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today in this video I'm going to share with you how I organized and simplified my kitchen to make it more efficient hi guys welcome back and if you're new here my name is Noemi so for today I got very exciting video work for you I already made a video on how I simplified my kitchen and I have many hacks and ideas that I shared with you and I will link all those videos down below for you guys but today I'm gonna go more into the depth to explain where I put the things and how I organize the things and what's the reason behind that so I have already talked about this work zones that I created in my kitchen and the reason for that because sometimes we want to work together someone has been trying to prepare a smoothie while I'm starting to preparing making a lunch or dinner so that was the starting point to create those work zones it has been working so amazingly is so efficient I thought it's really worth to share so this would be the first zone or area that I want to talk about and when I'm talking about working zone I'm not just talking about the countertop it has the key to create this work zone to think about in vertical lines like whatever you will need whatever you prepared in that area it has to be handy over there so that means you don't have to go away and leave that space and go back and forth you are more efficient with the time as well so in this area as you can see my sink is over there so whenever I wash the dishes I always put everything on the right side so the easiest way that motivates me the most to put away the dishes and not to procrastinate as much is to make it as easy as possible to be able to put away the dishes so everything that we use during the day we opt out with an open chef and of course it's not everyone else's cup of tea but we like this open shop because everything that is on that we use it every single day so it doesn't get dusty and I don't have to open and close the cabinet and I don't have to open anything for that for eating or measuring go with everything is in one location and the second one would be all the things that we use for drink or eat so even my husband if he makes the smoothie here he doesn't have to step anywhere as he can just grab the drawer or the glass whatever he used and he can just pull it out there and on the bottom cents as I mentioned I wash the dishes here I can just put away right away all the things that we use we have on the go this is the dishes that we use for this area function as a smoothie making area so we are putting away the dishes from here and also preparing smoothies so that means in the morning my husband can be here and doing the smoothies meanwhile I'm in that corner I don't have to step away because I got my sink over here and the stove is over there so as I'm preparing the vegetables or the peeling washing can happen here and that way we don't cross each other's way so for smoothy things like what we put in the hemp seeds and all those things we had only place to put all the pantry items over here so that means my husband can go between that area without me crossing without crossing each other way so we keep the smoothie maker right here down below because it's very easy to grab and I also want to point out something simplified my work and maybe it can give you a different perspective to think about it because I know a lot of people love things to keep on their countertop for a reason either you don't have a space but if you can't get a space to put it away the reason I'd like to put away all those items that we use every single day because to me to put away that Vitamix it's literally takes not about 90 second or 10 seconds the answer 10 seconds to put it back under this minute when I'm putting away I'm making a big favor to myself because of the rest of the day I don't have to go around that object I don't have to cleaner on that I don't have to wipe it off because it's a kitchen it's got grease if you have watered everywhere as we wash the dishes so it would get messy and I would have to wipe off constantly so that mean it's put in a way out of the way so this would be a very prepared or the smoothies okay now we are turning into a kitchen tour but this is where we keep our saponin because it's right next to the glass so when He pours out the smoothie we can take care of in the morning all the supplements obviously under the sink we keep all the things that we need for washing dishes and where we keep our garbage as well and I will get back to that because I have some great ideas with that but as we go to that corner this is where I keep all those jars and items that I use to either prepare a food so if I'm repairing the food here I can use the glass right away and also once I've finished with the cooking I have the jars on there this is where I keep the leftover so I have these jars and now of course I have bigger bigger ones but they are in the frigerator now but this is what I use to put my food in there and it's right next year so I can just bend over and put it here take it off and put away the food and it can go into the frigerator okay so for this section so that was the preparing and put away a section for this section that's pretty obvious like this is where we keep the pots and pans so we don't have to walk that much it comes handy okay so this is the area where I like to prepare all the baking so I've got the oven over here well if I have to mat a coconut oil's right next to the oven so it's a perfect communion spot and it's a big spot to make all those cookies and dough's and all of the panty items that we have it's over here we have a shelf where we keep our apples and fresh fruits but basically this is all the pantry things that we have and I worked with my drawers I really love this because they have the same height as the drawer so we can use the drawer all the way till the end and here's the best part with that you guys this is if I open this it function as an extension of the countertop so when I cook I don't even have to physically move these drawers anywhere I can just use my spice out of here so this is the salt and I know other ones and I can just remove the top and I can use that and once I'm done I'm just putting it back and I can just close that and it's out of the way it's not on the countertop I don't need to put away anything at all so when I bake over here I've got everything all the flowers all the cost and everything that we use is in here so in this zone I do the baking so the best part with this top layer of drawers as you saw with the spices it's kind of like working and adding an another layer because I don't have to move the thing it's right there handy Adam have to bend over it's kind of like just spitting out the things so those things that I would normally don't keep out on the countertop but when I'm using them and I would have to like the cookbook actually I don't have a cookbook this is just my favorite is that I collected over the years but I can just open and check whatever I need and I will have to put it out on the countertop I just check whatever I need I can just close it and shut the drawer and it's out of my way so I'm trying to organize my kitchen the way we have is I have to move your things or laps and I have to walk less and guys it counts so much it can't like we have to be very appreciative with our time because this is where we can lose precious time where we just doing repetitive things back to the food preparing area I forgot to share with you guys something that is really cool so when I prepare the food I have the oven here I keep my cutting board over here so that means and the knife is here so I have the cutting board and the knife nearby so I don't even have to walk together those items so the other way is happing me tremendously I have this garbage can so we do have a relatively small garbage can I like to use the small one because we don't really have that much garbage so whenever we have of the head like that we buy a bread in or we buy from Costco the frozen fruits I like to save those bags to collect our whatever garbage we make but the great things about this box and this is from Ikea because I know if they are going to us that this is the same height thing so it has a perfect height if I place this in the kitchen sink I can just open this bag and everything that I chopped off and I want to throw away so you can put either a compost bin or a garbage wherever you prefer or you can but if I chop of the vegetables I can just push everything right away into the garbage can so once the food peeling is done once the food shopping is done I can place this on the top of the countertop and it may don't sound as a big about the other but I'm telling you guys I I can only tell what I experience but in my experience I rather to throw things into the sink instead of opening the cabinet and just putting the gloves yet because when I'm cooking I'm busy if something is always burning or I just have to do something all of the sudden so I always procrastinate but when it's up here on the countertop it just makes it so easy instead of putting anything I just put it over there and then once I'm done with the cooking I can just put it away [Applause] so I just put it away to show you that I didn't have to step away so that would be the other way around when I pulling out these things if I put the garbage right there and I put the knife and the cutting board over there I didn't have to move or walk so this is the key to the zone organizing it just really designed or on your needs so you can create those zones to your needs like what you have to prepare what is your family member prepared so for us this is what has been working out the best what do I mean to put it garbage oh this other page the world with you a body I created a someone organizing [Applause]

HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY πŸ’Έ (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)

**HOW TO STOP SPENDING MONEY πŸ’Έ (15 tips to stop impulse shopping + save money with minimalism)**



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Do you have a problem with impulse spending and shopping? Do you buy things that you don’t need? Well, it’s time to stop shopping for things you don’t need, so you can start saving some money for the things that matter most. In this video, I will share 15 easy and practical tips to stop spending money aimlessly, so that you can finally save some cash and reach your financial goals.

In my 20s, I used to shop impulsively and buy all sorts of things on a whim and I didn’t even end up using the majority of those things. In my 30s, after adopting minimalism, I’ve changed the way I spend money drastically and that has helped me save thousands of dollars.

In this video, I’m sharing my personal experience as well as the tips that have helped me cut down on spending on things I don’t really need. If you have any tips for impulse shopping, let me know in the comments below.

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Five thousand, four hundred dollars a
year. That is $54,000 in a decade! That is money that could go towards retirement
savings accounts, emergency funds and even a mortgage down payment. So if you feel
like you're wasting your money buying things that you don't need and the
impulse shopping is getting out of hand – then this video is for you. I'm going to
share 15 easy and practical tips things that I've done and I hope that they help
you too. Hello hello! Welcome back to The Whole
Happy Life. I'm Ria. So I wanted to create this video because I used to be
such an impulsive shopper when I was younger. I spent so much money and I wish
I have known these tips before because I could have saved maybe thirty or forty
thousand dollars in my twenties. So I hope that these tips can be useful to
you. As always, with money things are a little bit different for everybody so
take what you want from this video and leave the rest out. And before we begin,
let me know in the comments below what is your biggest impulse purchase. The one
that you regret the most. I'm really curious to know – let me know in the comments
below. Let's begin. Tip number one – don't shop when you're emotional or when
you're really stressed. I think it's so easy to use shopping as a way to feel
better – as a quick pick-me-up… retail therapy.
But the problem is shopping and retail therapy is not effective. It's short-term –
you'll feel good for maybe a couple hours… maybe even a day or two but after
that you're back to your normal self. So I think retail therapy is prohibitively
expensive if you're an impulse shopper and it's just a good idea to find other
things to do to deal with those emotions. So let's say you're feeling sad – instead
of going to the mall maybe talk to a friend, watch a funny movie on Netflix
that you enjoy – do something else that doesn't involve spending copious amounts
of money. And if you're feeling stressed there are other things that you could do
that don't involve spending money. Go for a walk in the park. Go for a workout. Do
some self-care at home. Things that you could do for free.
Tip number two – don't shop out of sheer boredom. I can't tell you the number of
times I've gone to the mall because I was bored. I thought I was only going to
window shop and that window shopping quickly became real shopping. When you're
at the mall, you're in a place of temptation and if you're someone who has
a tendency to purchase things impulsively it's really hard not to buy
things, so don't put yourself in that position. Don't go to the mall when
you're bored – find other things to do. So as an example if you're an introvert –
maybe journal writing, reading, watching a movie at home… that might be something
you could do when you're bored. Or if you're an extrovert, you could go out in
the city and find free things to do. There's always something to do for free
in every city or town – just find those things to do and don't go shopping.
Because if you go shopping you're probably going to spend money that you
don't need to spend. Tip number three – shop with intention and with a very
specific list. I've noticed that when I shop without a list, I tend to get
carried away and I do make a lot more impulse purchases, but when I make a list
and not just a generic list but a very specific list… I'm less likely to get
carried away. Tip number four – when you're shopping online, avoid creating an
account and storing your credit card information. So a lot of times when you
shop online, shops want us to create an account. That way you have the name,
address and credit card information stored, so the next time you want to shop
with them it's just the matter of a click of a button and it becomes so easy
to shop. The problem is if you are an impulse shopper, it's a little too easy
to shop. So if you want to avoid those impulse purchases, my suggestion is check
out as a guest- not as someone who has an account. By checking out as a guest you
have to physically enter your name, your address and your credit card information
and let me tell you, I have abandoned so many shopping carts in the past because
I was too lazy to get my credit card out of my wallet. So there we go.
If you're an impulse shopper, this can act as a deterrent, so just try to avoid
creating accounts and check out as a guest instead. Tip
number five – embrace aspects of minimalism. I think out of all of the
tips in this video the one thing that helped me the most is becoming more of a
minimalist. I do recognize that it is not for everybody but at the same time we
don't need to completely become minimalists. Some of us may just want to
embrace aspects of it. I think minimalism is a spectrum – we can all do it in our
own way and if it can help you become a little more intentional, help you become
a little more aware and mindful of your purchases – why not? If you're interested
in learning more about practical minimalism, I do have an e-book and
workbook on it which I'm going to link in the description. And don't buy the
workbook impulsively. I don't want you to do that! Buy it if you really feel like
it's going to help you and it's gonna add value to you, otherwise you don't
need to get it. Tip number six – try to buy from stores that have a return policy
and keep the receipts. I can't tell you the number of times I have purchased
something and then I've quickly regretted it the next day and I couldn't
return it because store did not have a return policy or I lost the receipt or I
took the tags off. So my suggestion is don't take the tags off, keep your
receipts for at least for 7 days and try to avoid buying things from places that
don't have a return policy. My philosophy now is if it doesn't have a return
policy, I'm not buying it. I don't buy things on final sale because that is how
you end up buying things you don't really need. Tip number 7 – sleep on the
decision especially if the item is above $100. So I have a rule – if an item is
above $100, I do not buy it the day I see it. If it's at the mall or online I won't
buy it. I will sleep on it for at least a day if not two or three nights and I
can't tell you the number of times I've completely forgotten about the item in
two or three days. So give yourself a little time to think through that
decision and who knows you might change your mind.
Tip number eight – avoid joining email lists. A lot of times when you shop
online or even in the store – stores will ask us for our email address in exchange
for a coupon or something of that sort and the problem with that is while that
coupon may seem very nice in the beginning they're going to keep sending
you emails again and again and you're going to end up buying more things. Things
that you don't need. So my suggestion is to unsubscribe from all of those email
subscriptions so that you don't have to face temptation all the time. I think for
an impulse shopper the biggest thing you can do is remove the temptations. By
removing the temptations you're just not going to shop as much. Tip number nine –
don't shop with friends that push you to buy things that you don't need. Now we all
have friends that help us make really good decisions – go shopping with them but
then we also have friends that make us buy things that we don't need. They kind
of push us into impulsive purchases and they tell us that everything looks good
on us… when in fact it really doesn't. So don't go shopping with those people. I
actually bought a pink poofy wedding dress ten years ago. It was horrible.
I got persuaded by my friends and my husband had a look at that dress and he
was just like" oh my gosh what were you thinking? ". So thankfully that was not
actually the wedding dress I wore on my wedding day but I learned a lot from
that experience. Do not go shopping with people who you
don't really trust in terms of their opinion and who push you into making bad
decisions. Just avoid shopping with them. Tip number 10 – always check reviews for
items that are above $50. So I've a rule – if an item is above $50 I won't buy it
until I check the reviews even if I'm in the store. I will take my phone out and
I will try to check the reviews because this way I'm not making a purchase that
is somewhat expensive without knowing everything about it. I think the thing
with reviews is you've got to check both positive and negative. It's so easy to
just read the positive ones and think "hey this item is great". No. Read the
negative ones too have a balanced view and then make your decision. I have
purchased a lot of things without checking reviews and then I deeply
regretted it later, so try to avoid that. Stick to that
rule whatever dollar amount it may be. For you it might not be 50 – it could be a
bit different but stick to that rule. Don't buy it unless you checked the
reviews. Tip number 11 – remind yourself of your financial goals before you go
shopping. If you don't have financial goals then I do suggest having some – just a
number and what you're saving it for. I think it can be very helpful in changing
your mindset about money. I didn't have financial goals before so I used to spend
because I didn't really care but now I do
and I remind myself of my financial goals regularly and because of that I'm
less likely to make impulse purchases. So my suggestion is if you don't have goals…
sit down and think about what your goals might be. It could be something really
simple- I want to save $5,000 for an emergency fund. Whatever it may be just
write it down and think about it regularly so that you know what you're
trying to do and you're going to be less likely to get carried away with your
impulse purchases. Tip number 12 – re-evaluate what you already own the
next time you're shopping. So as an example let's say I'm shopping for jeans
and I see a nice pair of jeans… it's very easy to get carried away thinking "hey
it's on sale. It looks good. I need it." But then take a moment to re-evaluate
whether or not you already own something that's similar. Sometimes you actually
have the exact same color at home and you don't really need that extra pair.
Tip number 13 – think about your worst impulse purchases and make a list. I made
a mental list of the worst impulse purchases I've made and that list really
really helped me change my mindset. I realize how many impulse purchases I
forgot about and once I made that list it reminded me of how much money I had
spent and how much I deeply regretted those purchases. So if you're someone who
makes a lot of these impulse purchases just make a list and take it one step
further. Put that list in your wallet so the next time you're actually tempted to
spend some money you're going to have that list right in front of you. And
maybe …maybe it will act as a deterrent and you might not end up making that
impulse purchase. Tip number 14 – get to the root cause. If you have tried
everything in this video as well as tips from other people and you're still
struggling with your impulse spending maybe it's time to take a step back and
figure out the root cause. It could be something like anxiety. It could be
something like sadness. It could be a multitude of different things but you
need to figure out the root cause so you can work on a solution. If you need help,
maybe it's time to talk to a therapist. Tip number 15 -make it a game with a
jar method. So this is something that I recently started and I've been enjoying
it. So every single time I avoid an impulse purchase, I write down the item
and the dollar amount and put it on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar. And
then at the end of the month I look at all of the little pieces of paper in the
jar and tally up the amount that I avoided spending. So last month I avoided
spending two hundred and fifty dollars- which is not a small sum of money. It
actually is quite a bit especially if you end up saving that much each month.
So I'm going to continue doing this and hopefully by the end of the year I might
have a couple thousand dollars saved up. This is just a fun little thing that you
could do to reward yourself every single time you avoid an impulse purchase. Thank
you for watching this video, if you enjoyed it please do give it a thumbs up
because that helps me a lot and if you haven't subscribed already, please do
consider subscribing. And you can find the link to my minimalism ebook in the
description as well as the pinned comment I will see you in the next video which
will be about boosting your iron levels naturally without pills. See you then. Bye!

11 Extreme Minimalist Habits for 2019

**11 Extreme Minimalist Habits for 2019**



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Hello friends, this is Youheum. Today I'll be sharing my extreme minimalist habits. I'm able to create this video through the sponsorship of Squarespace. If you want to focus on being productive with your website, e-commerce, or blog, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build your online creative project. I try my best to remove distracting labels on bottles and clothing tags. I also prefer clothing without branded marks. This is simply my own preference because I sometimes feel that these things can be too stimulating as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I accept that everyone's approach to minimalism is very different. So feel free to do what nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. If keeping labels help you, I'm happy that you stick with what works for you. I used to let things pile up until the end of the month and now I focus on putting things back where it belongs right after I use it this way. I can increase my focus with fewer distractions in my environment because I get easily overwhelmed by clutter and distractions. I am happy to embrace the therapeutic value of minimalism. I enjoy the kind of peace and calm simple brings me. It's very different from where I was in the past and it is good to arrive in this present moment. I commit to household duties whenever I can. I find it easier to clean regularly as much as possible instead of doing massive cleaning for hours at the end of the month or at the end of the year. So I get in the habit of tackling things bit by bit. This approach allows me to take things slow without rushing or procrastinating which I used to do. I rarely shop but when I do, I stay mindful and intentional. I take into consideration my budget, the quality of the product, ease-of-use, and sustainability. But I'm aware that I can not always be perfect with my eco-friendly practices. It's important for me to get something that's going to last a long time so that I don't have to create additional waste. I also try to DIY and make things at home to keep my consumption minimal as much as possible. Also, feel free to let me know what you love making at home. And do you have any minimalist habits of your own? Feel free to share in the comments below. When I feel stuck in my journey I always reflect back on my feelings and emotions. So I meditate, pray, practice EFT, and The Healing Code for self-awareness. I value minimalism because it allows me to also go through emotional decluttering. I use it to let go of destructive and negative thoughts that come up. The easiest way to say NO to temptation like shopping in consumption is to be aware of my own feelings. I focus on healing the guilt, shame, and the resistance I have about saying NO to others. When I use time efficiently I can overcome the feeling of not having enough time and resources. And by keeping track of my time, I can be aware of what I want to do and what I am capable of doing within that day. So I manage my time in order to do things with ease and to avoid rushing through the process. I believe the pathway to success is in my willingness to surrender and learn from others with humbleness. I used to try to do everything on my own because I didn't want to admit my imperfections. Now I find value in taking courses, reading books, seeking help from the community, and listening to what others have to say. I know that it's difficult to commit to life changes all in one go so I focus on taking small steps, planning my goals mindfully, and managing my time with ease. I try to focus on doing my best in the present moment without forcing too much responsibility on myself. That's why it's important for me to manage my time wisely and to ask for help when needed. I value ease and comfort. I focus on productivity but not in a way that makes me feel burnt-out or exhausted. I can avoid exhaustion when I manage my time, energy, and money wisely through the right resources. Also, if you are a creative soul like me I know that it can feel tiring to do everything and that's why I use tools like Squarespace for ease. Squarespace allows me to schedule posts and design my pages with easy to use tools. I truly value this because I don't have to sacrifice my energy to keep up with my creative project. I recommend going to www.squarespace.com for a free trial and also feel free to take advantage of my 10% off offer for your first website or domain launch when you visit www.squarespace.com/healyourliving I enjoy keeping up with my habits because it's all about continual improvement through the process and unfolding of the practice. I hope you find this useful in some way. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for being here my friends and I hope to see you again soon.





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Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears

**Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears**



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Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears. We have deers and bears around our remote cabin and need to keep them out of the garden. One way to do this is by installing an electric fence. Parmak makes a solar electric fence charging system that is easy to install and keeps unwanted animals out of your garden. This electric fencing is a great packet that has keep larger animals out of our raised beds.
While installing the Parmak solar fence charger a humpback whale decided to pay me a visit, along with six blue heron.

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today we're going to install the power mac 6-pack electric fence let's get started well I'm not here water in the garden and getting the leaves out of the beds and stuff and the Oh humpback just blew so I thought I'd go see if I could get a little bit on film for you oh there he is it's the mom and the baby her name is flame and his name is Bunsen baby mama anyways that was we got a little rain last night it's been like two weeks since we had rain but we got a little last night but this baby is underneath the older tree so we didn't get anything so I wanted it last night and then this morning I just get these from the older tree out and that's when the will hurt him and then lo and behold the baby was there with it so that was super cool to see first thing in the morning I don't know whenever you pick up a tool supposedly everybody goes so I thought I'd do it too I'm not sure where we left off yesterday or two days ago I brought my son and Ashley out here ashley is piloting the phone we spent the the the day and night and then the next day and I brought him home yesterday and then I just got back this morning so we got the deer netting up so now we're going to move on to putting me the electric fence up I guess we should start off with putting them the base unit and I picked this wonderful tree right here to do it on so let's screw this sucker in bass unit installed alright next we're going to start putting our little insulators around the the wood here and then we'll drive in our ground and rod all right we got the very last insulator to hook up here and then we just got to hook all these into the into the main box there and and get the ground set up and then we'll be good to go so we had yeah we still doing up one two three four five blue heron and the ego kind of scared them off let me see if I can get them in focus here so there's one two that's three then we got these two guys right here that's four five and then the ego was over here there he is he scared them off but they just land it again it's hard to see through the camera but when you when you're just standing here you can see them pretty clear there we go we've got the ground all set up now let's go connect this stuff to the base oh that's it they got the ground and the the hot going to the base here so now we've got to just turn it on and give our test and I found a cool way to test this but I gotta take my boots off or at least a boot so let's get on the outside of the fence here and we'll test this sucker out alright so I got the system charge now but your shoes will will insulate you from from that so you got to take a shoe off to try this out so you have to have a barefoot on the on the ground so you can be grounded as well so let me get my shoe off and you'll also need a blade of grass alright so we got our shoe off got my bare foot on the ground you take the blade of grass and lay it on the electric fence the blade of grass is a resistor so you don't get the full the full shock of the fence but you can definitely feel the closer you get like if you know the closer you get to the fence with your with the blade of grass the more of a shock you get so I'd start off with you know four foot four inches back and then work your way forward but I can definitely feel it from here yeah so the fence is definitely working so let me get my shoe back on here and and we'll call this complete alright well that pretty much sums up this video I think we'll also add one more third layer just to in between layer and I've got like one of them a little latch hook so you can you can take it off and walk over and under this high wire and the very lowest wire so that it just give us one more little extra strand of protection thank you guys for watching we'll see you next time