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How to Cook for the Week on a Budget - Beginners Guide

**How to Cook for the Week on a Budget – Beginners Guide**



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1:10 – Yellow Rice
6:10 – Crispy Chicken Thigh
12:42- Roasted Vegetables
17:50 – Mango Coleslaw
27:45 – Worlds Easiest BBQ Sauce
32:12 – Herb Peanut Dressing
37:35 – Spiced Crispy Flatbreads

the almighty mama-jamma of cooking tutorials. Stop wasting your money on going out every time you need breakfast, lunch and dinner! Start impressing your work and school mates, and of course your stomach with the insane meals you will be whipping up and whipping out! Come join the brothers green for 45 minutes and learn how to feed yourself for the week!

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