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Scentsy Show n' Tell - Toy Story Scentsy Buddies

**Scentsy Show n' Tell – Toy Story Scentsy Buddies**



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hey everyone that twice and one day to go live how do you manage that hi Christine all right I am so excited about this unboxing you have no idea no idea the Toy Story movie is in our town today they have the first viewing at 1:30 which was like half an hour ago they've got another one tonight and then again Thursday Friday Saturday I believe so um who has seen the Toy Story movie so far has anybody already seen it and do you love it hey Joshua hi Kelly so we're live on Facebook and on YouTube so if I'm yelling people out it's because we're in both both both Lambs um this is like I don't know I don't even I can't contain myself you saw it it was awesome it was adorable so maybe this weekend I can go I don't know if then we'll want to go with me but who knows he might all right so let's let's do this shall we so they came out with a bundle and it's still available which I don't get why they must have made they must have known what's gonna sell a lot because it's still available right now which is phenomenal there's a bundle that you can get that have the two buddies you're gonna see those in a minute the two cent packs and the two bars for $95 so that's actually pretty good I think you're getting the bars for free doing that you could do just one of the buddies with the bar and the scent pack for $50 or you can do just the buddy the scent pack for $45 so if you're doing the bundles you're getting more for your money I mean you're actually gonna get some stuff for free so I did the $95 bundle so that's the two buddies the two bars and this 2 cent packs and we're going to do the scent bars first the sensi bars first that's what we can smell the scent all right so what do we want to do buzz lightyear or woody first put it in the comments what do you want to see first buzz lightyear or woody let's take a little boat and I am going to make sure I get everything here are we in the woody camp or the buzz camp which camps what do we want to see first oh we have a woody we have a buzz – buzz both at the same time I can't do it I can't do it okay let's do buzz cuz it's alphabetically in order buzz light here it is alright let me get the information no I want the bar information okay are you ready okay Toy Story Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond is the name of the scent guess what color it is I need to make sure my scent receptors are clear ready okay oh my gosh smells kind of creepy mmm it's fruity its fruity I love it oh mylanta all right blast off to a galaxy of endless imagination worth fizzy orange and blackcurrant are cosmically balanced with plum blossom and sugared raspberry holy Hannah okay I almost lost you there just funky thanks alright we're back oh goodness okay let's do that again let's smell again mmm mmm I cannot wait for this to be warm because cold I smell the blackcurrant let there sugared raspberry and plum blossom and busy orange I want fizzy orange Oh God okay smells amazing buzz lightyear so are we gonna do the Buddy or just the sense let's just do the sense okay so here's woody and this one's called reach for the stars and he is like a caramel brown mmm cowboy it up this is very woodsy mmm okay in a world full of possibilities the sky's the limit but you still feel grounded with white oak sandalwood and an uplifting touch of vanilla seriously mmm oh my gosh hey Cheryl mmm oh god that's nice very woodsy camp smelling oh that smells good okay okay this is the scent pack it will be open this is the artwork this brave Space Ranger is loyal to the ends of the earth and beyond and of course each Buzz Lightyear sensi buddy comes with a scent pack in our Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond fragrance and they come in an amazing box it's a Disney box oh I can't believe since he has a relationship with Disney like seriously don't forget we have little handles that pop out up at the top here oh my god he looks so big he is in one of the bigger boxes by the way do you remember our sensei buddies used to come in this big box come on Buzz Oh oh my gosh Wow he is huge look at the details okay all right okay his backpack guess what goes in his backpack seriously Oh Oh danger jet exhaust for real look at the details okay look it says Space Ranger Lightyear he's got his laser badge on the side and his rocket pack look at his gloves he's gonna sin see patch his feet are huge scentsy on the side he's got his moon boots on they're hard you're stinking cute look who's eyebrows o M G he's adorable oh my gosh okay that's buzz buzz lightyear okay are we ready to do woody hi mom yes okay I'm doing this too quick oh okay that's the box it's his hat he looks pretty big you're gonna meet me over buzz cuz there's not enough room on this desk both of you ready he's gonna be bald I can't do this tight guys I have to put the hat on wow you guys are big these are big look this is full size this is a full size buddy look how big but he'll be there this is a full size buddy you still he's supposed to be tall anyway right so he has his cowboy buckle look it doesn't work good they even have the stinking pull cord for him to talk can you imagine if he talked he's gonna share it badge he's good as hankie go get his boots oh it says sensi on his boot look with this little Spurs oh my Lanta and the belt loops look Oh the detail guys there's the sexy patch look at the details Lulu wow that is pretty spectacular he is amazing and you know what if you wanted to keep the Hat on him all the time I'm sure you could put a little safety pin or even just one little stitch and you could leave it there oh look at his gun holster Wow so cute I need to oh my gosh you've got the button here his buttons as hand gosh there's just so much detail in these okay I need to put his scent back in so just sit back oh it smells even better in the scent pack oh good gracious okay his zipper right here well buzz has an entire backpack okay oh my gosh seriously they're big they're huge look at them so you can get well the sub packs are in size you can't see impacts plus the bars and the scent Paks for $95 and it's legit Disney stuff made by sensi Wow ah this is amazing okay you can either go to my website and order them yourself or I can order him them for you totally up to you if you want one and not the other that's totally up to you too if you're a Buzz Lightyear camp or what do you camp then get whichever one you want I'd get both these I'm going to tell you something like all the things that are being made by Disney or for Disney are gonna be collectibles there's no ifs ands buts about it they're gonna be collectibles because people are gonna sought after them when they no longer can get them and so like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger those were put away there in the vault can't get them anymore what was another one that they put in the vault right now you can get Daisy and Donald and Mickey and Minnie those are like the staple ones that you can get all the time but like the Aladdin wax collection the Cinderella lock wax collection those are all going to be collectibles when they're not available anymore so I'm telling you guys that you need to pick these up Oh stitch yeah stitch stitch how could I forget stitch okay he just wiped my these are mine you can't have these okay guys thank you for joining us to infinity and that was not buzz I wasn't even close like I don't know what they sound like it's okay love you guys beauty inside starting up if you want to get yours all right

Find & Print Top Brand Coupons - Local Deals In Your Area - Free Samples and Travel Deals

**Find & Print Top Brand Coupons – Local Deals In Your Area – Free Samples and Travel Deals**



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Kid Size Shopping Trip Part 2: Learning to Budget Money

**Kid Size Shopping Trip Part 2: Learning to Budget Money**



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The Ultimate Guide to Couponing at Kroger

**The Ultimate Guide to Couponing at Kroger**



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How to Extreme Coupon in Canada

**How to Extreme Coupon in Canada**



View Time:6:12Minutes



This video shows you how you can learn to extreme coupon in Canada, and the steps to take to do it. It’s broken down with what you can save and how to stockpile. It shows the steps to take to save the most on your shopping.
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hi welcome to Canadian savings group and our YouTube channel today I'm going to share a video with you on how to extreme coupon in Canada there is a lot to learn to coupon in Canada but I'm going to try and break it down for you so you can see how it's worth the time and effort to spend on learning to coupon in Canada and save the most you can on your groceries and household products here are some shopping hauls I'll share with you just to inspire you and give you an idea of what you can get lots of household items pantry items even fruits and vegetables stockpiling some laundry detergent meat dog food lots of snacks and there are cereals you can get so many items for free or close to free if you coupon in price match in Canada there are those five Falls would have cost me a thousand and forty nine dollars that I just showed you I paid one hundred and seventy seven dollars I also got forty dollars in points so I really only paid one hundred and thirty seven dollars I saved nine hundred and twelve dollars on those five shopping hauls and that's a lot of money it's almost a thousand dollars on saving on groceries which I can use for something else what do we do with all those items we buy when we buy a lot of multiples we stockpile them we save them so that we don't have to keep buying them week after week and then we've got them any time to go to our pantry we can pull out some items and we don't have to keep buying them all the time you can see we get household products free grocery products very cheap grocery products free cereals juice free free juice free pasta tuna dog food cat food toilet paper paper towels Kleenex or Scotties air fresheners there are so many items you can get for free by price matching and couponing in Canada you follow along with my video here I'm going to try and break it down for you and show you how to get started so it's just the basic so it's not going to give you everything you need to do this but it will get you started and give you a brief rundown of how to do this step one is learning to price-match you can price match on your phone or with a flyer an actual paper flyer you take a screenshot of an item you have to have the store name and date in the screenshots that you're using to show the cashier I save them on my phone in a separate file folder so when I get to checkout I've got everything in one file folder and I can pull them up easily and show the cashier what I've got you need to learn the stores you're going to price-match to like if I shop at Walmart I have to know what stores Walmart will price match so I always have those stores in mind when I'm using my price matches in my screenshots second step is to collect coupons collect as many coupons as you can like take five or six or seven coupons of each one you might use them all you might need ten of something or you might want them to trade store them in a folder where you can find them easily or a binder if you start to get too many coupons have to have a Canadian remit to address and they cannot be photocopied if you're printing coupons you have to use an original coupon and they should have unique pins on them step three is cashback apps that's your third way of getting money back on your groceries you can put these apps on your phone and then claim money back on items that you buy when you go out and shop and you'll end up getting a check back once you reach $20 you can request a check this is check out fifty ones offers this week I'm going to put together a deal for you and show you how it works and how we do everything in Canada two extreme coupon here's a deal for Orville Redenbacher popcorn it's on sale for 267 at Walmart or if I buy two of them I'll take $4 which is two dollars each I'll buy four of them using this coupon here I've got four coupons with unique codes on them through not photocopies that's going to make those popcorn free I'll claim three dollars back on checkout 51 so I'll make three dollars on the Orval popcorn deal and that will pay for my fruits and vegetables as well if I bought eight I'd get six dollars so it's a way of getting overage to pay for your other groceries step four is to make a list of your groceries plan everything out this is a typed out list which you can write your list out make a list and put everything down where you've got coupons where you've got a price match and and then you just go shopping it's so simple once you understand all the basics and you can save a lot of money by using all your assets your price matching your coupons and your cashback apps here are some other shops just to inspire you before the end of the video these are all shops that I did that cost me less than $50 all our information is in our Facebook group or on our website and you're welcome to join it's free it will save you thousands of dollars on your groceries every year I'll put all the links underneath this video so that you can see where to look for all the information that's in the video thanks for watching you