooked two things that could be cut back on and three things that could be cut I completely if you need to do it may mean for example that you have two separate categories one for groceries and one for eating out even though technically they both fall in the food category now add up all of those expenses you may be horrified by the total figure that is normal take your total income figure subtract your total expenses and see how much you're left with that end of the month or how much you're overspending so what do you do with that figure well if you're in the black and you have plenty of wiggle room relax what I do is make an extra payment towards my mortgage so you could do that too and or put some money into a savings account or a rainy day fund whatever if you're in debt I would say put as much money as you can towards getting out of it as quickly as possible but getting out of debt is a whole other topic I will link Dave Ramsey's website below he's an expert when it comes to stuff like that if however you are overspending it's time to start cooking if you followed my instructions for listing your expenses then all of your frivolous ones will be at the bottom so start there and work your way up until you are at least breaking even be honest with yourself if you are in debt you probably do not need to be buying new clothes every month again Dave Ramsey's website is a great resource for stuff like that and I have a video on how to make big savings so check that out too if you want me to make a video on how you can make small savings on a regular basis then drop me comment below and let me know I have loads of tips there too but one of the best ways to curtail your spending is to pay for everything in cash plastic is too easy doesn't really feel like spending so it's too easy to overspend but if you are handing over cold hard cash every time you will start to think twice certainly those shoes don't look nearly as enticing when you see how little you will have left over after you've paid for them now if you know that you are in the red and that things are getting a bit out of hand it can be tempting not to write up a budget at all usually because you're afraid of seeing the figure in black and white but that is when it is even more important to do it the old head-in-the-sand approach isn't going to work here you need to have an accurate assessment of the current situation that so that you can take control and tackle it once and for all well you can see everything clearly laid out in front of you it is easy to spot the holes that need plugging for some people they would realize that the situation wasn't as bad as they thought initially in which case free for other people they would realize that the situation is actually worse in which case it would be the kick of theirs they need to get their together never think that not writing it down means that it's not really a problem if you don't say it out loud it's still real find out where you are where you want to be and then get moving debt doesn't go away because you don't think about it it is easier to find solutions if you can clearly see the problems and finally how to deal with big annual expenses what I do is list them all out by month so I know that in November I have two birthdays in December I'll have Christmas I have another birthday my house insurance is due for renewal I keep this list where I can see it when I'm doing up my budget so that I can slot each one in as necessary it means that I never get to the end of a month and then thing still have to pay the car tax I can see all upcoming expenses big and small if this is something that you struggle with consider opening a separate account or you can put money in just to cover those big expenses give yourself a best-guess figure for each one or look at how much you spent on them previously to give you a better idea top them up and then divide by 12 so that you know how much you need to be putting into that account every month to make sure that all of the house expenses are funded shed X to Patty for that particular tip and there you have it an accurate effective budget that will help you take control of your finances and to see once and for all where all your money is going and that is a wrap thumbs up if this video helped you particularly if you're finding yourself struggling with your finances I know it can be so tempting to come up with all sorts of fancy complicated solutions but often simplest is best find your total income subtract your total expenses and then if necessary start making cuts from the bottom up remember to check out my last video on how to make big savings and to comment below and let me know what you use or what you are going to use for your budgeting don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already because I upload new videos every Thursday to help you live a simpler happier life now all I have to do is to convince myself that stationery is not a necessary expense until next time guru Milla Mahadev I was taking my ship she gotta go flood

How To Save Money: 5 Tips For BIG Savings | HowToGYST

**How To Save Money: 5 Tips For BIG Savings | HowToGYST**



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In this video, I’m sharing 5 of my top tips for saving a LOT of money. If you want to make big savings, these tips will help you stay within budget. So, whether you’re saving for Christmas, a holiday, special occasion, etc. these hacks will help you stop spending and start saving. 💖

Do you have a great money-saving tip? Leave it in the comments below!

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hi guys it's Laura from how to get your together and in this video I am talking about saving lots of money because somehow 50 quid doesn't last nearly as long as when you were a kid ah the good old days thumbs up if you know that feeling so whether you're saving up for Christmas holiday kids shoes so expensive special occasion or you just need to put food on the table these are my top tips for saving a ton of money let's go I live in a pretty expensive city and I have a child too as well as a pretty serious stationary addiction so if I am NOT careful my spending can get out of hand pretty quickly over the years and particularly in the recent years of becoming a stay-at-home parent and relying on just one income I have learned lots of ways to save a lot of money and I'm not talking about just saving a few pennies here and there yes they do all add up but in this video I am talking about big savings if you're looking for a few extra ways to save some money or how to start some basic budgeting then check out the description box below because I will have some related blog posts linked for you right let's just dive into the tips tip number one stop going shopping I'm seriously if a tree falls in the woods and there's no one around to hear it does it make a sound if a dress goes on sale and you're not there to see it will your life be negatively affected you don't miss what you never had so good temptation offered the source and stop yourself from going shopping and that includes window shopping I went for lunch last week with my husband to a little cafe that is right next to a stationary shop that I love I hadn't been into it in a few months but because I was passing by I popped in just to have a look and of course spotted several things that I had to have I ended up spending almost 70 euro if I hadn't come in I would still be sitting at home in blissful ignorance happily surrounded by all of the things that I already have you will always spot something that you want unless you're not there to see it tip number two limit your exposure to advertising and the effect that it has on you use services like Netflix to watch TV or record your favorite TV shows and then just fast-forward to the ads stop flicking through catalogs immediately recycle all flyers and leaflets stop watching the shopping channel advertisers are people who are paid big money to make something look as incredible as it possibly can they use Photoshop you know fancy words lighting special effects carefully crafted backdrops and all sorts of clever tricks to make you think that what they're showing you is something that you have to have but we're being sold an image it's just an illusion things are never as good as advertisers would have you believe how many creams have promised you eternal youth yet you're still celebrating birthdays how many gadgets have you bought that we're supposed to revolutionize your life and now they're sitting forgotten and for Lauren under the stairs and Lord Jesus they ate of batteries and electricity like nobody's business disgusting you even more money much like the grass is always greener on the other side the product is always more amazing on the other side of the camera lens think about all of the amount of stuff that you have ever owned and I think about the tiny tiny molehill of stuff that you actually truly cherish yeah your next purchase is much more likely to end up in the trash than it is in your trophy cabinet tip number three shop online you are almost guaranteed to save a lot of money online where there is much more competition for your custom and things like price comparison websites and coupon sites make it even easier for you to get the best deal possible even things like your insurance and utility bills and the wider variety of things available means it is much more likely that you will find exactly what you're looking for rather than having to settle for the limited selection in the local shop the latter just means you'll end up disappointed and will probably end up running back edge to replace it anyway not to mention that the ease of having something delivered directly to your door means that you can stop putting off the whole idea of slepping to the shops to make the purchase until the why don't know Christmas Eve when you are running around just burning through money trying to find something anything to put under the tree not that I know anything about that and with most online places offering free delivery anywhere you're also saving yourself time not cost of travel parking lunch while you're out etc etc and you also significantly reduce the risk of making impulse purchases you can buy pretty much everything online these days including your groceries and toilet paper so have a look and see if you can't make a huge saving on your next purchase tip number four walk away this is something that I really struggle with it's why this guy in our lives with me what it is perfectly acceptable to see something that you like to appreciate that it is beautiful and I just move on we have been programmed to think that if we like something should have it we think well this thing has brightened my day therefore I shall bring it home with me instead it is totally fine to think this thing has brightened my day something that really helps me is to think of it in terms of decorating a house there are lots of different styles that I like that doesn't mean that I should have all of them in my home I can see a chair for example and think wow cool chair and then just go home sit in the chair that I already have or to see a painting and think it is a beautiful piece of art maybe even snap a picture on my phone if I really love it and then just bring home the memory I don't think I have ever bitterly bitterly regretted not buying something if you truly regret it then go back and buy it but always walk away first I even walked away from my wedding dress when I bagged it I always try to put some distance between myself and the thing that I want so that I'm sure that I truly wanted and I'm not just being dazzled by it in the moment impulses can be dangerous things another thing that I often do particularly when clothes shopping is when I'm ready to check out I stop and I go back through each item that I have and how many I can put back it is amazing how much appeal something loses after just a few minutes of carrying it around one time I even ended up putting everything back I just walked straight out of the shop money well saved let things brighten your day without burdening your bank balance tip number five write a list made like Santa write your list and check it twice if you absolutely have to buy something then make sure you know exactly what it is do a bit of research ask people a few questions because if you are at all unsure you are going to end up spending a lot more money just to make up for that uncertainty I don't know how many Christmases have passed where I've had no idea what to get someone and I've left a little bit late in the day and I end up going out and buying them something extravagantly expensive if I had taken just a little bit more time you know done a little bit more digging I may have been able to find something that was absolutely perfect for them a fraction of the price having a list also reduces the risk of those pesky impulse purchases we mentioned earlier when you don't have a list or any idea of what you're looking for you end up just throwing things into your basket really nearly when you are very clear on what you want you go in you get it and you get it with a list even a mental one you know when you're done with that one you're always thinking what else do I need or maybe I should throw in a few extra things just to be sure make a list stick to it by-the-bye if you are looking for lots of great clutter free gift ideas and check out the description box I will be linking a blog post that I wrote on that very topic and that is a wrap thumbs up if you are going to try any of those tips let me know which ones or if you have any of your own great money-saving tips and you keep them in the comments below I guess it all comes down to just being a bit more mindful about the purchases that you're about to make you know try to fill your life with great memories rather than a great number of things so I hope those tips will help you save a lot of money and share them so that your friends and family can save a lot of money too they will thank you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already because I upload new videos every Thursday with practical advice and tips on how you can live a simpler happier life until next time girl Mila Marga August a kinship Chicago a slob