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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

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9 Travel Life Hacks + How to Pack for Vacation!!

**9 Travel Life Hacks + How to Pack for Vacation!!**



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Needs some tips of how to pack for vacation? Here are some travel life hacks to help make your packing easier! Enjoyh! xo -Alisha Marie
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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about travel life hacks and how to pack!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!
[Applause] oh hey guys what is up so I've been traveling so much lately and I really wanted to do a video for you guys just with some travel tips some life hacks some a little bit of everything again if you didn't know I recently went to Bora Bora with tar and it was here so like a such an amazing trip so I'm gonna put my vlogs linked in the description you guys can watch those so if you're watching this for the first time and you have no idea who I am or if you just haven't hit that subscribe button yet you totally should don't forget to also hit the bell and sign up for all in notifications and all that fun stuff shameless self-promoter own it out there um yeah you should you should definitely subscribe also this camera is getting really really heavy so I'm gonna go Kate enjoy the video bye okay so first things first I really recommend looking up a last-minute packing list or kind of like a checklist so that way when you're packing you can just go down it and not forget anything because I think we can all agree the worst thing ever is when you are on a trip and you realize that you left something really important at home so that's why I really recommend doing that first to make your life a little easier so the second life hack is actually a really cool one this is for when you're packing your razor obviously there's really no containers that we put them in but if you just take a binder clip it fits perfectly on it so that way you can throw it in your bag you don't have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself or anything like that and you can just be stress-free throwing it in your bag and you're good are you ready to be freaking mind blown I do this all the time and I this is amazing okay so if you have a portable charger this is actually a really good tip if you are on a road trip or something like that you can actually charge your portable chargers in your car I feel like a lot of people don't really think about it just because they're used to only charging their phones in their car but you can actually charge a lot of things so if you're ever on a long road trip and you need a portable charger totally just charge it while you're driving and then you're gonna be good for whenever you get to whatever destination you're going to yeah kind of mind blowing okay you guys I am actually might and blown by this this is gonna save me just so much time and money honestly so if you have a little small travel toothpaste container like this you all you really need to do is you just refill it with a larger toothpaste so as you can see I'm just literally squeezing the toothpaste from the big one into the small one and it works it's not even that messy like it was so easy to do and I loved it so it's awesome and my tack number five is one that I literally use all the time so I've seen it around a lot you may already know it but I use it all the time it's amazing so basically when you're getting ready and you need to run out the door a lot of times your hair tools are still hot because you just got ready I'm always running late so this is something that this is why I love it so much so that way you can just put your hair tool in a oven mitt or a pot holder or something like that and that way you can pack it while it's still hot and then out the door and you're good the next tip I have for you guys is to just use every inch of space in your suitcase and that includes putting things inside of your shoes a lot of times I usually put whether it's socks underwear sunglasses jewelry it could be anything and that way you're just saving a lot of space and it helps a lot so I really recommend that v-necks life hack however you guys is a very common one but I so whereby this so much so I really recommend doing it when you're packing your shoes usually the bottom of your shoes are pretty dirty and you definitely do not want your clothes getting dirty from that so just buy some really inexpensive shower caps like this that way you can pack your shoes and clothes stay clean and nothing gets dirty this next leg is perfect for like your carry-on or your backpack if you have a lot of just random cords chargers and stuff it's actually really handy just to kind of keep them in an empty sunglasses case or any case for that matter but just keeping everything together one it saves the cords to the last longer they won't get bent and stuff and then that way you know where they are at all times and that way you're never looking for your charger planning out your clothes before you go on your trip is such a huge tip and this is annoying because even I need to do it sometimes it's so much easier just to throw a whole bunch of stuff in your suitcase and figure it out later but if you actually plan it out beforehand it's so much easier it makes your trip easier it makes packing easier you'll save space and then it'll be so much easier just getting ready how many more times gonna say it's easier but yes just do it it works I promise did you like it did you like it nice it's right here my stuff is right here hopefully the next time you travel things are a little smoother just because you got some bomb life hacks thank you guys so much for watching again don't forget to hit that Bell subscribe watch the vlog Channel and I'll see you guys next week with a new video bye

pack & prep with me for spring break 2019

**pack & prep with me for spring break 2019**



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Eeeep I love videos like this. I vlogged getting ready for spring break. Pack with me, prep with me, and more! Enjoy! Check out the JOY razor:

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hello everybody what is up welcome back to my channel if you're new my name is Danielle subscribe down below it is Friday I'm officially on spring break I could not be happier and what I say I could not be happier I could not be happier today I am packing for spring break you guys didn't know tomorrow I'm headed to the Bahamas with a ton of my friends and then halfway through spring break I'm gonna fly back from the Bahamas to Tampa to go home for a couple of days and then come back here to hacen so with that in mind I have lots to do lots to pack lots of things to corn ate I have so much to do today and this week was actually midterms week it was beyond crazy usually my midterms I like spread out between two weeks with this week it was just like all in one there's a lot so I quite literally had to save everything for Friday to do for spring break because I just couldn't be thinking about what bathing suits to bring like I just I really needed to focus on school so now that's all done with and now we can focus on spring break I thought I'd do a little pack with me prep with me for spring break got a lot on the agenda today so I'm gonna do it blog style just take you guys along um got a pack I literally have such a long list over there I got my eyebrows that mache got my nails in yesterday but other than that we're getting a spray tan today because I'm hoping to get a real Tim but gotta start off with a spray tan because I just won't think gotta happen so my friends and I are gonna go to that I did my laundry so I have to fold that and get everything I have to unpack my suitcase from New York still it's all rain stare do my dishes so that my apartment doesn't smell bad when I come back next week so just lots of things to be done but yeah first we are going to hop in the shower because I feel like it'll kind of wake me up for the day so I'm about to hop in the shower and before I go get a spray tan I like to make sure I'm all exfoliated and shaved and everything because you just want like a clean canvas before your spray tan and just before spring break and everything I just need to have a good shower I want to hurt you guys briefly about joy it's a new razor that I just recently got to try out and I am beyond obsessed because I it's kind of crazy how much razor can make a difference I've been using the super cute joy razor it's so cute and little and pink and I love it and then the Glee shave gel those two together my gosh it's a it's a dynamic duo very thing will be sponsored by them today which is so exciting part of this video but it would be a part of my video anyway so it just kind of works out it's honestly those little things that make our day and for me one of those little wins little things for me would be just like having super soft legs and like you're a razor that actually works and like doesn't miss and it just it just looks good you know the joy razor is sold exclusively at Walmart which is easy you guys will have Walmart's and it's for about 8 dollars and 97 cents super easy and super cheap they come in pink and teal which is two very very cute colors and colors that I don't personally see four razors a lot especially it's like a very aesthetically pleasing razor which I don't need an aesthetically pleasing razor but like it's nice and the biggest part it removes hair surprisingly well I saw it and I was like that thing's too cute to like actually work and it actually works and I can't wait to bring it on spring break and to prepare for spring break with it it's just it's perfect and I'm gonna tell all my friends about it because it's just I don't know I feel like it's like this cool new chic razor like what the heck that's awesome and then the shave gel also comes as a shave mousse I like to shave gel a lot it comes out and smells so good and it like the thing with this shave gel like I put it on my legs and you know like when you're like shaving your legs and like the gel kind of starts to wash away and you can't tell where you shave where you didn't this one actually stays on your legs until you shaved that part so you know where you shaved where you have it which is such a good quality to have in a shave gel so I'll have a link down below to the joy razor and the shave gel absolutely love them I just love the whole campaign for the joy razor like literally the Box Mike came in and says dibs on your leg hair I just think that's so funny like yeah dibs like please take it all you get all the dibs this is a look just showered I feel great my legs are super soft like I'm not even kidding like like wish you guys could feel them they're great now I've said not to wash my hair because I'm gonna probably wash my hair tonight I just want to be super fresh for tomorrow our flight is at 8:45 in the morning tomorrow from Atlanta to Nassau Bahamas I'm so excited I don't even have I told you guys like a ton of my friends are going from here and then so my friends from high school they go to Auburn are going and then 10 of my friends I go to SMU are going so we're all like meeting there at Atlantis and we're gonna have so much fun I'm so excited but yeah so just showered and just put on some shorts and a sweatshirt because Delaney's about to pick me up and we're going to crunch it's like a our gym and they have like free spray tans with your membership so we're gonna go get three tans I haven't decided if I'm gonna do medium accelerated or just dark I kinda want to medium accelerate it's so like I get an actual tan but I also just want to be really dark so updates to come on that but yeah I'm just waiting for her to pick me up we're gonna go get a spray tan I'm gonna come back and do more things that I have to do to prep for spring break all right guys we've got a lot on the list this is from yesterday actually and then I added horn today lots to be done I've got my passport we've got that one down my lovely spray tan shoes let's get it kids hey buddy ready to prep for spring break well that was well it's raining and we're about to get spray tan so rain you're just gonna have to stop for a second boy I was super long I should have figured everyone's getting a chance for spring break I thought they don't wanna die yesterday though so does the point you've done yesterday that everyone had the same idea those tweets it looks like everything anyways we put our name in it's like a 45-minute wait is that what she said 45 hour now 45 to an hour to and hours so we put our name down and we're Delaney it's silly goose left her shoes at the nail salon yesterday and just realized or when did you realize it nice white sneakers there is there so hopefully they'll have them and then we're gonna grab those get her some chick-fil-a me some coffee and then come back and hopefully all as well but I also have a really important call at 1:00 p.m. so not really sure where that's gonna happen all right take two but this time going into crunch with a coffee spray tan has happened it's obviously I got clear medium accelerated with Irv with an accelerator so it like sprayed a moisturizer on after to kind of help it all soak in and stay on better I'm hoping that I didn't do dark because then I can like get a real tan – it's now grind time 148 got a lot to do I'm gonna bring you guys along we're gonna start packing I think my first yeah my first priority we're gonna start packing and then we're gonna go from there alright so I decided on this suitcase it's pretty big pretty good while we're waiting for a chance cuz there's really long wait we made kind of like a little bit of a list to kind of have an idea I don't really know I'm very nervous there's just so many different things to pack for but it'll be okay so I'm gonna start off by grabbing my bathing suits I actually have a pile it's not a cute pile but I have a pile of stuff this is from like my princess Polly Hall and just things that I've bought specifically for shooting-brake guys I just got this person the mail yesterday i pre-ordered it from revolve so cute Brooke used to have one like this and I was just like this is so cute so I'll have it linked down below if I can remember but it's just I thought this would be my perfect little like beach crossbody situation and then I'm also gonna pack like a night out crossbody and like a beach bag like a tote kind of and then I've got all my bathing suits here that I want to bring for reference a lot of these bathing suits are from sweaty rocks on Amazon summer from princess Polly this one is from Nasty Gal I got some from Airy oh that's a cute bathing suit I forgot it ordered that um then I've got my flip-flops and stuff and I might bring these slides bathing suits are done I definitely bring you away too many but when I have option currently folding my laundry actually that's a lie I'm taking out the things that I want to take on spring break and folding those and then this will be dealt with when I get back just don't have time um over here we've got all of my beverages I'm just trying to stay super healthy I'm probably gonna take a shot of elderberry syrup because it's like it for immune system I got my Hydra class I just cracked open a kombucha I've got another thing of water I just texted in my like Bahama group chat with some of the girls going I was like guys I'm stressed I put out everything when I pack and I just have so much like guys I really do so what I did was so I packed with a nice ease and then I took out everything I want to bring and I'm just a little worried because that's a lot of stuff and to be honest this isn't even everything I'm gonna so I'm gonna go down from there basically I think I have a good amount of like shirts stuff but my pants I'm having trouble like I just that's a that's a fat stack of pants like and it's gonna be like more so shorts weather so I need to like I'm glad I'm doing it like this through this and then just side like it's just hard because for the most part like Tampa and Bahamas is the same climate which is good but I'm doing some like different things I don't know like I want to have a nice pair of black pants for like if we go out cuz my favorite going out outfit is like black pants a bodysuit and booties and then like if you used to be cute for going out to but I don't know and then this is like a really cute denim skirt sorry this is all first of all problems like I told understand I'm just trying to figure it all out I really need to think okay like do I have like I don't really have a shirt to wear with this so maybe I should put it over here then I have these really cute flared jeans okay janae let's be responsible no these are super cute jean shorts that I'll wear a lot these are like good everyday blue jeans so I'll definitely bring those and then here's where we get so I've got one pair of pajamas I'm going to bring those I'm probably gonna use these pants all out there like palazzo pants and I'll wear them with like my bikinis denim but like I feel like they're just gonna take up a lot of room so we'll move that here okay I just love these yellow pants I really want to bring them but I'll probably only wear them once and that's just not worth it right guys right these are just not worth it either so we're down to this and then here we've got I have this romper I have a gel suit I have another dress romper dress romper that should be good over here I've got my like fun Beach tops blouses for like dinner and stuff and then I've got some like skirts and shorts there as well my bag hat whew workout outfits because I'm I don't know if I'll work out necessarily on spring break probably wants but then I'm gonna go to spin when I'm home in Tampa and got a head workout clothes without having at home and then I have over here this one sole bodysuit for one night and I I don't know how many times we're gonna go out but like I definitely need at least two more all right guys we made some really good progress I'm feeling a lot better and like I feel like I still have room like everything's very like loosely packed so I took a lot of stuff out and I just had to make some very tough decisions I hate myself so yeah we've got that got all of my like underwear bras socks all that fun stuff in that bag and then I have a belt and then I'm gonna bring this hat for like by the pool this one which is all messed up right now but it's like no I'm just bougie and fun and then this is like a bandana oh and then my purse now I'd figure out shoes to want to bring these I think I want to bring these instead of these honestly all right now for this okay gosh all right the shoes is the issue here okay well obviously we all know VIN slip ons are coming with me cuz I can't go anywhere I need a Clorox wipe the bottoms and then honestly I really do want to bring my booties like I love wearing booties I feel like I should bring knees all right so this is the current lineup we've got a pair of booties my Vince slip-ons and then these guys now for accessories a fun fun time I really like sunglasses I don't know they're like a big part of my outfits and it's gonna be sending of course so these are like my two bags of sunglasses I have my new aviators that I'm obsessed this I'm definitely gonna bring those and then I want to bring a pair of big black sunglasses so I just have to I'll try on both the I like to bring like a cheap pair for like when we do like pool stuff and just in case or like for in the ocean you know and they like fall off um let's see okay yeah I have to pick between those three Oh black aviators need though actually I should probably just use this bag I'm use this bag to bring my sunglasses we have these oh they're kind of loose we have these we have these hmm these are like huge I understand and I like these a lot but they're just like no bueno all right these are the winner I'm also going to bring these and then these house for jewelry I really want to accessorize cuz it's so fun but I don't know how much I'm actually going to so I'm going to try and be minimal the jewelry I bring I'm definitely bringing these guys look how cute these earrings are I got them from princess Polly ray my princess Polly spring break all if you guys haven't seen that check it out these are linked in that video and you gotta bring these target earrings I'm obsessed with them I'm honestly more concerned about like necklaces and stuff maybe I'll bring these from Ron rebellious they're like a fun layering piece I can wear with my bathing suit and stuff okay then I'm also I forgot about these I'm gonna bring these two earrings too so I can kind of switch it up these are from love AJ and then these are from Urban Outfitters guys I can't believe I'm saying this but I was trying to like clean my shoes I'm just I've worn these so much I can't believe I'm doing this guys I think I want to wear flush bring these sneakers instead cuz they're just cuter and cooler and they just make my outfits look better and I'll wear these on the planes they don't take up too much room in my suitcase I just think Odalys calling me hello alright little update I'm just kind of putting things here as I collect things that I want to like bring I've got a brain I'm gonna bring my smaller microphone actually really have to bring it because I'm recording a podcast next week when I'm home in Tampa and I don't have a mic there I'm doing a solo episode I also just changed my phone case for a little Spring Break vibes you know so this is a yellow one I just got off amazon putting some lip products out you know the drill some Mario Badescu spray for when I'm by the pool when I get hot over here I've got my outfit for the airport tomorrow you know wear one of these sweatshirts I haven't decided yet and then my sneakers cuz they're not gonna fit in here now I need okay what's next Dan you know I haven't eaten lunch and I literally haven't eaten for like hours I can't believe I'm not hungry yet think I need to pack my carry-on bag now I think that's my next priority my old DC backpack yeah I think I think this will be good and I was gonna try and pack like a beach bag this is a long chip I think what I'll do is like fold it up and put it in here we're gonna pack together so this you're not very well I'll like revise that later Mike I can't believe I'm bringing this maybe I'll record a another podcast filming the Bahamas no I'm kidding my computer charger because I know and me having to do video stuff while I'm in the Bahamas best fine love it love it ear buds for stuff on the plane blog camera charger very important I will be vlogging while I'm away I just don't know to what extent I might do like a montage situation then I'm just taking stuff out of my school backpack I'm gonna bring this body mist from Victoria Secret cuz it's awesome we got ooh I have breathe essential oil in here already perfect I guess I'll throw in these other lip products as well why not and I'll put these sunglasses in here because these are like my main ones for the trip and then my Mario Badescu spray like I talked about a fun scrunchie I think I'm gonna bring a couple more as well and then I'm probably gonna bring this water bottle because I want to be hydrated while I'm there but I also don't know what their tap waters like so maybe I should just get water bottles there I don't know all right that's good for now I wouldn't put my computer in later all right now for a very fun part toiletries so obviously I'm going to be bringing my joy razor because it's so dang cute gonna bring some face oil gosh my suitcase is going to waste so much I already packed so many perfumes and such got my makeup bag here face wash oh wait I forgot you have a toiletry bag down here I'm gonna bring mini hairspray for if i curl my hair mini dry shampoo mini heat protectant spray mini toothpaste I also have mini like hair serum need my retainer my travel toothbrush with this awesome handy-dandy top and then I definitely to bring some moisturizer because I just know myself face wash I've got a mini face wash Oh deodorant obviously and I think I kind of just covered a lot of the bases maybe I'll throw this is like a hair tie that's good for like not giving you kinks or anything in your hair toiletries under my hairbrush and then bring my Flatiron yeah and then my friends bring a blow-dryer I believe got my makeup bag here as well Oh makeup wipes duh alright guys we were just about packed so yeah the only thing I don't have in here are my toiletries cuz I need to grab some mini shampoo and conditioner and then it'll be in there the toiletry bag is always what goes in less anyways yeah it's gonna shut it's gonna shut it's been worse before and then I've got my carry-on bag with a tote bag inside I'm very proud of myself and then I've got my passports in there and then I've just got some other stuff here that I'll put in last-minute thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it I feel like throughout the video of my tans kind of starting to develop very very excited to go on spring break and just be in the Sun and just be my friend and just have some fun I'll still be posting for you guys I'm still recording a podcast for gals on the go if you guys don't know about that I podcast Bergman Co but yeah thank you very so much for watching again I'm so excited I'll be doing like a little montage week in my life situation I think like I'll probably do one at the Bahamas and one at home and thank you to joy raisers for sponsoring this video make sure to check them out I'll have a link down below and I'll see you guys very soon for our next video bye bye

pack + prep with me for spring break!!

**pack + prep with me for spring break!!**



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hi guys what's up welcome back to my channel today is going to be a prep with me for spring break video and we have a lot to do let me tell you right now I'm currently face masking because my skin is not in the best shape so I wanted to do a little exfoliating mask situation sitting on my bed about to start trying on some clothes and I just wanted to show you guys kind of like what I'm packing how I pack even though I'm by no means the most efficient of Packers but I'm actually going to to kind of like separate destinations I'm going to Tampa Florida and Miami Florida but Tampa I'm like going to work with my mom kind of and then Miami I am going on like a traditional like College Spring Break so I have kind of two different things to pack for so I figured this would be like a fun little comprehensive vlog just showing you guys my day and stuff it's Wednesday and I leave like Friday at like 4:00 I am so I need to kind of get all this done today I also wanted to share that I'm working with joy on this video today I'm going to show you guys it's just their razors and like how I prepped for spring break and stuff because obviously we all like a clean shave especially when we're going somewhere tropical where your legs are going to be shown and your body everything you know so that will be in like but for the meanwhile I'm going to wash off my face mask and I'll show you guys the bed situation with everything on it I'm already taking a break I'm going to get Chipotle and probably a coffee so this is the current situation I've just been trying on clothes and like planning outfits is hard I'm getting little discouraged just trying to stay positive so maybe this break wall boosts me creatively all right I'm gonna go get a bowl and coffee basically the weird combo of all time but I got a bowl and my coffee I'll drink later but I got a bowl with guac chicken lettuce is the base a little bit of brown rice and black beans and then extra Pico and corn that was such a random sequence of it but that's what I got the key to Chipotle is that you always have to shake it before you eat it oh oh my god the guac is stuck at the top but beautiful I'm gonna eat some of this and then keep packing the music one of my friends made a playlist for because we're going to Miami first big break and it's like all of those like typical songs that say like Miami I'm in Miami and I I'm kind of obsessed with it it's actually the next day yeah sorry we're gonna continue packing no woohoo I'm actually way more organized today so this is going to be quality content I swear so I did go ahead and self tan last night I don't use tanning beds I don't believe in them I don't think anybody should I think that it's just a bad idea all around so I'm all here for the self tan life I also do semi-formal tonight so I wanted to be nice and sleek II you know new razor from joy I think it's like 897 or something it's rather inexpensive but look how cute it is it's honestly like a really just like sleek simple razor I like how the the grip here is that kind of squishy so it's which is good because even when you're like what in the shower I always have that where it's like plasticy razors and it's kind of like slipping out of your hand so this is nice it's a nice firm hold firmly grasp it I think you can get it in pink or teal too which is just fun I love customization I don't like to focus too much of my time on shaving like to me that comes as like an afterthought so honestly I just like to get her done and then be on my way and this is definitely a great tool to have I'm totally bringing on spring break with me to stay nice and clean and everything if you guys are looking for a nice little razor to pick up on your way out to Spring Break I also tried out this Glee shave gel which I've never really used like a shave gel before so this was definitely different experience also if you just talk about like this packaging is actually so aesthetic what it lathers up so well and the cucumber and aloe is like a nice like soothing feel so I just went ahead and use these together it was a good experience I think that you guys should definitely check it out they do have a shaving mousse too if that's like something you're more comfortable with I've never used to shave gel like I said but I it's kind of cool I definitely recommend trying it honestly for me Spring Break like hair removal is like a really big step especially when I'm going to the beach I'm gonna be in bathing suits and everything that's like a huge huge part of like my confidence level and I just want to be like you know being my best self and I think that these two orderly some good things to consider so I'll leave a link to these joint products down below so now I can show you guys kind of what's happening so like I said I'm kind of going to to destination so I think that this is gonna be what I have to work on now but this is my Tampa outfits so like I said I'm going to like work with my mom and like doing more like dressy up things versus my Miami clothes which I have like here I have like dresses and like sets and stuff for when I go either clubbing or like out at night and then over here I have jean shorts which I'm definitely using as cover-ups I don't really wear cover-ups by wear jean shorts these are from fashion Nova these are free people these are from a website called shop love shake these are princess Polly so I'll be like literally wearing jean shorts and then I also have right over here next to it I just have like bigger like tuna key tops or graphic tees so I will probably likely be doing like a graphic tee and like jean shorts with my bathing suit underneath I'm packing some all-black outfits I just do like a black tank top with black jeans and like a little booty it's just such a classic go-to and you can kind of dress it up or down which is really nice because I don't know sometimes you wear it to the club sometimes you wear it not so that's cool over here I've like loungewear I'm not planning on working out when I'm there which it's just not gonna happen but I do like kind of like live in athleisure clothes this is this new Georgia sweatshirt I got which is really cute but below that I just have sports bras and stuff like that and then I actually have my bathing suits which I actually am proud myself I got my bathing suits figured out before all of my outfits but just someone like makes them not a big bathing suit girl I really need to work on my bathing suit confidence like that needs to happen so yeah but besides that I have this one which is pretty good from Savile I have this one which is it's decent it's probably not my favorite it's from pretty little thing and the bottoms are high but I do love that neon because I just feel like it makes you you look tan and like toned if you listen to my podcast with Danielle you know these are my obsession there Monday swimwear so I got two bathing suits from them so this black one I think this is called the clothes Lee top by the way I'll try to link it so I just got the top for that one and then I'm gonna wear black high-waisted bottoms from princess Polly with that and then I have just a complete like leopard one which the bottoms are low-rise which is not really my vibe but I make it work I'm packing also way more than four bathing suits I have only need bathing setting for four days but I'm bringing more just to be safe then I have this one which is just a classic go-to for me it's also from is awful most of the babies I get from Zonk alarm miss just a fYI but this one is also from there this one I showed in a hall – it's from princess Polly it's decent actually this one I'm going to put in the Tampa bag just in case I end up wearing a bathing suit in Tampa I'm gonna bring one one-piece this is from the Kendall + Kylie collection at PacSun and it just kind of like cuts open in the center I'm a fan of one pieces I think that they can be fun so we'll bring that those are my bathing suits and then over here we have more tops I need to pack jeans to go with these tops but I'm probably just gonna bring like a pair of like regular jeans and then white jeans and then just pair them with a bunch of these tops I like this little purple a little fuzzy crop top this scarf which I tie into a shirt the shirts from Free People the shirt is from princess Polly that shirts from forever 21 and then just a little Express I'm tank tops in case we go grab like a more casual lunch or dinner or something I need to actually put like real clothes yeah definitely need to clean all this up I also have a package coming in the mail today of more like stuff for the clubs which thank gosh it's coming today so last minute but I need to put that in this pile to update progress I've just been trying on outfits hi I pulled out these shoes I totally forgot about them we're just today my closet they're from Chinese Laundry they're the freakin cutest shoes ever and they're just like a nice like little platform so I felt with some dresses here that'd be cute or have some jeans some white jeans have a little jumpsuit guy I think I showed that yesterday this is gonna be my carry-on I'm like not gonna check it or anything so I just want to make sure that I don't bring any liquids or anything in this one I like it's fine all my like liquids and stuff like that like the shaving cream and all that that I just showed is going in my bigger check bag which I think it's nearly complete I'm just waiting for those few things to get delivered like I said honestly I am pretty proud of myself I'm at that point now in the packing where I have like these shoes that are like flat sort of you know little slip ons but then I have those kind of flats or slip I speak slip-on sort of mic which ones do I bring you know what I mean because it's kind of like the same thing I'm trying to get choosy about it cuz shoes are the one thing like way down my luggage so much so I'm trying to decide if I should bring those but that will be determined yeah now I'm showing you guys what I'm bringing in my carry-on bag and bringing my Louboutin never fall I just love it so much it's just a good size sometimes I do a backpack but I honestly prefer a tote especially because I'm gonna do my carry-on so that I could just throw it on top and like walk with it rolling so we'll start with over here hand sanitizer because the planes are dirty I clip this from my backpack I just you know what's my backpack video and this is on it Brazilian bum bum cream brand lip balm well it is the Sol de Janeiro is the brand but it's the lip balm it's so good all of the various sunglasses that I'm bringing I have to put these ones in a case and then I have multiple in this case but it's fine this is like my life notebook if you guys watch now what's my backpack for jotting down quick things making lists whatever I'm not gonna bring my plane or anything but I will bring this notebook just in case bringing my Apple watch and my like base hub charger thing my laptop obviously has to go with me honestly if I was just going to Miami I might not bring it but since I am doing like the days in Tampa and stuff and I already know that I have like work calls and like I have to follow up with emails and stuff so I have to bring that this is like my little converter thingy oh this is my portable phone charger and I brought the wire to recharge it because I know that it's gonna die and I know this will really come in handy when we're going out at night and just for travel days and stuff is it charged up yes so we're good to go and then I bring like a cord for that I need to bring just like a regular plug in to the wall phone charger but that's charging us my bed I'm gonna bring my rose quartz face roller honestly don't even know if these things really work but I grabbed the idea that they do so that's coming with my blue light glosses you guys know I love these because they block out the Rays they just have like an orange tint to them so they cancel out any of the blue colors that like come from either your phone or your computer air pods because typically on planes all edit a video or I'll listen to music or watch something you have to bring like regular like earphones to plug into if you want to watch like the movies and stuff on the plane but I'm not going to do that I'm just gonna use these and plug into either my computer or my phone it's a really quick flight to nail file even I just got my nails done white I got white S&S for those of you wondering and I think it looks pretty freaking good but just in case they check for something knock on wood they freaking don't but what am i knocking on okay my Hydra flask water bottle I'm gonna try to refill this the best thing my favorite thing is when I refill this with ice and water and then I wake up in the middle of the night and have it next to me so I'm definitely bringing this even though I probably will end up like not refilling it all the time it's just good to have just in case I was also just cleaning out that bag and on the bottom of it I found I think that this is just a quell just in case I get sick benadryl I always carry with me and then tissues too so I think this is everything and I really do like I do my skincare and stuff before so I don't really have to worry about like that type of stuff on the plane so yeah I just am gonna do my skincare like at 4 a.m. before I leave my house and then I'll worry about it all later I'm gonna pack this up now in the meanwhile have all of this I'm currently getting ready for semi-formal I still have to put on mascara and curl my hair but I'll show you guys my look when I'm done just for fun so I'm coming on now to end the vlog this was I cannot even express how random this thing it was but I wanted to show you guys I guess some of me packing definitely follow me on Instagram to see more of like my outfits and stuff I hope that I gave you guys like at least some ideas and showed you like what's my carry-on and tried to be a little informative you know I would love to hear where you guys are going on spring break or if you're just chilling at home whatever you're doing leave your plans in the comments below I'll show you guys my fit this is what we got it's this dress at like phrase out in the bottom I think it's pretty cute and then just black shoes we're in my cheetah jacket honestly pretty shot just because I have to wake up like super early and I come back here and like do a lot of things but I'm gonna be okay I'm just gonna allow myself to have a good time even if it's just for a few hours and yeah thank you guys so much watching this video and I'll talk to you all super soon bye you





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In today’s video i’m packing for my spring break vacation ,we are going to Punta Cana with my family and my cousins from Sister Forever ,i hope you like this video !

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8/ROOM TOUR 2018 !!!/



hey guys I'm Kayli today I'm going to be doing a packing with me so basically is almost spring break but we have two more days until we go to our vacation which is boot econo so it is a Dominican Republic and I am very excited to go out of the country and yeah so basically I'm just gonna show you what I'm gonna be packing and also this is probably gonna be like posted after we go to Punta Cana because like they have bad internet and plus like we're just supposed to have like fun and stuff be I'm just gonna be showing you what I got and also not a lot of things like this is just the main like clothes and stuff but like we stop two more days until we go so I'm gonna be packing my chargers and all that after but I'm just gonna show you all the clothes and like hair stuff I'm gonna be bringing so yeah before I get on with the video setting that it goes to and don't forget to like this video subscribe and also come with Lola other videos you would like to see that so first I'm going to start off with showing in my suitcase so here in my suitcase it's just a little mini one so we could put it on top of the airplane and it has like a sunset and it is hang ten by the brand came ten and like I'm just show you everything I got in there after the video I'm gonna actually put the stuff in but first I'm gonna start off with my shoes so first I'm bringing my checkered vans they're just the black and cream and white ones and yeah these match with a lot of things yeah I just picked the plainness ones I have which are the checkered ones and also these white bands they're not to slip on they're like the athletic ones or whatever they're called but these are very dirty but like I kind of like them dirty like you can so like they're really dirty yeah I have those those are the only shoes not bring in also for like sandals type thingy I have my Crocs so that's what I'm gonna be using glad I got Crocs booked for the ship but now I'm gonna start off with my clothes and I'm gonna show you the clothes that I'm wearing there we're going in an airport and like airports are like really cold so I have my Nike Pro leggings I have those to be comfortable as well because it is we have three hours in the car because we have to drive to Miami Airport and then we have to get on the plane for like three two hours I'm not sure but yeah we have to do that so I got some nike probes I also have a black shirt that I got from American Eagle and then I also have a pink jacket that I got from Orlando the last time we went for playlist just this pink orlando jacket so that's what I'm going to be wearing there and also my Crocs okay so next I'm going to show you like my bag stuff so first I have my mascara it is the better than you know yeah I'm wearing it right now it's my all-time favorite mascara works so good and it's waterproof so that's good there's gonna be a lot of water there but next this is a bag full of my undergarments if you don't know what that is go look it up and then my toothbrush is down there it's my travel toothbrush I have my own toothbrush right now but yeah that's my travel one and I just have all my undergarments in there and then in this bag I have hair ties and bobby pins also I ordered someone like those really cute Bret Clips thingies and I got all colors and I'm very excited and it comes tomorrow so that is good because it's coming before you know that and last time I went to Orlando the last trip we went on I forgot to bring hair ties and everything and it wasn't like my hair was like literally everywhere and guys sorry if I keep touching me it's just like my curls are really good today and I'm in love but next I have two hair brushes I have like this one and then I have like this one so I have those and then I have like hair parter brush comb and then I have Mike clop glasses because like it's really cute like to put on your pocket or something like that love's lying on it yeah and then I have lip gloss because you know you got a shine there in there yeah that's what I have in my bag and also I'm gonna bring like lotion and like all of that like perfume but we're not allowed to bring it up so we're putting it in the suitcase that's going under the plane because like liquids and stuff on a lot of go up so yeah moving on to bathing suits I have a couple here so first I have this green one it just looks like this you know from Hollister got it from there and I think it's very cute it has a little tiny bit in the front and it's like olive green but yeah I have that then I have this blue flower one it's like really cute this is probably like my favorite ready my favorite bait my favorite BAE ling-su to Ione it's really cute I don't know where I got that one them then I have this one it has all different colors like in person it's like way brighter than in camera and it has like blue dark blue white pain hot pink yellow and then the same pattern and I really like you and I got this from Target and then my last bathing suit is this blue one it goes like that wraps around you and I also got this from Target and then my bottoms I have this one it like has like holes on the sides and it's high-waisted which I like and these are from Hollister and then I have the short bathing suits I don't know where I got these from but my mom got them for me so like yeah I got those so those are the bathing suits I'm bringing next for my pajamas I'm bringing ones I got for Christmas from my own which is sister proffers mom the pandas shorts and then the Panda shirt to go with it and it has my initials on it okay so those are my pajamas I'm bringing now my pool shorts that are separated from my outfit set I have these are like to go on top of my bathing suit I have these loose black ones and there has like little beads and I got these from Macy's and then I have these black ones the tags are together there so I have these black shorts that I've got from Target and then I also got these gray ones the same thing but grey and I also got them from Target so that's that now my outfit I have ten outfits I over pack this time but my first outfit are these high-waisted shorts from H&M and then I have this shirt also from H&M it's like red and then it's like tied right here and then these two go together I really like it a lot next outfit is this shirt from H&M as well it's like a striped shirt like that it's really cute and then I also got these shorts they're so cute like they're like white lost and then I was like a tie and then these are from Express next sounds like a flowy one so I have these shorts I like flowers and it has a knot yeah these are from justice and then I have this shirt it's like white and then it says stronger than you think on this side and I got this shirt from Express and I think it's very cute and it has a good message so that's another one fit my next outfit me and Allison got twinning because we want to be 21 day so we also got a black when it's just like the striped one I got it from H&M as well just black and then like this plaid skirt and it is so cute together and be honest and we're gonna let bum cuz also I think we're gonna do like a challenge like twinning for like 24 hours like that I'm not sure if we're gonna do it but I don't know but yeah we were at the same store and then Alison showed me how it looked on her and she's like you suck you should go try it on which would be 28 I was like okay let me go get it and then I liked it and then we both got it and then also my mom got like she bought it for her for her birthday because her birthday is March 29 and that's why we're going also like she got a pic where we go and basically Spring Break Allison's birthday type of thing but yeah next outfit is this white like tube top but I have straps so I don't know what it's called but I also got this from justice and then I got these shorts they're like striped and then like they're high-waisted and I really like them and these are from bells I think the shorts I don't know oh yeah that's one stack and then my next stack of clothes all right here so of these like washed out black shorts in they're very cute and then I also have a yellow type of shirt to go like I got it from Express and I got these from Macy's and like that is a bomb outfit like I really like it and then also with these shorts I have this other shirt I don't know which one I'm gonna use yet but if I have like extra thing in like if we wash these I would wear like this striped shirt with them so I have two shirts for that I'm not really sure if I am but every day I'm gonna be taking pictures with each of my outfits and different spots so stay tuned on my Instagram officially dot Kayleigh we'll be right here but yeah I have that my next outfit is for our pictures because every time we go to Punta Connor like a vacation we always have like a theme that we're gonna take a picture at the beach and stuff Aarthi this year is coral and white the net last year it was like I think it was like not last year because last year we didn't want to put that on over like the last time we went to Punta Cana I think it was like dark blue and white and then the last time it was white so this time it's coral and white and I I was debating because like coral there's a lot of different shades and it's gonna be a hard to match and if you don't have the same shade that it doesn't really look good but it's okay because meows and Emily both all got this shirt it says you are a diamond and we all got it so like this pictures could somewhat look alike so we got that and then oh and I got that from Target as well and then I got these white shorts and they are from Macy's as well and they're the brand celebrity pink all these shorts were inside like the ones that I said that were amazing they're all from celebrity pink like the brand but next one is like a chilling out hanging out around the pool in the hotel or stuff like that I have these red like shorts and it says love on the side and I got these from bells I think and then also like this yellow top I really like these are my two favorite colors you know but yeah I got the top from targets target has some cute clothes I'm not gonna lie to you but yeah about those next outfit I have are these like camo shorts this is love and then I have like this shirt why I got these from bells is well mom my mom got it and I don't know where my mom got this when she like literally just showed me and I just put it with those shorts but it's like a white shirt and yeah I think it's really cute my last outfit I don't know if I'm gonna be wearing it or not but like it's just in there and I have these like white Schwartz with like the tie and then I also have this top actually I think I am gonna wear it definitely it's like a teal color and it has like flowers and I picked these shorts because like they're high-waisted and I don't like showing my stomach that lunch but if you see it a little bit it's okay cuz like literally a lot of hair like you're just not like your age oh yeah yeah yeah first off I don't like show my stomach it also just imagine wearing a bikini like it's a little basically showing way more than you need to just saying but yeah that's everything I packed and one more a Meyer look at my curls but yeah video I hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned on the cake family and Kevin get your ventures cuz we're gonna be doing some videos in there over there and also vlogs so if you want to go see them the links to those channels will be in the description and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed today's video and I'll see you guys the next one hey