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Toddler Puts Arms up as Dad Is Arrested

**Toddler Puts Arms up as Dad Is Arrested**



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Footage of a barefoot 2-year-old in Florida with her arms up in the air as police arrest one of her parents is raising eyebrows. Tallahassee police pulled over a vehicle of suspected shoplifters. Two men were handcuffed while a woman was in the car. After the adults exited the vehicle, a small girl’s feet are seen dangling beneath the car door as she was trying to get out. The little girl then mimicked her father, who was under arrest, and put her hands up in the air.
the image is startling a little barefoot girl her hands raised as if she's surrendering to police oh sure she walks towards officers oh the woman recording the video seems to think one officer is pointing his gun at the toddler is holding a good at debate the drama started after police pulled over a vehicle of suspected shoplifters step out of the truck there any other adults in the car two men are handcuffed there's also a woman in the car after the adults exit the vehicle you see these itty-bitty feet dangling beneath the car door oh my god she trying to get out she then mimics her father who is in handcuffs police say the video shows the gun wasn't pointed at the child but the vehicle a Tallahassee Police Department released this new body cam video to show the situation was handled with care and compassion come on sweetie you're okay okay you can hear the sergeant repeatedly assuring the girl that everything was going to be okay you're okay come on be here sweetie you're okay the reason why he didn't actually approach the two-year-old because one doesn't know him and you know for any reason the tumor might have ran out into traffic mommy's right there go to mommy okay police didn't handcuff her mom so that she could take care of the girl there was a one-year-old who remained in the car strapped in a car seat hey how's it going an officer even helped a mom get the baby out when officers searched the vehicle they found a pellet gun but the real surprise was the barefoot baby surrendering with her hands up you