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How You Can Save Money On Prescriptions

**How You Can Save Money On Prescriptions**



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Use This Website to Pay Less For Your Meds
cold and flu season is here it is bad enough to feel sick but having to pay a steep prescription costs on top of that can of course make you feel even worse here to talk about a cheaper way to get the medicine that you need as medical expert dr. Holly Phillips good morning how are you today good morning thank you so much for having me I'm good well everybody's interested in saving money especially when it comes to prescription drugs because they can be so expensive so first and foremost how can we save money when it comes to prescription medicine right well many of us don't think about it but different pharmacies actually charge completely different prices for the same medications so RetailMeNot rx saver is both a website and an app that can help it lets you choose your pharmacy based on price transparency as well as convenience all you do is you go over to rx saver calm or the app and you enter the medication you've been prescribed with your zip code then the website shows you pharmacies in your area that sell your medication and most importantly the prices so then you choose a pharmacy based on that list of low prices and you get a coupon which you show to your pharmacist right when you go to pick up your medicine it's really simple patients can save up to $1,000 a year on their prescriptions this way and it's really perfect for people who have no insurance coverage which is a lot of people or one of those plans with a high deductible it can really help everybody and when it comes to over-the-counter medicine how can we save right well over-the-counter medicine very first rule of thumb try to do generics when you can for the most part they have the exact same active ingredients as brand-name medicines but they cost much less also check the ingredients of any multi-symptom cold medication you're taking to make sure that you're not doubling up on the same things so for example if you've already taken acetaminophen for your fever be careful not to take a multi symptom medicine that also contains acetaminophen both for your health and for your wallet and if we want to try home remedies first what would you suggest sure well I you know home remedies are really the basis of treating the common cold because unfortunately there's no magic cure yet but I tell my patients staying hydrated is the most critical thing focus on hot liquids like tea with honey or water with lemon that heat soothes inflammation in your nose and your sinuses my personal favorite sore throat remedy is really simple just a gargle of 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water and now the benefits of chicken soup are backed up by science there's a lot of great research out there so all of our grandmother's can celebrate and say I told you so absolutely and I think we like to eat it anyway which is great so go ahead and mention the the app egg once again and where people can go sure the website is our x-saber com the app is called the exact same thing there's no fee to use it and it's really simple to use easy one-stop absolutely thank you so much doctor thanks for having me

How Much Should You Be Saving at 25? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

**How Much Should You Be Saving at 25? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network**



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During a 2004 show, David Bach, author of ‘The Automatic Millionaire,’ offered advice on saving for retirement and getting out of debt. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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How Much Should You Be Saving at 25? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

at 25 years old how what percentage should you be saving and where do you put it when do you need to save half of your thousand dollars all right here you know in in the automatic million you'll see a chart of a 27 year old and then 27 year old puts $3,000 a year away and you do that every year until you retire give a 401k plan at work yeah okay so that's what you should use so you should go into your employer tomorrow say I am don't if you weren't supposed to be to Oprah don't tell them you saw this but you should go in there and you should sign up for your retirement account and you should be putting at least 10% of your gross income which is one hour of income into that retirement account and you should ask them do you match cuz if they match it's free money and that's gonna make you rich there you go 25 hi youtubers I'm excited to give you an update about our own YouTube channel now you can find new videos every day they're the kind of videos it will make you look at life differently they may even make you laugh a little bit who doesn't need a daily dose of that so here's just a taste of some of what you see subscribe to the old channel today and we'll see you on YouTube

Kid Makes His Family Dumpster Dive For Coupons

**Kid Makes His Family Dumpster Dive For Coupons**



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Today I talk about Broderick, the 15 year old kid, and extreme couponer, who drives his family crazy in his effort to be the most extreme couponer on earth

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yo what's going on guys so my mom is always telling me how I need to make a much more positive video every once in a while so here I am I'm gonna be a good guy today on this day my heart grew four sizes my devil horns shrunk back into my head and I have now been exalted from all of my sins today we're actually gonna be talking about the infamous coupon kit he appeared on TLC's Extreme Couponing show and this dude is very serious about his coupons I mean you walk into his house and it's kind of like you're in your own little grocery store pickles that's on aisle two off-brand soda forget about it you got a runny nose he's got tampons for that too two hundred and forty four boxes to be exact this guy's got enough candy to kill a man it really doesn't stop there as he shows off his collection of coupon items like he's in some sort of trophy room this is my stockpile everything in here is worth about four thousand five hundred dollars and I spent just about a hundred dollars on all of it so I gotta give kudos to his kid who's turned his $100 investment into over five thousand dollars in products yeah he's gonna blood for a week and a half if he has to depend on his food but hey he's gonna know he did it his way and not to rain on this guy's parade or anything but this honestly seems like it takes quite a lot of work and quite a lot of time to clip all these coupons I think in that same time if he would have been cutting lawns he could have had that 5k sitting in his bank account versus sitting on a bunch of shelves expiring and it's really just not his time being spent on these coupons his whole family is actually in on the operation and he works them like some Chinese people making iPhones next week he's gonna be installing Nets around the top floor windows of his house but Rodrik my fingers hurt we've been cutting coupons for seven hours just thank God my sister isn't anything like this kid we would have had some very serious problems growing up oh so I see that this all power move for jr. over here he really just loves to control his family making them sit at home and coupon instead of having actual lives and the stupidest part of the whole episode is that the stuff they get with the coupons is all they were allowed to purchase that day his parents act like they have absolutely no say when the kid can't even drive himself to the grocery store and can you imagine one morning they wake up extra early just to go without him and they show up back at the house and he has a knife in his hand in a bad explanation the point is isn't family resents his couponing ways and I can't really blame them when he comes up to coupon short and has them all dumpster diving for that golden ticket come on I doll come oh my this is an extreme cheapskates a little boy with your musty s could you imagine you driving by and you see a family of four climbing out of a dumpster if I was one of his sisters I would have played Ferris Bueller on the day that they did this shooting for this show and I just don't really get what the point in doing all this extra is when you really aren't even using half of the stuff my guess would be that most of these people who do this simply love the thrill of knowing that they got all these products for a very small amount of money and no offense but it kinda seems like a psychotic tendency to me this kid should be I don't know playing sports or trying to get a girl or maybe even just a friend or something like Jesus Christ kid it's not like you can even resell this stuff because it honestly just logically makes way more sense to buy it from the store than to buy it from some random person online the whole family honestly seems very uncomfortable around this kid like I can feel the tension and resentment from aisle 12 even the dude at the grocery store roasts his ass after he goes for butterfingers and drops the vinegar this kid is literally just holding his family hostage at this point in the episode just no one on earth is gonna give you cool points for this dude you think they run off until their friends and co-workers about you bro absolutely not hey Broderick what's your son doing is he still organizing those tea parties or whatever the thing is dude that your whole family hates coupons and on top of that every time you step foot into a grocery store you ruin some cashiers day can you imagine you got 10 minutes left on your shift and this dude walks in oh it's quitting time baby he's walking around the aisles like a sloth who owns the place just telling everyone what to do many times I have been told that I cannot buy something because it's not on sale or I do not have a coupon for it and I just gotta say it this would never happen in a colored person's households just please get some backbone lady gosh my mom would have literally beat the dog out of me with the chancla if I ever told her what she could could not get from the grocery store how she already wanted to beat my ass for trying slip some fruit roll-ups into the basket and that was just last week his sister's try and pull the same sneaky move I did with the jar of pickles but of course eagle eye over here catches it because you can't get anything past him I mean maybe besides a football basketball baseball this clip right here is where you know this guy is actually a spoiled brat who never got spanked as a kid I would have literally told him Hugh Rodrick I helped you cut all this and look for all these coupons and this is the thanks I get and then I would take his big stack of coupons rip them up and then piss all over the remains but I'm not even done there I'd then flick off the camera steal that jar of pickles moon the entire cast and then I would be on my happy ass way seriously my dad would beat my ass if I ever talked to my sister like this in fact the dad never says a word the entire time you know he's just sitting there in the back of his mind like come on Ginny I told you we should have put the kid in football not girl scouts his sisters were very nervous to go alone Kevin I honestly bet the mother had to beg him to come along for the grocery trip this dude is just downright ashamed of his son and I can't help but feel bad for the poor kid but then comes this big moment his time to shine that big old checkout line and he racks up almost $1,000 of groceries of course this being before the coupons were added so I start counting and counting and counting and in the end he walked away only paying the small $5 thank you mr. Lincoln just good job kid he talks about how this puts him ever closer to his dream of owning a pool in his backyard which I don't know how he plans on doing this is he gonna sell these things on eBay or something I'm really not sure but overall guys I just want to say thanks for watching the video please go subscribe to the channel if you're not today and also go check out my second challenge Amari thinks while I posts every single day man I've been posting over there every single day for like almost 20 days in a row so go check that out the link will be in the description as always please go follow me on Instagram and Twitter that's at Jamari speaks and I just want to thank you guys for watching please subscribe today and I'm out peace

coupon shop in ASDA! £13.66 4 £1.66 | YO SAMMY

**coupon shop in ASDA! £13.66 4 £1.66 | YO SAMMY**



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come couponing with me in ASDA! – i havnt done a blog post on how i got the coupons as of yet so i will post the links here:

£2 huggies pull ups –
75p oral b –
50p & samples bodyform –

i cant remember the sites i got the knorr coupon and the baby food coupons from at this right moment in time but i will ad them here when i can remember

business enquires: [email protected]
hello and welcome to Astor's today I thought I'd do a little coupon shop is not too extreme but I wanted to take you lovely people along with me so let's go so this toothpaste is usually at three pounds 49 is currently an offer for two pounds and I have resentful people making it one counselling sign 44 miners a usually one pound fifty they're currently one pound and a stir and I got a victim perhaps you should all come 50-round offering hassle for two pounds and I have a two-pound coupon Soviet infantry organic baby food it is currently one pattern and I have a voucher for a free house event and it sets up the value of 1.29 which means I will have overage which means they'll probably deduct the money from the other items I picked up not flexible an a6 is usually h 5p it's cardio knocks to 60 p I have a 50 people making it 10k because of the overage from the bank food I will be getting for free Odyssey usually won't come my change is to pound one making it so all of this would have come to 13 pounds 66 and finding the best deals and using coupons I got it for 1 pound 66 thank you so much for watching my video sorry it's only a tiny little coupon trip but I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway obviously I'm gonna be using all the items I've got today kind of all of them were going to use I'm just gonna eat the soup I'm also gonna brush my teeth with the toothpaste I'm also gonna use the body form 7 in hygiene girly problems down below with the Huggies product and the baby food I don't actually have a child but I will be donating them to someone that does need them reasonably feel like I have to explain about I will be using all the items it's because I've noticed in some of my past coupon videos I've had a few comments from people saying oh you're just picking up things because you've got a coupon for it or you're getting it free in some cases yes that's true like I might pick up a products about poop or a phrase I think free I'm gonna get it but I do try it out or if it's something I know I'm not going to use I always give it to someone that I know whenever from it I don't just go out and buy things the safe of it because I can get it free or discounted I always make sure I donate it to people that need it or me and my family use the products there's nothing that I go out and get and just keep her covered everything I get are used so I just wanted to clear that up thank you again for watching this video please members we've got a thumb up and if you would like to see my next coupon videos or at my next video coming out please don't forget to subscribe I have a Facebook page now where I post coupons and deals and bargains so please check that out all links down below and I'll be doing a blog post or where I've got each coupon for for each items age rights check that out that will also be down below so by which I mean I don't want something like this until he and the items code or look up item

Tale of the Tape: Jourdan Lewis Intercepts Drew Brees | Dallas Cowboys 2019

**Tale of the Tape: Jourdan Lewis Intercepts Drew Brees | Dallas Cowboys 2019**



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DallasCowboys cornerback Jourdan Lewis breaks down his interception of Drew Brees to help seal a victory over the New Orleans Saints. #DallasCowboys …