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ZWIFT ON A BUDGET: Step by Step Setup // Indoor Cycling Explained

**ZWIFT ON A BUDGET: Step by Step Setup // Indoor Cycling Explained**



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Daily Lama EP24: Starting with an empty space, I take you through everything you need to get set up and riding, with budget in mind. Point being here is that it doesn’t take an expensive smart trainer and power meter just to get rolling. Remember to hit *SUBSCRIBE* to support this YouTube channel:

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So today I'm going to be going through converting
a blank space into my Zwift session. So I'm running through all of the components
I'm going to use. I'll go the budget option, so if you're looking
for the cheapest way to get on board this will be very handy. So let's go for a ride. Bike's already sorted, good to go. Next thing we need is the indoor trainer. I've chosen the Cycleops Fluid II today. Standard Fluid trainer supported by Zwift,
pretty basic trainer. Quite cheap, two hundred dollars online second
hand. Maybe a little more if you buy new, but a
good budget option to start out with. And to match that we put down a yoga mat as
well. OK bike's set up ready to go. One slight modification I always use is to
raise the front wheel just a little bit indoors I feel a little bit more comfortable with
it raised up. Best solution for that that I've found and
the cheapest solution the yellow pages. So the next thing to do now is to hook up
the speed sensor for the rear wheel so that it can communicate with the Zwift session
so I've got myself a cheap Garman one that I had laying around the house picked one up
for thirty dollars maybe a lot cheaper second hand I put this on the rear wheel so it can then
transmit the rear wheel speed via Ant plus. The speed sensor has now been installed on
the rear wheel. It's transmitting Ant plus rear wheel speed. Next thing we need is a computer now I've
got a laptop, just a Macbook Pro I'll be setting it in front of me on the barrels there. We're almost there. So you can see the distance between the computer
and the Ant plus speed sensor down here. Ant plus can get a little confused in a noisy
environment if you've got your microwave oven on, you've got wifi signals, you've got other
devices in the 2.4 spectrum. It get's a little technical, don't worry about
any of that. The best advice I can give is to get a USB
extension cable it just brings the Ant key a little closer to there. So the ant key, very small, very easy to lose. So it's very handy to have that on the end
of a long rope. So to speak. So Ant key installed I put that on the computer
and run it down through the back of that. These things are set and forget. Once they're in place no need to worry. We're really close now. So we have the bike on the trainer. We have the speed sensor on the rear wheel. We've got the computer set up over here. And the Ant Stick is as close as we can get
it to make sure that there's maximum signal strength. A few bonus options here. Indoor fans got to keep cool. These are the best one's I've found. Little Sunair turbo. High velocity turbo fans 30 cm. They're
very quiet for what they are. Highly recommended. Let's get that set up in front of me. Another tip with installing the fan don't
put it directly in front of you where you're the smallest, put it just off to the side
so it can get a lot more body surface area keep you nice and cool. Cooling is very important. We'll cover a whole other video on cooling. So setup is almost done now the extra bonus. I use a quad lock bike mount for my iPhone. So though I'm Zwifting, I can use the phone,
text, Facebook, and most importantly the mobile link to get a few ride ons. And for those really long Zwift sessions. We need some light reading so got a few magazines
I'll study up on the tour. But there we go. Setup complete from zero to Zwift station. All in one. Again in summery, we've got the bike, we have
the rear wheel speed sensor installed, on cycleops II fluid trainer, floor mat, Ant
plus stick with the extension cable so it can talk to the computer, a fan, and the Mac
computer running Zwift. Easy as that. Taking you through a blank space to a Zwift
station, also a little side table here. That's a conductor's stand. Picked up for about fifty dollars. Again any side table works. Basic setup. Z power. Let's get some kilometers in. Just before we get stuck into this session. I'll run you through exactly the config I've
got setup in Zwift to make all of this work with Z Power. OK we have to spin the rear wheel we're using
ant plus to hook up our sensors today. We have no power source but we have a classic
speed sensor here. So I'll click on search as you can tell this
house has a few ant plus sensors here the bottom one is what we're after the speed and
cadence sensor. From here we select our compatible trainer. That would be the Cycleops Fluid II. OK I have no cadence sensor at the moment
so I'll actually unpair that. I have a heart rate monitor on there we go. Seventy-one beats per minute. No cadence sensor, no power source. Connected by Ant plus. Click OK. Few of my friends online. I know the workout I'm going to do so let's
get stuck into it straight away. So there we go. Training session done for the day, using Z
Power and a budget setup for Zwift. Didn't cost a lot, didn't take long to setup
at all. So laptop, fluid trainer, Ant stick, away
you go. Alright thanks for the ride, we'll see you
next time.

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